Strange Case: The Alchemist Walkthrough Guide


Strange Case: The Alchemist offers you Adventure and Single-player gameplay that emphasizes the Puzzle, Hidden Objects, and Point-and-Click game elements. Labeledman releases the game for mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. The game casts you into the role of a detective who embarks on a journey to investigate a strange case revolves around Alchemist.

Something suspicious is happening across the house, and the game demands a real detective. We suggest you read our Strange Case: The Alchemist Walkthrough to find all solutions. During the game, your ultimate goal is to find and reveal the identity of an Alchemist who defiled graves, and no one knows the reason.

Moreover, deadly traps are on the way, and you are tasked with escaping all of them to succeed. When playing the game, the creepy graphics style and atmosphere will keep you engaged until the game ends, and the original, challenging puzzles will put your wits to test. There are several strange, mysterious characters available, each with unique behaviors, and the game doesn’t need any Network Connection to run.

Strange Case: The Alchemist has several playable chapters; each one brings an unusual mystery to solve. Unravel your detective skills and start investigating the scene to become the master. The game’s opening scenes reveal a person standing ahead of a grave. As the scene ends, the game takes you to another window to read a note and start playing Chapter 1.


Like other Hidden Object games, you move across the house from a first-person viewpoint. Interaction with the environment and stuff can be done using the point-and-click interface. To complete all tricky puzzles, you should act like a detective and investigate each scene deeply. Gather clues and solve puzzles to get rid of deadly traps that may cause an end to the game. Furthermore, we have compiled an in-depth Walkthrough of Strange Case: The Alchemist to help you solve all problems that many players feel difficult when confronting.

Strange Case: The Alchemist Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Machine

At the start, the game displays a diary that has many chapters to explore. The first chapter of the game is “Machine,” which reveals that a grave was defiled; however, the victim made a mistake by merely losing his trinket. As a detective, you better know where to find a felon. As the main game starts, you find yourself standing forth a door having a calendar nearby it.

Moreover, you can move either the left side or the right side of the room to find clues. The game features an inventory on the right side, where the items will be added automatically as you find them. Follow the steps mentioned below to understand following the Strange Case: The Alchemist Guide to solve tricky puzzles.

  • Tap the calendar to keep the date in mind, which is 19 Sep and the day is Wednesday.
  • Click on the arrow to move to the next room on your right side and hit once again to reach the room having a table and chair.
  • Collect a glass, perfume, and bottle from the table and play a mini-game by tapping on a photo. As you complete the image, it will leave you a number “23” with images.
  • Head to the 2nd room and click on the locker kept inside the cupboard. Enter the number “2138” to open it and collect a key.

  • Visit the fourth room to head a drawer that requires a key to open. Use the key from your inventory to open the drawer and collect an item from there.
  • Click on the machine laid above the table and play a mini-game similar to the Pipe Connect Connect all pipes to solve the puzzle and pick up a jar from nearby the machine.
  • Click on the gun poster placed on the wall wherein each bullet contains a letter. Visit the second room and head to the books above the locker. Adjust them following the order of letters you found on the poster and collect a matchbox.

  • Connect the jar with the pipe coming out of the machine and put the green-colored item into the jar.
  • Keep the empty bottle below the jar and add an organ-colored liquid into it. Bring the glass from your inventory to the second end of the machine, but first, don’t forget to set the fire on the bottle below the jar.
  • Collect a green-colored liquid once all the said procedure is completed. Offer the liquid to an unknown person in the window available next to the cupboard in the second room. Doing as I said will help you unlock a new ability, “The Ghost Vision,” that grants you the power to see things hidden in other dimensions.

New Ability is unlocked “the Ghost Vision.

  • After turning on the ghost vision, you have to collect a button from the window’s right side.
  • Visit the 4th room to collect a key from behind the white gun poster. It would help if you dragged its top-left-corner aside to reveal the key.
  • Use the key to open the cupboard’s door and collect a skull, a knife, and a screwdriver.
  • Cut the sofa to collect another button from inside it.
  • Head to the machine, use the screwdriver to open the jar glued above it, and collect the third button.

Keep the Pattern in Mind

  • Visit the main room wherefrom you started the game and discover the pattern drawn on the wall. Please tap on the cupboard and hit the dark area to keep the skull from your inventory to the cupboard and click on items following the music pattern you saw on the main room’s wall.
  • Once done, it will leave you an eye that you can keep in your inventory to use later.

  • Visit the locker to collect the fourth button.
  • Now, you should move back to the main door to complete the following tasks, such as Add an eye amidst the door and place all buttons to empty spaces.
  • Hit the button following the movement of the eye to reveal the music notes.
  • Head to the skulls and tap them according to the music note. Don’t forget to collect an item that you must offer to the hand appear in a window next to the sofa to get a key.
  • Use the key to open the door and escape.

