Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 9 Walkthrough


Finally, you have a name to investigate that you revealed in the Paradise Mystery Chapter 8 Walkthrough. Move ahead to interrogate the suspect and find more clues to find the person who murdered Nanci. In the last chapter, your goal is to figure out did Mr. Silvers killed Nanci or not. The difficulty level is advanced and you see Kate team up with Officer Carrie to trace the steps left by Nanci.

Paradise Mystery Walkthrough – Chapter 9

The beautiful blend of Hidden Objects and Puzzle games may keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Solving a murder case isn’t easy as everyone considers, it requires a will of detective and a sharp mind with all working senses.

Playing Hidden Object Games isn’t a problem until they are displaying you a list of objects to find, but it turns into the most difficult game when you don’t know what to find next. At that time, having detective skills may help you find clues and solve thrilling cases. Paradise Mystery has 9 Chapters; each one brings different puzzles to solve, though sharing the same story of a murder case. Follow the steps mentioned in Paradise Mystery Chapter 9 Walkthrough:

  • Explore the Police Coats hanging on the stand to find the Locker key.
  • Click the cupboard above the blue backset to collect the 2nd Locker Key, while for the third key you should move files from above the table
  • Tap the recycle bin to read the note and insert the key to the following lockers: 13, 31, and 22.
  • Now, you must tap on the security device and enter code 4235 to open all lockers.
  • Investigate each locker to collect information and don’t forget to collect a Paper Clip from files.
  • Use the paper click to bring the sim jacket out of the damaged phone and read the number written on the chip.
  • Head to the laptop kept above the shelf and enter code 16109 to open the program and solve a tricky question using your brain.
  • Play a mini-game wherein your ultimate goal is to figure out five locations Nanci visited, following the data on the screen. You can tap the tower to find the location on the map.

Visit Kai Surf’s Shop

Go to Kai Surf’s Shop to interrogate Renzo. Continue your investigation by merely collecting hidden objects and clues to solve the tricky murder case.

  • Collect a screwdriver from above the table available amidst the room and a laptop charger nearby it.
  • Don’t forget to collect the laptop from the table on the right side and a USB cable from near the swimming suits.
  • Use the screwdriver to untie screws and collect a Camera Recorder fixed with a surfer board behind Renzo.
  • Keep the laptop on the table near Renzo, connect it with the charger, and use a USB cable to connect the video camera with Laptop.
  • The laptop will display some frames and offer you a mini-game with the goal of fix all boxes in a way that no space left between them.
  • Once you complete the puzzle, the next frame the laptop displays you is horrible and you see Mr. Silvers is a murderer. Now, your goal is to meet Mr. Silvers and show them all proofs to arrest and turn his life into a grand nightmare.
  • In the next scene, you should choose the image of “Broken Button on Luggage Bot” and “Kai’s Body in the floating tank.”
  • After that, select the image of “Video of Nanci Carrying a rat into the dining room” and “Video of Nanci holding wrench near the pool heating system.”
  • In the third scene, you must select the video of Nanci holding a screwdriver at the Spa and then drag the image of Fingerprints and scratches you found on a floating tank.
  • Choose unpaid bills of Nanci and Eviction Notice you found after unlocking lockers.
  • Show the evidence of Money and Letter from Mr. Silvers you found in the safe of Nanci and Newspaper article.

At the last, you have to prove that Mr. Silvers killed Nanci and forged a suicide note by merely choosing Tattoo on the hand of Mr. Silvers and video of Silvers pushing Nanci off the pier. Finally, you found the murderer and put him behind the bars.

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