Evil Nun 2: Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure Walkthrough


Evil Nun is back once again with new Enemies, Multiple Terrifying Locations, and Challenging Puzzles to solve. It is an Adventure and Single-player video game that promises to take you into a thrilling world where you confront terror. Please don’t make a mistake by considering the game easy to play; it will chill your bones and bend your mind. Somehow, the gameplay is similar to Granny (Video Game), wherein the player requires to escape the house at any cost by solving the tricky puzzles. Evil Nun 2 is designed for those players who love playing horror games and want to get trapped in a haunted house with evil entities to experience the terror.

Evil Nun 2 Review

What would be your thought upon finding yourself trapped within a haunted house? Certainly, the situation gets worst when you find someone is coming toward the room you’re locked in. At that time, the bravest person can’t imagine what will happen next and start to find a hideout. You aren’t out of the world; therefore, the same situation will happen to you.

Get ready to experience the horror in real-time when you confront Evil Nun, who possesses sharp ears and eyes. The sequel comes with more new enemies and locations that will challenge your survival skills. The game’s premise revolves around the character who needs to find a way out at any cost while struggling for survival. Evil Nun won’t show any mercy once she catches you escaping; therefore, you should play smartly.

Discover the Past of Sister Madeline – the Scary Granny

If you are a horror game lover, then for sure, you would be familiar with the Evil Nun. In 2018, a movie titled “The Nun” was released in Cinemas; the game takes inspiration from the said movie and introduces the female character as an evil who doesn’t love kids who misbehave with others. The game starts with a short story describing Sister Madeline’s past, who loved her sister a lot.

Four Game Modes

Whether you love playing games at a high difficulty setting or not, the game has got you covered by offering four exciting game modes. For that, it features four exciting game modes, and their names are the following:

  • Ghost Mode

When playing in Ghost mode, enemies can’t see you, and the game displays ads after a specific time. You can navigate the environment free from a first-person viewpoint. Furthermore, you can interact with the environment and objects around you to solve puzzles. In short, there’s no difficulty for you when planning your escape plan.

  • Easy Mode

Easy mode is a bit challenging than Ghost Mode. In Easy Mode, enemies are slower, and they can’t hear you as well. During the gameplay, the chances are meager that Gummy catches you; upon catching, Gummy cannot call his mistress.

  • Normal Mode

When you choose Normal Mode, the game difficulty reaches the next level where you see enemies moving at high speed, and the ability to listen to the sound is high. The newly introduced enemies can bite you very hard and can call SM to give you punishment. We suggest using the mode when you know where to go and find objects that help you escape.

  • Hard Mode

Players with quick reflexes and a smart mind are supposed to play Hard Mode. There’s only one life, and if someone catches you when escaping the school, the game ends. Enemies are extraordinary fast and are on high alert. Therefore, you should be careful and move without making any noise to survive until you escape. You have only one life, so play carefully.

A Letter to Parents from S.M

As you start the game to play, the game displays you a letter where it asks you to enter your name. S.M has released the letter for parents to inform that their child has been punished, and don’t expect any other news until their bad behavior has been addressed. If it seems scary to read, imagine what will happen to you when finding yourself ahead of Sister Madeline. We know the situation will be worst ahead apart; therefore, we jump in to let you know via Evil Nun 2 Walkthrough how to survive longer and escape.

Evil Nun 2 Walkthrough

The opening scene includes Sister Madeline moving toward their office. The starting scene displays a few images of S.M along with her daughter, whom she loved. Something mysterious happened to her daughter, and she disappeared from the scene, leaving a drastic change to Sister Madeline. The behavior of the sister gets aggressive, and she doesn’t like any kid making noise. So, it would help if you were to keep quiet until you find a way to escape. When you are playing in the Ghost mode, you face no such problem as with other modes. There’s a Walkthrough for Evil Nun 2 that brings challenging plus horror gameplay to experience.

As the game starts, you have an option to skip the tutorial and start the game to escape the school at any cost. At the very start, Sister Madeline comes into your room to introduce deadly creatures who won’t leave you alone. We suggest you choose the Ghost Mode in Evil Nun 2 to explore the house without any difficulty and see where the objects and keys are kept you have to collect.

The majority of doors are locked, and several won’t let you go in for limitation. A hand will appear on your screen when you focus on any object you can interact with, like a drawer, wardrobe, and more. First hand, you must find hideouts where you can hide whenever you find both Sister Madeline and her vicious creatures are coming to visit you. Apart from that, you can set deadly traps to stop SM for a limited time.

First-person Exploration

You explore the environment using a first-person viewpoint. Interact with the environment around you and collect hidden objects like keys and other items to solve challenging puzzles. Your only aim focuses on escaping the school by any means; therefore, you should figure out the school first, reveal Nun’s past, and make your escape successfully that no one catches you later. During the game, you can walk or crawl like a baby. Crawling would be great if you don’t want to create any sound. Therefore, it is perfect when you are playing in Easy, Normal, or Hard Mode.

