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Brain Out – Can You Pass It? is a Puzzle, Trivia, and Single-player video game developed and published by Focus Apps for Mobile Devices. The game brings hundreds of fun-filled questions in a single pack and puts your knowledge and brainpower to the test. Check your IQ level by merely answering the questions that are designed to blow your mind.

Try to set your highest record of points and show it to your friends to impress them. Furthermore, Brain Out is an addictive game that holds tricky puzzles, along with brain teasers and riddles to test your mind. In short, the game evaluates your logical thinking, quick reflexes, abilities, accuracy, and creativity skills. To find solutions of all levels, keep reading Brain Out Walkthrough Guide.

Moreover, answering without finding any clue won’t be gone in your favor; therefore, before choosing the option, ensure it is the right answer. The days have done when playing puzzle games is easier than having a cup of tea; nowadays, you have to search for missing items or clues to reveal the truth.

Seriously, the introduced questions and their solutions are enough to subvert the thinking of an average player. Are you ready to experience unimagined gameplay that is easy to play, but humorous to process? Once again, the answers are beyond your thinking limit; therefore, keep your thoughts always out of boundaries to find Brain Out Solutions.

Brain Out Walkthrough

Before start playing the game, don’t forget to hone your puzzle-solving skills. The game brings lots of questions that no one can imagine; therefore, you should always be ready for every challenge. It has two different game modes, such as:

  • Chapter
  • Challenge

No one can play Challenge Mode unless they complete the requirement regarding the completion of levels in chapter mode. So, Brain Out: Can You Pass it Walkthrough Guide brings solutions of all levels so you don’t only complete all levels in Chapter, but also enjoy Challenge Mode. Furthermore, each level in Chapter mode comes with a new question, and finding a solution relies on thinking out of the box.

Level 1

In the first level, the game asks you to “Find the Biggest One,” while it shows you four possible options such as:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon (Correct)

Watermelon is the correct answer because it is the only fruit biggest among others.

Level 2

Brain Out Level 2 comes with a question “How many Ducks.” It displays an image of several ducks. If you are good at counting then surely you would choose the wrong answer. Here you should think out of the box to find the correct solution.

  • 8
  • 9 (Correct)
  • 10
  • 11

Level 3

Your next question in Brain Out Level 3 is to find the tallest one from the given objects, and surely you will guess the wrong answer. Choosing the Zebra isn’t correct, as there is a sun above it.

Solution: Sun

Level 4

Can you find out the difference once? Here, you don’t need to do anything, except for dragging each piece of watermelon to find the difference.

Solution: Drag Watermelon

Level 5

A beautiful cat is holding a biscuit awaits you to answer the question. The question is “Which claw is similar to Cat’s outstretched claw.” Ignore all possible options and tap on the claw-holding biscuit to answer the question.

Solution: Tap on Cat’s Claw holding a biscuit.

Level 6

The question may be tricky for most players who aren’t tending to think out of the box. The game is asking the question of finding the largest fire, and it gives you four possible options to choose from. Selecting one of four options won’t answer the question; therefore, you should bring all fires to each other to make it bigger.

Solution: Merge fires to make it big.

Level 7

There is a floating parking area where only one car is parked. In Brain Out Level 9, you have to find out a number below the car and write to unlock the next levels.

Solution: Drag the vehicle to see the answer.

Level 8

Everyone knows that owl sleeps at night. It’s daytime and your task is to find a solution to wake up owl at any cost. Dragging the sun across the screen won’t help you wake up the target. Therefore, you should drag the sun out of the screen to turn the day into a night.

Solution: Drag the sun out of the screen.

Level 9

The Brain Out Level 9 is about how many marks you would prefer to give for the game. Surely, the answer is Full Marks.

Solution: Full Marks

Level 10

Finding things that humans can’t eat I think should be a problem for you. But the game features all eatable things like Fries, Chicken, Watermelon, and Ice-cream. How to find a solution in Brain Out Level 9? No worries, solutions of all levels lie in Brian Out Walkthrough.

Solution: Drag the hen and tap on the nest to answer the question.

