Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Walkthrough – All Levels Solved


After helping out Cindy losing her weight, you are tasked with helping Andy plan his escape from the prison. Andy was put behind the jail, but he is an innocent man and needs your help to escape, along with his two friends. Like Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Chapter, the game tasks you with finding hidden objects, utilize them to solve the puzzle and proceed the plot.

As we declared in the previous guide that Brain Test 2 has 12 Adventures to choose from; each one is offering unique objectives and challenges to complete. Whether you love playing Puzzle-solving games or not, Brain Test 2 will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Prison Escape has 20 challenging levels and completion of some levels is tough more than your expectation. Therefore, brings a helping Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Guide with solutions to your all problems.

Playable 12 Adventures are here:

  1. Fitness with Cindy
  2. Prison Escape
  3. Agent Smith
  4. The McBrain Family
  5. Monster Hunter Joe
  6. Smith and Joe – Part 1
  7. Tom’s Adventure
  8. Emily’s Farm
  9. Bad Luck Betty
  10. Smith and Joe – Part 2
  11. Captain Mary
  12. Crazy High School

Each chapter promises to offer you stunning gameplay with a series of tricky puzzles that blow your mind. Finding a solution to each problem in Brain Test 2 game is possible by only thinking out of the box. Besides, it features a hint system that helps you reveal the Level Solutions too, but you can use it for a limited time. Coins are required to use a hint system, when you are out of coins, then you have to buy it either using real-world money or watching in-game ads.

How to Play Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Guide?

The game doesn’t introduce complicated controls and systems that you have to learn before start playing. Within a few gestures like dragging an object, sliding your finger, taping on a specific spot, etc. you can solve the puzzle without any hurdle. Apart from that, you are supposed to read a question before making any actions. Reading questions attentionally may help you get the answer. Therefore, you should follow the given rules to learn how to play Brain Test 2 Prison Escape:

  • Read the Question that appears on your Screen
  • Investigate the scene and discover objects you have surrounding your characters.
  • Help your character make a way to escape using items

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Walkthrough Level 1 – 20

The 2nd Adventure in Brain Test 2 video game comes with 20 challenging levels with a variety of puzzles to solve. You aren’t only supposed to find hidden objects, but also utilize them to find a way out. Furthermore, Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Walkthrough Guide would help you learn how to figure out the scene and solve puzzles when you are helping three prisoners to escape the prison.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 1

The first level starts with Andy who was brought to jail on a false allegation. Now, the game asks you to take his mugshots first to complete the first level.

Solution: Firstly, click the camera and then turn Andy aside to take another shot.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 2

You don’t have enough to time see around you what is happening. A prisoner is moving at high speed intending to beat you. Although you can drag the cake across the screen, it won’t work. Find another solution before the time runs out.

Solution: To protect Andy, you should drag the casual cap to the man on your left side and exchange it with the helmet. Now, drag the helmet to Andy’s head.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 3

The third level takes place next to the basketball bucket and your goal is to impress other prisoners by merely showing your skills. The solution is pretty easy and you don’t need to learn first how to play basketball to complete the Prison Escape Level 3.

Solution: Drag the ball to Andy and tap the screen when he reaches the max height.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 4

The first thing you should keep in mind is that Andy can’t escape alone; therefore, he needs some friends to plan his escape. Are you ready to get him some buddies?


  • Offer a book to the man sitting on a bench and destroy the door next to him by merely tapping on it.
  • Drag a rod to the man standing forth a tree.
  • Now, you have to remove the wheels of a cart and connect them with the rod which the man has lifted.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 5

After making friends, Andy needs a Chisel and he is looking toward you to get it. You are in a room where you, along with your two other friends are available with a plan to get Chisel. To complete Brain Test Prison Escape Level 5, you have to follow the given steps:


  • Drag the green tray of clay to the man with a shaved head and exchange it with the burger.
  • Bring the burger close to Chisel for a while and take it to Andy.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 6

In Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 6, you must help Andy dig a hole using the chisel he stolen in the previous level. But the task isn’t easy as it seems because a police officer is keeping an eye on Andy. Therefore, you should be aware of it when digging.

