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Challenging Puzzles and Riddles are always fun to solve; therefore Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles brings you a series of challenging levels to complete. The game isn’t limited to only one genre, as it contains different types of genres such as Word, Quiz, Trivia, Riddle Games, Puzzles, and more. All tricky puzzles and riddles are beautifully designed to blow your mind up. Unico Studio releases Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles for Mobile Devices such as Android and iOS. Whether you love solving riddles or not, the appealing cast of characters will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun.

Moreover, the game is introduced by the makers of “Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories.” It is the perfect source of fun for those guys who love playing brain and mind games. It challenges your brain with hundreds of tricky levels; each one contains difficult choices, questions, riddles, and challenging puzzles to solve. You’re supposed to find tricky riddles in the game by merely finding clues, hidden secrets, and other objects. The gameplay becomes tough to play as you reach high levels by solving logical puzzles and riddles. There are hundreds of fantastic jigsaw puzzles to blow up your mind, as well as offer you a brilliant way to exercise your brain with games and logical puzzles.

Review – Be the Riddle Master

Whether you love playing Word games, riddles games, puzzle or hidden object games, Who is? Brain Teaser and Riddles has covered everything for you. Hundreds of challenging levels of different categories are offering mind-blowing puzzles. Solving riddles aren’t a cup of tea; it requires you to use wits and a strategic approach to solve tricky puzzles. It features quite simple mechanics, but the graphics are good. I like the graphics the game featured to make your grip over gaming aspects stronger. Upon playing, I found no reward system for making in-game currency, but watching ads may help you get some coins. In the game, you are supposed to complete the levels of the following categories:

  • Hidden Objects
  • Solve Mysteries
  • Search Words
  • Riddle Games
  • Difficult Choices
  • Questions
  • Tricky Puzzles

All puzzles are beautifully crafted to challenge your riddle-solving skills. Besides, it’s a great way to exercise your brain. The chances of the level completion increase as you start thinking out of the box. Take your creativity and imagination skills beyond the limits to find innovative solutions. For sure, the answer to any question won’t be that you’re expecting. In case you intend to increase your brain power and IQ level, then start solving a series of puzzles and riddles – but keep in mind that the game isn’t as easy as it seems.

Funny Graphics and Animations

As mentioned above, the game is released to test your brain and tease your mind with the introduction of crazy riddles and puzzles as well. The game has featured a great user-experience with funny and artistic animations and graphics to keep you engaged. In the game, you will face off such types of questions, including Who is a cheater, who is a mother, who has a dog, who is cheating, and more. The interface is user-friendly; however, the game displays you the question at the top of the screen, while extra features are fixed at the bottom. All scenes will happen amidst the screen. So get ready to experience choice-based complex scenarios and gameplay.

Prominent Features

Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles is fully loaded with prominent features, promising to give you fun-filled gameplay, unlike others. The game has many interesting questions with unexpected answers. Dozens of challenging levels filled with tricky and crazy riddles. Graphics are so professional, and animations are great. The most prominent features of the game are the following:

  • Immersive and Funny Sound Effects
  • Fun Storylines
  • Funny Cast of Characters
  • Brain Teaser Humor
  • Clue Detection System
  • Hidden Object Levels
  • Play Offline
  • Great Exercise for Brain Training

Walkthrough – Level (1 to 55)

The game seems easy to play but hard to master. The puzzles and riddles are beautifully crafted to blow up your mind. Finding a solution isn’t easy because answers are unexpected. Therefore, players are always in search of Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles Walkthrough Guide to complete some most rigid levels. I often found myself stuck on different levels; therefore, I figured this would be a time to help others.

Level 1

Pretty interesting question, and for sure, everyone loves to answer it. The game displays you simple scenes containing some stuff related to puzzles and gives you two or three options depending on the puzzle. At the first level, two women are claiming that the standing person among them is their human. Now, it’s on you to reveal who is speaking the truth. So, your question is, “Who is his wife?” The random answer or guess isn’t acceptable; therefore, you need to be a detective, find a clue, and select the correct answer. If you are stuck, there’s a hint system that costs you up to 50 points. For the answer follows the given steps:

  • Click on the back pocket of the male character
  • Discover a marriage certificate
  • Click on the option “A

Level 2

Again, two women are standing surrounding a table, having some food to eat. Be a detective to reveal which one is pregnant or which one isn’t. Both girls have big bellies, and it seems both pregnant.

