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Wordscapes Walkthrough

Wordscapes is a fun-filled Word, Puzzle, and Single-player video game released by PeopleFun for Mobile Devices in 2018. It introduces a blend of Crossword and Boggle Puzzle game components, offering you stunning gameplay to experience. There are thousands of challenging levels; each one displays letters intending to make words to learn. It supports only Single-player mode and lacks multiplayer; however, you can set your record of the highest levels and challenge your friends to beat. Furthermore, the game was recorded as the top 10 Games at the Google Play Store.

Your ultimate goal is to connect letters available in the circle to make words. Additional words may leave you bonus points that you can use to purchase hints. At the start, the game would be more comfortable than having a teacup, but as you progress and learn how to works, the game gradually starts to increase the difficulty level by merely adding more letters. If you are one of those players who intend to improve their English Vocabulary, then there’s nothing better than the game since it gives you a chance to learn while having fun.

Sign in With Facebook

If you want to prevent data loss, you should link your Facebook Account with Wordscapes to keep all of your data in the cloud. Additionally, you will be rewarded with 200 free coins the first time you sign. Although the game has a built-in system that keeps your progress saved, we still recommend connecting your Facebook Account for double security.

In-Game Shop

Like other games, Wordscapes has featured an in-game shop that showcases up to 10 special offers to purchase. The available offers are the following:

  • Super Bundle
  • Mega Bundle
  • Brilliant Bundle
  • Ultimate Bundle
  • Small Pack of Bees
  • Large Pack of Bees
  • Huge Pack of Bees

Each bundle contains a specific amount of coins, power-ups, and boosters. The booster may speed up your progress speed, and the power-up can use to reveal the next word to make the gameplay a bit easy.

Moreover, you can use some extra features to make gameplay smooth. Can’t find how to connect letters to make a specific word having limited letters? You don’t need to worry; hit the shuffle button to change the order of letters.

Wordscapes – How to Earn Free Coins?

Earning Wordscapes coins may lead you to select one of the three following options, such as Watch Video Ads, Offers, and Surveys. Watching video ads are relatively easy than others and reward you with only 25 coins. Furthermore, the criteria of the other two options are a bit different. Therefore, you should keep earning coins by completing levels. In case you run out of coins, you should consider going through one of the three choices mentioned above.

Tapping the offers for making free coins may lead you to a new page where the game has some particular tasks for you to complete. The reward for completing each task is pretty different, like downloading any said app may help you win up to 100 coins. Afterwards, you can utilize the cash to unlock extra stuff like hints and purchase boosters. To check your reward system, you have to hit the burger icon on the offer’s page and tap on the “Reward Status.”


Word games are specially designed to sharpen your mind and to make your English Vocabulary rich. The game features a beautiful, friendly user-interface and brings a unique background and stunning sound effects to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Wordscapes come with a variety of themes, and each theme has a set of backgrounds. The early themes are the following:

  • Sunrise
  • Forest
  • Canyon
  • Sky
  • Tropic
  • Mountain
  • Winter
  • Flora
  • Autumn
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Ocean
  • Field
  • Lake
  • Vista
  • Cliff
  • Beach
  • Fog
  • And more.

Each theme comes with at least five different backgrounds; each background holds 10 to 15 levels to play. Completing levels may grant you in-game points/coins that you can use to purchase hints and unlock other scenes to master all word puzzles. Completing all challenging word levels aren’t possible; therefore, a Wordscapes Walkthrough is available here to provide you with solutions of all possible levels within no time. Furthermore, you can’t play the next levels unless you complete the unlocked levels.

Wordscapes Level 1 to 10

Wordscapes walkthrough brings all possible solutions to your palm and helps you unlock the next levels to enjoy. Here you have a chance to improve your Vocabulary Power by merely connecting letters and finding hidden words. The first section has 12 levels span three categories, such as Rise, Grow, and Shine. Let’s start completing the first ten levels following Wordscapes Walkthrough.

