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Escape Titanic (also known as Escape the Titanic) is a Puzzle, Hidden Objects, and Single-player video game released by App Holdings for Mobile Devices like Android and iOS. What would you do upon finding yourself stuck in a ship which is near to drown? Surely, everyone tries their best to come out of the trouble. The game features a well-written storyline that revolves around the protagonist who aims to escape the Titanic. Furthermore, there are no instructions to follow because the game aims to test your smarts by offering you an ultimate test of wits, speed, and cunning. During the gameplay, you won’t experience two scenes alike; therefore, you should be prepared for anything as you struggle to escape the most infamous ocean of the world.

Moreover, you can pinch, twist, swipe, and tap your way through different rooms; each one plans to offer you a challenging puzzle. There are over fifty challenging puzzles to complete and each one is integrated with a hint system that you can use whenever you need. The ultimate goal is to navigate Rooms and interact with objects, search for hidden objects, and use them to solve the puzzle. The difficulty level depends on your puzzle-solving skills. You might know playing puzzle games isn’t easy as players consider; in short, many puzzles may require additional time than your expectation to get solved. Therefore, we bring you the Escape Titanic Walkthrough Guide with all possible solutions.


Finding a solution to a puzzle-solving puzzle isn’t easy, you need a sharp mind and attention. Besides that, many players don’t love to play puzzle games, but fall in love with the story element and play to see the consequences. Escape Titanic Walkthrough helps you solve all puzzles and find a way out to escape the ship, as it is your ultimate goal to escape before it’s too late. The game starts with an introduction revealing RMS Titanic cuts are moving at full speed despite warnings of icebergs in the ocean while cutting through freezing Northern Atlantic Waters.

Start Solving Puzzles to Escape

As the game starts, you find yourself standing ahead of a window watching a beautiful scene at midnight. Soon, something unexpected happens and the ship collides with icebergs. When playing the game, you must follow arrows whenever they appear on your screen to reach the next scene. Keep everything in mind and embark on a journey to escape.

  • Slide your finger across the door to open and reach the lobby where a crowd of people is in rush to escape the ship, but they can’t.
  • You must get aside each one to make a way to the door. For that, you must bring all people to the right side. Follow the path and head to the engine room.

Engine Room

Find a way to open the door of an engine room which is in itself is a challenge. The surprising thing is that the game won’t share any instructions with you regarding the completion of puzzles. Therefore, you should think smartly to overcome all problems beautifully.

Solution: Hold the handle and rotate the wheel to open the door. Once the door gets opened, follow the arrow and get into the room where you have to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, turn on the switch available on the right side and play a mini-game by merely tapping on the box that you can find on the left side of the screen.

  • When playing the mini-game, don’t forget to watch the pattern drawn below the Power Routing Station and turn on all lights. Once done, the engine piston will go down; meanwhile, the game reveals a wrench to collect.

  • Collect the wrench and keep it in your inventory to use later.
  • Afterward, you head to another puzzle that takes place within a room. Water is on the floor which is causing the electric shock because of naked wires.
  • Firstly, you must understand the pattern of shocks and then reveal a path where nothing is happening. Turn off the lights and draw a path to the door to escape.

Service Tunnel

After leaving the room, a service tunnel gate stops you. It may be a challenging part if you don’t think by going out of the box. Holding the handle and rotating the wheel won’t work until you remove the cups of the door joinder and untie all bolts using the wrench to open the door.

Bilge Pump

Ops! You are in danger because the water’s level increasing gradually. If you don’t have any plan, get ready to die. Soon the room gets filled with water and there’s no way to escape. Follow the steps mentioned in Escape Titanic Walkthrough to rescue your life and clear the way to escape.

  • Remove barriers available forth the door and close the door.
  • Hold the Bilge Pump to remove the rest of the water and escape.

Which Way Should I Go?

After solving the water problem, you are going to face off a new challenge. Before starting anything, you should collect the rope and add it to your inventory and follow the given steps to solve the puzzle.

  • Collect the Rope and keep it in your inventory.
  • Tap on the image hanging on the wall and play a mini-game of finding a way to exit.
  • Take the right door and escape from the scene, but before you should collect the gloves from the room where the fire is burning.
  • Now, you’re in a room where the gas pipelines are leaked and continuously pitting fire.
  • Make use of gloves and tap the fire to blow them up until the cylinder gets empty.

First Class, Second Class, and Third Class

The next puzzle is pretty easy and understandable as anyone can complete it without any help. Despite that, let us explain how to complete it.

