High School Escape 2 Level 10 to 12 Walkthrough

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Level 10

After escaping the previous room, the game takes you to a TV lounge where you can see different furniture, a set of sofas, and tables. Exciting thing is that tapping on scene randomly won’t give you any penalties, but has no worth. As you tap any object, the game takes you close to it using the Zoom-in feature, and to come out, you have to hit the back button placed on the left-bottom corner of the game. To complete the 10th Chapter of High School Escape 2, follow the instructions given in the Walkthrough.

  • Tap the table to collect a tape and add it to your inventory.
  • Now, you should visit the place near a LED to collect a statue.
  • Pick up a glass of water from behind the table near the window and a stick from between the window chicks.
  • Throw the water on the table between the sofa and TV to reveal a code, which is 9615.
  • Besides, you should connect the stick with the statue and tie it using tape.
  • Use the tool you built mixing three items to break the flask available near the main door to collect a TV remote.
  • Use the remote to turn the TV and read the code. Move to the table where you picked up a glass and set the letters following the TV to open all of its drawers. After that, you must visit the wall to find other letters such as DOGTQ.
  • Head to the main door and enter the code (CLG – 9615).

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 11

The game welcomes you to a sports room where it puts your hidden object skills to test. You don’t need to worry about not finding any single item because the game increasing the difficulty level based on your skills. Investigate the scene and collet objects to add them into your inventory and use them when you need them. High School Escape 2 Walkthrough Chapter 11 helps you find all hidden objects and a way how to get rid of problems.

  • Click on the table soccer to collect a ball and a handle.
  • Now you should tap near a football to collect a snooker ball.
  • Keep the snooker on both balls on the ball shelf available above the sofa and arrange them in ascending order. Once done, it will open a secret box containing a ruby.
  • Keep the ruby on the round table and set their reflections according to the players of the soccer table. After that, it will reveal code 3658.
  • Go near the blackboard to collect a screwdriver without any handle. Tap on the handle in your inventory to prepare a screwdriver that you can use to repair the locker fixed next to the main door.
  • After that, visit the soccer table and count the number of players fixed with sticks. Now, move to the blackboard with fill the digit following the players, and get their total sum. Enter the code to the door 12-365 and escape.

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 12

In level 6, you find yourself in a toilet room and your goal is the same as the previous levels – to escape the scene at any cost. The game features a hint system that helps you highlight the object to grab. Besides, you can watch ads to earn free hints to solve the puzzle.

  • Tap on the dustbin and collect a tape from inside it and keep the numbers in mind written on the lid.
  • Now, head to a washroom of the green color to collect other numbers. After leaving the green area, you must go to another bathroom next to it to collect numbers.
  • Tap the locker of green color to reveal the code “#8*.”
  • Click on the door of your left-side to find other codes and back to the cupboard where you may discover a locker. Enter Code 266 to open it and collect a bottle and a handle.
  • Head to the orange locker and enter code 571 to collect a box and an object.
  • Merge bo00054th the tape and toolbox to get a new thing. Visit the green washroom to fix the lever you collected from a locker, turn off the shower, and remove the pipe to add it into your inventory.
  • Use the pipe to connect it with a base you found from a cupboard and turn it into a plunger. Visit the toilet, put the acid to the bathtub and use the plunger to get a key.
  • You need to the tape with a hook to bring the key up. Open the door using the key to escape.

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