High School Escape 2 Level 7 to 9 Walkthrough

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 7

It seems you are close to the main door and there is nothing to collect. Only a few cupboards and doors are available that for sure holding some clues to collect. Explore the environment deeply to collect clues and hidden objects, use them to solve the puzzles, and escape. If you fail to find anything, read our Walkthrough of High School Escape 2Chapter 7.

  • Collect grills from above the circuit box fixed within the left wall.
  • On the left side of the box, the game hides a key that you need to collect.
  • Use the key from your inventory to open the box and collect the third grill from there; meanwhile, don’t forget to remember the number 5 written within the box and above the box.
  • Head to the main door to collect the third grill and remember the number 4 written on the door and number 6 above it.
  • Now, visit the box available on the right side and tap buttons in the given order: 1,3,1,2, 4, and 1. Open the box door and collect a frame. Fix all collected grills to the frame to turn it into a ladder.

  • Bring the ladder close to the main door and hit the window to reveal the code “3591.”
  • Now, you should move back to the same box wherefrom you collected a ladder, enter the code “3591” to open the locker and grab the key card.
  • Use the card to open the circuit and play a mini-game. Your ultimate goal is to make wire connections properly by matching their colors.
  • Once done, open the door and escape.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 8

After learning how the game works, I guess it won’t be a big problem for you to complete the puzzle. Still, you find Chapter 8 difficult to complete, then read the Walkthrough to learn what and where to find it.

  • Firstly, you must separate the rod of a wiper and add it to your inventory.
  • Keep the bucket aside to discover a bottle.
  • Get into the room on your right side where the first door of a cupboard is opened. Explore the cupboard to collect a piece of cloth and remember the images revealed after discovering the cloth.
  • Head to the next locker where you may find buttons connecting. You must connect the buttons of the same color to open the locker. Collect a lighter and pull the handle down.
  • Pulling the handle down may unlock the next locker where you must collect a key with the number 1-2. Because there is a room outside with the same number.
  • Use the key to unlock the emergency box and collect a fire extinguisher.
  • Dip the cloth to the bottle you collected and cover the rod with it.
  • Use the lighter to burn the fire on the rod and take it close to the main door. As the fire alarm starts, the door will open and you can escape easily.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 9

Once again you are in a beautiful room which is fully furnished and has hidden lots of objects in it. Start investigating the scene and tapping on furniture to analyze deeply while collecting clues and objects to solve puzzles. HighSchool Escape 2 Walkthrough Chapter 9 helps you find all items for the completion of the task.

  • Firstly, you must tap the left image hanging on the front wall and tap the pieces to collect.
  • Now, you have to do the same with another image next to it; meanwhile, add the pieces you have collected from the left image. Move to the left image and add all pieces you have collected from the right image and complete both paintings to reveal clues.
  • Doing exactly what I said may help you get two pieces of paper.
  • Now you should head to a table and keep both pieces between the nameplates of others.
  • Arrange the names following the alphabet order to collect a piece.
  • There are two statues on your right side, keep a piece you collected from the table over here and set their direction following the image you after getting pieces of papers from behind the paintings.
  • Set the directions of statues to get a key card and insert it into the locker fixed in the main door.
  • Enter the code “196” not only to open the door but to escape also.

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