  • You should bring the wooden boxes to the third class and the silver-colored boxes to the second class, while the boxes with golden color to the first class. Pull the lever to lift the boxes and make a way to escape.

Lift Boxes

After arranging the boxes, you find a stack of boxes tied with the cloth. Here you can watch many rotating small wheels to help for lifting the equipment doesn’t matter how heavy it is. Therefore, you should make use of rope to connect them and tie them with the stack of boxes to make a way to escape.

Here you should keep in mind that connecting the wheels randomly may break the rope and end the game. Therefore, you should tie them with a proper form to lift the equipment, and don’t forget to connect it with the hook available on the ground.

See the image given above to reveal how to tie ropes.

How am I Going to get through here?

In the next scene, you may find the path is fully blocked with boxes and there’s only a vehicle standing your way. To get rid of this problem, you must tap on the vehicle and connect the wires correctly with their respective switches to start the engine and let the vehicle make a way for you to escape.

Once the vehicle gets started, it will throw all boxes aside and reveal a way to escape. You must hit the arrow and head to the ladder to escape. When you reach near the ladder after hitting the arrow, you come to know that the ladder is broken and you can’t jump because of its height. You should think out of the box to find a solution.

You don’t need to worry as you have a rope into your inventory that you can throw to catch the top of the ladder and climb to escape.

Solve Alphabetic Puzzle

The game displays you a rounded door holding alphabetic on it in rough form. Your goal is to arrange then properly to complete the meaning and rotate the wheel to escape.

After completing the above puzzle, the game reveals the next part of the story. It reveals that after an hour many passengers are still unaware that something has gone wrong. Therefore, the confidence level of those people is high in the crew.

Become a Chef

Are you ready to be a chef? Before getting into the kitchen, you are supposed to dress up clothes like a chef. Therefore, you should wear the following stuff:

  • Silver Shoes
  • White Shirt and Coat
  • Chef Apron

Don’t forget to collect cash from the upper section of the rack.

Get those Orders taken care of

When you are in the kitchen, you follow the instruction given by customers to prepare their meals. The game displays you an image of a dish, and you must prepare the food exactly like that to make the customers happy and get access to the next room. After getting into the hall, you come to know that people are having fun and enjoy a party. They are dancing to beautiful songs without any tension of icebergs. It seems they don’t know that the ship is sinking.

In the next puzzle, your goal is to serve food because you are a chef and know where to deliver the dish first. Therefore, you should find any clue because in actuality you don’t have any idea. Here you need to take your puzzle-solving skills beyond the limits to find a solution. Did you notice that every table has a different cloth on the white sheet, and every dish has unique color? I think you got the point and are close to solving the puzzle. Bring the dish to the table of the same color and serve until the puzzle gets solved. Once done, the game will display you a path to escape.

Play Mini-Game

Afterward, the game leaves you on the stage where you start playing a mini-game. It is similar to a music game where you are supposed to tap the button following the oncoming notes. Similarly to that, the game displays objects above the screen and allows you to tab the button of the same item that appears above the screen to win. Once done, you can move to the next scene.

Name, Sir?

Leave the stage and move to the VIP room but before you must reveal your name to the security guard to get access. After reaching the location, you must hit the diary to write your name, but you have to collect a pin from there. The game introduces a unique puzzle to solve. Head to the diary and match the names of both pages to find the name to access the room.

  • After finding the name, you should write the related name to the 2nd page on the space. Once done, the man will offer you a coat. Before grabbing the coat, you should offer the money to the man and get into the room.

As you enter the room, the ship starts to fluctuate and objects surrounding you start moving randomly. The way to the next room closes as the ship comes to rest and the water starts to fill your screen.

Solution: Remove all the stuff by merely dragging your finger across the screen to clear the path and escape.

Note: Your character isn’t enough power that he can move the table lonely; therefore, you should think to find a solution. If you fail, then read our Escape Titanic Walkthrough for Solutions. Hold the head of the statue fixed on the stair entrance and break the table to escape.

Everything behind me is Under Water

Fire is burning ahead of you and only four doors are available around you to get access and save your life. Unfortunately, all doors are locked but you can open one of four thanks to the pin collected from above the paperboard.

  • Use the pin to open the door of your left-side and rotate the wheel.

There’s a briefcase on the floor that you have to open upon entering the room. To solve the puzzle, follow the given steps in the Escape the Titanic Walkthrough Guide:

  • Search the environment around you to find a diamond. There are three different things available, such as Cupboard, Wardrobe, and a box. Surely, the diamond would be on the Cupboard.
  • Open the Cupboard to bring all clothes out of it and find a diamond.
  • Once you find the diamond, use it to cut the window’s mirror and escape.