Level 1 – Letter: C, T, and A

Using the letters, you make the following words, such as:

  • ACT
  • CAT

Level 2 – Letter: N, O, and W

In the 2nd level, the solutions are here:

  • WON
  • NOW
  • OWN

Level 3 – Letters: E, A, and R

The third level comes with three letters, and the game tasks you with finding three hidden words using your puzzle-solving skills.

  • ERA
  • EAR
  • ARE

Level 4 – Letters: P, T, and A

Try to draw a circle while connecting letters to find the hidden words. Although you cannot use boosters and power-ups, you can shuffle the words to change their orders and bring new ideas to your mind. The available solution of Wordscapes Level 4 is here:

  • APT
  • PAT
  • TAP

Level 5 – Letters: P, I, D, and R

Now, the game has unlocked a new background, tiled Grow. Till the level, you were only limited to find three hidden words, but now the number of words is increasing gradually to make the gameplay a bit difficult.

  • DRIP
  • RIP
  • RID
  • DIP

Level 6 – Letters: R, A, I, and R

Find four hidden words to complete the level and move to the next one that tasks you with finding six obscure words. After reaching level 7, you realize the difficulty level has started to increase.

  • AIR
  • FAR
  • FIR
  • Fair

Level 7 – Letters: T, E, N, and D

You have to search for six hidden words at any cost to unlock the next levels. If you failed to find the solutions, check out our Wordscapes Walkthrough.

  • Tend
  • Dent
  • Ten
  • Den
  • Net
  • End

Level 8 – Letters: K, R, P, and A

Keep connecting words to find the hidden words and making in-game coins to purchase hints and unlocking other scenes.

  • Park
  • Rap
  • Par
  • Ark

Level 9 – Letters: U, O, T, and N

Using the four given words, you are supposed to find five hidden words as follows:

  • Unto
  • Out
  • Ton
  • Nut
  • Not

Level 10 – Letters: D, Y, L, and A

Following the footsteps of previous levels, you have to find four hidden objects at any cost to unlock additional levels and become the master.

  • Day
  • Lady
  • Lay
  • Lad

Wordscapes Level 11 to 20

Wordscapes Walkthrough of the next ten levels is here, bringing solutions of all word puzzles to your table. The gameplay won’t be easy as prior levels, and you have to find more than five hidden words using four or five letters. The more you play the game, the more you learn new words.

Level 11 – Letters: T, E, B, and A

Improve your vocabulary skills and start making new words the game required for the completion of the level. The available hidden words are the following:

  • Bat
  • Beat
  • Beta
  • Eat
  • Tab
  • Tea
  • Ate
  • Bet

Level 12 – Letters: B, R, A, and N

Indeed, the difficulty level will increase more gradually as you learn how to take on all levels. This time, the game introduces you to four new letters and tasks you with finding seven hidden words. The solutions for Level 12 are the following:

  • Bran
  • Nap
  • Ran
  • Barn
  • Bra
  • Bar
  • Ban

Level 13 – Letters: D, E, V, A, and S

It may be easy that you can complete without any difficulty. Furthermore, the game will keep introducing new power-ups and boosters to keep you engaged and help you overcome all challenges. Now, the game has unlocked a new scene, known as Pine.

  • Saved
  • Vase
  • Ads
  • Sad
  • Save

Level 14 – Letters: L, E, O, and V

Level 14 brings four new letters that you must connect to find hidden words. The game will reward you with extra coins for other words you see during the game. Using the Online Dictionary, you can learn the meaning of the word.

  • Doe
  • Ode
  • Dole
  • Led
  • Love
  • Loved
  • Dove
  • Old

Level 15 – Letters: G, S, I, H, and T

After completing the first fourteen levels, indeed, you would be feeling improvement in your English Vocabulary. The newly introduced letters are given above that you must use to find hidden words.

