Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games Walkthrough


Although Puzzle games seem easy to play, they are challenging to master. Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games is a Puzzle, Word, and Single-player video game developed by Matchingham Games for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. It has up to 300 challenging levels, and each one brings a unique puzzle that will twist your mind. Hardcore players of quiz and trivia video games would love the game because they have hunger all the time to solve riddles and mysteries like a riddle master.

Moreover, the game serves as the best source to give your mind a bit of exercise while completing a series of challenging levels. In short, there are several playable mini-games available, such as Solve Puzzles, Hidden Objects, Find Photos, Solve Word Mystery, Answer the Questions, and more. If the game’s first part is trivia, then the second will be focused on the detective, who aims to crack the riddles and beat the challenging puzzles without using a hint system. Test your IQ level by merely solving challenging levels and attempting quiz to answer questions. Unlike other IQ and Brain Games, it comes with a unique concept that everyone loves to enjoy.

Review – Be the Master

Nowadays, people love to casual games like Match-3, Story-driven, and Puzzles. But the trend has been changing, and developers are releasing games with new concepts that people love to enjoy. Therefore, many modern games are released on the app store with new ideas to attract more players. Similarly, Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games come with a new concept to enjoy, and it seems the game features a mix of different genres like you experience the Puzzle gameplay, along with Q&A, Quiz, Trivia, and Word. During the game, you have to solve challenging a total of 300 levels. It doesn’t feature any repetitive stage; each offers you a challenging puzzle to solve.

A Blend of Puzzle, Hidden Object, Detective, and Trivia

As mentioned above, it is a blend of several genres, and the developer promises to introduce more fun-filled levels soon. Whether you’re a casual gamer or love to play Detective games, it has covered all content for you in one single pack. In the beginning, except first, all levels are locked, and you can’t visit them without the completion of the first.

Therefore, you should keep your focus on solving the first puzzle to access others. Like other games, it starts with basic difficulty and gradually increases after the completion of stages. Solving puzzles would be difficult upon reaching the high stages. Therefore, try to improve your skills by avoiding using the hint system. If you found all stages tough, then we have created a complete Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games Walkthrough for you.

Intuitive Controls and Good Graphics

Having intuitive control would make your grip stronger over each aspect of the game. However, every function is available at your fingertips. You don’t understand the tough controls because only tapping the correct area would help you complete the stage. I found the game has smooth controls and good graphics, and the number of stages is up to 300. You can’t complete the stage without understanding the scenario or reading the narratives the game display you at the start. Randomly tapping on the screen won’t help you to complete the puzzle.

Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games Walkthrough

More than 300 levels await you with riddles that bend your mind a lot. Before starting the game, don’t forget to polish your puzzle-solving skills. In this Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games Walkthrough, we will first thirty challenging levels for you and display how to complete each one. Every level has a unique background, a way to solve the puzzle, and characters. It means no level would be the same and will bring you to a new setting to complete the given tasks.

Level 1

The first level is quite exciting and comes with three beautiful ladies. Nevertheless, your question is to confirm “Who is Pregnant?” There’s no clue, except using the hint system. Many players stuck at the first level because of not having a useful guide; therefore, we bring you the best Braindom 2: Who are Who Riddles? Master Brain Games Walkthrough Guide to solve all puzzles within no time.

Who is pregnant?

There are three ladies, and your goal is to choose one of them to answer the question. Each one is represented with an alphabet, and you can tap on the given letter to submit your answer. Upon tapping the chosen letter, the game will ask you to show evidence; therefore, you should find evidence first, then click on the letter.

  • Hold each image and drag it up to find the clue
  • Find the woman with a big belly, and tap on it
  • Hit the letter (B) below her

The completion of the level rewards you with brain points that can be used to earn more Hints.

Level 2

The 2nd level comes with Brian’s story, who never knew about his mother because she was left him when he was a baby. Now, Brian’s father gives him a book to discover the last moments with his mother. In short, your goal is to find the name of Brian’s mother.

What is Brian’s Mother’s Name?

  • Following the question, you have to find the name by selecting one of three possible options, such as Blanche, Brenna, and Brianna.
  • Click on the red-colored notebook to open
  • Find Brian’s Mother name at its bottom
  • Tap on the Name, and choose your option accordingly – which is (B)

Level 3

The next level is quite impressive because it presents you with three women, along with a man—the game tasks you to find out the man’s wife by finding clues. Indeed, you will find a woman with a white-colored shirt because she seems angry as her husband may be talking with someone else. Wrong, you must use your wit to find the answer and search your surrounding environment to find any clue. In case you didn’t find the clue, let Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games Walkthrough Guide helps you seeing a photo hanging on a wall.

