Wizard of Legend Walkthrough

One of the most discussed Nintendo Switch games of 2018, Wizard of Legend is a fast paced 2D Action RPG where you play the role of an aspiring wizard on his Road to Glory! It is a fast paced dungeon crawler that emphasizes Dynamic Combat. It’s a pretty fun game with lots of replay value and beautiful pixel art. You can choose a wide variety of elemental spells that allow you to choose the ones best suited to your playstyle. The choice is always yours in this game!

In the Kingdom of Lanova, each year the Council of Magic holds the Chaos Trials, a series of magical challenges made to challenge it’s strongest members. Demonstrate superior wizardry to become a Wizard of Legend!


Wizard of Legend is a rogue-lite game. That means that it has randomly generated dungeon levels. At the end of each level, you are going to have to fight one of the game’s six minibosses. The game moves at an incredibly fast pace so the enemies can hit really hard. You will have to battle your way through each obstacle during your playtime. Quick movement and quick use of spells are going to be the key on defeating your enemies! Always collect valuable spells and relics to build the arsenal that fits your playstyle.



Controls on the Wizard of Legends are pretty simple i should say.

  • On PC the movement controls are changed to WASD. While on the consoles, the Left Analog performs that function.
  • The majority of the buttons are dedicated to the spells, one button key is reserved for a Basic Arcana, Dash Arcana, Standard Arcana and a Signature Arcana.
  • These buttons can be remapped at your inventory at any time.


A tutorial will start automatically after you begin the game. This tutorial can be skipped anytime, but i don’t recommend skipping it if you are playing first time. This can be a really good way of learning the basics gameplay elements you’ll need throughout the game.


Air Bust Arcana

When you start up the tutorial, head over to the Lanova Museum. Talk to the receptionist (Anna) in the museum lobby to get the Air Bust Arcana card.

The Air Bust Arcana is a Dash Arcana, it is really reliable defensive spell which allows you to quickly move dashed. The problem is that, it has a slight delay after each dash, so you are not going to be able to dodge every single shot, however it is sufficient to evade damage most of the time. You can also find enhanced versions of this card, which would make the spell even stronger offensively.

Air Slash is a Basic Arcana which you can get by talking to a receptionist named Corey which will give you two Arcana Cards. Air Slash is one of them.

It is a basic arcana which is very quick to cast, but it has low damage compared to the other arcanas which makes it a problem. These are best used to fill your charge meter when your potent arcanas aren’t available at the time. Basic arcanas can quickly stunlock most enemies, so they should not be underestimated.

Dragon Arcana is the second arcana you will collect by talking to Corey. This one is a Standard Arcana, standard arcanas typically have a higher damage output than basic arcanas. They are also flashier, and more potent. The problem is that Standard Arcanas have some sort of cooldown, this one accumulates charges rather than having a cooldown, which you will see looking by the spell’s icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Exploding Fireball

Exploding Fireball is a Signature Arcana which you can get by venturing south to find another receptionist that is called Diana. Signature Arcanas are similar to Standard Arcanas but more powerful and usually, offensive. It has a cooldown which limits it’s usage. It is an enhanced form of a spell which can be cast once the charge meter is full. You can fill your charge meter by hitting enemies with offensive arcanas.

Chaos Arcana

After you get those arcanas, go to the right to see the Council of Magic. You will find some enemies on display such as: Chaos Knight, Chaos Rogue and Chaos Mage. The ultimate prize for participating in the Chaos Trials is as you predicted: The Chaos Arcana.


During your Chaos Trial runs you will obtain gems and coins, you can get them from chests or when you defeat enemies.

  • The Gems are used to buy permanent upgrades, new outfits, relics and other arcanas.
  • Coins, are lost when you complete a round of Chaos Trials. You can spend them during a run to buy new arcanas and relics to use during runs.

Chaos Trials Interactive Course

Find a receptionist called Jessie that will introduce you to the Chaos Trials Interactive Course! This is the tutorial that starts to resemble the core mechanics of the game.

After you re done talking to the receptionist, clear the pits on the left. The pits ahead of you are in the same size that you are going to find in the Chaos Trials. You can clear them out with your dash arcana. If you do fall at a pit at some point, you will take some damage and appear back into the high ground.

