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In case you’re searching for a game to play tons of mini-games, then Brain Up is for you. Azura Global releases the game for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. The game features beautiful graphics and smooth controls to provide the player with a better gaming experience. There are hundreds of challenging levels; each one comes with a unique twist and a fun puzzle to complete. As the game starts, you find yourself in a quite funny world that makes you puzzle by introducing an impressive cast of characters and other beings. Increase thinking capacity and lead it beyond the limits to make your friends impressed. Although the game doesn’t feature any time limit option, completing the level within no time will bring you a good compliment.

Furthermore, the game brings quite simple puzzles at the beginning to make you understand how to play the game. Next to that, the difficulty level starts increasing gradually according to your skills. In the game, your only ultimate goal is to master all levels by solving complex puzzles using your logic as fast as possible. Many games offer the same gameplay, but no one can enjoy properly following the common rules. The game hasn’t featured quite simple puzzles; it has different plans for you to bring out your creativity and inner skills. Hundreds of levels offer challenging puzzles ranging from physics-based questions to making connections between similar items. In short, Brain Up has covered a massive range of categories to introduce fun-filled gameplay.

Different Types of Puzzles

Without a doubt, playing reflex logic puzzles, thinking games, and brain games will increase thinking to solve questions quickly. Using a quite simple and user-friendly interface will help you take each step smoothly with no hassle. For now, the game is offering over 250 challenging levels, and each one belongs to a different puzzle category and offers a twisted puzzle to solve.

Three Playable Game Modes

You’re only limited to a specific area because the game features three exciting modes; each one offers hundreds above levels to complete. Three available game modes are the following:

  • Quiz
  • Emoji
  • IQ Pack

At the very beginning, only the first level of Quiz is unlocked to start playing and unlocking other levels. Once you reach the targeted level, Emoji mode will be unlocked, while IQ Pack requires the completion of thirty levels first to be unlocked.

Review – Be a Riddle Master

Brain Up is quite an impressive game that comes with relaxing music and fabulous gameplay that everyone loves to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for a platform to boost your brainpower or just for fun, Brain up is here to help you fulfill all of your needs. Boost your IQ level and start completing simple levels initially, and gradually moves to advance stages where without using logic or wit won’t let you solve the puzzle.

Graphics and Controls

The game features quite decent and engaging graphics; meanwhile, offering you fun-filled puzzles to complete. Completion of levels will leave you in-game coins, but no one knows where to use these coins. The interface is user-friendly and doesn’t take more than a few seconds to make you understand the basics. Everything is possible at your fingertips using intuitive controls. You need to swipe, drag, or tap your finger across the screen to solve tricky puzzles within no time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or a regular user of this game; it has something unique for all users. This is because developers promise to introduce new content regularly.

Introduction of Hint System

Like other well-established game, Brain Up has featured all required options, including Hint System – the most prominent factor of any puzzle game. Upon finding you stuck anywhere, you can use the hint system for free to get rid of your problem. You can use only this hint system for limited times; next to that, you have to purchase using real-world money or watch video games to have them free. Watching ads could be great to grab some hints for free and use whenever you need it.

Daily Rewards

You don’t need to worry; the game promises to give you free hints regularly. Keep visiting the daily reward section to claim your rewards. Tap on the box representing the day, as well as the number of hints, and hit the claim button to add the prizes to your inventory. Brain up supports up to five different languages so everyone can enjoy the game in their language.

Brain Up Walkthrough

As mentioned above, Brain up contains more than two hundred challenging levels, and each one brings a unique puzzle in the form of a mini-game for you to solve. Completing the level rewards you with in-game coins and takes you a step closer to the end. What to do if you run out of hints and have no bucks to purchase a pack? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a Brain Up Walkthrough Guide for you to help in clearing all stages within no time. The game names the level as “Quiz” and starts by displaying you how the game works.

Brain Up Walkthrough – Quiz (1 to 10)

The ultimate puzzles are quite impressive, ranging from drawing something to eat cookies. In short, there are dozens of playable mini-games available, and each one brings a unique puzzle to solve. Whether you’re new to the game or a puzzle lover, you find each level full of fun, along with relaxing music. Completion of stages won’t leave you anything but helps you in unlocking new scenes. The IQ mode will unlock once you reach level 31.

Quiz 1

The first Quiz is quite simple; you don’t need to do anything except dragging a floating word “Meet” toward the highlighted white-colored place to complete the puzzle. The completion of the quiz will reward you nothing but unlock the next level.

Quiz 2

Somehow, the 2nd quiz is similar to the first, in which you have a magnifying glass holding a blue-colored box. Your ultimate goal is to drag the box and place it in the right location.