  • Click on the framed picture hanging on a wall giving you a pink-colored background
  • Find the woman in the picture and tap the correct the answer
  • The right answer is C

Level 4

It is quite a scientific question because you have to find a person who is here from a distant future. The game displays you three images of the same person holding a bucket in their right hand. Try to find the difference and solve the puzzle.

  • Did you notice the shopping bag with the person in the third image? We caught and tapped to solve the puzzle.
  • Your right answer will be the third image between the first two.

Level 5

Five people are standing holding golden-colored stars. The game asks you a mathematics question, and answering is compulsory. You have five possible options, such as 1,2,3,4 and 5. Choosing the right answer to unlock the next stage. The question is exciting and about the game itself, “How many stars will you give to this app on Appstore?”

  • Count how many stars are holding by people to get the answer
  • The answer is 4.

Level 6

There’s a new journey going to be started because Brian is serious about finding his mother at any cost. He embarks on a journey to find his mother, following the clues mentioned in her notebook. You are supposed to help Brian decide the starting point, and you can get help from the diary.

  • The game displays you a map with two images and a diary, as well as a pen
  • Click on images to reveal the locations
  • Tap on “Paris” on the map to answer your question, and reveal the place to start the journey

Level 7

This time, the game brings you to a graveyard, where you find the two deadliest creatures, such as Vampire and Werewolf. It seems both are angry and going to fight against each other. Your ultimate goal is to end the fight by retrieving them to their former or normal condition. The available items you can use are the following: Garlic and Dark Cloud. Across the scene, you can only move the said items.

  • Drag and drop the cloud between the werewolf and the moon
  • Find the garlic hidden behind the grave, and take it to near the vampire
  • Once you place the garlic, the vampire backs to its normal form

Level 8

Till the level 8th, all questions are quite interesting to answer. The 8th level comes with three women sitting around a table over chairs, and as a detective, you have to detect who is married? There are no clues other than their cell phones. Therefore, you should read messages and calls on their phone to find out the target person.

  • Tap on the red-colored mobile lying ahead of a woman with a green-colored shirt
  • Find the name “Lessa”
  • Click on the “C” option to answer the question

Level 9

Finally, a new level appears with a hidden object aspect. For sure, reading the question, you guys come to know what your task to complete is. This time, you have to search for a box hidden somewhere in the room or under the bed where a woman is sleeping along with her pet.

  • The box is hidden with a white-colored bed sheet
  • Tapping at the edge of the bed may help you find the box
  • Didn’t find it? See the image placed above.

Level 10

Two episodes of Brian’s journey has been completed, and the third is going to start, in which Brian came to a museum in France. He needs your help to solve an ancient puzzle to find out the next stop.

  • An ancient image of a pyramid is split into several pieces
  • Join the pieces to complete the image and solve the puzzle

Level 11

Finally, you’re going to face off some deadly criminals. Avoid interacting with them, find clues, solve the puzzle, and run away as soon as possible. The game features three men and a woman with the question, “Who is her husband.” There should be some similarities between husband and wife, and finding the object is your puzzle to complete.

  • Tap on the necklace of a women
  • Find the name “Lisa” on the right hand of a man fully covered with tattoos
  • Hit the letter (A) to answer the question

Level 12

The 12th level is quite exciting, displaying you three men standing in the background while a lonely girl is waiting for her dad. Your goal is to help the lonely girl to find out where her dad is. The girl has nothing to show you as a clue, except a watch containing the number of both mom and dad.

  • Tap on the red-colored watch
  • Give a Call to Dad
  • Choose the option (A)

Level 13

Finding a poor person within a hotel or any restaurant can be easy for anyone. Sometimes, it isn’t easy, because the wealthiest persons are also requesting a discount—your next question to find a poor guy by finding any clue. You can’t randomly choose one of three possible options without having evidence. Therefore, first, make your focus on finding clues, then move to select the right answer.

  • Tap on each person sitting over the background
  • Try to find who has a voucher for a discount
  • The right answer is C because a man with a purple-colored t-shirt has a voucher

Level 14

Get to find out who is a married couple out of three. It seems winter is running because each one has to wear warm clothes. Find the clues by merely interacting with the given couples, and tap on the accurate one to unlock the next stage. The game lets you remove the warm clothes to read something written on their t-shirts to decide which one is married.

