Pizza Quest Walkthrough


Pizza Quest is an awesome, interesting hidden object and escape game created by Carmel Games. The game is about Richard, which has been promoted to be the queen’s new chef. The queen is hungry, she demands from her new chef a delicious mushroom pizza! Help Richard find all of the hidden ingredients around the castle needed to make the mushroom pizza. The game is full of complex puzzles and interesting mini games for you to solve, but hurry up, make it on time before the queen gets angry!


The Queen’s kitchen has 5 rooms on where you are going to find the items needed for making the mushroom pizza: Cooking Room, Basement, Pantry, Garden and lastly, the Dungeon.

  • Pick the baguette (A)
  • Pick the tomato can (B)
  • Collect the watering can (C)
  • PUZZLE. Solution (D) – 3 1 5 (the right side of each symbol hints a number). Collect the mushroom seeds and place them in the vase that’s located on the left side of the garden (e)

  • Go to the pantry room and click the blue chest. You have to complete a puzzle to see what’s inside. Solution: SEE NEWS = South East East North East West South. Take the plutonium rod (F, G)
  • There is another puzzle awaiting for you to solve it. Click the refrigerator. You may think this puzzle is very hard but it actually isn’t. The dials are basically labeled ALL TOT HEL EFT, which means ALL TO THE LEFT, turn all of the dial points on the left. Collect the dough, and also collect the rag to where the arrow’s pointing. (H, I)
  • Go down to the basement. You have to turn the power switch on for a specific action to work, but in order to do that you have to complete a specific puzzle. Solution: Turn the arrows of the clocks so they form a trapezium in order to solve the puzzle. (I, J)
  • Fill the watering can with water on the sink, pour it into the blender and add the plutonium rod to blend some radioactive water.

  • Pour the radioactive water into the mushroom seeds, making them instantly grow.
  • Go to the purple door, it leads to the Dungeon. The counterweight is not set up correctly for the 20 ton weight. Click the 5 ton, 7 ton and 8 ton weights in any order to set it up correctly. (M, N)
  • Place the tomato can, the green button lifts the weight and the red one drops it. Collect the tomato sauce with your rag. There is also a matchbox that is too high to reach, place the baguette you collected on the broken leg of the chair to reach the matchbox. (O, P)
  • Collect the cheese while clicking on the boat in the basement that has the power button.

  • Add all the ingredients on the preparing surface: dough, sauce, cheese and mushrooms. 
  • Light the oven up with the machbox you just collected from the dungeon.
  • Place the pizza. Wait for it to cook and serve it to The Queen!

And there you have it, you just completed the game! Not only you helped Richard prepare the pizza for the Queen, but you also helped him get a big stack of coins for that amazing job that you just did!

Final Verdict

Carmel Games did a decent job with Pizza Quest. They created an interesting point and click game that trains your mind on what might work or what might not. The tricky puzzles this game offered had hints that were explained clearly and made sense. To sum it up shortly, Pizza Quest is a nice little fun game that pushes your mind to the limit with the puzzles that it offers for you on completing.

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