Strange Case: The Alchemist Walkthrough Chapter 2 – After Death

In the 2nd chapter, the protagonist will keep following the Alchemist but can’t stop until he overtakes him. At that moment, the character realizes that someone is leading him using strange powers. The next scene takes you to a new environment where you start playing from the exit door. You don’t need any key to open it, but you can grab one after solving a mystery. The room is strange, and some elements are already drawn on the front wall next to the door. You must keep all items in mind to use later and move to other levels to find clues.

  • Visit the third room from the right side and search the hanging coat to find a key.
  • Afterward, you must turn on the Ghost Vision and visit the 2nd room where you have found two doors. Get into the first door and tap on the machine available amidst the level.


  • Set the meters to run the machine and bring a jar holding a brain out.
  • Turn off the ghost vision and back to the room where a refrigerator is available next to that table. Please tap on the poster and keep all items and their locations in mind. Apart from that, it would help if you read the notes laid on the table.
  • Leave the table and head to the fridge wherefrom you have to collect an ice cube and add it to your inventory.

Turn on the Ghost Vision

  • After turning on the ghost vision, you must visit the room where two doors available to collect some woods. Don’t forget to pick up a matchbox available above the stove.

  • Open the stove, throw some woods, and set the fire. Then, keep the ice cube above the stove and wait until it gets melts. Collect the red gem and leave the room. Turn off the Ghost vision to move forward.

Turn off the Ghost Vision – Draw a Pattern on X-ray

  • After turning off the ghost vision, you should move back to the room containing two doors. Tap on the digital locker and bring the red gem close to the dials to reveal the code, which is “1607.”

  • Once opened, get into the second room to collect a jar with nasty and a fuse from the lamp.
  • After collecting the said items, you must head to the X-ray hanging on the wall. Tap to play a mini-game and draw the pattern as shown in the image below. It will reveal a locker behind the photo.
  • Enter the code “1710” to open the locker and collect a gold bar.

Turn on the Ghost Vision

Indeed, you would be confused why we would not collect all items by turning on the ghost vision one time. Let me answer this; you can’t collect all items at once because you need objects to set the bar within the ghost vision; therefore, you have to find items and go through the ghost vision to set the jar accordingly.

  • Keep the jar with nasty on the rack and collect a statuette from above the shelf.
  • You should move to the next room where only one door is placed to collect a stone.
  • Afterward, turn off the Ghost Vision and head to the table next to the refrigerator. Open the wardrobe using the key from your inventory and collect a screwdriver.
  • Once again, you should turn on “The Ghost Vision” and head to the door where a circuit is available nearby it. Use the screwdriver to open the circuit box, add the fuse, and connect the buttons with wire to open the door. Note: You can’t rotate a single button lonely; two buttons will rotate simultaneously to solve the puzzle.
  • Once you solve the puzzle, the trapdoor will open and let you get in.
  • Select the matchbox from your inventory and burn all candles kept on the stand surrounding a book, and keep the stone on the diagram drawn on the floor.
  • Set all stone in a way that all starting to glow.
  • Turn off the ghost vision and head to the refrigerator to interact with an object kept inside it.
  • Set the parameters following the shapes already drawn on it and collect a flask with blood.
  • Bring the flash of blood amidst the glowing stones after turning on the Ghost Vision.

  • Turn off the Ghost Vision and visit the room where a chair and table are available. Click on the table to collect the following objects: Scalpel and key, and keep the images drawn on the wall in mind.
  • Use the key to open the cupboard of the 2nd room and collect a wrench.
  • Now, you should use the wrench to collect a screw from the chair available in the 2nd room.
  • Get into the room containing a patient bed and turn on the Ghost Vision to get into another world where you must collect a hammer.

  • Use the hammer to break the glass containing a brain and collect it. Afterward, you have to keep the brain within a bowl next to the dentist’s chair and use the scalpel. Collect the bowl with the minced brain.

  • Turn on the Ghost vision and visit the room where you once opened a trapdoor. Offer the bowl with the minced brain to a deadly creature and collect a tooth from it.
  • Keep the tooth between the glowing stones that will turn into a briefcase soon. Next to that, pick up a bolt cutter and gold cross.
  • Visit the punishment room to collect a piece of the chain using the cutter.

Turn off the Ghost Vision

  • After turning off the Ghost Vision, you should move back to the area where the fridge is available. Head to the table and click on the weight machine to collect a plummet.
  • You should keep both a screw and plu
  • Collect a gold disk and move back to the room where a single door with a trapdoor is available in Ghost Vision Mode. Place the gold disk and gold cross to open the door and escape.

Strange Case: The Alchemist Walkthrough Chapter 3 – Honey

Coming soon.


Strange Case: The Alchemist is a thrilling detective-based Hidden Object video game that comes with only two chapters to complete. Both chapters are set in the same house where you, as a detective, need to explore the scene when searching for hidden objects. The graphics are good, and the soundtracks are immersive. The Ghost Vision mode aims to take you to a new horrific world and gives you a chance to solve mysteries to capture the Alchemist. Furthermore, the puzzles are tricky and can’t solve making you limited to the realistic land. To complete puzzles, you have to move to the scary house where you may discover deadly creatures ready to take on you. lll

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