Set Traps 5 times

Whenever you find yourself in any difficulty, you should get rid of that problem by merely setting a trap. Following the said method helps you stop the Nun for a limited time and gives you a chance to run and hide in a safe place where no one can find you for a long time.

Follow the Passageway and Remove the Carpet

At the start, you need to find a passageway available in your room. Explore the room from a first-person viewpoint and visit the passageway between two cages where mutated creatures are locked. Once you get into it, open the door, and come behind the cage where you discover a carpet. Remove the rug and reach down.

Upon reaching below, find the “Classroom” and pull the lever to open the gate. The game displays you an ad button that will give you a hint upon getting the tap. Therefore, you are free to tap it anytime you are out of any idea what to do next.

Open the Classroom Door

As you reach the basement following the trapdoor, the game will display you several doors; each one leads you to a different location; therefore, follow the Evil Nun 2 Guide and Walkthrough to learn where to go first. Leave all doors behind, except for the classroom that takes you into the tunnel that ends to the chiller path. Moving a few steps in a forward direction, you may discover three trapdoors after some distance from each other. Choose any one of them and remove the trapdoor to get into the toilet. Open the door to escape the bathroom. As you leave the bathroom, start climbing stairs to reach the 2nd floor.

Apart from that, your aim focuses on collecting several items available in the 2nd room. When you visit the floor, the location of items will be changed; therefore, you should search the area to locate hidden objects and bring all of those items to the specific location to complete the puzzle. When moving across the scenes, you should be careful from S.M and her evil creatures who smell your location and movement. They won’t leave you alone once catches you escaping the school. Firstly, you are supposed to find the following items:

  • Greenhouse Key
  • Glasses
  • Broken Ruler

Did you notice when you are in the basement that one of four doors don’t have a lever? It is in itself is a puzzle that you have to solve using your wit. Upon getting failed to solve the mystery of broken lever, you need a Walkthrough for Evil Nun 2 to find all objects.

How to Find Greenhouse Key?

Firstly, we suggest you find a greenhouse key because you can’t open the door to remove batteries. To find a key, you must investigate all rooms. The game introduces a smart AI that keeps the key in random locations whenever you play the game. There’s no challenge to complete, other than deadly creatures and making your escape possible. Deadly creatures will keep visiting all rooms and locations after a while. They can appear anytime following the noise you make by interacting with objects like doors, windows, tables, and more.

How to find Goggle?

Your next after finding a key is to keep it to the safe place where you can pick it up easily whenever you need. Afterward, it would be best if you found a goggle that is hidden within the desk. Visit the classrooms and start picking up the cover of each desk to find the goggles. Once you found, throw it on the floor and pick up its only one glass. Keep the glass to the safe place where you can find it easily without any delay.

How to find a broken Ruler?

After finding Goggle and a key to the greenhouse door, you must start your search to grab a broken ruler. Finding the goggle is the trickiest and the most simple because you don’t need to go through the drawer thoroughly; it will be available on any table or desk. Once you find the broken ruler, follow the path wherefrom you come here and reach the section by going through the toilet and then Chiller Path. Upon reaching the basement, you must use the broken ruler to open the door. Apart from that, you have to open the door under the label of “Attic” using the broken ruler from collected from the room in the classroom. Congratulations! Now you can access the room.

Visit the Garden

Despite opening the door of the Attic, you aren’t supposed to visit that area for now. Pull the lever of Garden to open its door, and go through to access the area. Before entering, don’t forget to pick up a key to the greenhouse because you can’t make your survival without it. Following the path will lead you through several tunnels, and it throws you up into the garden.

Access the Greenhouse to find a Screwdriver

Once you are in the garden, explore the area to find a greenhouse. Probably, it may be ahead of you. Take a few steps in forwarding direction after coming out of the tunnel and use the key to access the greenhouse. Open the door and start exploring the scene. Your ultimate goal is to find a screwdriver from there by searching out the cupboards. There is a possibility that the game changes the location of the screwdriver during your turn. Bring the screwdriver along with you and throw it near the trapdoor where you came out from following the Garden’s Door.

Turn of 4 Circuit Breakers

After throwing the screwdriver, you must explore the area silently to find fuses that you must turn off. The area contains four circuit breakers across different houses, and you have to locate each one as soon as possible. When moving across the land, you must keep away from S.M and her evil creatures who will keep visiting the area upon hearing any sound or randomly. We suggest you hide anywhere instantly upon finding Sister Madeline coming toward you. Seriously, she won’t leave you alive after finding you are planning to escape.

Turn off the Electricity of all Greenhouses

Turning off all greenhouses’ electricity is compulsory; there is a reason we will share with you later in the Evil Nun 2 Walkthrough Guide. After visiting the last greenhouse, you may find a small wooden room with opened door. Get into the room and find a wire cutter.

Cut the Cables to disconnect the Battery.

Now, head to the circuit box where the game tasks you with cutting all cables attached with a battery. Please pick up the battery and take it close to the location where you threw the screwdriver. Keep the battery near the trapdoor and move a few steps ahead to discover branches, and go through the secret passageway to explore the rest of the area, but it is optional. In some cases, you may find the said item in the said area, back to the place where you threw a screwdriver and a battery.

