Peek a Phone Walkthrough All Missions

Peek a Phone is a new and exciting game released by Neon Cake Studios where you are the main investigator and you have to solve all the missions given in this real-life kind of investigative game. Use your technological skills to find clues and gather information in order to solve all the missions given. If you are looking for all the Peek a Phone Walkthroughs then you’ve come to the right place. Right now this game is for Android users only however we do believe the creators will soon release the game for the iOS platform too.

1. Introduction

The first mission is called Introduction and you have find the owner’s address. You are only given 2 apps, Messages and Photos. Since this is the first mission we believe it’s easy enough for everyone however if you are stuck and want help continue reading further:

  • Open the Messages app and then click on the chat with Mom
  • The mom is her about the street name and she responds that it’s Park St
  • Go back and open the Photos app
  • There is one photo, open it and zoom where the door is. You will see the house number 616
  • Go back and click on the Flag as you are now ready to solve the first mission:
  • The address is: Park St 616

2. Runaway

Your cousin’s daughter, Michelle, disappeared two nights ago. Her parents believe she ran away from home after her boyfriend broke up with her. She left her phone behind, but it looks like she deleted everything from it. Can you check if there are any clues left on the device that can shed some light on Michelle’s location?

  • Click on the Internet app and then click on the URL bar.
  • You can now see all her previous searches. The second search query is “Cheap Hotels in Berlin” which means she is going to Berlin.
  • You can filter the results and if you type “Hotel” then her address will pop up “Hotel Indigo Berlin Address
  • Click on the flag to submit the answer which is: Hotel Indigo Berlin

3. Secret Recipe

When it comes to baking, Grandma Dorothy really does know best! Unfortunately, she passed away recently and took the secret biscuit recipe to the grave. Or didn’t she?? You found a phone lying on her kitchen table, with a note saying “Biscuit Recipe”. Has grandma left a clue to discover her secret recipe?

  • Click on the Messages app and then click on the chat Grandma
  • First hint given is: Year of death of the second president of the US
  • The second president of the United States was John Adams and he died on July 4, 1826
  • Go back to Photos app and put the password 1826
  • Open the image and you will see a cryptogram where each letter represents another one
  • Go back and open the Recipes app
  • The App Recipes is Password Protected and the hint given is: BXPPB so now you can check the letters given with the cryptogram on the photos. The password is: YUMMY
  • You can now check the Secret Biscuits recipe and the secret ingredient is: COCONUT
  • Click on the flag and submit the answer. The secret ingredient is: COCONUT

4. The Whistleblower

The famous whistleblower known as Lightcaster went missing. One of his followers found his phone and brought it to you. They’re certain Lightcaster went underground and deliberately left his phone to send the world a message. Can you find what Lightcaster wants to convey?

  • War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. This is the first thing you see on Mission 4. This is one of the slogan’s used in 1984 by the English Socialist Party.
  • Enter the password “1984” to unlock the phone.
  • Open the Photos app and click on the video. At the end of the account you are given the code of his email account which is 1337
  • Go back and open the Email app and enter the code: 1337
  • Open the “Casual” email which contains the Account Information. At the very bottom you can see the password is 123qwe
  • Before going back click on the drop-down arrow in the email address to show the full email for Jamie Lewis which is: [email protected]
  • Go back and open the Casual app.
  • Enter the information we found previously: The email address and the password.
  • Click on the Chat icon and open the conversation with Oliver Lewis. He tells you that if you need help you’ll text him the word XERTZ
  • Go back to main screen and open the chat app and then open the conversation with Jamie Lewis.
  • Message him the word XERTZ
  • Message him “Where are you” and he will tell you that he is sick and that he is at 61 Ann Drive
  • Click on the flag and enter the address you found. Jamie Lewis is at: 61 Ann Drive

5. Gotcha!

Jonathan, “The Stroll” Barrett, is a world-class conman, chased by the FBI for the past two years. A few hours ago, The Stroll was injured in a plane crash in Argentina. He managed to escape from the crash site, but he dropped one of this many phones, and the local authorities managed to get their hands on it. Now, the FBI is asking your help to locate and stop The Stroll before he flees to a country with no extradition agreement with the US.

  • Open the Messages app and read the conversation with Eddie Poole.
  • The reservation is under the name “Curtis Vance
  • Go back and open the eMail app and then click on the Casual confirmation email.
  • The reference code is PKVQCZ. You can now visit the website and on the menu click Manage My Trips.
  • It will ask you for the reference code (PKVQCZ) and also last name “Vance“. (Please note different devices might have different reference codes or last names)
  • Cancel the flight and wait for the phone call from Eddie Poole. Open the video call
  • Eddie will send you a link to an ad on You should send an email to the address listed on the ad from your real address.
  • Open the News app and click on the latest Breaking News “FBI: The Stroll’s Assistant Exposed”. On the last paragraph you will find that the Stroll has a shark tattoo on his right arm.
  • Go back to the main screen and open the Find Friends app. The hint is my tat so the password is shark
  • Eddie Poole is at Pampa 1851, Rincon de Milberg, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina waiting with his motorcycle.
  • Click on the flag and type the answer. The Stroller is at Pampa 1851

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