Cut the Window using a Diamond

After coming out of the window, you may find yourself hanging with a holder. There are many holders and some of them are frozen. We suggest you break the ice first before holding the next one. Upon reaching close to the top, you must take advantage of rope to reach the roof; otherwise, your character may fall into the water.

Break Ice before taking any Step

Upon landing on the ship’s roof, you must prevent yourself from colliding with stuff coming toward you. Keep tapping the items until an arrow appears on your screen. Click on the arrow and head to a trapdoor. Arrange the rods and open the lock by merely dialing the code “15 and 0.”

Open the door and get into the new area where people are in the rush of making their places to the life-saving boats. The soldiers are announcing that they prefer to bring women and children first, then back to the rest of the persons. Making a selection of four characters in itself is a puzzle that you have to complete to move ahead of.

You must tap only children and women and push other characters back to bring other women ahead. The puzzle isn’t easy as you are considering, many men will appear in women’s get-up; so you have to be smart enough to recognize them.

In the next scene, you must maintain the balance between two machines when bringing the boats down. Hold the handle and start rotating whenever you feel the machine is near to break. Repeat the process until the boats safely reach the end.

Storyline – 2nd Part

After landing both boats safely on the ocean, the game reveals the rest part of the storyline. It reveals that the icy cold water has almost filled the ship, dragging it further down. The temperature is 28 degrees and the ocean isn’t in the mood of showing mercy on anyone who dares to land on it.

The ship starts changing its position from horizontal to vertical. People are holding stuff that is fixed with floor and your character has to hold a bench. After losing the grip, you reach the 2nd end of the ship and the game asks you to tap the arrow.

Open the Lock

There’s a door ahead of you with an analog locker. You must enter the Security Code9124”, slide the button, and leave to open it. You find yourself standing in the Captain’s Room after opening the door. A table is available containing some stuff like the map and more.

After heading to the table, you may find a paper revealing alphabets with the help of a bar. Next to that, a paper will appear with a puzzle to solve. You must use the machine to type the letters as shown on the paper. Typing the letter requires you to tap or hold the button accordingly to the bar shown in the paper.

Enter the direction to the empty spaces, such as 41 Degree in North and 50 Degree in West.  

The arrow will appear on the screen that you must follow to reach the door. Break the emergency box to collect a torchlight and fireworks. Bring both hurdles down simultaneously and open the door using your third finger.

Maintain Your Balance

After opening the door, you must take the stairs to reach the top. Maintain your balance on a narrow path to reach the 2nd end. Once you reach the 2nd end, bring the wrench out of your inventory and untie all bolts to open the door. But before you have to solve a puzzle holding many items to stop anyone from opening the door. You must clear the path and remove the hurdles to unlock the door and get into it.

Find Paper and Floatation Device

Upon entering, you may find paper glued on the wall next to the ladder. Use the paper to detect which box contains a floatation device. At the time when I saw the paper, the floatation device was in the “8386” box.

Once confirms, you must find a way to open the box before it’s too late. Don’t forget to collect a rod from the floor. Use the rod to open the box, collect the device, and climb the ladder to escape the room.

As you try to climb the ladder, the boxes will start to fall randomly. During that time, you should let your character move left or right after finding the direction of the box to save your character and reach the roof’s floor.

Prepare the Floatation Device

Once you reach, the ship is about to sink and you have only a few seconds to save yourself. Fill the air as soon as possible to prepare the floatation device and jump into the water.

Swim, Swim, and Swim

You don’t have enough time to wait to see what will happen next. Think out of the box to find a solution according to the critical situation. Let me as you a question, what you would do if you find yourself drowning. For sure, you would try your best to swim.

Solution: Use your three fingers simultaneously to pull your drowning character out of the character. Your movement should be fast; otherwise, the chances are very low.

Fire for Help

In the final step, you must aim and shoot perfectly using a gun available into your inventory to let another ship know where you exactly are and you need help. The ship will come to pick up you from the location where you are and take you to a safe place.


Escape Titanic brings stunning gameplay with beautiful artwork and sound effects. It takes you back in history to experience the story and puts your all senses, wits, puzzle-solving skills, and quick reflexes to test. Only players with detective skills can successfully survive till the end. The game doesn’t feature any introduction and lists of items to find. You have to find everything you need to solve the puzzle on your own using your wit. Escape Titanic (also known as Escape the Titanic) Walkthrough helps you solve all Fifty challenging puzzles by offering their solutions in-details.

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