Brain Out: Can You Pass It Walkthrough Level 51 – 75

Brain Out: Can You Pass it? Walkthrough

Brain Out: Can You Pass it? is offering you stunning gameplay that keeps you engaged in solving puzzles for endless hours of fun. You can use hints to find the solution, but each hint costs you in-game coins. Furthermore, you have limited hints. Once you run out of hints, use real money to add some hints to use later when you need them. If you are new to this game, then read our Brain Out Walkthrough to solve earlier levels.

Brain Out Level 51

The Brain Out Level 51 comes with a yummy question, asking about how many fries you are there in an image.

Solution: 10

Brain Out Level 52

Players only with sharp eyesight and mind can find a panda from a massive crowd of elephants. To find a panda, we suggest you search from the right side and gradually move to the downside.

Solution: See the image.

Brain Out Level 53

You find a well, a paintbrush, and a bucket next to it. The question is “Damn! I can’t stand this mess!” Finding a solution is your duty; otherwise, you can’t proceed with your gameplay. Therefore, you should think about going out of the box.

Solution: Tap should tap the paint on the well to complete Brain Out Level 53.

Brain Out Level 54

The game intends to display you two rectangular Orange and Green Colors. It asks you to tap the green rectangular almost five times while doing the same with the orange rectangular three times.

Solution: Tap the Orange Rectangular three times and then tap green three times. Wait for a while and then tap the green color 2 times.

Brain Out Level 55

The game features a magical lamp, a clock, and a bookshelf. In short, you have three different possibilities to make your dream come true. Now, it’s on you what you choose.

Solution: Rub the Lamp to bring a Jinny out and tap the light-dark book behind the Jinny to complete the level.

Brain Out Level 56

There are almost four geometric shapes available and your objective is to find out which shape has more corners or sides.

Solution: Select the circular Shape to answer the Brian Out Level 56 Question.

Brain Out Level 57

Once again, the game is ready to ask you the same question. Who would you save? Your Mom or your GF.

Solution: Shake up your phone to wake up the boy from a dream.

Brain Out Level 58

Are you ready to answer a mathematical question? Read the question carefully and find the answer of 5+4 =?

Solution: 9

Brain Out Level 59

You aren’t only limited to tap on the screen to solve the puzzle. Sometimes, rotating or tilting your device brings solutions. A basketball is floating in the air and your goal is to put it into the bucket.

Solution: Tilt your device and put the ball into the bucket.

Brain Out Level 60

The game features a piggy who is sleeping at the Brain Out Level 60 and your ultimate goal is to wake up. There is nothing, except for a butterfly. Do you know how to wake up a piggy?

Solution: Hold the piggy nose for a while.

Brain Out Level 61

A boy and a girl need your help to set a blind date. There are three items available, a Building, Cupcake, and a Diamond. All of these things won’t work, as tapping the dog is enough.

Solution: Tap the dog three to four times.

Brain Out Level 62

Lots of 9 are available on your screen and you are tasked with finding 8 between them. Finding no 8 isn’t an easy task; you investigate the screen deeply.

Solution: For the answer to Brain Out Level 62, see the image.

Brain Out Level 63

Find Green color is your next goal at Brain Out Level 63. The game offers six different colors and you can drag and drop each one to find the solution.

Solution: Drag the Blue color to Yellow to discover Green.

Brain Out Level 64

There are four geometric shapes available and you are tasked to find a hexagon shape to unlock Brain Out Level 65.

Solution: Bring the Yellow Geometric Shape to Orange square.

Brain Out Level 65

Many times, players with active minds solve the question within a few seconds after reaching the puzzle. Similarly, the answer to the question is available within it. Just you need to concentrate on the question to find the answer.

Solution: G

Brain Out Level 66

The next question seems a bit tricky; therefore, you should use your wit to find the answer to the Brain Out Level 66. Your question is “Find out the rule and write down the answer.”

Solution: 9

Brain Out Level 67

The game tries to make your trick by letting you hit the blue button, but it seems you are smart and won’t hit the button. The question is about an elephant who is feeling lonely. Watching a video won’t help it to get entertained; therefore, you should think by going out of the box at Brain Out Level 68.

Solution: Hold the elephant to create a duplicate.

Brain Out Level 68

A boy with weak eyesight standing on your screen asking for help. Find a solution to improve his eyesight, though there is nothing to help.

Solution: Bring a cloth out of the boy’s pocket and clean the glasses to help him see clearly.

Brain Out Level 69

It is a Crazy Pin Circle video game where you are brought to throw arrows on the moving board. Throw arrows smartly that no one lands on another arrow.

Brain Out Level 70

You may find Level 70 in Brain Out as a tricky question, but the solution is easy. The question is “What number will hour hand point to after three hours.”

Solution: 9.

Brain Out Level 71

Brain Out has kept lots of currency notes on the floor to give you a chance to see what note you will pick up. If you aren’t greedy, then surely you will go with one, but at this stage, having a greedy person may bring you a solution.

Solution: Drag your fingers across notes without lifting them to become richer.

Brain Out Level 72

Answering the question of Brain Out Level 72 isn’t easy as your considering. Dragging almost everything may help you find the solution. Firstly, drag chicks to find how many they are and then move to other items like buttons and question to see whether they have hidden something behind them or not. Therefore, I am suggesting you thinking out of the box would be in your favor.

Solution: Drag the button “Clear” to discover 5 small chicks. Now, the answer is 11.

Brain Out Level 73

An unwell puppy is waiting for someone to make him relaxed. If you don’t know how to comfort the puppy, then you should touch him either. Although there is a bone nearby it, dragging it to the dog won’t work.

Solution: Slide your finger from the puppy’s head to your feet to make it happy.

Brain Out Level 74

Are you supposed to find out hidden stars at the Brain Out Level 74? It doesn’t seem that stars are hidden behind any animal. To find out the solution by merely taking your thinking approach beyond the limits.

Solution: Shake Your Device.

Brain Out Level 75

An interesting fight has been organized between two fighters. Your opponent seems more powerful than you, and he is also longer than you. Giving a punch to your opponent will only give him a -1 damage, while your opponent can give you 9999 damage at once. So, winning a game against a powerful opponent isn’t an easy task. Therefore, you would think to find a solution.

Solution: Move “You” to your opponent’s head.

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