  • This
  • Sight
  • Hit
  • Its
  • His
  • Sit
  • Sigh

Level 16 – Letters: R, C, T, A, and T

Keep learning new words using letters and show off your vocabulary skills to impress your friends. You aren’t limited to play lonely; you can invite your friends to play with you on the same device.

  • Cart
  • Tract
  • Cat
  • Art
  • Car
  • Rat
  • Tar

Level 17 – Letters: L, O, U, C, and D

Your letters are the following (DCUOL) and you’ve to find hidden words by merely connecting letters using your finger. Swipe your finger across letters to connect and make new words to add in the empty spaces.

  • Cold
  • Loud
  • Cloud
  • Cod
  • Doc
  • Could
  • Duo

Level 18 – Letters: B, D, L, A, and N

Use the shuffle feature if you are out of ideas and didn’t find anything to make words. In this level, you have to find eight hidden words with a combination of five letters. You don’t need to see words containing five letters.

  • Bald
  • Band
  • Land
  • Bland
  • Bad
  • Ban
  • Lab
  • Nab

Level 19 – Letters: G, E, E, L, and A

Level 19 comes with five letters, and you have to make use of these letters to form the words. During the game, you can immerse yourself in beautiful scenery backgrounds and relax your brain with brilliant sound effects. The high-quality graphics relax and ease your mind.

  • Lag
  • Leg
  • Eagle
  • Glee
  • Age
  • Ale
  • Gal
  • Gel

Level 20 – Letters: E, L, A, S, and H

The five letters are here, and the game tasks you with using the given letters to find up to 9 hidden words. The more you play, the more you learn, and your Vocabulary will become rich. You can’t play new levels without completing the existing ones; therefore, keep playing upcoming levels to unlock more.

  • She
  • Heal
  • Sale
  • Seal
  • Leash
  • Ale
  • Ash
  • Has
  • Sea

Wordscapes Level 21 to 30

The completion of the first 20 articles will bring you lots of free coins. New power-ups and boosters have been unlocked to use, and each one holds a unique power to grant you. If you are one of those players who don’t have a good Vocabulary, then you have a chance to gets your hands on a variety of words.

Level 21 – Letters: B, A, S, C, and U

The number of letters will increase as new levels unlock to give you a tough time. There are five letters available that you have to use to find six hidden words.

  • Cabs
  • Cubs
  • Scuba
  • Abs
  • Cab
  • Cub

Level 22 – Letters: L, S, R, O, and E

At this level, you have to find six hidden words to unlock new stages. The game will display five letters and assign your task by connecting letters to form words the game required. Additional levels will be added to your treasury box and grant you extra rewards.

  • Sole
  • Sore
  • Roles
  • Ore
  • Lose
  • Rose

Level 23 – Letters: C, N, E, L, and O

There’s nothing new to discover, except for the background scenery and the letters. Although Wordscapes seems boring to play, it comes with a fabulous way that you can use to learn many new words to enrich your vocabulary.

  • Lone
  • Once
  • Clone
  • Con
  • One
  • Cone

Level 24 – Letters: K, T, N, I, and H

Never leave a single chance to learn something new as it will build your personality and teach you the meaning of words you find during the game.

  • Hint
  • Thin
  • Think
  • Hit
  • Ink
  • Kin
  • Kit
  • Tin

Level 25 – Letters: Y, L, P, P, and A

For indeed, playing over 20 levels, you would be in love with the game and start enjoying the high-quality scenes that seem realistic. Making use of power-ups and boosters are compulsory as they help you learn upcoming new words.

  • Pay
  • Play
  • Apply
  • App
  • Lap
  • Pal

Level 26 – Letters: K, S, E, P, and A

When playing the game, you can ask your friends to show off their vocabulary skills by merely connecting letters to form words. You have to find six hidden words using the five letters. Additional words will leave you bonus points.