Solution: Tap and hold the car poster when a police officer isn’t watching you. Dig the wall a bit and wait for a while until the police officer crosses the door.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 7

Ops! Andy is in trouble because Police Officer has noticed something suspicious. The prisoner is loaded with a chisel and you must help him out hiding the tool. When finding a place, don’t forget to keep your eye on the torch.

Solution: Drag and put the chisel to the toilet and close the lid.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 8

After hiding the tool, the game is tasked with digging a tunnel while two police officers are in rush to catch you. To complete Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 8, you have to dig the tunnel when both officers are far away from you.

Solution: Drag a massive stone from the 2nd line and place it on the way of the first police officer who is moving fast. Next to that, start digging the tunnel with no worries and reach the end.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 9

Your next objective is to unlock the door. After digging a tunnel, you find yourself in a room whose door is locked. There is nothing, except the chisel.

Solution: Bring the chisel close to the door and try to crack it by merely tapping the second, fourth, third, and first needles.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 10

Level 10 comes with a checkpoint that Andy must pass. Two officers are appointed on the checkpoint to never let anyone pass it. Therefore, you should think out of the box to find a solution.

Solution: Interact with a Trolley and bring all pillows out. Put Andy into the trolley and your Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 2 is completed.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 11

After Chisel, now Andy is demanding a Screwdriver to make his escape successful. There is an electrician who is come to repair the circuit.


  • Drag the chicken piece to your friend and wait until he eats it all.
  • Collect a bone and keep it in place of a screwdriver.
  • Bring the screwdriver close to Andy and escape.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 12

Once again, Andy is in jail and needs your help to find a hidden panel that can be opened using a screwdriver. The panel isn’t hidden behind the bandage; in short, it is available behind the toilet. The police officer will catch if he sees you opening the panel; therefore, you should be careful when moving the toilet aside and opening the panel.

Solution: Get the toilet aside and open the screws by dragging the screwdrivers when a police officer is away from you.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 13

Now, Andy is in air pipes and he needs your help to move through it. The game features three different hurdles that you can put to fend off police officers to catch Andy. There is a problem, the game offers you only three hurdles, but places four police officers to make the Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 13 a bit tricky.

Solution: Set all bricks to all police officers, except for the first one, and tap Andy to start moving to exit.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 14

Prison Escape Level 14 takes you to a room where only six switches are available. The electrician is holding a map to let you know what buttons you need to tap. Keep in mind that the door won’t open until you tap the correct switches; therefore, see below to find a solution.

Solution: Don’t start tapping switches directly as it causes the level to fail. Firstly, tap on a small hole to bring a rat out to scare the electrician and get a map highlighting what buttons you have to tap.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 15

All three friends are in prison and two police officers are on duty to stop you from escaping the prison. The ultimate goal is to help Andy release his two mates.

Solution: Tap the black button above the third door as the police officer nears to cross the door. Next to that, hit the rest of the two buttons when the police officer is out of coverage.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 16

All prisoners, including Andy, are a few steps away from their freedom. This time, they need your help to overcome a hurdle that is only possible with the help of rope. Therefore, you should think of going out of the box to find a solution to get all prisoners to the door above.

Solution: Place a brick near the long wall and bring all characters on each other. Tap the rope and you are done.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 17

Two guards are on your way to leaving the prison. Help Andy find a way to avoid those guards and escape. You don’t have anything, except for a police stick.

Solution: Drag the stick and beat the first police officer and bring it close to the second one.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 18

There is a button in the Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 18 that upon getting hit will open the door for a while. Finding a solution to keep the door open is mandatory.

Solution: Tap the button and bring the man with shaved head close to the door. The man will hold the door until the rest of the prisoners can’t escape.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 19

It could be a tricky level for those players who don’t love playing puzzle-solving games. This level will be completed in two to three simple steps. One of your friends is trying to open the main door while the rest of the two are watching for a way to trap police officers.


  • Open the cupboard to bring a shovel out of it.
  • Remove the first three plates and dig the land.
  • Bring the plates back to their initial position to set a trap for police officers.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 20

The final level and you are away from the jail. You aren’t only supposed to face off only one difficulty, which is a moving light, as a police officer is also on your way to catch your friends.

Solution: Tap bushes to move/stop when both police officer and moving light are away of you.

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