  • To find the answer, you have to tap on the belly of both women
  • Hit the option “B” to head to the next level

Level 3

Finding an imposter is the most difficult most across the world. The game features nothing but a bottle of water, and there are three girls. One of them is an impostor, and you should find a way to reveal the identity. Although it’s not an easy task, you can find the impostor by merely making use of your wit.

  • Grab the bottle and take near the faces of each girl
  • Drop the water to remove the make-up
  • The third girl is an impostor

Level 4

The fourth level occurs in an airport, where three men are standing in a line, and one of them is a bad guy. You have to find that guy before leaving the security check and reaching among others where finding him is impossible. The game features a detector machine, holds, and starts searching the stuff to find something suspicious.

  • Drag the detector machine across the level
  • You find something suspicious in the bag of 2nd man

Level 5

The fifth level starts in a bar where two men are standing and blaming each other because someone has killed the third person. You must reveal your detective skills, investigate the case, and find clues to solve the murder mystery. For sure, the person who has dirty hands would be the killer. There are two glasses available, and your ultimate goal is to watch both characters’ hands cleverly.

  • Take the glass near the character to ask him to hold it
  • The man with dirty hands is the murderer

Level 6

All area is black, except a small hole – and the game task you with finding a black-colored cat. Drag the area across the screen and stop it where you find the cat.

  • The cat is right behind the sofa where granny is sitting.

Level 7

Interesting question (Who is cheating?) everyone, including me, loves to find the person who is cheating wife/husband on others. The game features in a beautiful scene where the wife is sitting over a stool in an angry mood while the human is trying to convince her that he was at work. Now, you must find who is guilty.

  • Upon investigating the room, you find socks and set an extra glass, proving that woman is cheating her human.

Level 8

In the garden, three men are standing to enjoy the morning scene. The game claims one of them is a werewolf. Therefore, it provides you with different stuff to detect a werewolf, such as a stick of wood, garlic, and chemical compound. Wait a minute, neither the wood could reveal the identity of the werewolf nor the garlic. There should be something else to solve the puzzle. Werewolf can’t reveal the identity in the day time; therefore, try to make a night by bringing the sundown.

  • Bring the sun down to make a night
  • Reveal the identity of the werewolf
  • The third person with a red-colored shirt is a werewolf

Level 9

Three princesses await you to be revealed their identity by you. The puzzle isn’t easy because it doesn’t provide any helpful tool, except for the hint system. Tapping on clothes and the hairs won’t work; therefore, you should think outside the box. It’s not a story of Cinderella, who backs to her former condition after a specific period. Let’s see to find the trick does work.

  • Tap the clock to make it 12 ‘o clock
  • Soon, the identity of the first woman will change

Level 10

Have you ever played “Hidden Object” games? If yes, then this could be an easy puzzle for you to complete. The game has hidden five different objects in a room where women are doing exercise. All the food are sneaking up on woman to ruin their fitness. To find the given objects, you have to see the image given below.

Level 11

Two are proposing the same girl, and your goal is to find who is a true lover. There’s nothing, but a stone that, upon sliding, will reveal a frog who jumps and sit next to the girl. It would be best to think about what would happen next because tapping on both guys didn’t work.

  • Bring the frog near the girl to do a kiss
  • Next to that, the frog will turn into a handsome man who is the true lover of the girl

Level 12

Who is the owner of the dog? Your next question is here, and the game takes you to a beautiful park where five men start standing, along with a dog. As the question implies, you have to find the man the dog belongs to, using your detective skills. The game doesn’t feature anything but a ball hidden behind the bushes.

  • Bring the ball out and takes it to near every person
  • Watching the ball on the hand of the owner, the dog will run toward him

Level 13

Once again, you find yourself stuck between a husband and wife to find “Who is cheating.” Both are having a candlelight dinner while confessing both love each other. But that’s not true; someone is cheating; therefore, you are there to figure out the secret.

  • Tap on the lady’s purse to let it fall down
  • Click on the image revealing the woman was with someone else; maybe the guy is her brother, but it doesn’t matter.

Level 14

Level fourteen is quite impressive and heads you with different stuff of two different categories. Your goal is to separate the stuff keeping in mind their categories, such as Football and Soccer. The game features two different boxes and lets you drag and drop the stuff related to their categories over there. The first box is for football stuff, while the second box is for soccer.

Level 15

The majority of puzzles are challenging questions, and their solutions are unexpected. Similarly, your next question/puzzle is to find out between three guys, “Who Is Rich?” The last guys are revealing that they have the latest iPhone and a Bitcoin, while the first one isn’t speaking.

