Dream Walkthrough


Dream is a first-person, exploration game that takes place within the subconscious mind of Howard Phillips, a young man whose waking hours are tedious and boring, but whose dreams are very lucid and powerful.

The different worlds that make up Howard’s dreams can be strange, beautiful or even chilling. They’re filled with incredible puzzles, collectibles and surprises. Snow-covered deserts, endless twisted stairways, scary haunting nightmares and much more await you. Hypersloth Games created an amazing adventure game with a great narrative and awesome exploration abilities. You are free to explore the dream environment to collect items and collectibles found in the game.

Dream Walkthrough



  • For controlling the player movement use WASD on your keyboard and your mouse.
  • If you want, you can also use a gamepad, although it is a good method on moving the player, it is a bit harder to crouch on the gamepad.
  • Unfortunately, there is a bug that makes it impossible to fully map your controls to a controller, so i recommend a keyboard and mouse for playing the game.

General Tips

  • In some areas screenshots will become very handy to reference them again. This is a Steam game, so u can press F12 in-game to take a screenshot.


The Journey begins – Howard’s House

To start the first dream, you must:

  • Walk upstairs to the end of the hall.
  • What room you are looking for is Howard’s room, the room with all the posters is Howard’s room.
  • Click the bed to start a dream (A)


Act 1 – Desert Dream


  • Find the map of the Desert Park, you also can see the map below

  • Go through the rock maze using the image of the map above. You can also explore the desert to find some new items before going to the rock maze if you want.
  • After you leave the rock maze, you will find an exit with many computers in a circle.

The Three Mazes

  • In the rock maze’s exit, there are three mazes, your goal is to switch off all of the lights in the mazes, which is done by walking through the lights.
  • The smokes inside the maze can be heard and seen. They move in specific paths, and if you watch these paths you may find a pattern and be able to avoid them. You can also simply allow them to “get” you, Howard won’t die but you’ll just restart outside the maze, with any lights you shut off previously still off. (So be careful)
  • Map of all the three mazes you need to complete:
  • After you completed the mazes, go back to the computers and finish the program. The computers will raise you into the air while snow is falling. The two walkways will lead to a clearing where a new dream portal will appear.

Nightmare #1

The portal led to a dark, slightly twisted version of Howard’s house.

First Puzzle (Howard’s Bedroom)


  • There is a switch in Howard’s bedroom under the clock. Switch it. (B)

Second Puzzle (Living Room)

  • In the living room, listen to the answering message on the phone.
  • Click that phone again. Howard is going to make a phone call.

  • Switch the first and last switches on the music box on the mantle in the living room to “I”. The box is going to open. (C, D)

Third Puzzle (Study/Bedroom)

Both of these doors have a book on front, showing that they’re linked.

  • Head into the door on the right and go to the study room.(E)
  • You can find a suitcase on the nightstand, with a combination which you have to find. Take note of the book that is beside the suitcase, because there is a hint there.
  • There are three books that you have to interact with, one is located in a small table beside the rocking chair, the second one is located on the desk beside the computer and the third and last one is in a small stand in the bookshelves.
  • Interact with the book located inside the suitcase.
  • After u interacted with the books,the UV LIGHT in the room is going to reveal a number on each of the books you open. Just use the combination “836” on the suitcase and then click the gold locks to open it, it is going to reveal a switch! Interact with it to open the next room to go to the next puzzle.

Fourth Puzzle (Attic)

  • When you leave the bedroom, you’ll see a pen on the wall, beside a notch. Interact with the notch to lower the stairs to the attic and proceed to the next part. (F)
  • The end of the attic has a switch to collect. The last door has two switches, you already have the first switch so you need to find the second one to open the last door of the nightmare.

  • Go back to Howard’s room and find the second switch in order to open the last door.
  • Open the door and interact with the phone and have a look around while the message plays. Looking down, there is going to be a trap door.
  • Open it and leave the nightmare.

Act 2 – Office Dream

The Office

  • The image above shows the username and password of the receptionist’s desk.
  • Take the elevator to the third floor.
  • Explore the third floor until you find a room full of pipes. (The image below shows the room)

  • Go to the computer.  (G)

  • Use the login credentials you found to open the computer. USERNAME: Dr.Brown, PASSWORD: b2tf1955.
  • Click a door in the program. You are going to have to complete 6 Challenges.


Challenge 1 – Rings and Buttons


  • There are two buttons for each ring on the screen. One turns the ring one way, one turns the ring the other way. Turn each ring until the image lines up just like the screenshot below.
  • HINT: It is easier to start from the outside because the outermost ring cannot be moved so use the buttons on the far right, and work your way left.




