Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game Day 2 Walkthrough

Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game Guide

Your first day has completed successfully, and you collected a badge. Following the rules and Walkthrough, you will obtain all rest of the badges soon. On the 2nd day, the environment is almost the same, but the puzzles you have to solve are entirely different. Therefore, you should hone your detective skills and embark on a journey to accomplish the second day.

Room 001

  • The second day starts on the bed, and the first goal is to turn on the lamp.
  • Collect a chair and bring it close to the cupboard. Climb on the chair and collect the kettle.
  • This time, the game has placed two locks on the door so no one can open it easily.
  • Select the kettle from the inventory, give the water to the plan available near the table, and wait until the plant’s petals of different colors come out.
  • Count the petals keeping their colors in mind, and head to the sofa where you may discover a locker.
  • Head to the locker, enter the code (5272), and collect a key.
  • You don’t need any key to open the 2nd locker, but you have to set the colors to open it. Set the color to the locker accordingly: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.
  • Open the second drawer to discover photos.

Visit Room 003

As you get into the third room, a woman will welcome you by offering two choices to select from, such as “I Just Passed By” and “I’m here to get my things back.” Go with the 2nd choice and continue unfolding the dialogues. She will again give you two choices to select from, and you must choose the 2nd option. After that, follow the steps given in the Hotel of Mask Escape Room Game Walkthrough:

  • Tap the bull’s head coming out of the wall holding a gear. Collect the gear and add it to your inventory.
  • There’s a goat’s head; upon tapping its mouth, a gear will come out.
  • Behind the girl, there is a wheat machine. Add both gears to the machine to bring it in a working position.
  • Head to the main door to collect a paper and then move to the right side of the room, where you may discover a stack of drums. Reveal the pattern of drums using the map and unravel the code.
  • The code you need to open the door available on the left side is 9286.
  • Open the door and explore a newly unlocked room where you may discover several hidden objects, such as a wrench and more.

Enter Code (9286) to Open a New Room

There is a stack of dry grass where you can collect a wrench. Open the green-colored box to collect a box and add it to your inventory.

  • Tap the ceiling to investigate the Astrological Chart and click on the machine placed above the table.
  • Set the needles of machines following the Astrological Chart and collect gear.
  • Collect hay from the room and escape to the primary side.
  • Use the wrench to untie the gear fixed on the trampoline.
  • Head to the wheat machine and add both gears into it to run the machine. Add the hay and collect feed.
  • Tap on the bull to feed him and use the cup to collect the blood coming out of the nose.
  • Hit the mixer machine available next to the wheat machine and adjust the glass to suck the liquid.
  • Now, you must feed the sheep and collect the tears to the cup.
  • Repeat the process you did with the nose blood.
  • Now, keep the cup below the machine nose and hit the button to fill it with Wine. Add the glass to your inventory and walk away to the 4th

Visit Room 004

The 4th is a Jewelry Shop where you find a person sitting there to deal with customers. Most of the time you spend reading dialogues, you may use the rest of the time to find hidden objects and solve mysteries.

  • Sell the Glass of Wine for 30 Silver Coins and walk away from the room.
  • After coming out of the room, you collide with a man who is offering you a pill.
  • Move to Room 003, offer the silver coins to the lady in return for a cup.
  • Once again, fill the glass with Wine and put the pill into it. Offer the glass to the lady and collect the second badge.
  • After obtaining the second badge, you should go to your bedroom and sleep by clicking on the bed. When you wake up, it will be the third day.

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