  • Tapping on the pocket of the first person wearing a hat will reveal a key to a mansion and a sports car “”

Level 16

Quite exciting questions are there related to parents and their children. Three kids are standing over there, along with parents. Your objective is to find their child as soon as possible. Apart from presents, there’s nothing to figure out. Use your detective skills to find the kid.

  • Have you checked the hair and eye colors of parents and the last kid wearing a yellow-colored shirt?

Level 17

Are you ready to find the candy hidden somewhere in the darkest room? The game won’t give you anything like torchlight and candle because there’s a rounded shape circle displaying you limited objects on the screen. Drag the circle across the screen to find the said item. Dragging the circle across the screen will reveal a mom at the grocery store and two kids forcing her to have something special of their choice.

  • Drag the small circle above the small girl
  • Discover candy milk instead of candies to solve the puzzle

Level 18

Three characters are sitting in an office working for their living. One of them is internee and come here to learn how to work. Meanwhile, someone has eaten the chicken sandwich, and you have to catch that guy. Revealing your detective skills, you need to investigate the case thoroughly and reach the guilty person.

  • Umbrella displays that John has just reached the office
  • Emily is a vegetarian, so she doesn’t eat chicken
  • Tap the option “C” because the first two characters aren’t involved in eating the chicken sandwich

Level 19

Find the person whom the girl is mad on. The game features three handsome guys and a cute girl who loves her crush. You should play carefully because there’s nothing to use for revealing her crush. The only way is to find her crush is to tap the face of each guy to let them see the girl and react.

  • Tap on the face of every character
  • Try to listen to the sound
  • 2nd person is the crush of the girl

Level 20

The game welcomes you to a hidden object level where you are supposed to five hidden objects. The hidden objects are the following: a Mouse, Frog, Bone, Fish, and Duck. You can’t find the mentioned objects easily because they are all hidden within the leaves strategically. In case you stuck finding the objects, discover all items using the image given below.

Level 21

On the 21st level, you have to confirm who will win the race. It seems three athletes are competing against in a tournament to be the first person who crosses the finish line. For sure, it would be the most challenging task for those players who didn’t open the laces of the shoes and the big belly. Only the first seems perfect, and he will win the race. The game gives you three choices: selecting A will help you unlock the next level.

Level 22

The game features three soldiers on your screen, intending to reveal who a spy is. All soldiers have dressed in a special soldier outfit, and there’s no to decide who isn’t a soldier. Therefore, you should depend on your wit instead of the hint system if you want to improve your puzzle-solving skills. The solution of the level is pretty easy than your expectation. Take each soldier at the top of the screen to reveal who the spy is.

Level 23

In this stage, you are supposed to find a bird. The game takes you into a beautiful environment where you discover an aquarium along with different fishes and their breeds. The game keeps most of the area dark while giving you a rounded shape to find the bird. You should drag the circle across the level to find the bird and stop the circle over there to unlock the next level.

Level 24

Once again, the game takes you to a park to solve a murder case. Three suspects are there, along with the dead body. You are supposed to investigate all characters to find the guilty person. You should act as a detective and figure out the scene to find some clues. Did you notice the broken heel of the woman and the piece dropped next to the dead body, as well as her hair? Then you even didn’t notice the fingerprint on her leg.

  • Analyze the piece of a broken heel
  • Find the hair next to the body and match all of those standing guys
  • Locate and match the fingerprint on the leg of the woman
  • For sure, the murderer is a woman

Level 25

The game invites you to catch an alien who is roaming freely in the form of humans. As the level starts, you find yourself between two men and a woman. Searching for clues to declare who is an alien and unlock another stage to complete. There’s nothing to use, except the wig the woman has equipped without know that only men with a shaved head wearing the wig.

Drag the wig from the woman’s head to reveal her green-colored wings

Level 26

Once again, you are brought to a beautiful scene by the game to find five hidden objects, such as Comb, Fish, Bone, Tin Pack, and a tie. Lots of beautiful puppies and kitties are there, along with a cute girl having an umbrella with the intention of saving all animals from the heavy rain. Finding all objects are compulsory, and you can’t be moved to the next stage without completing the current level.

Level 27

Three male contestants are intended to marry a beautiful girl. It’s on you to find the perfect one who can marry the said girl. Before deciding, don’t forget to watch the poster of a wanted person on the wall. The poster will reject the 2nd person from the list of boys who want to marry. Did you notice? The first guy has a ring on his finger, which reveals he is already married?