  • Smash the chest to find the Frost Sprite Naya Relic (A)

Dash to the left to reach the chamber that has some clusters of ice. Enter the chamber to fight some enemies, in this case you are going to find two Ghouls.

You need to be careful with Ghouls, they use their blue aura to charge you. While they are trying to charge, damage it and stun it temporarily. Basic Arcanas are effective for stopping the charges.After you defeat the ghouls, a Chaos Knight will show up.

Once you beat the Chaos Knight using you arcanas, search a chest to claim the Frost Fan Arcana, a new standard arcana. Go down to reach another room, it is a fire-themed room which you will face off against two Ghouls and a Chaos Knight. Here you will learn how to use your dash arcana to position, as well as to dodge. Group your enemies up while dashing into a corner to strike them all at the same time.

After you defeat those three enemies, two Chaos Mages are going to show up. Use the environment to your advantage, they don’t need to get up close to attack and they will shoot slow moving projectiles onto you. You can also knock them onto the pit to eliminate them, no matter what they are. When you defeat them, go onto the next chamber.


This chamber is more… earth-themed. This time you are going to fight a Giant Slime (image above). This one will be a bit more challenging to beat. He can’t be staggered, knocked back or frozen. Watch out for it’s signature move, the leaping body press attack. Keep dodging him until it settles down. Play it safe for this enemy, wear it down with the basic attacks that you have learned. When the enemy is defeated, it will explore into a variety of smaller slimes. Frost Fan Arcana will spray ice in a wide arc, which will give you the ability of crowd control, important for freezing the slimes in order to defeat them.

Nice! You completed the final combat trial of the tutorial. Go down and search near a table to find the red orb. Continue down, after that turn right down the hallway to introduce the key features of the game such as: The limit of four arcanas and one relic at the start of each Chaos Trials run.

The tutorial has ended.

Lanova: The City with a strong interest in Magic

Lanova is the home to the Lanova’s Council of Magic who hosts the Chaos Trials.


After your arrival from Lanova’s Museum, you will be given 100 gems for you to buy items to further expand your character. You will be introduced to three NPC’s, they will manage your items you get from the Chaos Trials, they are called Tomi, who will record your arcana, Ward, who is going to store your outfits and Mimi who holds your relics.

After you meet them, head over the hallway to use a teleportation pad to travel to Lanova Plaza.

Merchants and Services

Lanova Plaza is a gorgeous place. It is home to many merchants offering wares and services to your liking for you to use between attempts at the Chaos Trials.  Two very important merchants live there, they are: Virtuoso that sells arcanas and Artisan Andres which sells relics.

What to Purchase:

This is a role-playing games, so playstyles vary. So i am going to show you the items that were the most useful in my opinion.

The most useful starter Arcanas found in the game:

  • Aqua Arc, Basic arcana that allows you to move forward while casting and has a decent range.
  • Wave Front, Dash arcana that kites enemies in front of the pit to eliminate them.
  • Bolt Rail, Basic arcana which shoots a medium range rail of electricity that deals damage.
  • Shock Assault, Signature arcana that teleports you to the enemy.

The most useful Relics though:

  • Vampire Eyeglasses, Heals you 1 HP every time you land a critical hit.
  • Gloves of Midas, Increases the gold chances of finding by 20%.


Outfits are really important gear in this game, their effects are potent and last forever. Head on the northeastern corner of the plaza to find Savile, a merchant which sells new outfits that cost 75 Gems each.

There are 17 types of outfits that are found in the game:

  • Hope – +5% Max Health, +8% Run Speed, +5% Damage, + 6% Critical chance
  • Patience – + 5% Max health, + 8% Run speed, + 5% Armor, + 5% Evade
  • Vigor – + 10% Max health, – 8% Cooldowns
  • Grit – + 10% Armor, + 5% Max health
  • Tempo – – 12% Cooldowns, + 8% Run speed
  • Pace – + 16% Run speed, + 5% Evade
  • Avarice – +15% Gold gain, +1 Gem gain
  • Shift – + 10% Evade, + 6% Critical chance
  • Awe – + 12% Critical chance, + 20% Critical damage
  • Rule – + 10% Damage, + 5% Armor
  • Level – -50% Max health, -50% Damage, -50% Signature charge rate
  • Venture – + 10% Damage, + 16% Run speed, – 12% Cooldowns, – 40% Max health
  • Spirit – + 10% Max health, + 20% Healing received
  • Fury – + 20% Signature charge rate, + 20% Signature damage
  • Fall –  Max Health reduced to 100 HP, + Health regeneration
  • Pride – Reduces max health to 1, Shields disabled
  • Savile’s Special – + 5% Max health, +12% Run speed, +8% Evade , -8% Cooldowns

In the plaza you will also find 3 other characters: Jade, Nocturne and Mah-Lind.