  • Peak
  • Speak
  • Sea
  • Peas
  • Peaks
  • Ape
  • Ask
  • Sap
  • Spa

Level 27 – Letters: D, L, O, I, and S

Wordscapes features intuitive controls that make your grip more robust over the game aspects. If you find yourself in any trouble, use a hint system to reveal any letter of the word you are trying to form. After learning the order of the letter, the possibility of guessing the word would be easy. Furthermore, you are tasked to find ten hidden words.

  • Solid
  • Silo
  • Lid
  • Oil
  • Old
  • Slid
  • Soil
  • Sold
  • Sod
  • Idol

Level 28 – Letters: C, A, W, R, and L

This time, your background environment is DEW which seems beautiful than others you have gone through.

  • Claw
  • Crawl
  • Law
  • Arc
  • Raw
  • War

Level 29 – Letters: N, P, I, O, and A

Wordscapes Walkthrough/Guide helps you guess all words correctly and earn in-game coins. During the game, you can use coins to unlock hints and power-ups.

  • Pin
  • Pain
  • Piano
  • Ion
  • Nap
  • Pan

Level 30 – Letters: W, S, A, R, and M

More scenes will unlock as you follow Wordcapes Walkthrough and find hidden objects. The number of obscure words isn’t limited; they can be up to 5 words or more than ten words on some levels.

  • Swam
  • Warm
  • Swarm
  • Arm
  • Mar
  • Ram
  • Saw
  • Was

Wordscapes Level 31 to 40

Completion of the first thirty levels has taught you a lot. Many new words have been added to your mind, and indeed your vocabulary will become enriched. If you don’t know the meaning of the word you are making, hit the button on the screen’s left corner to learn about that word.

Level 31 – Letters: C, I, D, E, and D

As I said above, the game seems like a river; in some places, it becomes narrow, whereas some areas are more expansive. Similarly, in a few levels, you have to find only a few little words, whereas, at some levels, the hidden words may be more than 10.

  • Iced
  • Diced
  • Did
  • Ice
  • Dice

Level 32 – Letters: D, G, L, U, and E

When playing the game, you should keep the shuffle feature in mind. Sometimes, when you stuck and didn’t understand what to make next, the shuffle feature will help you change the position of letters.

  • Lug
  • Duel
  • Glued
  • Glue
  • Due
  • Dug
  • Led

Level 33 – Letters: E, T, N, H, and T

After Dew, the game is going to introduce a new scene, “Flow.” You aren’t limited to play the game by experiencing the same background. Over time, the background scenes will keep changing to make the gameplay exciting and fun to play.

  • The
  • Tent
  • Then
  • Hen
  • Net
  • Ten
  • Tenth

Level 34 – Letters: T, A, I, N, and S

Adding new words to your vocabulary may help you speak confidently. Therefore, many players keep focused on learning new words. It is the best way to learn many new things for those hungry for new words. Using these five letters, you have to make nine words.

  • Saint
  • Satin
  • Stain
  • Tins
  • Ant
  • Its
  • Sin
  • Sit
  • Tan

Level 35 – Letters: L, T, E, S, and Y

The number of hidden words is gradually increasing, though the number of letters is the same. Connecting letters randomly won’t affect your performance and never become a cause of deduction. Therefore, you should keep clicking following the orders that come to your mind.

  • Yet
  • Lets
  • Style
  • Lest
  • Set
  • Sly
  • Yes

Level 36 – Letters: C, M, E, I, and D

Now, available letters are CMEID, and your task is the same as the prior levels. Swipe your finger across the letters to connect them using a line and add words to the empty spaces for in-game rewards.

  • Iced
  • Mice
  • Medic
  • Dim
  • Mid
  • Dice
  • Dime

Level 37 – Letters: N, D, A, G, and R

The game displays your letters in a circle that will change their position as you hit the shuffle button. Often, only shuffling the letters may bring many new words to your mind and help you solve the puzzles. If the said method doesn’t work for you, read our Wordscapes Walkthrough and Guide to help.