  • The third person is innocent and perfect for the woman to marry.

Level 28

Welcome to the classroom, where four students are conducting their exams. Finding clues to reveal who is cheating in the room is your goal, and the completion of the level won’t leave you anything except unlocking the next stage. Although two students are asking for the answers to the questions, they aren’t cheaters. Tap on the first student’s arm to reveal what he had written in his hand to use in the exam.

Level 29

Once again, the game features two different sections and comes with a variety of items. Your goal is to separate these items into two different categories. The available items are the following: Burger, Popcorn, Pizza, Sandwich, Icecream, Milkshake, Donuts, and more. Separate all foods into two different categories following the given image.

Level 30

As the level starts, you find yourself in a gym where you have to find a person who is lifting the maximum weight. Upon seeing, it seems the third man is more powerful than the two persons. Therefore, you should investigate thoroughly to find the correct man.

  • Slide your finger across the man who has equipped a blue-colored t-shirt to see the weight label
  • Hit the option B to answer your question

Level 31

Once again, a question of deciding wife for a man is on your screen. This time, the game features four women and a single man. You must integrate each other to reveal who is the wife of the man with a red-colored t-shirt. The man has a phone in his pocket, bring it out from there, and open the phone directory.

  • Bring the phone out of the pocket
  • Make a call to honey

Level 32

In the darkest, you are supposed to find a lamp to retrieve the light back over there. For sure, you may feel the increasing difficulty level, which gradually increases with the levels you are completing. Like previous levels of the same category, you’re supposed to drag the small area of rounded light across the screen to discover the lamp. Once found, stop over there to complete the level. When the light turns on, you find yourself standing in a laboratory.

Level 33

Zombies are always searching for survivors and the rest of humans who weren’t affected by deadly viruses. There are five people available, and one of them has done a makeover to survive. You aim to highlight that guy to unlock an additional level.

As you know, zombies love fresh blood to drink and the brain to eat. The game features a brain over there, whom you can drag across the screen. As you start dragging the brain, zombies start to chase you, except the one who isn’t a zombie.

Level 34

A teacher is sitting on her char to complete her online lecture with the students. Six active students are there, but one of them is trying to trick her teacher. You are called to find out that guy as soon as possible. Your goal is to tap the screens within the screen to see who isn’t available over there to complete the level.

Level 35

The hidden object levels are always fun to play because you have to find the hidden items at any cost to solve the puzzle. The game introduces a beautiful scene containing many cats holding fish in their mouth and other things while some are playing with insects. Find five given items to complete the puzzle; if all items are challenging to find – discover the image given below to find the missing items accurately.

Level 36

Who is a traitor? Your next question doesn’t seem pretty easy as it features three tiny characters, along with Snow White. There are an apple and a bottle of poison hidden by a character. Tapping on the apple and the bottle would reveal the targeted person.

Level 37

Three persons are standing over there to conduct a test to prove themselves genius, but there’s only one person who can achieve a title of genius. The game features a box right after a man with a shaved head.

  • Tap the box to reveal toys and grab the cube
  • Take the cubic puzzle to the person who can quickly solve it
  • The person who solves it within a few seconds would be the genius

Level 38

Once again, you find yourself between a variety of stuff. Your goal is quite simple, forcing you to separate these items into two categories. You already have completed such types of levels; therefore, no worries. The available stuff is related to the firefighter and the police officer.

Level 39

Three old-aged men are standing, and one of them is sick. The game introduces a detector machine to help you find that person within a few minutes to solve the puzzle. Drag the machine and scan the liver of all men to find the sick person. Upon finding the sick person, do a call for an ambulance.

Level 40

With the passage of levels, the difficulty level gradually increases, revealing challenging questions with possible answers. Your next question is “who is his father,” and you must find a dad of a lonely kid standing over there. Did you notice? The kid has worn only one glove, another one; maybe it helps you find the boy’s father. If you have detective skills, then there’s no need to conduct a DNA test. With the same hair, face mask, and pair of glove, you can easily find the boy’s dad.

Level 41

After completing the previous stage, the game lets you find a truck in the darkest room where only a small part is glowing to display the stuff available with limited eyesight. You’re in the playroom, where many kids play with toys, and you have to find a truck to complete the puzzle.

