High School Escape 2 Level 4 to 6 Walkthrough

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 4

It seems the protagonist is now in a storeroom where a locker, an old cupboard, and a few boxes are available. You should keep quiet when searching for a way to escape; if you get caught, the ways to escape will be blocked permanently. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned in Highschool Escape 2 Walkthrough to survive longer.

  • There is something suspicious behind the curtains. Get the curtain aside and it will reveal a code (374*10) and a rod that you must collect.
  • Collect a tape from above the locker and a rusted iron from the floor of the right side.
  • Connect the iron with the rod you collected and tie it using the tape.
  • Use your creation to break the cupboard and collect a crowbar from there.
  • Now, making use of your crowbar will help you replace the position of the locker that reveals a dial lock once it moves from the place.
  • Enter the code (3740) to open the door.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 5

The fifth level takes you to explore a stage where a desk with a microphone is available and surrounded by two USA flags.

  • Firstly, collect a teddy bear from above the desk and back to the main area.
  • Collect a flask from the pattern drawn on the floor.
  • The game features a drum amidst the circle that you must collect and add to your inventory.
  • Keep the teddy bear on the left circle, flash on the right small circle, and drum at the circle close to the screen’s bottom.
  • Collect a piece from amidst the circle and add it to the drawing available on the desk.
  • Set all the circles on the floor following the pattern you have drawn on the desk. Once done, the door will let you go to the next level.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 6

Welcome to a meeting room that is your next place to escape. The room contains a few objects like Chairs, a Table, a Fireplace, and a cupboard. Start investigating the scene to find hidden objects to escape.

  • Click on the table to collect a feature and keep the letters in mind written on a book.
  • Go near the bookshelf and arrange the books following the letters you found in a book on the table. Once done, it will reveal an inkpot that you can add to your inventory.
  • Now, you should put the feather into the inkpot and keep it on a shelf above the fireplace.
  • Hit the painting (Fire Escape Plan) hanging on the wall to reveal the code you need to arrange the books once again (D-Blue, O-Green, G-Orange, and Z-Blue).
  • Once you arrange the books in the given manner, another inkpot will appear that you have to keep at the same place where the first one is available.
  • After that, explore the main door to discover a painting and keep all inkpots accordingly to get a key.
  • Use the key to open the painting available on the left wall and collect the crowbar from there.
  • Now, you are a step away from your escape. Use the crowbar to open the door and escape.

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