  • Jade offers you 200 coins to start their next runs with in exchange with 20 Chaos Gems. Having more coins may help.
  • Nocturne the Cardist offers you to randomize your start arcana and relic on your next Chaos Trials run, in exchange for 10 Chaos Gems.
  • Mah-Lind is going to offer you the privilege of choosing which Council Mage you will challenge first in exchange for 10 Chaos Gems.


Chaos Trials

Dungeon Structure

Nearly everything in the Chaos Trials happens randomly! There are three different Dungeons: Living Courtyards, The Burning Furnaces and The Chilling Dungeons. 

Enemies are mostly the same there, but there are elemental variants, just like in other RPG’s (earth, fire and ice) of Archers, Mages, Knights and Rogues. They have their own set of special attacks, abilities and immunities etc. Your skill level and loadouts would make an enemy easier than another.

Each stage of the dungeons is procedurally generated. There are three stages for each dungeon in one Chaos Run and three different dungeons, this results in a total of nine stages you need to beat. At the end of each stage you will find an exit portal and up to four other portals.



Minibosses include:

  • Burst Mage
  • Counter Rogue
  • Crash Knight
  • Crush Colossus
  • Fleet Lancer
  • Grand Summoner
  • Strafe Archer

These minibosses guard the exit portal of every normal dungeon stage. When you interact with their teleporter, they will appear. Which one you will face at the end of each stage is random. You may also fight the same miniboss repeatedly on any given run.

Universal Tactics:

There are some universal tactics which will help you defeat these minibosses:

  • Weed out their minions, fire off standard/signature arcanas from a safe distance, run around while waiting for the arcanas to recharge
  • When it comes to the Minibosses, they are surrounded by a yellow area which cannot be stunned, knocked back at all. They only can take damage, but be careful while attacking to avoid being caught. Yellow area goes down after they perform the attack, so position yourself in a way to take advantage of them.

Miniboss Strategies:

Burst Mage 

  • Tier 1 – Shoots an arc of 10 magic bolts, can burst 3 circles of magic bolts.
  • Tier 2 – Gains teleporting abilities and shoots a wall of 4 magic bolts
  • Tier 3 – Ability to summon 3 Mages.


  • Use Arcanas that can destroy projectiles so his projectiles are destroyed.


Counter Rogue

  • Tier 1- Quick Slash, can teleport and go into stealth and can summon two stealth rogues. They can die in one hit
  • Tier 2- Gains the ability to shoot an arc of 3 shurikens.
  • Tier 3- Regeneration Mode.


  • When the yellow outline around him disappears, immediately attack him to stun him for quite some time.
  • Also, attacking him during his stealth phase opens him up for attack.


Crash Knight

  • Tier 1- Big Slash Attacks.
  • Tier 2- Double Crash Attacks. Can crash charge Twice
  • Tier 3- Summons 2 Knights


  • He will dash to close the distance, further trying to land a sword strike.


Crush Colossus

Spawns with one Coffin Knight and one Macho Ghoul

  • Tier 1- Jumps towards the player. When landing, 6 smaller boxes land around the miniboss.
  • Tier 2- Gains the ability to throw 3 boxes to the player
  • Tier 3- The ability to throw 1 box to the player and summon two Coffin Knight


  • His standard attack hits three times. Once when the first box lands, after that when the smaller boxes land
  • Focus on the Macho Ghoul first, it is harder to dodge than the Coffin Knight.


Fleet Lancer

Spawns with a Knight and a Lancer

  • Tier 1- Attacks with a spear jab and charges a spear flurry attack in the direction he’s facing.
  • Tier 2- Gains the ability leap attacks in the air and subjects the area below him with a barrage of spear thrusts.
  • Tier 3- Summons 2 Lancers


  • Always try to evade the Fleet Lancer’s Multi thrust attack, as it deals a lot of damage.


