Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game Day 1 Walkthrough

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 1

After taking a nap, you wake up and find darkness surrounding you. Tapping the lamp may help you lit up the scene. After that, you must follow the steps mentioned in the Hotel of Mask Escape Room Game Walkthrough to complete the first day.

  • Find the table containing food and eat all things to reveal a code that you need to open the food drawer. The security code is “WUMA.”
  • Tap the first drawer, enter the code to open it, and collect a key.
  • Use the key to open the main door and visit the second room.
  • Before entering the room, a joker will appear with the intention of revealing secrets in exchange for an orange. It would help if you dealt with him to reveal that you have only seven days to escape.


  • You have seven days to leave the Hotel from now on.
  • After seven days, you will be sent to the trial.
  • Seven badges can prove your innocence, but they are scattered across the Hotel.
  • You must get these seven badges back at any cost to escape; otherwise, you will stay here forever.
  • The person who has badges doesn’t want to give you back.
  • Therefore, you should give seven badges to seven guests of the Hotel and then find a way to get those badges back.
  • Following the said method may help you prove your innocence at the final judgment.
  • Today is your first day, so hurry up!

Enter Room 002

Once again, you are ready to enter Room 002, but first, don’t forget to tap the door. Here your objective is to cook a delicious meal and offer the person sitting on the sofa and learning how to cook. Some ingredients are kept near the frying pan, but you didn’t know what order you should follow to make the meal per the customer’s request. So, follow the steps mentioned in a guide:

  • Head to the refrigerator to see the Wi-Fi code and tap on the phone the man sitting on the sofa is holding on.
  • Enter the code (20180225) to the phone to see the recipe. Open the refrigerator to pick up a fly from there and put it down on the frying pan. Use the spices in the following order: Green, Red, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Offer the dish to the person and get clues regarding what to do next.

Enter Room 003

Open the door and get into the third room, where you may discover a trampoline under the light while the rest of the area is in the dark. Click the trampoline to play the music and lit up the surrounding area. Another character appears ahead of you to discuss what’s going on in the Hotel.

  • Offer the fly food to the woman and collect a liqueur.
  • Come out from the room to interact with the joker once again.
  • The discussion ends, leaving you a poisoned wine.

Go back to Room 002

  • Next to that, you must head to the refrigerator to collect a fly.
  • Bring the fly to the pot and cover it with the lid to prepare a meal.
  • Once it gets boiled, you must add burning flies to your inventory and open the fridge to collect another fly.
  • Keep the fly on the steam machine and cover it with a lid for a while until it gets completed steamed.

  • Now, collect the fly once again and tap on the fireplace to get roasted flies.
  • You have prepared three yummy dishes. Now, it’s time to serve the hungry person at the table and wait for the moment when the person asks you to offer him a bottle of Wine. Offering him a poisoning wine may help you obtain your first badge.

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