Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Walkthrough

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Released in 2018, Virtual Villagers is a Single-player Crafting, Farming, and Building video game published by Last Day of Work for Multiple Platforms. The game lets you engage yourself in fun-filled activities like crafting items, farming, and solving tricky puzzles while building a beautiful village with your virtual family. Serving as the sequel to Virtual Villagers Origin, the game comes with improved graphics and mechanics. The storyline centers on a family who makes their way to Isola island in searching for a new home after the eruption of a terrific volcano on the island Asura. To reach Isola, the family set on a boat and meet a strange man who offers them a job of navigating the mythical world.

What is Isola?

According to the plot, Isola was once beautiful land of a thriving civilization, but unfortunately turned into a jungle and ruined place. Therefore, the happening twists will leave you finding new and interactive magical moments at every corner of the world. The game requires you to learn every skill to be the master of your town. The introduction of in-depth customization feature lets you alter the name of your villagers, random island events, and more. The randomly generated world will ensure no two villagers and tribes will be the same. Lots of more exciting content is there; let’s explore them together!

A Complete Walkthrough

The Game Begins!

You start playing the game by choosing a family containing five members. While selecting your family, the selection of an elder male character is compulsory. The game will bring you some suggestions, and you have an option to accept or ignore them after watching their statistics. Try to add members in your family, whom you find the best statistics.

Once completed, the game will lead you to the main screen where an older man will appear to tell you what actually happened with your family and how they approached over here. They need your help to survive and upon clicking on a specific member will lead you to an information page where you can find statistics revealing their skills. A circle will be created around the character you choose and using the drag and drop option you can easily place them anywhere you want.

First Objective

Your first task is to pick a male character and drop it off near the coconut tree to grab some coconut. The second objective offered by an older man is to collect some woods and make a fire. The game will reward you with tech points once you placed your male character near the tech table, where he conducts some research and earns points for you.

The game starts with a strange man, who informs you about villagers who recently landed on the shore of the island, Isola. After making fire, your next objective is to build repair a hut using an adult male character. Once it gets repaired, you must try to make a baby by merely creating interaction with an adult female character. After a few tries, both characters get agreed to have a baby and moved to the hut you recently repaired for some privacy. Virtual Villagers Origin 2 brings you real-time gameplay where each character has a unique personality and playstyle. Characters will repeat the job they learnt from you; even you are offline.

Daily Rewards

Each day when you come, there’s something special for you in the form of rewards that you can claim by clicking on the screen. The game will reward you a daily free spin that you can use to unlock valuable content.

Villager Details

Upon clicking on the specific villager, you will be redirected to a display board where you discover the status and skills of your selected villagers, such as:

  • Status (Health, Likes, Dislikes, Breeding)
  • Skills (Farming, Healing, Building, Research, and Gathering)

You have an option to choose to make the focus of your character on a specific skill, and for next time, he/she will try to increase the skill you selected for him/her.

What will the Spin Reward You?

The spin will contain several gems of different colors, and each one has its different use throughout the game. The available gems are the following:

  • Adept Researcher
  • Adept Farmer
  • Extra 20 Years
  • Giant Head
  • Master Builder
  • Adept Gatherer and Farmer
  • Spin Again

Throughout the gameplay, your primary objective is to take care of your villagers, feed them properly and on-time, look after their health, and let them teach new skills to make sure their survival. The game plays from an isometric perspective, although you can zoom-in and zoom-out for better gameplay experience. Majority of work is done by adult villagers, while smaller villagers are there for joy. The behavior of each villager will change according to the job you assign.

Making a spin for each villager will cost you 3 Lavastones. Don’t waste your lavastones on spinning a wheel as they are hard to collect and you don’t have any to use once they have gone. So, keep patience and use a spin when you confirmed lots of lavastones are there in your inventory.