Grand Summoner

Spawns with a Mage and a Summoner

  • Tier 1- Mini Magic Missile Wave, can also summon a circle of 9 rush orbs surrounding him at a fair distance.
  • Tier 2- Orb Wall Rush, orbs in a wall formation to rush them right into you on a straight line.
  • Tier 3- Regeneration Mode


  • Vampire Eyeglasses prove to be useful for this miniboss, as they can be used to fully restore your health over time.


Strafe Archer

Spawns with a Rogue and an Archer

  • Tier 1- Charged Shots, can strafe on the side and shoot 5 arrows
  • Tier 2- 5 arrow arcs, strafes twice (unlike in Tier 1)
  • Tier 3- Can summon reinforcements, 2 Archers to be exact. Strafes three times


  • The Strafe Archer’s fast attacks will leave him vulnerable for you to hit him, he can be fairly easy to take revenge on if you can get on his position and catch him.

Merchants and Encounters

In every dungeon level you find four points of interest. You will find various points of interest that may appear in each dungeon very detailed. You can find them on the color-coded portals to the exit teleporter chamber. Every merchant has his/her own portal.

Green Portal 

Artisan Andres’s shop will connect to the exit teleporter via the Green Portal. He appears in every normal dungeon stage during the Chaos Trials. For each normal dungeon stage, he will sell you 4 relics randomly and health potions. Relics are really useful in the dungeon stages, their effects are very impactful in making your Chaos Trials easier for you. The problem is, the health potions are a bit of a gamble though, you may find that your playing poorly, and you need one of these to keep you in the game. But buying them may also deprive you of funds for buying relics etc, so you have to consider an economical strategy on each run.

Purple Portal

Virtuso Iris will appear on every normal dungeon stage, who will offer arcanas at his shop marked by the purple portal. He will sell four random arcanas, usually they will be enchanced/signature arcanas. Your coins may be well spent on getting arcanas, it can be a big upgrade to your arcana collection. Also, you are guaranteed to get three arcanas  every run, every Council Mage will drop one once it is beaten. You can also find arcanas on random chests you find during your Chaos Trials.


Red Portal – The Random Portal

The Red Portal, is a special one. Multiple NPC’s will challenge you to trade relics from coins, upgrade your outfit, or they can gamble with your resources. That means that their services can cause harm or you can benefit from them, knowing how to benefit from their services will improve your odds of beating your Chaos Trial runs.

Cremire the Collector offers you to drop a relic from your inventory and he will pay you around 40% of that relic’s value in coins. This can only be useful if you don’t have enough coins, if you want to drop a relic that is useless to you or if you need coins for something you want to buy.

Doctor Song is a doctor who will try to offer you to help her in her study of the long term effects of Arcana usage. If you agree to her she will give you a random arcana and also a random reward for participating in her study, mainly being relics and healing orbs. The relics you will get from her are very unique, as they can only be obtained from her:

  • Critical Placebo – Increases critical hit chance by 12%.
  • Health Care Card – Every healing potion of Artisan Andre’s is going to cost only 50 coins
  • Messy Prescription – Every source of healing restores 40% more HP
  • Renewing Potion Vial – Restores health when traveling to new stages. Useful when fighting hard enemies with you taking damage from them.

Nox the Unfortunate is a character that lets you pick the three relics he shows to you! This sounds too good to be true though, each of his relics actually have a downside. These are called Cursed Relics. Each of them have a positive effect and a negative effect.

Nocturne the Cardist will take one of your standard arcana cards and shuffle it with four other cards. He will let you pick blindly one of the five cards. All the arcana cards you can pick from him will be enhanced cards.

Savile will upgrade your outfit, increasing it’s effects by +50% in exchange for some coins. She won’t sell you other outfits, but she will enhance your existing one.

Lastly, Taffy is a sentient pinata. He is a character that challenges you to defeat him for a little reward. 

If you take too long to beat him, he’ll teleport and heal fully, so you have to hit him really quickly! The Fueled Berserk Arcana is going to be very useful for this enemy, it makes your basic arcana do much more damage than without it. Striking Taffy many times  with the Fueled Berserk Arcana and then finishing him off with your signature arcana is going to key on winning the battle.