Quiz 3

Two girls are fighting for a teddy bear and looking toward making a final decision. In short, both girls are claiming that the fluffy rabbit is theirs. You have to decide who the real owner is by merely using your wit. How can you identify who is speaking true? Simple, match the clothes and tap on the girl to complete the puzzle.

  • Find whose clothes are similar to Rabbit
  • Tap on the girl to solve the puzzle

Quiz 4

In the 4th level, you find an unhappy flower because of the cloudy environment. Find out a way to make the flower happy and active. The game features outstanding graphics and brings some challenging real-life puzzles to complete.

  • Drag the clouds aside to let the sun arise
  • Check Your IQ Level by solving puzzles

Quiz 5

What will you upon finding someone in an angry mod? For sure, you would make use of jokes to make that guy happy. Similarly, the game puts you in such type of scenario where you find an angry emoji on your screen with the task of making it happy.

  • Find a hand holding a cloth
  • Drag your hand across the emoji after holding the hand
  • Clean the face to turn it into a happy face

Quiz 6

A kitty is hungry and needs your help to grab some delicious food. Are you ready for the kitty out? A machine is hanging over three dishes, and your goal is to tap the hook to grab some food for the cat. The available dishes are the following: Apple, Fish, and a Tin Pack. For sure, cat loves fish to eat; therefore, you are supposed to grab fish at any cost to complete the level.

  • Please tap on the hook when it comes right above the fish

Quiz 7

Get ready to match similar items in level 7, which comes with two columns of three objects, each related to each other. Start matching items using your skills to complete the level. The thing you have to do is to draw a line between two objects to connect them.

  • Match the snowfall with a snowman
  • Draw a line from cloud to rainbow
  • A mouthwatering cookie is related to an emoji

Quiz 8

The yummy level you would love to complete. The task is quite simple, and challenges you to eat the cookie. But the main question is how to eat a cookie when there’s no character.

  • Tap the cookies several times to eat and complete the puzzle

Quiz 9

A cat is hidden behind the curtain, and your goal is to find it as soon as possible. Should you slide the curtain or drag the cat from behind the windows.

  • Slide the curtain and find the cat

Quiz 10

It seems relatively more painless level, and the game tasks you with splitting the melon in half.

Brain Up Walkthrough – Quiz (11 to 20)

Levels from 11 to 20 is a bit challenging as compared to the first ten levels. Lots of new mini-games are introduced, and each one is fun-filled to experience. Boost your puzzle-solving skills to become the master and solve each challenge within no time. The quiz ranges from hidden object to find the match game elements, giving you endless puzzle gaming experience.

Quiz 11

To complete quiz 11, you should have a bit of information regarding animals and their foods. The game features four animals of a different breed and task you with selecting the food for each one to complete the puzzle. There are four different types of foods available, such as bone, fish, grass, and more. Your goal is to grab the food and put it into the plate of the related animal.

  • Cat loves to eat fish
  • Dog loves to eat bone
  • Cow loves to eat grass
  • Panda loves to eat sugarcane

Quiz 12

Have you ever played a physics-based drawing puzzle video game? If no, then the game gives you a chance to experience. A fish has been trapped in an empty pot and near to die. Water is running from a tap, and your goal is to find a solution to fill the pot with water to save the fish.

  • Draw a line and lead the water to the pot
  • Wait until the pot gets filled

Quiz 13

Three flags of different countries are featured on your screens, such as the USA, China, and Egypt. Moreover, the game displays you an image with a background of pyramids. You have to confirm where the pyramids are situated.

  • Your answer is Egypt
  • Drag the flag and place to its proper location having a question mark

Quiz 14

You receive a magnifying glass intending to search a person standing ahead of you. The primary purpose of checking the person is to find out two dangerous objects, which may be a weapon or any other thing. Searching the suitcase, you find a pistol and a knife within a briefcase.

  • Tap on a pistol to add it to your inventory
  • Click on the knife and add to your inventory

Quiz 15

Two ladies are fighting for a child who is standing next to a cop. They need your help to decide the person whom the child belongs to. Your question is the following: “Who is the baby’s mother?”

How do you decide the targeted person, for sure, matching the clothes of characters? The woman with a pink-colored dress seems the child’s mother because both have worn the same dress with a different color.

Quiz 16

Finding differences between two images of the same scene isn’t more difficult for anyone. But how to see the difference in the same image, it could be a tricky job. The game features four different animals, such as Pig, Cow, Hen, and Snake. Tapping the snake may help you solve the challenging level.