Pick up the battery and visit the Attic Door

In the next steps, you are supposed to pick up a battery, open the trapdoor, and approach the basement. Once you reach over there, go through the Attic door to access the School’s hall and other rooms. Following the tunnel will take you to a room where you find a door on your left side. Open the door, move to your left side once again, and take your right-side door to discover stairs. Take the stairs to reach the 2nd floor and find a table holding a rack above it. You should keep the battery on the rack and connect cables.

Note: Don’t forget to activate the lever available below the rack.

Go down using the stairs and head to its wall where you find different tools, including Crowbar. Collect the crowbar from there and take it to the basement, where you had placed the broken ruler to open the door. Once you reach, find a door opposite the classroom gate of Church and fix it using the crowbar.

Set the Glass to fix the Telescope

After setting the battery, you must go back to the basement to throw a glass after breaking the sunglasses. Collect the glass and visit the place where you fixed the battery. You may discover a telescope set on the table below the rack where you fixed the battery. Add the mirror to the telescope and start exploring other areas. Firstly, you have to know who the person is keeping the keys to the main door. Let me reveal the person who has a key, and you can find her in the image given below. But before there’s another task, you must complete.

Get a Passcode

If you fixed both glass and battery to their exact places, go back to your room following the way you chose to reach it. Once you reach your room, visit the nearby room to discover a paper kept on the table. Note the passcode and back to your room. The passcode will be “1480” that you need to open a locker.

Go to Church

After having a code, you must visit the Church gate, go through the tunnel, and reach the hall after crossing the trapdoor. The hall may be available on your left-side; once you find a treasure box on the stage holding a Femur. But first, you need to enter the code to open the box. You already have a code “1480” discovered written on the paper in Sister Madeline’s Room. Take stairs to reach the 2nd floor and head to the end where you discover a window displaying you a sister is eating food in a wild way.

Here, your goal is to open the window and waste her food to order once again online. Once the rider brings the food, you must find any way to steal the keys. You don’t directly open the window, because she will detect you within no time. It means you will be dragged to the garden brutally, and get buried by Sister Madeline after making a plan of your escape. To avoid all of these situations from happening, we jump in to help you find the right path to follow by offering a useful Guide and Walkthrough of Evil Nun 2.

Ring the Bell

You must find a way to grab the Sister’s attention, who is eating food. There’s only a way you can use to force the sister to see who is calling her. Go down using the stairs to find a bell on your right side after coming out. Ring the bell and reach the window as soon as possible. Use the Femur to drag the window up and to drop down her box of ice-cream. Follow the path you used to approach the hall and take the Attic path for further steps.

Use Telescope to keep an eye on Sister’s Activities

For sure, you will be familiar with the path you used to fix the telescope. Firstly, you should back to the basement and then move to the place where you found a telescope. This is because you have dropped the sister’s ice-cream box, and indeed she will order some more. Use the telescope to inspect the area and wait to see what will happen next.

Soon, you will find a delivery boy ringing a bell. Meanwhile, you need to activate the lever, whenever you see the sister visiting the door to grab food from the delivery boy. Activating the lever will cause a short circuit and bulb start to spark. You have to activate the lever once again as the sister crosses the trapdoor. Doing as I said will give her a shock, and the keys will drop to the sewerage pipe.

Find the keys following the Sewerage Pipeline

After watching that the sister has dropped the keys, you must leave the area where you are now, and reach the garden as soon as possible. During the journey, you have to be careful and keep yourself away from evil creatures and Sister Madeline. Reach the basement and get into the tunnel of Garden. Find a small wooden room where you had collected a wire cutter. The sewerage cover is available on its left side, where you must bring the keys out to escape.

Visit Your Room to find the Main Door

Now, it’s time to go back to your room happily, because you have keys to the main door. The way back to your room isn’t easy; both evil creatures and Sister Madeline are entirely in aggressive mode and won’t show mercy on you this time once they catch you. Therefore, you should play with more attention and reach your room following the path you adapted to come here.

  • Firstly, you should reach the basement
  • Go up using the stairs and follow the passageway to get access to your room
  • Come out of your room and leave Madeline’s Room.
  • Take the right-side after leaving the room and move to your right once you reach the hall.
  • At the end of the hall, you will find the main door.
  • Use the key to open the door and move to the left-side to escape.
  • Run as fast as possible to get out of the school and never come back here.

Happy freedom! I hope Evil Nun 2 Walkthrough might have helped you a lot in making a successful escape. For further Updates, Guides, Walkthroughs, and Tip & Tricks keep visiting Walkthroughs.net.


Seriously, I found the gameplay of Evil Nun 2 quite similar to Granny. Despite having similar gameplay, I found Evil Nun 2 is offering good graphics and sound effects. Although the animations aren’t scary, the evil creatures won’t leave any way to make you scared. It has four modes already mentioned above, like Ghost, Easy, Normal, and Hard. We suggest you play the game in Ghost mode to find objects you need and get familiar with the environment the game is offering. Playing the game in the rest of the modes isn’t easy.

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