The Council of Magic

Ah, The Council of Magic! The group of all the powerful wizards in the city of Lanova. They are the main bosses that you are going to defeat as you progress through the game.

As you can tell by now, the Chaos Trials are split into three different dungeons, meaning that each dungeon has three different stages. In each third stage of the dungeons you are going to encounter one of the four Council Mages. Their elemental talents are reflected on their own dungeons.

Flame Empress Zeal

Flame Empress Zeal is one of the five Council Mages that represent the Council of Magic. She represents the fire element.

A really mobile character, it has a good mix of projectile attacks with an arsenal of bombs and the Meele Arcana. She is a really fast boss, she has the ability of making great combos and landing fast hits. She is a fire sorceress, that means that she will take less damage from fire and air but will take more damage from Water Arcanas. To say it shortly, she has the ability to attack fast and linearly.


  • Dragon Arc Rush – Generates a tail of 20 flaming Dragons.
  • Flying Flame Feet – Lands a series of 3 flaming kicks that deal big damage to the player
  • Explosive Stomps – Leaping into the air, attempting to stop the player
  • Fire Mines – Lands five mines which explode after a short delay
  • Fireball Flurry – Several fire balls aimed to the player
  • Flaming Roundhouse Rush – Rushing into the player, unleashing a series of roundhouse kicks which deal solid damage to the player.
  • Meteor Swarm – Leaping to the center of the battlefield and landing multiple meteors, which crash to the ground and will explode.
  • Searing Shurikens – An arc of Flaming Shurikens
  • Triple Flame Dash – Dashing multiple times quickly, leaving a trail behind her each dash


  • Abuse your dash as much as you can with the Flame Empress Zeal
  • Use Water Arcana to land more damage on her
  • During Meteor Swarm, dash around the arena to avoid getting hit as much as possible.

Earth Lord Atlas

Earth Lord Atlas is a member of the Council of Magic representing the earth element. With the smallest battlefield compared to the four other ones, and full of trees. It will attack with Earth Arcanas, filled with poison effects. The magician is resistant to earth and lightning damage, but not resistant to air damage. He uses short-ranged and melee attacks unlike the other Mages, with a few attack combos here and there. His attack sequences will get longer the later you encounter him, he will flex after several attacks, varying how late you encounter him, but you can land some combos while he is flexing, so try to do that while he flexes!


  • Ancient  Drill – Creates a large drill made of stone for hitting the player with a multi-hitting attack.
  • Seismic Slams – Dealing Area of Effect damage while jumping into the air and slamming into the ground.
  • Towers of Terra – Raises sets of pillars that deal damage on the rise.
  • Rock Punch – Summons 3 stones from the ground and then punches them onto the player.
  • Poisonous Puddles – Projectiles that create 6 poisonous puddles on the ground.
  • Rock Mace Attack – Creates a giant rock mace and slams it into the ground, dealing heavy damage twice.
  • Crawling Wall – Summons a wall and pushes it back and forth to deal damage and stun the player.
  • Tectonic Tendrils – His signature spell. Summons 5,6 or 7 earth rifts that chase the player.


  • Use Air Arcana to deal damage on him, as he is vulnerable against it.
  • After 3/4/5 attacks, he will stop and flex. Always take advantage of this.
  • If you have quick arcana, land a few hits on him after he uses the Tectonic Tendrils. Move up or down to get the earth rifts grouped together, after that move in the opposite direction to move around them.

Thunder Twins

The Thunder Twins are the twin members of the Council of Magic and the only dual boss. The twins are respectively called Juno and Suman, they represent the lightning element. Their signature moves are their lightning fast attacks and their signature, The Rolling Thunder attack.


  • Lightning Strike – In this strike, Suman will being by throwing metal plates and after that, Juno will leap into the air firing lightning pikes towards the player.
  • Sphere Dash – Suman is going to bat 7 metallic spheres while Juno will dash towards them.
  • Thunder Cage – Static electric cage, created by a series of metallic balls from Suman and the lightning strike by Juno.
  • Shock Nova – Suman will summon five metallic orbs, while Juno is going to hop and strike at the center of the orbs.
  • Thunder Drum – Juno jumps at the top of a metallic drum while Suman beats the drum 6 times
  • Electric Fans – The twins will sit together and summon three Zoners that will roam around dealing damage.
  • Arc Orbit – An arc of electricity links and a summoning of a metallic pillar in the center of arena.
  • Rolling Thunder – Suman is going to summon an electric cage, while throwing metallic orbs at random places. Juno will dash between the orbs while leaving a lightning trail.