Quiz 17

Are you ready to find some hidden objects when enjoying a picnic? The game provides you with a list of three items, hidden between dozens of things to see. The available items you have to find are the following:

  • Burger
  • Juice
  • Ax

All items are displaying in the image mentioned above using red-colored circles.

Quiz 18

Have you ever used a fishing rod to catch the fish of your dream? If not, consider your dream come true because it has featured the same segment in quiz 18 – offering you a chance to catch the fish using your skills. Firstly, the task isn’t easy as you are considering; secondly, the fish is already hooked; you need to bring it out. Grab the handle and start rotating it anti-clockwise to complete the puzzle.

Quiz 19

It requires you to rotate the balls randomly to complete the image.

Quiz 20

Drag the signs (Right and Cross) and place them according to the positions.

Brain Up Walkthrough – Quiz (21 to 30)

Sometimes you find the most challenging puzzles to complete; meanwhile, in the next scene, the puzzle is relatively easy to complete – it’s the beauty of the game. With beautifully crafted cartoony characters and scenes, you can engage yourself for endless hours of fun.

Quiz 21

Level 21 comes with a simple puzzle in which you need to move the shadow-life object across the screen to find the painting and place it over there correctly.

  • Drag the shadow across the screen to find the colorful image
  • Pick up eyes, and place over the chicken
  • Finally, drag the nose and add to its proper place

Quiz 22

Sorting food by color doesn’t seem rocket science. The game features three plates and six pieces of cakes of two different colors. Your job is quite simple, make a match of three items of the same color to get rid of the problem. Therefore, follow the given steps to move to the next one:

  • Place three similar items on the empty plate
  • Take a piece of cake from the 2nd plate, and add to the first to complete the puzzle

Quiz 23

Choosing a squirrel background is your duty, and the game features dozens of images along with beautiful backgrounds. Start watching images to find the best for the squirrel. The image having a wheel within a jar is the perfect match of the squirrel.

Quiz 24

Get ready to play a mini-game for 10 seconds. The game introduces a trampoline and gives you a task controlling it to keep the puppy jumping over it for 10s. You can move the trampoline in both rights and left directions, respectively.

Quiz 25

An image has been torn into several pieces, and you are supposed to join each piece correctly to complete the image. The pieces will be connected upon finding the perfect part. Therefore, you should first find what piece you have to choose to start connecting parts to complete the image.

Quiz 26

You will be surprised to see that a cat is using a computer by sitting on a chair. The game features a chaotic room where people are randomly ruling over the room, and your goal is to find five objects. In the busy room, finding five things seems quite tricky. Therefore, you can use our created Brain Up Walkthrough Guide to complete most of your challenging tasks within no time. It took me not more than a minute to find all objects. So, you have also located all items at the same time.

Quiz 27

The game has featured two columns, such as characters and objects. It tasks you with making a perfect connection between objects and characters by merely detecting the perfect match. It doesn’t seem pretty easy to complete; therefore, you should need to do a bit hard to find a solution for it. Watching their clothes, you can find which cap belongs to what character.

Quiz 28

A dirty plate is lying ahead of you, and your job is to clean it. First of all, what will be your first reaction, and what kind of tool you use to clean the plate? For sure, you will choose a scotch to clean it; therefore, the game has already featured it over there to clean the plate. You just need to drag it to the plate and start moving it randomly across the screen to complete the puzzle.

Quiz 29

Pop-corn is falling continuously, and the game task you with filling the bucket by merely using your physics puzzle-solving skills. There’s a plate the game itself is highlighting to drag your attention over there. You can use the plate to maintain the balance and throw the pop-corn over the bucket until it gets filled.

Quiz 30

The game keeps the juicer machine aside and features a tree on another side. Continuously oranges are falling, and your job is to find a solution to drop all oranges into the machine. Pretty simple and can be done by merely drawing a line to lead all organs to the machine to have a glass of orange juice.

Brain Up Walkthrough – Quiz (31 to 40)

Polish your puzzle-solving skills to complete all challenging levels by finding solutions. Keeping in mind would be great that the game features only one solution to complete the level.

Moreover, the game doesn’t feature repetitive levels, as each one brings a unique environment and puzzle to complete. Lots of mini-games await you; each offers a unique gameplay style to entertain you a lot.

Quiz 31

At this level, you have to confirm the right way of wearing a mask. The game provides you with one to four numbers and tasks you with placing it over images accordingly. To complete the puzzle, see the image given below, with the numbers mentioned on it.

