Brain Out Walkthrough Level 76 to 100

Brain Out Level 76

Three chicks are worried about their mom and they need your help. Selecting or moving chicks individually won’t help you find a solution.

Solution: Bring all three chicks together and then move them aside to reveal their mom.

Brain Out Level 77

The next question is a bit tricky and can be solved by playing a mathematical game. Firstly, you should find the three biggest numbers from the dial and then add up their values to get an answer.

Solution: (9+8+7) = 24

Brain Out Level 78 – Eat Carrots Again

Once again, a bunny needs your help to eat carrots at Brain Out Level 78. As prior, you can’t move the carrot this time, let’s try moving the question to see whether it’s move or not.

Solution: Move the question to fill the gap and use control to help the bunny eat carrots.

Brain Out Level 79

Finding a 5-digit password is your next question. There is a mirror that may be reflecting the numbers. So, enter the password as given below.

Solution: 70773

Brain Out Level 80

Do you have enough guts to complete Brain Out Level 80 without cheating? I don’t have; therefore, I hold the running horse for a while by keeping my finger on it and let the rabbit run to the end.

Solution: Hold the Horse for a while and keep pressing the Go button with your second finger.

Brain Out Level 81 – Light up the 4th bulb

Five bulbs keep lighting up one by one once you hit the start button. You should light up the fourth bulb by merely hitting the pause button when the targeted bulb lights up.

Solution: Hit the Pause button when the 4th bulb lights up.

Brain Out Level 82

A person who is good at mathematics can’t solve the question because math rules don’t apply to the game. The solution is only possible by thinking beyond the limits and reading the question deeply.

Solution: 58.

Brain Out Level 83

Once again, lots of geometric shapes are available on your screen. Creating a rectangle using unequal adjacent sides is your puzzle and finding a solution is mandatory to unlock the next level.

Solution: Move half-square aside from the screen.

Brain Out Level 84

The difficulty level is increasing gradually and now the most difficult question has started to come. This time, the game brings a question (3+5=3). Although the question seems good, the answer is wrong.

Solution: Tap three a few times to make a duplicate of three and turn it into 8.

Brain Out Level 85

Do you love playing Blowing Game? If so, show me how you knock out all pins at once. It seems impossible to knock out all pins, doesn’t matter from which angle you throw the ball.

Solution: Zoom in on the Ball to make it big and release to knock out all balls at once.

Brain Out Level 86

In Brain, Out Level 86, the ultimate task is to Tap a butter above the Texts. A Butterfly is available at the bottom of the screen while the text is above the screen. To solve the level, see below:

Solution: Drag the question below the butterfly and tap on it.

Brain Out Level 87

There is a cute girl who needs your help to drink the juice. You have two following options: Nipple and Stone. You can’t use the nipple, as well as stone because both aren’t compatible with a glass; therefore, you should think out of the box to find the solution of Brain Out Level 87.

Solution: Drag the bottom of the Glass to the mouth of the girl.

Brain Out Level 88

The Brain Out Level 88 comes with three geometric shapes and their diagrams respectively. Your goal is to put the shapes into the right frame to unlock the next scene.

Solution: Put the first two shapes into the frames, while dragging the third yellow-colored shape to the first frame of red color.

Brain Out Level 89

Brain Out level has come intending to spot the difference between two plants. Believe me, after spotting all differences you may lose the level if you don’t think out of the box. Therefore, you should investigate the scene deeply to find hidden secrets.

Solution: Remove the Platform to find the other two plants.

Brain Out Level 90

Did you notice how many holes are in your pant? Surely, your answer would be in big no; therefore, you need a guide to solve the Brain Out Level 90 Puzzle.

Solution: 9

Brain Out Level 91

The game displays you a watermelon to know how many pieces a watermelon has after getting 10 cuts. It is a tricky question and surely no one can answer Brain Out Level 91 Question easily.

Solution: 1024

Brain Out Level 92 – Catch the Rat

Do you know how to bring out a rat from a pipeline if you have four possible things, such as Cat, Wood Piece, Fire, and Stone? The solution is pretty easy:

Solution: Drag the wooden piece to the fire and take it close to the left side of the pipe. Hold the right side of the pipe to let the smoke move to the left side and bring a rat out.

Brain Out Level 93 – How to Pass this Level?

The Brain Out Level 93 comes with a computer mouse and a question (How to Pass this Level). If you are smart, then finding a solution should not be a headache because there are only two buttons are featured, such as Next and Previous. Surely, hitting the next button would help you pass the level, but it isn’t easy as it seems.

Solution: Drag the mouse to the next button and hit the right-click.

Brain Out Level 94

You have four numbers with the goal of finding the smallest one. It could be a tricky question if you aren’t familiar with how to solve puzzle levels. Therefore, we are here to bring all Brain Out Solutions to help you get rid of all problems.

Solution: Tap the first dash to slide it above and tap 9 three times.

Brain Out Level 95

Once again, you are supposed to play the Archery game and this time it isn’t easy to play, because you have to throw at least 20 arrows on a small moving board.

Solution: Use the zoom-in feature to make the board bigger and then release arrows to solve the puzzle.

Brain Out Level 96

Ops! Mom had warned you not to play video games upon leaving the house, but now she is back and your priority should be to hide the gamepad. Find a solution to solve the puzzle and unlock the next Brain Out level to play.

Solution: Keep your finger or thumb on the gamepad for a while until the level gets completed.

Brain Out Level 97

You have only three moves and your goal is to turn a pyramid upside down at any cost.

Solution: Drag the top of the pyramid to the downside and bring two balls of both sides to the bottom of the pyramid.

Brain Out Level 98

In the Brain Out Level 98, you must tap in the following order: 1, 6, 8, 2, 20, 17, 60, and 33.

Solution: After tapping all given numbers on the screen, you should tap 33 available in the question.

Brain Out Level 99

There is a cute girl who is requesting your help to eat a cake. Find the moving platform and set it in a way that the girl makes it approach a cake easily.

Solution: Drag the platform down and fix it with the cupcake and control the girl to bring her down near the cup.

Brain Out Level 100

The Brain Out level 100 brings a logical question to your screen. The answer to the question will unlock the next level. Zoe was 6-year-old when Lulu was twice her age, which means Lulu was 12 years old. When Zoe reaches 10, Lulu is 16-year-old.

Solution: 16

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