  • Use Earth Arcana against the twins to deal some damage.
  • After their 3/4/5 attacks, they will stop and will high-five each other. Use this to your advantage.
  • During the fight, they will summon Fans. The fans summoned by them will have low health and can easily be destroyed
  • Arcanas like Evading Zephyr have proven to be quite useful for beating the twins during their signature spell.

Frost Queen Freiya

The Frost Queen Freiya is the Council Mage that is the slowest and deals the least damage of the five. But, she can do outstanding damage with her attack combos if you are struck near the beginning of an attack. After a set of 3/4/5 attacks she will stop and leave herself vulnerable. Most of her attacks can freeze you, so you gotta be careful with this boss.


  • Aqua Grenade Attack – She flings an elemental mine onto you. She will also throw three water grenades, throwing them on a triangular formation.
  • Avalanche Attack – A charge attack. The Frost Queen forms a wall of ice and stagger it onto you.
  • Giant Water Orbs – Creates a ring of projectiles around herself and throws them onto you.
  • Glacial Sword – A melee attack. She will charge forward and will created a sword of ice spinning it around herself.
  • Ice Javelins Attack – Like the name, she will raise some ice javelins and will throw them to you.
  • Roving Blizzard – The Queen will create two reticles that will cover a lot of the ground area.
  • Twin Torrents – Unleashes a powerful beam of water from each hand, rotating them away from each other.
  • Water Orb Barrage – A conjunction of a ring of water orbs flinging them onto you.


  • She is a Water Enemy, so use the Lightning Arcana for more damage.
  • As i said, after 3/4/5 attacks, she will stop and laugh so use this to your advantage.
  • Her ice attacks are going to freeze the player. Freya’s attack are easy to dodge
  • She moves much slower than the other Council members, so during her attack sequence bait her Ice Blade to whatever position is suitable to you.

Wind Sovereign Shuu

Wind Sovereign Shuu is the fifth member of the Council of Magic. He represents the Air element. His character was added in the Sky Palace Update.


  • The Air Jab – A jab that fires a large blow of wind. This attack is going to be done 3 times.
  • Twister Burst – Shuu will strafe along the sides of the arena while releasing 3 whirling winds that stay for a long time.
  • Gust Volley – Releases a volley of piercing winds but deals a solid amount of damage.
  • Whirling Tornado Dash – Shuu summons winds similar to Tornados and dashing towards the player twice.
  • Vortex Shield – Shuu will create a vortex shield, it pulls the player in and deals some damage when the player gets close enough.
  • Homing Twisters – A pair of tornadoes that move very quickly.
  • Air Burst Shurikens – Shuu will throw a burst of shurikens in a wide arc.
  • Turbulence (Signature Spell) – Targeting lines aimed to the player. The lines form into winds that deal damage if the player doesn’t move.


  • Use the Fire Arcana for more damage
  • In his Vortex Shield Attack, sprint away from him and dash away to avoid damage.
  • Avoid dashing so much during Turbulence. If you get hit once by it allows for the wind lines to hit you consecutively dealing more and more damage onto you.
  • Keep track of the tornadoes during his Homing Twisters attack to avoid being hit by them, therefore avoiding damage.

The Master: Master Sura

The final boss of the game, the architect of the Chaos Trials, master of the Chaos Arcana, and the final enemy: Master Sura!

After fighting the five elemental dungeons protected by the five Council Mages, you will face Master Sura. He is the first and only two-stage boss in this game. He is the only Council Mage that uses the Chaos Arcana, not only that , but he can also use arcanas from other elements as well. He represents the Chaos Element.