  • Remove warm clothes to read whatever read on t-shirts
  • Tap on the 2nd couple, because they are married

Level 15

The fifteenth level is a bit complicated, revolving around two men and a kid. Both men are claiming that they are the dad of a lonely kid. So, a kid needs your help to find out his actual dad. One of them is a kidnapper, and if you choose the wrong answer, the kidnaper will abduct him and run away from there. Therefore, you should be careful whenever going to decide. Both men are familiar with the name of the boy. Did you notice both men have equipped gloves?

  • Remove the gloves of both men
  • Find any clue that declares the man as the father of the boy
  • Tab on option (B), because the 2nd has sketched the name of his child on his hand

Level 16

The fourth episode of Brian’s journey has just started. Finally, Brian has reached to Egypt according to the treasure map he discovered in France. Now, his ultimate goal is to start digging the marked place using a shovel. The sixteenth level is about finding a treasure buried nearby with the help of the map. You have to collect a shovel and a map to reveal the location, and start digging the land. Before starting, watch the map at least once.

  • Grab a Shovel and take it to the targeted place
  • Start digging the soil to find a treasure box

Level 17

The scene takes place within a room, where it seems the dad is asking his son that he is cheating, while on the other hand, the boy refuses by saying, I’m not. You have two possible answers, selecting the right one will take you to the next stage, while the wrong answer won’t be accepted. Therefore, find any clue to answer the question.

  • Click on the screen to see the image
  • Tab on the option (B), because the boy is cheating

Level 18

Get ready to the hidden object level, where you have to find out the slippers of a person. The scene includes an older woman, a child, a mom, and a man. A man appears in the background saying where his slippers are. No one knows where they are, may someone has hidden them. Now, it’s your responsibility to find the slippers by searching the surrounding. You are capable of sliding each object. Let’s started to see the slipper.

  • Remove the Sofa from its place
  • Keep the mom get aside to discover a shoebox
  • Tap on the shoebox to confirm slippers are there or not
  • Click on the box after confirmation to win the level

Level 19

A bit tricky level and no one can complete it within a few minutes. The main question is to find out who has a dog, other than the question there’s no clue. There are two men, and a woman is sitting over a bench somewhere in the park, two of whom are taking selfies, while a man is using his phone to chat it seems.

All three guys have equipped a shirt revealing all are dog lovers, and possibilities are there that everyone has a dog. Tapping randomly across the screen won’t reveal the answer, you have to strategically, and make use of your wit to reveal the answer. When playing the game to write Braindom 2 Walkthrough Guide, we were also stuck over there for a few minutes. Here’s a Solution:

  • Hold and slide the brown-colored purse of the woman a bit
  • Reveal and tap on the bone
  • Hit the option C to answer the question

Level 20

The twentieth level starts with episode 5 because the 4th episode has been ended in the 19th level. In the newly introduced episode, Brian is struggling to open the chest he discovered in the Desert of Egypt. He has to unlock the chest at any cost to find out his next destination. To open the chest box, you have to create the rainbow first by playing with the color.

If you are familiar with rainbow and know how many and which colors are available over there, then completing the puzzle is no more extended problem for you. In case, you’re not then following the given order to complete the puzzle. This time, the game features a reset button, because it knows how much tricky level it made, and players would complete it within 4 to 5 attempts.

  • Release the purple color first
  • Secondly, drag the hook of dark blue colored gel
  • Thirdly, you have to release the light-blue colored gel
  • Fourthly, go with green color
  • Fifthly, pull the pin of yellow color
  • Sixthly, remove the rod of orange color
  • Lastly, add the red color to complete the rainbow

Level 21

It takes place in a garden-like environment where three different statues available, one of whom isn’t a statue. The game features three other objects, such as:

  • Camera
  • Tomato
  • Purse

You can use one of three items to reveal the identity of a non-statue figure. Using a purse may not reveal the essence, or the same things will happen using a tomato. Maybe the camera’s flash work to help you find a non-statue figure.

  • Hold a camera and start taking pictures of each one from your right-hand-side to left-hand side
  • Take the camera to a man standing wearing a cap, and click a picture
  • Because of the flashlight, the man removes his cap and get caught by you
  • Tap on the found man to answer the question

Level 22

It is an exciting level that comes with two farmers holding farming tools and a tree. The first farmer is carrying buckets full of water, and he is saying the tree they are facing off is a lemon tree, while the second farmer is saying this is an apple tree. You have a micro-glass to scan and reveal the fruit the tree contains to find out who is lying.