Level 42

Three characters are available in a swimming pool, and it seems all characters are drowning. You don’t need to worry about the last two characters as they have a lifesaver tube and winged feet, but the first character has nothing and even didn’t know how to swim. Therefore, your answer to the question is A.

Level 43

Are you ready to find five hidden objects? Of course, yes! The available objects are the following: Mirror, Purse, Diamond, Iron, and flower. All items are beautifully hidden in objects that, with no sharp eyesight, you can’t be able to detect them. In case you find these items difficult to find, then get help from our Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles Walkthrough Guide.

Level 44

A baby is crawling over a rig, and your goal is to find his mother, one of three ladies. All three ladies are claiming that they are the mother of the baby who is crawling. Use your wit, find clues, and approach the mom to help her find the baby. Drag the lady of green-colored frog aside to see the baby starts crying or not.

Level 45

Where is the ladybug? Your next question is here with no clue, except a hint system that you can use anywhere and anywhere using the points you gather by watching game ads. Drag the circle across the screen, and take it at the bottom of the screen where the ladybug is roaming freely.

Level 46

After finding who isn’t a zombie, a father, a cheater, and a mother, the game intends you to find who not statue is. There are three statues available of ancient civilization, but one of these isn’t a statue. Searching for the targeted person isn’t so simple as you’re considering because no proper tools are there, and the game doesn’t leave any hint to use, although you can use the hint system using the points.

  • Drag the leave to the feet of all statues. Try to listen to the sound of smiling upon rubbing the leave on the feet.
  • The third statue isn’t real; it’s a human with beautiful make-up work

Level 47

Solve the puzzle by separating vegetables and fruits into two categories. You are supposed to separate carrot, onion, and broccoli one first side, while the rest of the items are on the second side.

Level 48

The game takes you to a restaurant, where you need to help a girl find her date while three lonely male characters sit on tables. Upon investigating, you come to know that the first person has already started to eat food, while the second person already has a partner who may be in the bathroom; only the third person is waiting for someone with a menu on the other side.

Level 49

The exciting level where the game tasks you with finding a girl who is blowing the bubblegum up. Finding the said girl isn’t easy because the game has featured too many girls, including an old-aged woman and other ladies within a single room. Drag the small part of the light to start searching the girl.

Level 50

At level 50, you find that someone has thrown a stone over the head of a man. The stone is available next to the man, and you are supposed to find the person who did this. Three characters stand over there, such as a man with a broken arm, a woman holding a child, and a kid. It doesn’t seem that the kid and the woman can do this, but what about the man with a broken arm. The puzzle is tricky and can’t give you any solution. Wait a minute, let’s see maybe the man is making false excuses of having a broken arm. Drag the plaster or bandage from the man’s hang to see it is injured. It isn’t, and the man holding a stone.

  • Choose the option “A” to answer the asked question

Level 51

Once again, you’re heading to find five challenging hidden objects, and it seems Christmas is running. This time, you have to find a lollypop, snowman, Christmas tree, red moon, and a bowl. All hidden objects are highlighted with green-colored circles in the image given below.

Level 52

A bag of money is lying on a table, while three persons are standing ahead of it. You are called to find the greedy person using your detective skills. For sure, the mouth of everyone gets filled with water after watching a bag full of cash. But all fingers aren’t equal; therefore, you are supposed to capture the greedy person, who wishes to have all the money within no time. Give the money to everyone to test who is greedy.

Level 53

This time, the game takes place in a cinema hall, where people are enjoying watching money. The game tasks you with finding a dog sitting on a chair. Drag a small light across the screen to discover the dog.

Level 54

After finding too many relationships, you are supposed to find a couple. Although the task isn’t easy to complete, the couple will find each other to take both characters too close to each other. As you take them close, both will hug each other.

Level 55

It seems dozens of items are available there to split into two categories. This time, the level isn’t easy, like previous levels that come with little stuff. Separating all objects into two categories will complete the level and take you to the head of a new challenge. All puzzles are exciting and cool to complete.


Whether you love Puzzle-solving games or not, Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles will make you addicted to it. The sound effects are relaxing, and the gameplay is fun, offering you tricky puzzles with humor. Developers did excellent work on animations and visuals to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Although the concept may be the same in a few levels, all levels are unique by design –they will come with different riddles and puzzles to solve. It is the best source to give your brain a brilliant exercise and make it even healthier, strong, and sharp. The worst thing about the game is that you can’t revisit the previously passed levels. Similarly, you can’t visit the next levels without completing the previous stages.

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