Master Suna: The First Stage

In this stage… He doesn’t take you very seriously. In fact, he takes a rather.. lazy approach on you. He will stay stationary, summoning an ethereal and humanoid avatar during the whole First Phase. While you are trying to defeat his first form, here is the list of all of his attacks during this phase:


  • Anarchic Orb – The summoning of several orbs by him, flinging them onto you in a wide arc. It deals a moderate amount of damage, each orb that comprised the cluster will hit you for more damage
  • Beam Attack – The attack of the two Chaos Lines of Energy. Can knock every wizard in their way and can deal some damage on the player.
  • Chaos Orb Cross – The summoning of several orbs that shoot four lines of chaos energy. It creates a dangerous chaos energy, which makes your maneuvers very tricky to do.
  • Mine Line – A line of mines. It starts at the center of the arena and then spreads to the edge of the arena.
  • Pull of the Abyss – An imminent attack that creates red target lines that cover a good bit of the arena. The further away you are from these line, the more likely you are going to dodge them. If you fail, you will lose a lot of health and will be pulled in to the Master


  • He uses Chaos Arcanas such as: Chaotic Buster, Distortion Beam, Mortal Coil, Null Flash Agent, Null Parade
  • Null Flash Agent allows him to create black orbs, that periodically show damage zones to you. You should try to destroy these orbs, it will make fighting the boss easier without having to dodge a dozen of little creatures combined with him.
  • During the first phase, deal enough damage to his barrier to destroy, really important since it is going to make Master Sura available for you to damage until the barrier regenerates again.


Master Suna: The Second Stage

In the second stage, Master Sura will take you seriously… for the first time. He is going to challenge you on a Wizard Duel. This version of Master Sura is incredibly aggresive, he dashes around and uses multiple unique arcanas.


  • Air Slash Combo – Identical to the Air Slash Arcana, Master Sura will come close to you to perform 3 quick wind slashes.
  • Anarchic Orb – Master Sura will summon several orbs around him, then flinging them onto you. It deals a medium amount of damage.
  • Chaos Cross – Conjuction of several orbs that shoot four lines of chaos energy.
  • Dragon Dive – A pair of Dragons that damage everyone in their path. It can strike many times when cast.
  • Mine Field – Master Sura creates three lines of chaos mines, they cover a moderate amount of ground area.
  • Flame Breath – Master Sura will launch flames in front of him. Very quick to cast.
  • Frost Fan – An arc of five crystals that freeze on hit.
  • Lightning Pentagram – Bolts of lighting happening in a pentagram formation.
  • Beam of Oblivion Burst Attack – The act of an orb chaos that happens to be in the center of the arena, where eight beams of chaos will make a burst attack onto the player.
  • Pull of the Abyss – In the second form of the spell, Master Sura aims the chaos snares on your location. You always should dodge this, because if you dont, you will be dragged to Master Sura
  • Shock Nova – Bolt of lightning attack, creating a ring of electricity around Master Sura himself.
  • Super Spiraling Tycoon – Master Sura summons a Spiraling Tycoon that deals all its damage in one hit.
  • Twin Torrents – Beam of Water aimed at the player, then split into two beams that move in the opposite way.


  • During this phase, Master Sura becomes a very mobile, he uses boss attacks and arcanas to his liking. Dodging his elemental spells and attacking from long distance seems to do the trick for him.
  • You can also stun him between certain attacks like Shock Nova, where stunning will prove quite useful.
  • Stay behind Master Sura after he attacks with the Twin Torrents spell.


Becoming the Wizard of Legend

Congrats! You beat Master Suna. Now you won a reward of chaos gems and will celebrate the new Wizard of Legend, which is you! You proved your magic abilities and mastery, so now he decides to give you a Chaos Arcana card. You can earn eight types of these arcana cards in total, so what recommend to do is to begin the Chaos Trials again!


Final Verdict

Wizard of Legend is a very fun game to play, especially when playing co-op mode with your friend. It has exciting, fast paced attacks, great control, very interesting spells and a great use of magic attacks, with one of the best tutorials i have seen in a game. The game has a gorgeous pixel art, making it’s aesthetic amazing. You have these interesting decor changes, you have fiery walls and then you have very natural and luscious green tones. The game is different to other RPG’s, it has a little to no sense of progression, but it is a rogue-like, fast paced game. Skill comes from mastering the lightning paced-action of the game. If you are looking for a skill-based action game, with great replay value, Wizard of Legend is for you!









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