Who is lying?

  • Hold and drag the micro-glass across the tree to find out the fruit
  • After finding Apple, read the comment boxes of both farmers to detect who is lying
  • Tap on the “A” option, because the male farmer has said this is a lemon tree

Level 23

Have you ever imagined being a teacher? The primary duty of a teacher is to keep an eye on students to prevent them from cheating. Four kids are available in the classroom completing their papers. Someone is cheating on the exam, and your goal is to catch that guy before the time runs out. How you notice anyone is the main puzzle. Seeing someone isn’t an easy task; therefore, you must find a solution to complete the puzzle within the time limit, although you can’t detect anything by tapping across the screen.

  • Tap on the window
  • Let the air blow paper sheet of the boy who is cheating
  • Get ready to move to the next level

Level 24

Episode 5 has ended in the previous level, while a new is going to start. This time, your most favorite character Brian has reached Istanbul, where his mother was and left him a clue at Topkapi Palace. The protagonist aims to find the clue, as well as his moth soon eventually. Next to that, you find yourself in a Palace, where two chest boxes are available, and your goal is to find the real one containing treasure. Two objects are available nearby your character, a water cane, and a key.

  • Pick up the water cane and take them near the chests
  • When the cane disappears, consider the chest real
  • Now, hold and drag the key to the same chest to make your final decision

Level 25

Two kids are standing in front of a house whose window has been broken by someone. Be a detective to find out who broke the window. One boy is crying, and while the 2nd boy is angry at the first one. A stone is lying nearby the house.

Find which one boy has a dirty hand would be responsible for the broken mirror. Upon tapping the hands, the game displays you a micro-glass to reveal the dirt on hands. Once you confirm who is an evil guy, tap on the correct answer to move to the next one.

  • Tap on hands to find the dirt
  • Click on the option (B)

Level 26

The question in level 26 is the same as the 25, and you are supposed to find a liar. The scene is fascinating, in which a man and a lady are fighting because of age. The man is asking the lady that you’re a child, while the lady is telling that she is 32 years old.

  • Find any clue in the room to confirm who is lying
  • Tap ono the Family Album beside the man
  • Click on the A Option to confirm the man is lying

Level 27

A war has been torn between the seller and the customer, as the customer is asking the offered food is with cheese, while the shopkeeper is repeating that this is a chocolate croissant. You must jump in to help and calm down both guys by merely revealing the recipe. The available objects that you can use to solve the puzzle are a knife and a dish.

  • Drag the dish to the table of the seller
  • Pick up a knife and cut it into two pieces
  • Next to that, it will confirm the dish contains chocolate

Level 28

Level 28 starts with episode 7, revolving around Emperor Qin Shi Huang and his soldier. According to the plot, Brian has just landed in China with the hope of finding a clue that brings him to his beloved mother. Following the pattern of previous levels, the game asks you to solve the puzzle by finding one statue which is different from others. As the level starts, the player finds himself in front of varying stone soldiers, and the task of the player is quite simple.

  • Investigate all stone soldiers closely to find the difference
  • Randomly tapping on the soldiers won’t help you to find the answer
  • Tap on the first soldier of your left-hand-side to move to the next level
  • Don’t forget to give a tap on the soldier’s chest

Level 29

The game takes you to a beautiful garden, where a man holding a string attached with a dog is trying to stop him. The park is fantastic because of flowers, trees, and a green environment. Your ultimate goal is to find a pearl between tons of objects. Use your puzzle-solving and hidden objective skills to find the missing item to become the master. You can’t find them by randomly tapping on the screen. You have to analyze the screen closely.

  • Discover a tree having yellow-colored apples next to the man
  • Find a pear between apples and click on it to highlight
  • Move to the next stage

Level 30

Level 30 introduces you to a kid sitting on a chair. Your question is quite simple as you have to find the favorite class of the boy by finding clues and other items. There are three possible options available, such as Math, Science, and History. Find the answer by simply tapping on the bag which reveals books and other notes to confirm the favorite class of the boy. For sure, in which the player has the highest mark will be his favorite class.

  • Tap the bag to reveals the marks on each given subject
  • Click on option (C) to move to the next level

Level 31

A cute girl is enjoying a fantastic ride while looking for her mother. She needs your help to find where her mother is, and you must use your detective skills to find a clue. Three different women are sitting in front of a girl, from which two are busy in taking selfies, and while the last one is sitting aside. I had tried many times to find the solution but failed because tapping the screen randomly wasn’t working. Therefore, I will share a solution with you to complete this level.

