Dakota Winchester’s Adventures Walkthrough


Dakota Winchester’s Adventures is a really popular mystery game created by Carmel Games, with you playing as a man called Dr. Winchester who is seeking to solve the mystery of Hilda’s box. This mysterious box actually possesses the secret of eternal life which you can open it by finding three very unique rubies in unique locations around the globe a very long time ago. Help Dr. Winchester to solve this mystery! And let’s not forget, the adventure is separated into three games: Dakota Winchester’s Adventures 1, 2 and 3!


At the beginning of the first game, Dr. Winchester starts at an island. However, this island actually has one of three rubies that you have to find throughout the game to solve the mystery of Hilda’s Box. There are 5 areas in this game: the Pier, Village, Temple, Bomb Shelter and the Archaeological Site

First Ruby

Firstly we will begin to collect all of the items that we are going need to collect for completing the first stage.

  • Collect the leaves in the temple area. (A)
  • Collect the torch in the bomb shelter. (B)
  • Talk to the woman in the village Dr. Winchester will ask her to get some fruit, pick the banana. (C)
  • Pick the screwdriver in the pic located in the Archaeological Site. (D)

  • Get the pickaxe in the Archaeological Site. (E)
  • Click the bones to activate the puzzle in the village (G)
  • Pull the middle bone three times, the bone on the right also three times and lastly, pull the left bone four times. You will win a ring (G)
  • Get the wooden plank on the Pier. (H)

  • Use the wooden plank to build a bridge on the bomb shelter. You are oging to collect a rock (I)
  • Start a fire by using the leaves and the rock you just collected in the bomb shelter. A bucket will drop, collect it. (J)
  • Fill the bucket with water. Go to the temple and and drain the water onto the barrel. Do this process three times. (K, L)

  • You won a ring by beating the puzzle and you collected another one in the barrel. Use them to open the doors of the temple. (M)
  • Bribe the monkey by feeding him a banana. (N)
  • An image of the almost-completed puzzle. Just move the last part of the puzzle by making it so it goes well with the other yellow stripes. (O)
  • Light the torch in the fire you started in the village. Use the torch to light the lamp. (P)

  • While the lamp has turned on, click the image with an archer on the left side of the first row. A rock will fall off, hit it with your pickaxe. (Q)
  • Congrats, you found the first ruby!

Second Ruby

This time, Dr. Winchester is going to Cactus City! This is the location of the second ruby, but it isn’t going to easy for him. You are going to have to visit 7 places: The Abandoned Mine, Bank, Carpenter Shop, Train Station, General Store, Fruit Shop, Saloon.

Firstly let’s collect the items we need.

  • Collect the chili ad (A)
  • Go to the Carpenter Shop, ask the carpenter to collect his broom. (B)
  • Puzzle’s completed image. (C)
  • Ask the carpenter again to borrow his board. (D)

  • Save the fruit shop guy by killing the spider (E)
  • For saving his life, the Fruit Guy will let you picking between the oranges and the watermelons, pick the watermelon. (F)
  • Go to the Bank. There is a robbery going on, put the board and the watermelon on top the barrel to kill the robber. You will win a gold coin. (G)
  • Go to the General Store. Ask the merchant on what he can sell for 1 gold coin. You will get work gloves.

  • Get the prickly pear on the cactus using your work gloves. (I)
  • Give the prickly pear to the woman. Tell the bartender that you got a free chili ad so he can give you some free chili in exchange. (J, K)
  • Go to the general store to ask the merchant what to buy with 1 silver coin. He’ll give you a pickaxe. (L)
  • Visit the Abandoned Mine. Scare the vulture by pulling the post he is staying on. (M)

  • Collect the feather. (N)
  • Click on the bull with the feather you just collected. (O)
  • Collect the rope. (P)
  • Use the rope to climb down into the cave. (Q)
  • Use your pickaxe to hit the rock that just fell off. (R).

Nice Job! You just finished the second puzzle. It is time to find the third, and last ruby to discover the secret of Hilda’s box.

Third Ruby

Having found the second ruby on Cactus City, Dr. Winchester thinks that the final piece of the puzzle is located in an old mansion. Help Dr. Winchester to find the final ruby.

  • Collect the 2 bones (A, B)
  • Pull the ladder down using your rib bone. (C)
  • Talk to Dr. Winchester’s former professor (D)
  • Collect the Sword. (E)
  • Remove the panting (F)

  • Use your sword to pull down the ceiling lamp (G)
  • You need a bucket full of water to stop the fire, we are going to find it later. (H)
  • Image of the puzzle. It is completed with these numbers: 3 (right side), 5 (left side), 5 (right side), 2 (right side), 3 (left side). Collect the gear inside it. (I)
  • Go to the treasure room, turn off the lights by clicking the window, Collect the grease. (J)

  • Drop some grease on the wheels to make it spinnable. (O)
  • Collect the corkscrew. (P)
  • Use the bone to flip the switch. Collect the bucket full of water. (Q)
  • Drain the water to stop the fire. Collect a diamond and a key. (R)
  • Give the professor the diamond. He will give you a spatula. (S)

  • Open it with the spatula. (T)
  • Use the gear and the key. An entrance will open.(U)
  • Talk to the sewage monster. (V)
  • Open the sewage with the corkscrew. (W)
  • Win against him on rock, paper and scissors to win the key to the treasure.
  • Go to the treasure room and open the treasure with the magical key. (X)

And lastly, Put all the rubies in place. Nice job, you completed the found the third and last ruby needed on solving the Mystery Of Hilda’s Box!

Final Verdict

Although this series is still going to be continued, we will do our best to update the franchise’s walkthrough if a new game drops by. After all, The Dakota Winchester’s Adventures Franchise is still a really nice, fun and interesting mystery game that I absolutely recommend trying it out!


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