High School Escape 2 Walkthrough


High School Escape 2 is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game developed by Goblin LLC for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. There is a girl who needs your help because she gets trapped in a frat house. Making use of detective skills may help you get rid of problems, solve puzzles, and free the girl from the house. It isn’t easy to find hidden objects until you don’t know what to find. Therefore, the game puts your hidden object skills to test, and if you get failed to find anything to complete the puzzle, then read High School Escape 2 Walkthrough.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 1 to 3

High School Escape 2 comes with eighteen challenging levels and each one holds a variety of objects. Like other Hidden Object games, your goal is to navigate the scene, search for items, and collect them to solve the mystery. The graphics of the game are good and the objects you looking for are highly detailed and can be found easily. Follow the steps mentioned in High School Escape 2 Walkthrough to reveal the location of each object and grab them easily to add to your inventory.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 1

The game becomes difficult to play when you don’t know what to find. Similarly, the same thing is happening here, the game won’t offer you a list of objects as you are supposed to find items on your behalf and use them to escape the room. You aren’t allowed to visit the next room unless you escape the previous one. If it seems a bit challenging, you don’t need to worry because Walkthroughs.net aims to help you complete all challenging levels, chapters, and puzzles don’t what game you are playing. Follow the steps to find all hidden objects and solve the puzzle to escape the High School Escape 2 Level 1.

  • Firstly, tap on the right wall and hit the poster of the Eiffel Tower to collect a key.
  • Use the key to open the white briefcase available under the bed on the left side and collect a rope from there.
  • Now, you should head to a cupboard on the front of the wall and collect a hook.
  • Climb the stairs of the bed to pick up the window handle that is available below the pillow.
  • Fix the handle to the window and open it.
  • Now, you must connect the rope with a hook you found from the cupboard and throw it out of the window to escape High School Escape 2 Level 1.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 2

The 2nd level takes place outside the room where you may discover a wheel and a door. After completing the first level, you may realize the difficulty level has been increasing. Tapping the particular part brings you closer to that area, to find hidden objects.

  • Tap the area near the pink buckets to collect one out of two puzzle pieces.
  • Investigate the wall after the door on the left side to reveal a code (ACAB) and head to the toolbox wherefrom you collect the 2nd puzzle piece and a wire cutter.
  • Use the cutter to cut the wire and add both puzzle pieces to the third one to complete the image.
  • Once the image gets completed, tap the rope from your inventory and hit the image you completed.
  • Head to the window and use the rope to open it.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 3

Now, you are in a music room where lots of musical instruments are available. Unravel your detective skills to investigate the room and find hidden objects to solve the puzzle and find a way out. The door is fully secured with a digital locker that requires you to collect a fuse and a key card to open it. Completing a puzzle isn’t an easy task; therefore, you should think like a detective when searching for hidden objects.

  • Firstly, you must tap on a mandolin hanging on the wall to collect its lock.
  • Select the mandolin lock from your inventory and fix it on a guitar to collect its wire.
  • Tap on drums and collect their sticks from there to add to your inventory.
  • Attach the guitar wire with drum sticks and cut the sofa hand to get a key card.
  • Go back to see the colors on the drum (Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Sky Blue, Blue, and Yellow).
  • On the rug, the game features a circuit where you must set the colors as drawn on the drum.
  • Now, see the mandolin once again to remember its color combination. Back to the circuit and draw the same colors on its other side to open a secret box for a fuse.
  • Add the fuse to the key card locker and use the card key to open the door.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 4 to 6

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 7 to 9

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 10 to 12


High School Escape 2 comes with good graphics and several improvements. People are crazy about puzzle games; therefore, they are always on the hunt for challenging Puzzle games to play. The artwork of the game is fantastic, but not fully highly detailed. All puzzles are short and take a few minutes to get solved. Apart from that, there is a hint system that you can use to highlight items you feel difficult to find. It has up to 18 challenging levels, and each one has set in a new environment.

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