  • Tilt your device to let the ride move on
  • The mother will run toward her daughter to prevent her from falling from the ride
  • Click on the option “B”

Level 32

The 8th episode appears with a series of challenging puzzles that the player requires to solve to keep finding the clues left by his mother. The story won’t continue until you complete the given puzzles. Help Brian to find his mother before it’s too late. At the start, the game introduces a few objects you need to solve the mystery, such as A Dairy, Campus, ID card, and a mechanical lock. You are supposed to find a code by analyzing the available things to pass the stage. Nothing will open except your ID card.

  • Tap on the ID Card
  • Remember your Date of Birth
  • Click on the Mechanism Lock and enter the lock “1987”

Level 33

Till now, you become a master in finding the person who is lying after completing a series of stages. Two guys are standing in front of a farmer saying that both have an allergy. Your ultimate objective is to find out who is speaking true or false. There’s nothing, but a shovel and some plants. So, you have to make use of these objects to find the answer. You can’t directly move the shovel, so follow the given steps.

  • Pick up the shovel and remove the green-colored plan next to the farmer
  • Drag the flowers and bring near both guys
  • Soon, you will reveal who has an allergy
  • Select the second option to answer your question

Level 34

A newly married bride is disturbed because of her groom, who has been disappeared from the wedding party. She needs your help to find her groom. The scene is almost clear, and it doesn’t seem that someone can hide over there. Only a few moveable items are there, including a plant, balloons, and bushes. After using all objects, I found them useless. Therefore, you should follow the steps mentioned in Braindom 2: Who is Who Riddles? Master Brain Games Walkthrough Guide Level 34 to complete the said stage.

  • Shake your phone drop the apple
  • Once the apple drop, the groom will come out around a tree

Level 35

You would be surprised to know that level 35 is almost similar to the first one in which you were asked to find a woman who is pregnant. Repeating the same steps we did at the start can help you in solving the stage.

Level 36

The 9th episode is just started, in which Brian has arrived in America after finding the Mayan Statue he discovered in China. Some deadliest traps await him in the ancient Pyramid, but he would have to take that risk to find further clues.

It takes place in a pyramid where you find the protagonist standing over a fire, and next to the water. Although the solution to solve the puzzle is challenging, the rewards are fantastic in the form of a treasure chest. First of all, you should find a solution to dissolve the water into the fire and drive them out of the land to make a safe place for your character.

  • Draw the pin below the water
  • Blow up a fire using the water and remove the pin of your character
  • Draw the final pin to complete the puzzle

Level 37

You must help out a person who is trying to bring out the snake from a bucket using a music instrument. There are four different music instruments available, and you should choose the perfect one to complete the puzzle. Try each instrument one by one to find it works or not. It all instrument doesn’t work, then follow the given solution.

  • Drag a music instrument from below the mat where the person is sitting on
  • Take the found instrument near the mouth of the person to play the music
  • The snake will come out after listening to the music

Level 38

Here in level 38, the game provides you with a chance to find Cinderella using one piece of shoe as shown in an animated movie. Three women are standing above the screen, two of which haven’t worn the 2nd shoe you have.

  • Drag the shoe near every girl to find your Cinderella

Level 39

You are invited to a painting house, where people are searching for a real painter. Three persons are standing over there, such as David, Mary, and Jennifer. You must investigate the case, find clues, and discover the real painter among them. The game will offer you a micro-glass to find something smallest which can’t be located using naked eyes. Therefore, you must hold the glass and move across the painting.

  • Drag the micro-glass, and investigate the painting closely
  • On the right-bottom-corner, you will the name of the real painter using the glass
  • The real painter is Jennifer

Level 40

The game welcomes you to the 10th Episode that takes place in the Big Ben Clock Tower. It doesn’t seem the clock tower is in working position. Clues will be there if Brian successfully manages to run the clock. At the start, you find two toothed wheels below the clock tower, and your goal is to place them in their proper place to start the clock correctly.

  • Drag the wheel and place between two gears
  • Hold and take a small toothed wheel to place between two gears placed above the tower


Matchingham Games introduces a quite impressive Puzzle video game that features 300 challenging levels, and each has something unique to discover. Controls are intuitive, and the art-work is great that keeps you engaged in play challenging levels for endless hours of fun. Each level has a unique concept, and the story of Brian is fantastic as it split into several chapters.


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