Brain Riddle: Tricky Puzzles Walkthrough


Azura Global releases another similar game to Brain Up and Who is Imposter. Brain Riddle: Tricky Puzzles focuses on Puzzle-solving gameplay where hundreds of tricky questions put your skills to test. Read the question and try to answer to earn in-game points. The game features a beautiful cast of characters and lots of beautiful visuals. There are over 100 levels available and each one holds a unique question and a scene to navigate. If we say that soon it would be the most engaging puzzle game won’t be wrong. Playing Brain Riddle games is the best way to exercise your brain and improve your IQ level.

Moreover, all questions the game may ask you will be focused on a certain plot, including the following: Identifying people, find hidden objects, and solve tricky puzzles. Sometimes, you may discover crazy puzzles, and finding their solutions won’t be easy. At that time, thinking out of the box may help you get rid of all problems. Brain Riddle will help you train your brain with its hundreds of easy play, but difficult to master levels. However, attractive and innovative scenarios will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. All levels are unique and the game promises not to repeat even a single scene. Before start playing, you should keep in mind that each question in itself is a challenge for your brain and it requires you to train your brain to make it smarter.

Brain Riddle: Tricky Puzzles Walkthrough

Brain Riddle: Tricky Puzzles Walkthrough helps you solve all riddles within no time. It has three different modes, such as IQ and the rest of the two are coming soon. Although everyone can complete the earlier stages with no worries, as the difficulty level goes up the problem starts to emerge. Therefore, we have compiled a Brain Riddle Guide that helps you overcome all challenges.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 1 – What’s he thinking

In the first riddle, your question “What’s he thinking.” Here you don’t need to do anything, except for dragging your finger across the flower.

Solution: Drag your finger across the flower to reveal what he is thinking.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 2 – What is she hiding?

The second riddle comes with a challenging question in regards to a woman who seems beautiful in a red dress. You can read the question next to the title of the second level. The game features a magnifying glass to use and search the item.

Solution: Drag the magnifying glass to the purse and you will discover a razor.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 3 – Draw Something

It seems two guys are harassing a lady and she needs your help to get rid of the problem. You must jump in to help the woman by drawing something.

Solution: Draw something on your screen to turn the woman into a cop.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 4

From the Brain Riddle Level 4, the difficulty level has started to grow. The game displays you two characters running with four possible options. Read the question and find the solution.

Solution: Third

Brain Riddle Solution Level 5

Brain Riddle welcomes you with four possible shadows of chimpanzees, but only one could be real. Investigate the image and struggle to find the right shadow.

Solution: the first shadow is right.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 6

Players with active brains can answer the following question: who works only one day a year. The four possible options are the following: Santa, Doctor, Singer, and Cop. Of course, your answer would be Santa.

Solution: Santa

Brain Riddle Solution Level 7

The next question would be difficult for some players because here you are invited to decide who the most beautiful woman among the two is. You don’t have any option, except for a hairdryer that you can use to reveal the truth behind the scene.

Solution: The first woman is beautiful.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 8

Are you master at playing hidden object video games? If you aren’t, still you will find the grey goat easily.

Solution: Drag the first goat to find the grey one.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 9

As you come to Brain Riddle Level 9, iron is almost close to burning the cloth; therefore, you should find the solution instantly without wasting the time. You have two possible options whether to unplug the iron or turn off the button.

Solution: Turn off the button.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 10

The game displays three frogs of Red, Yellow, and Blue colors with a question to find a purple frog. Dragging each frog won’t help you find a purple one; therefore, you must start thinking out of the box and bring the solution to your table.

Solution: Merge the Red and Blue Frog.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 11

Brain Riddle Level 11 takes place in a dark room where you need to find a rabbit. Although the game features a blub, it isn’t glowing.

Solution: Turn on the Switch to discover a frog.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 12

It’s raining outside and you must help a lady to save her hair before it’s too late. The lady is standing holding a stick only, instead of an umbrella and you must help her get an umbrella using your drawing ability.

Solution: Draw a line on the upper side of the stick.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 13

Brain Riddle Level 13 tasks you to complete the picture by merely finding a solution. Dragging your finger across the shadow won’t help, you have to draw the shadow to the picture.

Solution: Drag the shadow of a boy, injection, shield, and coronavirus to their proper places.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 14

Your next question is “which dog is on the leftmost side.” There are only three dogs available, but the game features a tail of the fourth dog coming out from the left side.

Solution: Drag the tail of the fourth dog to answer the question.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 15

In Brain Riddle Level 15, your ultimate goal is to help Santa to find his match. The game displays you a few images of characters and finding the perfect match for Santa is your primary goal.

Solution: Tap on the lady’s image wearing a Santa cap.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 16

A new level comes with a unique question “Where is the gamer.” You are tasked with finding a gamer in one of the three buildings. Finding a gamer in the daytime is almost impossible, but at night it is much easier than having a cup of tea.

Solution: Drag the sun down to raise the moon and click on the room whose light is on.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 17

Brain Riddle Level 17 revolves around an artist who is trying to draw something after watching a lady who is lying on a sofa.

Solution: Drag your finger across the painting board to draw a painting of the lady.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 18

A little boy is in trouble and he needs your help to save himself from a hungry dog. There’s only a shovel nearby it and you can’t use any other items.

Solution: Pick up the shovel to dig the land and drag the bone close to the dog.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 19

A man is standing next to the woman in an angry mood. You must figure out why he is angry. There’s nothing to use except for a scanner. Drag the scanner and take it close to the man to search out the reason behind his angry mood.

Solution: Drag the scanner to the tummy of the woman.

Brain Riddle Solution Level 20

Brain Riddle Level 20 brings another challenging puzzle to your device to solve. There is a boy and can’t see clearly because of dirty glasses.

Solution: Drag your finger across the boy’s glasses to help him see clearly.


Brain Riddle has almost over 100 challenging levels; each one releases a unique puzzle. The graphics and soundtracks are impressive and will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Apart from that, covered the following walkthroughs of Brain Test 2, Brain Out, Braindom 2: Who is? Brain Teaser and Riddles, Brain Puzzle, and Brain Up. All of the said games are almost similar to play. You have to read the question and start to find the solution. Finding the solution may help you earn in-game points. Brain Riddle Tricky Puzzle features 10 riddles under special levels.

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