Upgrade Your Technologies

Throughout the game, five prominent technologies are required to be a master, and their names are the following:

  • Farming
  • Research
  • Medicine
  • Construction
  • Crafting

The up-gradation process required tech points as if you want to upgrade your research power, you need to use up to 22,000 tech points to make it unlock. Similar to that, Farming required 4,000 tech points, Medicine required 14,000, and construction needed 6,000. The more you play, the more you collect tech points.

Two Playable Chapters

The game comes with two playable chapters, and the first one offers 12 challenging puzzles to solve, while the second one brings ten challenging puzzles to solve. The completion of each puzzle will reward you with three lavastones that you can use to spin a wheel for rewards. The names of puzzles that the first chapter include are the following:

Chapter 1 – Puzzles

  1. The Fire
  2. Fixing the Dock
  3. Crafting Hut
  4. Release the Kraken
  5. Worship
  6. The Garden
  7. Rhubarb Pie
  8. Clay Hut
  9. Antidote
  10. The Water Wheel
  11. Fixing the Statues
  12. Destroying the Kraken

Each puzzle comes with a different objective to complete and will rewards you accordingly. Must prepare your villagers for the completion of every task assigned you by the game and make sure their survival at any cost. Below, we will reveal how to complete each one to earn more in-game points. Similar to the first one, here the second chapter with ten playable puzzles.

Chapter 2 – Puzzles

  1. Residence Hut
  2. Town Center Mural
  3. Scarecrow
  4. Demolition
  5. Unwanted Guest
  6. Flower Garden
  7. Healing Hut
  8. School
  9. Observatory
  10. Reservoir

Newly Introduced Features

  • The game contains a variety of impressive features, making it distinguished from other farming or virtual villagers’ video games. The most prominent feature is crafting, letting you combine two materials to develop a new one.
  • The second exciting feature is the introduction of Lavastones, enabling you to add some extra abilities to your villagers.
  • Now, you can give the last name to your villagers, the exciting feature which lack other Virtual Villager games.

Crafting System

If you want to succeed in Virtual Villagers Origin 2, then you should learn how to use the crafting system and keep an eye on statistics until you become a master. The developer introduces a new feature in Virtual Villagers Origin 2, Crafting, that is essential for the completion of many challenging puzzles. Craft feature gets unlocked once you created a Crafting Hut. Similar to Alchemy games, the combination of two different materials will bring a new thing and will leave you with dozens of possibilities.


As said above, the game lands with a variety of fun-filled features to provide you with quality gameplay. In the game, you don’t only have to make sure your survival, but to make babies and take care of them. The playfield of the game contains several options like left top-corner you will find two meters displaying your collected tech points and lavastones respectively. At the same time, the right top-corners will show you how much food you have and how many members are available in your family out of 20. Right after Population, there’s a setting button that leads you to another page where you can turn off the music, link your account with Facebook, and can perform other several options.

The left bottom-corner contains four possible options like a Section for Puzzle, Second represents a Marketplace, third will lead you to your collection, and the fourth one will let you upgrade your skills like construction, building, farming, and medicine. The right bottom-corner will display a villager you selected and will move to its statistics page where you can choose the primary skill and can use lavastone to spin the wheel.

Teach Your Villagers to Survive

During the gameplay, you required to train your villagers to make them proficient at different skills so they can perform various tasks around the islands and survive the newly discovered world. Find magical necklaces and power ‘em up to improve their productivity and life expectancy. Try to solve challenging puzzles and reveal the mysterious island secrets. To become powerful, try to gather and mix resources from across the environment around newly found home and attempt to craft supplies while unlocking rewards from accomplished collections.

Navigation from Isometric Perspective

Engage yourself in a real-time game, where each character has unique behavior, depending on the action you make while playing the game. Take care of your villagers and help them in their survival. Lots of adorable pets will be discovered as you proceed through the game and complete a set of puzzles to become the master. Exploration can be made through an isometric perspective, whereas you can use drag & drop feature to assign your villagers a new job. Once they come to know how to perform actions, they start doing that until you are offline.