  • Drag
  • Grad
  • Rang
  • Grand
  • Ran
  • And
  • Nag
  • Rag
  • Darn

Level 38 – Letters: N, I, H, N, and T

You can easily find how many words you have to make after watching the map. The map contains several empty boxes, and you can get help by merely seeing the last and the first word of the previously formed word. As mentioned above, the game is inspired by the crossword puzzle game that you usually might have played in your childhood in newspapers.

  • Hint
  • Thin
  • Ninth
  • Inn
  • Tin

Level 39 – Letters: B, T, R, U, and E

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle aims to take your vocabulary skills to the next level. Solving Wordscapes levels isn’t easy as it requires a lot of attention and knowledge; otherwise, you will keep searching for clues and solutions.

  • True
  • Tube
  • Brute
  • Tuber
  • Bet
  • But
  • Rub
  • Rut
  • Tub

Level 40 – Letters: G, E, S, R, and U

Aside from improving your vocabulary, you can also learn how to spell words. Many times players from worldwide make spelling mistakes when typing a message,. Some do probably because of having in rush; meanwhile, most players find exploring a dictionary for learning new words boring. Therefore, Wordscapes is one of the best ways to improve their skills in a fun way.

  • Surge
  • Urges
  • Rug
  • Sue
  • Sure
  • User

Wordscapes Level 41 to 50

Till now, you have learned hundreds of words; the possibility is available that you might be familiar with most of the words. Here’s a Solution for the next 10 Levels of Wordscapes Daily Puzzle.

Level 41 – Letters: P, R, O, C, and H

If you have five letters at the bottom and three empty boxes line-up at the top of the screen, you can easily guess the hidden word would be the following: Cop, Hop, and Pro. I’ve easily guessed because I’m familiar with all words. Upon getting stuck, you can use the hints to highlight one of the letters that come in the space.

  • Chop
  • Crop
  • Porch
  • Cop
  • Hop
  • Pro

Level 42 – Letters: O, F, E, R, and C

Although all levels seem similar when playing, the solutions are totally different. It would be possible for the words repeat themselves on many levels, but it could be a plus point for you.

  • Fore
  • Force
  • Foe
  • For
  • Core

Level 43 – Letters: R, I, N, D, and A

We suggest you think out of the box to bring new words to your mind. The words you find the game doesn’t need will be added to your treasury box and leave you extra coins or points.

  • Raid
  • Rain
  • Rind
  • Drain
  • Aid
  • And
  • Ran
  • Rid
  • Darn

Level 44 – Letters: L, I, K, A, and E

The game has a surprise box for you that contains in-game coins. After completing a specific set of levels, the game reveals a box with a hidden gift in it.

  • Leak
  • Like
  • Alike
  • Elk
  • Lie
  • Lake

Level 45 – Letters: E, U, D, R, and G

Make your interaction with words and start finding words first you are familiar with. Use available features like Hint, Shuffle, Boosters, and Power-ups to bring yourself out whenever you find yourself in any difficulty.

  • Drug
  • Rude
  • Urge
  • Urged
  • Due
  • Dug
  • Red
  • Rug

Level 46 – Letters: E, R, B, A, and C

Till level 46, the game hasn’t increased the number of letters, although the number of words fluctuates. Although typing the letters in a search engine could help, in return, you will receive dozens of results select the correct one is more difficult than guessing a word. This time, you are supposed to find 12 hidden words that in themselves, can be a difficult task.

  • Bear
  • Care
  • Crab
  • Race
  • Brace
  • Are
  • Bar
  • Bra
  • Car
  • Ear
  • Era
  • Bare

Level 47 – Letters: S, A, R, W, and T

The game represents a puzzle forth the background to give you a fresh gaming experience.

  • Was
  • Star
  • Swat
  • Wars
  • Straw
  • Art
  • Rat
  • Sat
  • Saw
  • Tar

Level 48 – Letters: R, R, M, Y, and A

The sound effects will relax your mind and force you to play more. All solutions are available here:

  • Ray
  • Yam
  • Army
  • Marry
  • Arm
  • Mar
  • May
  • Ram

Level 49 – Letters: D, E, A, B, and K

If you are looking for Wordscapes Level 49 or Daily Puzzle solutions, then we have completed all levels for you to give you all answers.