Quiz 32

The game introduces an image of a country containing a massive sun behind vast mountains. There are three different flags available, such as Japan, France, and China. Your goal is to choose the flag whom the image belongs to and it to the right place, as we did in the previous image with pyramids. The right answer is Japan.

Quiz 33

Lots of cheese are available, and a mouse is hiding in one of the following cheese. It seems you have a case to catch the criminal hiding in any room; therefore, bring your detective skills to life to catch the guilty person and unlock another stage. The game features a “refresh” button that helps you restart the level upon doing something wrong to play it from the beginning.

  • Tap on Each Cheese
  • The mouse is available in the last massive cheese

Quiz 34

The level itself is containing a massive hint for you to complete the given puzzle. It forces you to think outside the box, and you can complete the puzzle by dragging the word “Thinking” out of the box.

Quiz 35

Once again, get ready to find three objects, and this time, the game takes you to a beach full of vegetables, fruits, and other items. You have to find three following objects: Duck, Ball, and Melon.

  • Duck is floating in the water
  • The ball is lying right next to the mat

Quiz 36

Two children and once pizza await you to solve a tricky puzzle. Show your slicing skills by cutting the pizza in half. Everyone loves pizza to eat, and two kids need pizza too. There is only one slice, and you have to cut in half to make both kids happy.

Quiz 37

You have to make an eye phone (iPhone) using two objects, such as Eye and Phone. The game features three objects as the following:

  • Eye
  • Apple
  • Phone

Set all objects in a proper way that the outcome should be Apple. For sure, the sum of Eye and Phone is equal to apple.

Quiz 38

A woman is standing on a window, while a man is trying to approach her using a ladder. He needs your help because he can’t reach himself to propose to the woman using flowers. What will you do to help him? Nothing, just drag the ladder to the woman and complete the puzzle.

Quiz 39

Search a woman to find two suspicious items that aren’t allowed during the flight. The briefcase is empty this time, but a knife and ninja star are present in the woman’s hair and purse.

Quiz 40

Man with a colossal beard needs your help to make him younger. There’s a trimmer that can help you cut the hair within no time.  Grab the trimmer, and move it across the bred to make it disappear from the man’s face.

Brain Up Walkthrough – Quiz (41 to 50)

Did you notice? The difficulty level is increasing gradually and is bringing new types of puzzles to complete. It seems other levels can’t be possible to complete without having a proper Brain Up Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide. Therefore, we jump in to share solutions to all challenging puzzles to complete.

Quiz 41

We’re considering that sunglasses are made up of raw materials, but we all are wrong. The reveals the main objects using which you can make it happen. Let me reveal that sunglasses are made up of the Sun and Glass. You have to put both said objects between a “+” sign equal to sunglasses.

Quiz 42

Once again, the game intends to teach you how to wear a mask. It shouldn’t be a problem putting the right sign over the images because you did it in previous stages. Select the sign and add to each image one by one to solve the puzzle. In case you have stuck anywhere, then ask us to help or see the image given below. But the puzzle is a bit different; you don’t need to figure out a way to wear the mash. You need to confirm which is the right and wrong way to complete the puzzle.

Quiz 43

What is strange/different in the given image? It is a question that you have to find an answer to complete the puzzle. Finding a different object in the sky isn’t a big deal because everyone knows the book can’t fly. Therefore, choosing the book can help to lead you to the next level, where more challenges await you to be completed.

Quiz 44

Level 44 brings a familiar problem to solve. There are two different columns available, one for characters while the second for caps. You are supposed to make a pair between two columns using your wit. In short, you have to find the perfect cap for the characters by profession. For example, the nurse has its unique cap, and the joker wears a stylish cap.

Quiz 45

You don’t need to take any action upon reaching level 45, even no need to touch the screen for a few seconds.

Quiz 46

To be the best detective, you have to boost your investigation skills and sharpen your eye to find the smallest clue. Once again, you have to make a pair of objects and emoji, as shown in the image below.

Quiz 47

Two women, once again fighting for a kid by saying they are the mom of the kid. There would be no problem if the kid could speak; therefore, you should jump in to help solve the case within no time. You have to decide by revealing your detective skills who the actual mom of the kid is. Although it’s not easy as it seems, you can do it using your skills. Upon investigating, for sure, you will find something similar between the first lady and the kid.

Quiz 48

Bread is feeling lonely and looking for your help to find a perfect match. There should be no difficulty because you are making a match since the first level; now you’re master in it. Tap the images to find a new one, and stop tapping when you get a perfect match, which will be an egg. Upon finding, give it a heart and wait for a few seconds to see the answer.