Chapter 1 – A Complete Walkthrough

The game spans two playable chapters, and the first one is released with 12 challenging puzzles that you have to solve any cost to proceed further. In this section, we will let you know how to solve each puzzle while you’re playing the game with your villagers and earn points. Let’s get started with the first puzzle!

  1. The Fire

It is the first puzzle available in Chapter one and tasks you to bring firewood to the Fire Pit from the Dry Wood Pile. You must gather coconut husks from ground situated near the palm tree and try to bring family members to the Fire Pit to ignite.


  • Collect woods
  • Bring them to Fire Pit
  • Gather Coconut Husks
  • Bring villagers to Ignite

Following the given step will let you complete the first puzzle and leave you three lavastones.

  1. Fixing the Dock

After completing the first puzzle, you must repair a hut and try to make a baby grow your family members until 20. In the second puzzle, you require to repair a dock, and it is only possible when you gather three pieces of woods scattered across the island. You can assign this job to any member of your family to collect woods and drop them off near the dock. After that, select an adult male character and drop him off nearby the dock to repair it.

  • Find 3 Pieces of Woods
  • Select an Adult Male Character
  • Use pieces one by one to fix the dock

One done, you can move to the next task to complete.

  1. Crafting Hut

You would be happy to know that the thirst puzzle will leave you a hammer that you can use to chop down trees to get dry wood as well as apple seeds for use in later puzzles. To craft a hammer, you need to follow these steps:

  • Drag and Drop a make villager nearby the Whale Skeleton available to the island’s east.
  • Take some bones and reach to the workbench available in the dining area.
  • Drag and drop another villager onto the workbench, and he/she will start crafting a pickax tool.

After some time, a hammer will appear, and you can drag a villager onto a hammer that he will use to chop off roots of three. Once done, you can put villagers to work on the crafting hut and reconstruct it. You can easily find the crafting hut next to the dying tree.

  1. Release the Kraken

There are some requirements that you must fulfill before the completion of the puzzle. It is required the repaired Crafting Hunt, and next to that, you need a master builder.


  • Repaired Craft Hut
  • Master Builder
  • Two Villagers and both should be master/adept builders
  • Upgrade your Building Technology

Follow the Steps to Complete the Puzzle

  • After crafting the Hut, you should drag and drop a villager to one of three empty buckets next to a bag of seeds.
  • Allow your villager to collect water and once done, drag your villager to the crafting hut and offer him a bucket.
  • After receiving water, he will take it to the lava heated rock next to a dining area. He uses the water to cool the rock.
  • Drag a villager again to the rock to make it cold because after some time it will heat up again, and you have to repeat the process much time until the rock gets completely cold.
  • After that, the village will take the rock to the Kraken statue and try to repair the eye of Kraken.
  • To complete the said task, your villager required to be a master or adept builder
  • After putting the first eye to the statue, you have to find another one to the east direction of the island right after the massive tree. You see the rock right below the reeds.
  • Picking up the rock will straightly take the villager to the Kraken statue where he will fix the rock in the other eye of the statue.
  • Next to that, you will start noticing a rumbling from the south.
  • Upon removing the stone by builders, a large section of the water will be revealed, and the Kraken statue will break through the rest.

This is a quite lengthy puzzle to solve and for sure, rewards you with huge prizes.

  1. Worship

The fifth puzzle centers on four different pedestals, such as Two Metal, and Two Stone. In this puzzle, your objective is to select a villager of skills (Research and Building) to rebuilt and become able to worship the Kraken statue.

Collect Four Pedestals and try to craft Stone x 2 and Metal x 2 in the crafting hut. The combination of the item requires a specific time to complete the process; therefore, you must ensure to build a mixture that required less time.

  • To craft metal, you require one stone and fire, and approximately 2 hrs.
  • If you intend to craft stone, you need water and lava. (45min)

Once built, you can use to summon the Kraken.