Level 11

There are six different ice-creams available and one of whom isn’t real. The puzzle is to find which ice cream isn’t real and you can’t move the ice cream. The only moveable object is the sun that you can bring close to each ice cream to see whether it melts or not.

Solution: Drag the sun amidst ice-creams.

Level 12

Over time, the difficulty level is gradually increasing and bringing challenging questions with tough solutions to find. Your next question is to find the darkest color from a series of colors. You know what the answer isn’t laid on colors. You should tap the word “Darkest” to answer the question.

Level 13

The Brain Out 13 Level displays a kid on your screen with a question “Count the Number of Hairs.” Usually, no one can count how many hairs are available on their head, but here the scene is opposite and it seems if you concentrate then counting hairs may be possible.

Solution: Drag the wig to count the rest of the hairs and Enter “3”.

Level 14

Help a thirsty duck to drink water, but it isn’t as easy a task as you are considering. There are three different items you can use, such as a Stone, Water, and a Bottle. You don’t need to fill the bottle with water, when dragging the duck to the water may help you solve the puzzle.

Solution: Drag the duck to the water.

Level 15

As the Brain Out level 15 starts, the game warns you don’t tap the button. Tapping the button only one time to start the countdown may help you get rid of the problem.

Solution: Tap only One Time.

Level 16

Investigate the Pentagram to find how many triangles are available within it.

Solution: 11

Level 17

Do you feel hungry? Your next question is to find something to eat. The game features only four items that are the following: a Bucket, a Clock, Plate, and other things.

Solution: Drag the footprint close to a sofa-like object to turn it into the meat.

Level 18

The Brain Out Level 18 is a bit challenging because here your goal is to put the giraffe into the fridge. The fridge is smaller than the Giraffe; to adjust the animal, you should work on increasing the size of a fridge.

Solution: Zoom in to increase the Fridge Size.

Level 19

There are six eggs and your puzzle is to find a raw egg. Dragging the eggs across the screen won’t bring any solution to your palm; therefore, you should find a way to break eggs to see whether it is raw or not.

Solution: Tap the egg to see whether it is raw or not.

Level 20

There is a cute animal who is looking for your help to eat an apple. Shaking your phone to move the tree won’t help as you have to think out of the box.

Solution: Stretch and pull the Giraffe neck to solve the puzzle.

Level 21

The Brain out Level 21 comes with a cigarette and three different signs. There is only one hint which is “No Smoking.” Adding signs above the cigarette won’t work; therefore, you should tap on the cigarette to quench it.

Level 22

You have to find out how many coins are available in a Piggybank, though three coins are available outside it. Insert all coins into the bank and then break it by merely tapping on and then count coins. Together, all coins would be 15.

Solution: 15.

Level 23

An emoji is hungry and needs something to eat. The game tasks you to help it by finding anything. To solve the puzzle, you have to bring a pop-corn-like item out of the frame and place emoji on it without using eyes to make it an egg.

Solution: Drag the popcorn and the emoji to make an egg.

Level 24

Which bucket has fish? You can only answer the question if the fish jump or bucket drops the water. In this case, nothing such as is going to happen; therefore, you have to find another solution.

Solution: Shake Your Device to drop the water and reveal the fish.

Level 25

The Brain Out Level 25 brings a challenging mini-game to play. Are you ready to play a Tic-tac-toe game where you have to draw your sign either in a column or in a row? The competition is held between you and Zeo, and Zeo is almost winning if you make a wrong decision. Instead of drawing a single circle, you should use your both fingers to complete your three signs in a row to win.

Solution: Draw two circles simultaneously in a column to win.

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Brain Out: Can You Pass it comes with fabulous gameplay and amazing questions. It features a beautiful blend of Puzzle, Trivia, and Single-player game aspects that promise to offer you amazing gameplay. To win amazing rewards and in-game coins, keep answering questions. At the start, the difficulty level is almost zero, but as you start to progress, the difficulty level will start to increase.

Overcome all challenging levels and hone your puzzle-solving skills. The relaxing music will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Further, we will release Brain Out 2 Walkthrough soon at Follow the link to read our walkthroughs of Who is? Brain Teaser and Riddles and Brain Up.

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