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Ray And Cooper is a detective and mystery franchise created by Carmel Games.  The franchise is about two friends called Ray and Cooper. Ray went out to buy some nachos but it seemed that he was not coming back, this got Cooper worried. Help Cooper find Ray, his friend. The franchise is separated into two games.

Part 1 – Ray and Cooper

The game starts with Ray and Cooper playing video games together. However, they ended all their nachos! Ray told Cooper that he will buy some nachos on the snack-attack shop. Time passed, and Cooper was worried about his friend. Help Cooper find his friend in this Chapter.

The game has 6 locations you are going to check if you are going to find Cooper’s friend: Ray and Cooper’s Place, Museum of Oddities, Research Lab, Downtown, Chinatown.

  • Go to Chinatown. Ask the man to use his restroom. (A)
  • Pick the mushrooms. (B)
  • Fix his plumbing issue. Solution is in the image. (C)
  • Go to the shop. (D)


  • Talk to Norbert, he is going to give you a love potion if you are going to give him the Ginseng Extract. Talk to the woman in the shop on Chinatown. Ask the woman if she is going to give you Ginseng Extract.  She tells you that she is going to give you the Ginseng Extract in exchange for some mushrooms. Give her the mushrooms. Go to Norbert again and give him the Ginseng Extract, he will give you the love potion. Also collect the yellow ticket on his table. (E, F, G)
  • Go to the Downtown Area. Pull the lever to get in line. (H)
  • Talk to the woman. Click on her drink to drop the love potion. (I)


  • Go to the Snack Attack Shop. Open the door. The woman on the pub is awaiting you there. (J)
  • Collect her father’s diary. (K)
  • Go to the Museum of Oddities. Give the yellow ticket to the clown. (L)
  • Check for a a hammer. (M)

  • Go to Chinatown again. Tell the man that you fixed the plumbing issue. (N)
  • Break the toilet with the hammer. (O)
  • Get the coin he dropped while going to the restroom. (P)
  • Go to the Downtown Area again. Go to the arcade shop (Q)

  • Play the arcade game. Complete the arcade mini game before the timer ends. (R)
  •  Talk to Roger. Ask him if he has seen Ray around. Tell him what you can buy with 10 arcade tickets that you just won from completing the mini game. You are going to get a pocket knife.(S)
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the material that covers the password. The Password is in the woman’s father’s diary. (T, U)
  • You found your friend! Rescue him using the pocket knife. (V)

We finished Chapter 1! Ray and Cooper are now held hostage by the Circus Clown, let’s see if they will be rescued on the final chapter.

Part 2 – Detective Paul Maxstrong

Ray and Cooper have been missing for three days. Small Town Detective Paul Maxstrong got appointed for this job. Help the detective on finding these 2 men!

  • You start out in Cooper’s Apartment.
  • Go to the Museum of Oddities. Talk to the clown to go and inspect his museum. Click on the mask on the middle to find a note that will contain a code for something. (A)
  • Go to Cooper’s Apartment again. Go to his bedroom and collect the stool and remove the poster off the wall. (B, C)
  • Click on the safe to type the code. The code is in the note you got from the Museum of Oddities. (D, E)


  • Go to the research lab where Ray works. Talk to Norbert. He is looking for the file you just found on Cooper’s apartment. Give it to him. (F)
  • Go to Cooper’s Apartment again. Put the stool on the door to reach the vent. Open the vent with your screwdriver. Collect the pocket knife. (G, H)
  • Go to Chinatown. Talk to the man to inspect his restroom. (I)
  • Collect the sponge. (J)

  • Collect the fireworks. Talk to the woman. (K)
  • Use the stools to reach the strings. Get the strings using your pocketknife. (L)
  • Go to the pub that is located in the Downtown Area. (M)
  • Click on the horseshoe. Talk to the bartender about Cooper. (N)

  • Go to the Snack Attack Area. Talk to the clerk about Cooper. Open the door. (O, P)
  • Talk to the woman. Collect the horseshoe. (Q)
  • Go to the pub. Give the bartender your horseshoe, he will give you a magnet. (R)
  • Combine your strings with the magnet. Click on the vent using your combination. You will get a gold coin that you will use on the Arcade Shop. (S)

  • Play the mini game. You will win a voucher ticket. (T)
  • Once you beat the mini game, go to the Snack Attack Shop. Give the clerk your voucher to win a lighter! (U)
  • Go to Matteo’s Pizza, right after Cooper’s Apartment. Use the firework and the lighter to scare Matteo. A crowbar will drop, collect it. (V)
  • Go to the Museum of Oddities and open the door with your crowbar. (W)

  • You are going to meet the Goth Girl. 
  • Click on the bucket using your sponge to make a wet sponge. Drop the wet sponge on the thing that holds electricity. (X)
  • Get out of the museum and collect the key. (Y)
  • Use your key to open the door to the Snack Attack’s magazine. (Z)

  • Open the fragile box.

Ray and Cooper were in the fragile box after all! They were found alive and well by Detective Paul Maxstrong and most importantly, by your help.

Final Verdict

This was a very fun and creative mystery franchise! The difficulty was perfectly balanced, i didn’t have any difficulty with any of the challenges or puzzles existing in the game. It is still one of the best and most played mystery point-click franchises out there, with an interesting artistic view and a great understanding of puzzles and challenges.




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