  1. The Garden

In this section, you need to bring apple seeds that you have collected when building a hammer using the shark skeleton. After having some seeds, you required to plant them to the Garden and wait for the trees to grow. During the process, you must water the trees regularly until it gets fully grown.

  1. Rhubarb Pie
  • The 7th puzzle found in Chapter one of Virtual Villagers Origin 2. To complete the puzzle, you have to find a water bucket besides Researcher Table and must grab three seeds from the bag to bring them to the Garden.
  • Afterwards, you must use three fertilizers available in the Crafting Hut and wait for plants to grow.
  • Once done, grab your gardening tools and harvest the Rhubarb from the Garden.
  • After that, your objective is to create a pie by brining both Rhubarb and Dough to the table. Bake your dish in the oven with the help of a hot rock by dragging a villager to the pile of stones you can easily find next to the coconut tree and the fire.

Your pie is ready, and this is the right time to eat a few slices of the pie.

  1. Clay Hut

In this puzzle, the game tasks you to build a Clay Hut. To complete the job, you must order your villager to bring 12 clay bricks.

  • To make clay, you have to mix Red Earth and Water and wait for 45 minutes.
  • The creation of clay brick required a clay and fire, plus 2 hrs.

Note: You should ensure to bring the clay bricks one by one at a time. If you collect them in bulk while waiting for upgrading the building skills, you will lose some of the collected bricks.

  1. Antidote

The antidote is the eight challenging puzzle of the game and requires you to release order to two adult villagers and a child, and ask them to restore a next from the Kraken statue’s mouth and attempt to bring it to the pond. Afterwards, go to crafting hut and bring some mini-eggs to the next, while raining, and wait for them to hatch.

In the next step, you should find a next of snake and collect poison from there during the time of raining and mix it with Magic to make Antidote.

Your antidote is ready, and now you have to bring it to the pond.

  1. The Water Wheel
  • The 10th puzzle that you have to complete to take a step forward to finish chapter 1. Drag your villager and take it near the pile of wood in the north part of the river to build a water wheel.
  • In the second step, you should craft two main pieces from Forge Bucket and Metal using an anvil and try to connect them with the water wheel.

Now, bring one of your villagers on the water to step it up.

  1. Fixing the Statues

The second last puzzle of Chapter One spans three statues as follows:

  • Yellow Statue
  • Red Statue
  • Red Statue

To start, you have to gather three necklaces; one from the daily chest 2nd day, second after 5th day from cracks, and the third one after 10th day. Once collected, you must drag a village to a shelf right after the Dining table and allow him to mix the pieces you received and bring them to the statue place.

You should keep unlocking cracks until the golden pan appears on 7th day on the shore of the river. You can easily use it to pan for gold and requires to bring the acquired gold to the anvil. Repeat the process several times and attempt to use Forge bucket from the crafting hut.

Next to that, make some plans and enforce three villagers to read the board. Afterwards, together they work on a statue to complete it.

  1. Destroying the Kraken

Destroying the Kraken serves as the last puzzle of Chapter One and requires you to complete Fixing the Statues puzzle and attempt to bring all three glasses of red, yellow, and blue color to the statuses to make it complete.

A Complete Walkthrough to Chapter 2

Welcome to Chapter 2

The second chapter will get unlocked after the completion of the first one. The second chapter contains ten playable puzzles, and you have to complete each one to end the game. Unlike the puzzles of the previous chapter, the playable puzzles are relatively difficult to achieve. The names of puzzles are the following:

  1. Residence Hut

The first puzzle requires four bags of water, level 4 of Research, and Master Builders. If you lack one of the said items, you can’t complete the puzzle. First, collect the given items and then follow the given steps to complete it.

  • Acquire 4 Water Buckets
  • Obtain Master Builders Douse
  • Repair the huts that are smashed in the eruption of the volcano
  • Create a hut situated nearby Southeast where Kraken was located

Once done, your first puzzle will be considered as completed.