  • Beak
  • Bead
  • Baked
  • Bad
  • Bed
  • Bake

Level 50 – Letters: A, B, E, B, and Y

Using five letters, you can form thousands of words. Hone your puzzle-solving skills and start finding hidden words to become the master. The more you play, the more you learn.

  • Babe
  • Baby
  • Abbey
  • Aye
  • Bay
  • Bye

Wordscapes Level 51 to 60

Level 51 – Letters:

  • Slab
  • Ails
  • Basil
  • Abs
  • Lab
  • Bail
  • Bias
  • Sail

Level 52 – Letters:

  • Line
  • Nail
  • Alien
  • Lie
  • Lane
  • Lean

Level 53 – Letters:

  • Nab
  • Boa
  • Bacon
  • Ban
  • Cab
  • Can

Level 54 – Letters:

  • Win
  • Won
  • Gown
  • Wing
  • Owing
  • Gin
  • Ion
  • Now
  • Own
  • Wig

Level 55 – Letters:

  • Rap
  • Hag
  • Harp
  • Graph
  • Gap
  • Par

Level 56 – Letters:

  • Silk
  • Skill
  • Ill
  • Ski
  • Kill

Level 57 – Letters:

  • Sky
  • Yak
  • Ashy
  • Shaky
  • Ash
  • Ask
  • Has
  • Hay
  • Say
  • Shy

Level 58 – Letters:

  • Log
  • Dog
  • Ego
  • Gel
  • God
  • Old
  • Gold
  • Lode
  • Lodge
  • Leg

Level 59 – Letters:

  • Rig
  • Cigar
  • Air
  • Arc
  • Rag

Level 60 – Letters:

  • Pest
  • Step
  • Setup
  • Upset
  • Pet
  • Put
  • Ups
  • Use

Wordscapes Level 61 to 70

Level 61 – Letters:

  • Seek
  • Skeet
  • See
  • Tee
  • Eek

Level 62 – Letters:

  • Lust
  • Slot
  • Soul
  • Lotus
  • Lot
  • Out
  • Lost

Level 63 – Letters:

  • Lamb
  • Lame
  • Male
  • Meal
  • Blame
  • Ale
  • Elm
  • Bam
  • Able
  • Balm
  • Beam

Level 64 – Letters:

  • Epic
  • Ices
  • Spice
  • Pie
  • Sip
  • Pic

Level 65 – Letters:

  • Pea
  • Cape
  • Pace
  • Peace
  • Ace
  • Ape
  • Cap

Level 66 – Letters:

  • Dove
  • Mode
  • Move
  • Moved
  • Doe
  • Demo
  • Dome

Level 67 – Letters:

  • Wit
  • Cite
  • Twice
  • Ice
  • Tie
  • Wet

Level 68 – Letters:

  • Sure
  • User
  • Spur
  • Purse
  • Super
  • Per
  • Sue
  • Ups
  • Rep
  • Rue
  • Pure

Level 69 – Letters:

  • Won
  • Show
  • Snow
  • Shown
  • How
  • Now
  • Own
  • Who

Level 70 – Letters:

  • Bod
  • Dub
  • Bout
  • Doubt
  • Bud
  • But
  • Dot
  • Duo
  • Out
  • Tub


Wordscapes comes with stunning Puzzle-solving gameplay that embarks you on a journey to find as many hidden words as possible. There are thousands of challenging levels, and the game brings dozens of beautiful realistic scenes to your handheld devices. Furthermore, each game level may not be different in letters, whereas the hidden words are changed. The soundtracks are relaxing and useful to release stress. It will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun and will amuse you by merely introducing impressive sceneries. We will keep updating new levels.

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