Quiz 49

As level 49 starts, you find yourself standing ahead of a massive clock tower behind a ride continuously rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. Three different flags are there, and your job is to choose the perfect one according to the scene you are watching. Choose the flag of England and put it in the right location.

Quiz 50

Welcome to a kitchen full of mess. You’re supposed to find five different objects hidden within a mess. There’s no shortcut; you have to explore the kitchen to fulfill the objective. The objects’ available list is the following: Cup, Cap, Jar, Planet, and pot. If you didn’t find any item, then see the image given below to solve the puzzle.

Brain Up Walkthrough – Quiz (51 to 60)

It’s a complete package of fun, containing dozens of challenging puzzles to complete. Whether you love to play puzzle games or not, the game will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Although the game doesn’t use high-quality visual effects, the game concept is unique, and it provides you with guaranteed fun. There’s nothing like a scoring system, but the game intends to rate your IQ level. After the completion of each puzzle, the game rates your IQ using points. Keep solving challenging puzzles, and in case you find any difficulty, get help from Brain Up Walkthrough Guide.

Quiz 51

Complete the puzzle by merely cutting the hamburger into two parts. The ratio should be almost the same; otherwise, you have to restart the level cut the burger in half.

Quiz 52

The game displays you a dirty shirt, a clean shirt, and a washing machine. You should arrange the given items in a manner that you obtain a clean shirt. For that, you have to add the dirty shirt to the washing machine and obtain a clean one.

Quiz 53

There are 12 eggs available, and your task is to find the black duck. Appearance-wise all eggs are the same, then how you decide which egg contains a black duck. Tapping on the egg will hatch it, and a duck will appear from inside. Breaking all eggs would solve the puzzle but may decrease the points of IQ. Therefore, you can check Brain Up Walkthrough to confirm which egg needs to be hatched to complete the given puzzle.

Quiz 54

A chef is standing holding a dish but seems to have something suspicious. The game provides you with a magnifying glass to investigate the character to find something dangerous. This time, you need to find three items, which may be a grenade, a ninja star, and a pistol.

  • Tap on the towel to find a grenade
  • See what’s the chef contains inside the dish; it’s a pistol
  • A ninja star is available between the legs of the chef

Quiz 55

The game places a popcorn machine at the top of the screen and adds two places and a bucket. Your goal is quite simple, drag the plates at the right angle to fill the bucket and complete the puzzle. Move the 2nd plate available above the bucket a bit lower to solve the puzzle.

Quiz 56

A couple is having a cup of tea, and it seems both love each other. The game gives you a magnifying glass to reveal the fact. Dragging the glass below the cup reveals that the boy hates the girl, but dragging it above, the couple reveals that the boy loves the girl. Keeping it above will help you solve the puzzle.

Quiz 57

Find similar items to solve the puzzle. There are four different items available, such as Cassette, Shoes, Cup of Green Tea, and Movie Tickets.

  • Drag the cup to the jar
  • Take the cassette near the tape to play music
  • Make a strong relationship between football and sports shoes
  • There should be a reason for eating popcorn, and the best reason is watching movies

Quiz 58

A baby is crying, and you’re supposed to find a mother. The game displays many images to make a match. The first image is of a doctor who isn’t a perfect match and can’t deal with a baby. The second image displays you a traffic warden, who skip that one too. The third image reveals a woman holding a bottle of milk in her hand. Choosing the said image will help you make the perfect match. Give it a heart, wait for a few seconds, and move to the next stage.

Quiz 59

Red-colored balls are available in an uncompleted image of someone. Rotating the image would reveal a Dracula with the help of those balls. You’re not supposed to rotate the image; rotate the balls by moving your finger in a clockwise direction.

Quiz 60

Finding a country by watching the scene once again is on your screen. The scenery displays you a long wall, a few pandas, temples, and other historical places. For sure, the great wall is only available in China, as well as pandas. The game displays you three flags of countries, such as China, Japan, and North Korea. The right flag, according to the scene, is China.


Brain up promises to give you endless levels of fun by offering challenging puzzles. Azura Global did a great job bringing fun-filled gameplay, although the graphics aren’t cool – but acceptable for such types of games. The intuitive control gives you a better grip over each aspect of the game and lets you take every action timely.

The addition of a hint system is warmly welcome by players, as they give them a chance to skip or reveal puzzles’ solutions. Currently, the game supports two different models, such as Paid and Free-to-play. In the paid version, you will be charged a one-time fee of $2.99, and in return, you experience ad-free gameplay. Whenever you complete the level, voices of kids shouting with joys will play. I like the graphics, concepts, puzzles, and music as well.

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