  1. Town Center Mural

The second, but challenging puzzle to complete, which requires the following:

  • Master Builders
  • Master Researcher
  • Level 4 Research
  • Level 5 Crafting

After having all the said items, you have to drag master builders and drop them to rubble above the ruins and repeat the process five times.

Afterwards, you should drag master builders and drop it to the massive boulder with the aim of drawing a mural. Craft three paints of different colors, such as Red, Green, and Red, and drag a villager to a crafting hut where he has to paint the mural.

How to Craft Paints and Paste?

You can craft the Red Pain by mixing Rose and Paste, Blue Paint requires the mix of Paste and Blueberries, Green Paint needs a blend of Paste and Moss, while to make a paste, you need a mixture of Oil and Dust.

  1. Scarecrow

In the third puzzle, you should collect some elements before going ahead, and their names are the following:

  • Master Farmer
  • Master Builder
  • Child
  • Fertilizer (1)
  • Ropes (2)
  • Whale Bone

Follow the Mentioned Steps

  • At the start, you have to bring fertilizer to the green pumpkin and the process required approximately 2 hours. You can easily take a whalebone located nearby the shores of the river and take it to the construction table where you can use a master builder to make a scythe. Using Scythe, you can cut the green grass up to three times, but you need a skilled farmer to perform this action.
  • Next to that, lots of dead trees are there, and you have to collect branches beside the Crafting Hut. The game requires you to perform this action several times.
  • Repeating the same actions will bring you two ropes to tie the scarecrow. Once done, drag a baby villager near the pumpkin to carve it.

Once done, you can put the carved pumpkin on the scarecrow body.

  1. Demolition

The fourth puzzle available in Chapter 2 has some requirements that you must fulfil before completing it, such as A Child, an Adult, and Three Boom Sticks.

  • The destruction of Kraken statue covered the place with rocks, and the puzzle requires you to leave a small villager on the site by the tree with the chief coat and let the child create a small hole.
  • Repeat the process two times and climb the stairs that lead you to the garden.
  • After that, the last location of the map, a jungle, will be unlocked to explore.
  • Use crafting hut to make boomsticks one you found the holes.
  • Drag an adult villager and drop to the boom to each spot and it, in return, will blow up the rock unleashing both moon and sun statue and their places accordingly.

Claim your reward and add to your inventory.

  1. Unwanted Guest

In this section, you will learn how to complete the fifth puzzle of Chapter 2 while building your village and growing your virtual family.

  • While navigating the map, you will discover a massive bass located at the southern shore, and you can quickly grab by dragging a villager into the water where you find a fish jumping.
  • Next to that, you have to make the dough, prepare it in the oven, and call a master farmer to the Crafting Hut for the dough. After that, the farmer will make a tasty pie to eat some slices.
  • Unfortunately, the pie isn’t for you. After making it, you have to drag a villager to the pie, so he will carefully take it to the bear.

Bear will eat and go away.

  1. Flower Garden

A few requirements are there to fulfil before you try to solve the puzzle, such as:

  • Planting Soil
  • Roses
  • Fertilizer
  • Soft and Clay Pot
  • Water
  • Master Farmer

Follow the mentioned Steps to Complete the Puzzle

  • Following the steps, you must take an adult villager to the spot where Kraken statue was ruined. Upon reaching the location, you will discover a clean place where a beautiful garden has grown with four flower planting spots.
  • Next to that, your objective is to create a clay pot and then plant soil. Assign a duty to a villager to take care of each planted flower, as well as the garden, because you need each one.
  • Drag and drop a farmer on the crafting hunt, and he will choose roses for you, including roses, lotus flower, tiger lily, and black orchid to plan in the garden on the given spots.
  • Once you sow all seeds, the next objective is to fertilize them and give water five times.

Following the given steps properly will make your puzzle completed and grant you points and lavastones.

  1. Healing Hut


  1. School

Without having an upgrade of Master Scientist, you can’t be able to complete the 8th puzzle.