Challenge 2 – Planets

  • All of the planets need to be aligned correctly to complete the puzzle.
  • Click on the blue and white rectangles to control the planet’s movement.
  • The left-most dome will only control the yellow planet. All of the others control the two planets. You can see which planet(s) are controlled by the color(s) that are inside the dome.
  • Hint: Start with the dome on the right.
  1. Try to align the red planet with the purple planet.
  2. Then try to align the blue and red.
  3. Then green and blue (red should be aligned by now).
  4. Align the green and yellow planets.
  5. Lastly, align the yellow planet. Therefore completing the challenge.

Challenge 3 – 3×3 Grid Screen

  • Click around the puzzle to make the whole square white.


Challenge 4 – Laser lines (One Room)

  • For this puzzle, line up all the lazer lines in order for their path to go from left to right.
  • You can see the screenshot below to solve the challenge.

Challenge 5 – The “Memory” Game

  • The fifth challenge has 10 screens which will light up on the wall while pressing a button closer to the entrance.

  • Click the screens in order (see the image above) to complete the puzzle.

Challenge 6 – Laser lines 

  • Move the laser lines based on the image, to finish the challenges.


Nightmare #2

  • The footsteps will help guide you through the nightmare as to where do you need to go in the side dream.
  • There are three machines in this house. Press a button on each one (whichever you like obviously).
  • Get a cupcake upstairs.

  • Go up in the attic and then stop the racket.
  • Leave the attic.
  • Shut the whole thing off.

Act 3: Resort Dream

  • When you begin the level, go straight ahead. The room has a computer inside.
  • In the computer room, there is a book on the nightstand. HINT: Look at the back of the book for the computer login. On the computer there is a map of the resort.

Bar Puzzle

  • Locate the Bar on the map above you.- There are 14 beer taps around the bar.
  • Around the bar area there are 14 rooms. In each room an arrow is pointing up or down.
  • The arrows will correspond to whether the tap should be left alone or pulled down.
  • To solve the Bar Puzzle: pull down the taps 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11.

Conveyor Belt Puzzle

  • In this puzzle, firstly you are going to locate the 4 rooms with a conveyor belt between rooms 2 and 3.
  • Behind the rooms there is a room with a chalkboard inside that is listing the orders:
  • Room 1 is going to need Champagne, Room 4 will need Burgers and Drinks, (Blank Part) – Wants only Sushi and lastly, Room 2 – Order is missing!
  • There are 2 stacked conveyors and 2 spaces for food in each room. You can use the up/down buttons on your keyboard or gamepad to move things in and out of the holding space, and the left/right buttons to move the orders between the rooms.

To solve the top conveyor you need to do these actions:

  1. Move the Burger from Room 2 to Room 4.
  2. Move the Champagne from Room 3 to Room 2.
  3. Move the Sushi from Room 1 to Room 3.
  4. Move the Champagne from Room 2 to Room 1.
  5. Move the Burger from Room 4 to Room 1.
  6. Move the Cake from Room 4 to Room 2.
  7. Lastly, Move the Burger from Room 1 to Room 4.

Great, you solved the top conveyor!

To solve the bottom conveyor you need to do these actions:

  1. Move the Soup from Room 2 to Room 3.
  2. Move the Drinks from Room 1 to Room 2..
  3. Move the Soup from Room 3 to Room 1.
  4. Move the Berries from Room 4 to Room 1.
  5. Move the Drinks from Room 2 to Room 4.
  6. Move the Berries from Room 1 to Room 3.
  7. Move the Soup from Room 1 to Room 2.
  8. Move the Berries from Room 3 to Room 1.

Nice, you solved the bottom conveyor!

What you should have in the end:


  • Room 1 – You should have Champagne and Berries.
  • Room 2 – Here you should have Cake and Soup.
  • Room 3 – Here only Sushi.
  • Room 4 – Lastly, here you should have Burger and Drinks.

Safe and Telephones Puzzle

  • Locate the room that has the surfboards, the safe, and the telephone.
  • Prepare yourself to sprint.
  • Go to the next area and open all of the doors.
  • Go back to the telephone on the counter in the room that is full of surfboards and interact with it.
  • Sprint back to the rooms and listen pretty carefully. You are going to hear a phone ringing. So figure out which room it’s coming from and then click the phone in that room to answer it.
  • After answering the first phone, and receiving the first number of the safe combination, you will immediately get another call on another phone. There are 4 numbers in all of them.
  • If you miss a call, you will have to restart. (Since you need to remember the 4 numbers the phone calls give you).

Nightmare #3

  •  Howard’s dialogue will give you some clues of where to walk next, so as you move about the house the nightmare will progress therefore completing the nightmare. No walkthrough needed for this part.



  • After you complete the final nightmare of the game, you will wake up again.
  • Interact with the bed and enter the white cube that has all the dream portals.
  • On the place where the fourth portal should have appeared, there is a walkway leading to the black portal.
  • Go through it to finish the game.


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