  • If you have a master scientist, then you can create plans for the building once you approach level 4.
  • Following the plans, your builder can easily prepare a school, and once the school gets built, you can drop a scientist master over there to write the curriculum.
  1. Observatory

The second-last puzzle of Chapter 2 in Virtual Villagers Origin 2 allows you to fulfil the requirements first before completing the puzzle.

Here are the Requirements:

  • Master Builder
  • Master Scientist
  • Bamboo
  • Whale Bones

Follow the Given Steps

First of all, you required a master scientist and a researcher of level 4.

  • Drag and drop your scientist to search for two whale bones in the pond of the skeleton, and after collecting take it to the crafting hut.
  • Drag a builder and drop it to the saw and let him cut tree trunk lighter and carry up at the top of the map.
  • Allow the master scientist to draw some plans for farming of the observatory and drag two adult villagers to carry the log to the destination.
  • Now, you can drag and drop the master builder on the crafting hut and can choose bamboo to develop a frame. Repeat the process three times.
  • Now, drop two villagers on newly discovered status (Moon and Sun) and let them carry to the observatory.
  • Using the crafting hut, you have to create an unpolished mirror and once done, leave a master scientist to choose that mirror and take it to the observatory.
  • Now, you must drop a master scientist who will polish the mirror for you. Dropping the master scientist will affix it to the log.

The final step lets you drag and drop a master builder who will repair the observatory for you. After that, you can leave a scientist once again to do some research for you to the final puzzle.

  1. Reservoir

The last and the most challenging puzzle to complete in Virtual Villagers Origin 2. Similar to previous puzzles, you required to follow a few steps to make it complete. Without a proper guide, achieving puzzles and objectives would be tough for everyone to achieve; therefore, we’re here for you to help in completing tasks. Now, for sure, you have an idea that without upgrading the skills of your character and unlocking new technologies, you can go so far in the game.

For sure, you will be stuck on the first objective because of not having puzzle-solving skills and experience. Before start playing the game, try to read some guides to get an idea about how to clear stages. Your primary focus should be focused on making the following things:

  • Tech Points
  • LavaStones

Let’s back to the final puzzle and reveal a way how to complete it.

  • Find a soft soil and leave a master farmer over there. The soft soil appears to the south and east, where Kraken statue was, only a ruined placed covered with rocks. The master farmer will gig out a trench for you to collect more up to 10 pieces of redwood from there. Once collected, you can drop a master builder to create a dam.
  • Take your team of builders and other villagers to the temporary dam near the apple tree. Drop your team of builders to pile of wood to build a water wheel. Drag your team again, and it will produce a second one for you. Once both wheels get ready, take them to craft hut to gather forge bucket, and try to make iron pins.
  • Once you get rid of the bear, you need to collect some honeycomb and take it to craft bench. You can obtain cotton after taking your researcher level to 4 using the honeycomb. Afterwards, you require to build a water filter and then attempt to take it to the reservoir. Take you one of several builders on the crafting hut and choose the cement two times. Following the step will take the crafting hut to oil leak and repair.
  • Use craft hut to build a forge bucket and ore. Choose an adult villager and take it to the craft hut where you need to choose and make the said items to the anvil. After that, a pipe will be created by a master builder, who make it to the reservoir.

How to earn Free Tech Points and Lavastones?

Earning Tech points is a strict procedure and lets you do hard work to have some of these. You don’t need to worry, because watching ad and videos will reward you a lot of tech points or lavastones. Keep an eye on the detail box, and after approaching the age of 50, you will be no longer able to make babies.

Final Verdict

Virtual Villagers Origin 2 comes with real-time gameplay, similar to its other titles of the series. All available puzzles are fantastic and fun to complete. You can’t achieve objectives without a proper guide. You have a chance to live your second life by making your dream village, cooking your pie, taking care of your family, and completing their basic needs. The feeling is incredible to have your virtual babies. In the game, you can grow your family up to 20 members, and can’t exceed the number.

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