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Lily’s Garden brings a beautiful mix of Romance, Garden, and Puzzle game elements, developed by Tactile Games for Android and iOS. The game features a fascinating female protagonist who is fed up from her office life and looking for a way to have fun. It takes place in the ruined Garden that you must renovate using your skills and solving a series of challenging puzzles. While playing, the game keeps you engage for endless hours of fun because of its relaxing music. In the game, you will deal with the following items, such as:

  • Renovation – You have to renovate and expand the Garden by navigating different unique locations attached to the storyline
  • Match – Unlock required items by merely playing a mini-game (Match-3), in which you have to match three or more pieces of similar color and type, and clear the screen to earn in-game points.
  • Exploration – The game world comprises a series of unique locations, and a few of them are unlocked by default, while further requires the completion of objectives.
  • Relax – Release your stress and experience a romantic storyline with heartfelt and funny dialogues.

The game invites you to embark on a fun-filled journey where you require to renovate a ruined garden and solve a series of challenging puzzles.


Storyline – Help Lily Renovate Her Garden

It tells the story of a female character named Lily, who is fed up from her daily boring life and is planning to renovate the Garden of her great-aunt. Turning the Garden to its former glory would be tough; therefore, she is looking for someone to assist her in completing the task. The objective isn’t easy as it seems, because you have to play match-3 games, complete daily objectives, and purchase different objects to place and make the Garden beautiful than ever before. During the game, you must engage yourself into a romantic storyline that is full of twists and turns as your female character Lily comes in contact with a massive cast of colorful characters.

Match Items Your Way to Start Garden Makeover

Match-3 genre is in trending from decades and has a lot of fan following. You might have heard about Candy Crush Game, as it serves as the most trending title on Google Play, offering you match-3 gameplay with new sound effects. Similarly, you have to place endless levels of Match-3 game to renovate and makeover your Garden.

Although the game isn’t easy to play, you can use a variety of power-ups to boost up your gaming experience and skills as well. While playing the game, try to match flowers of the same type, and start makeover of your Garden. Different types of themed boosters are available in a series of areas with plenty of customization options.

Bring the Garden to its Former Glory

The Garden isn’t as beautiful as it was once. Your great aunt is alone and can’t handle the enormous Garden alone; therefore, she requested your help to turn its Garden in its former condition. Your character was agreed upon the deal because of having a dull life. Now, lots of excitement awaits you as you can participate in fun-filled activities, similar to Gardenscape and Homescape video games.

Moreover, solve tricky puzzles to reveal the exciting story of Lily, while unlocking secret areas and decorating the gardens to make it beautiful. When playing the game, you can relax, release your stress, sit down on the chair in the Garden, and enjoy the romantic story. Spring season is about to come, and your beautiful flowers are ready to blossom. Are you ready to decorate and renovate the beautiful Garden? If case you find all of Lily’s Puzzle Challenging to complete, then check out Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Guide to overcome all challenges.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough

The entire gameplay is split into several days, and each day comes with a set of levels you have to complete to advance through the story. The difficulty level increases as you approach high stages and will provide you with tough puzzles to complete. Help out a cute girl who is looking for someone to bring a beautiful garden to its former glory.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 1

As the game starts, the female character reaches to her aunt’s home on her red-colored car. Upon reaching, she finds everything in ruin and decided to spend so many summers with her aunt Mary to dig and plant trees, flowers, and more.

The first task is to fix the mailbox because whenever a new task becomes available to complete, it will be displayed here. You need to tap the mailbox to check out your new task to complete. And each completed task will reward you with a star. To earn more stars, you have to complete more levels. However, you can play a level by merely tapping the task itself.

Level 1 (Gather 20 Yellow-colored Tiles) – Fix Mailbox

As the game starts, you find yourself completing level 1, including the task of gathering 20 yellow-coloured tiles at any cost. Once you have done, the game rewards you with one star. Once done, you can use your star to fix the mailbox. You will be introduced with three mailboxes of different colors and styles, and upon choosing your favorite one, it will be replaced by the old one.

Level 2 (Gather 15 Blue, Yellow, and Pink-colored tiles) – Tie up Area

In the 2nd level, you must match tiles your way to collect three tiles of different colors. You can’t randomly tap the screen to collect the tiles, as you have limited moves. Therefore, place wisely and collect all tiles within given moves. Once done, you have a star to use to tie up the said area.

Level 3 (Gather 20 Yellow and Pink-colored Tiles) – Layout Flowerbed

Here you come to know that a rocket can be created by matching five to seven tiles of the same color, which helps you in clearing the screen quickly. The completion of the third level will reward you with a star as usual and in-game coins, depending on your performance and remaining moves. Three different flowerbeds will be displayed at your screen to make a selection of your favorite one to advance.

Level 4 (Gather 20 Orange, Blue, and Dark Brown Tiles) – Build a Bird Bath

As prior, you required a star to build a birdbath, and it can only be possible after the completion of the given level. Match all tiles your way and clear the screen within limited moves to have a star on your leaderboard to complete the task.

Level 5 (Collect 40 Purple, Pink, and Blue-colored Tiles) – Greet Visitor

After building a birdbath, you saw an ancient person in front of your aunt’s home. You have to welcome him, but you need a star to perform the said action. Therefore, the completion of the fifth stage is compulsory. Once done, you come to know that he is the lawyer of your aunt and come here to explain the particular condition of your inheritance.

Note: Here, he reveals that you have to restore the garden within 30 days; otherwise, the inheritance will be cancelled.

Level 6 (Collect 44 Dandelions) – Build a Walkway

The lawyer gives you a negative star upon finding the walkway damaged. You just have thirty days to turn the garden into its former glory but must repair the walkway before the next visit of a lawyer. As prior, three possible choices will be given to you to make your selection.

After the completion of the 5th level, you find the following areas:

  • Uncle Arthur’s Studio
  • A Great Pond
  • Main Garden

Level 7 (Gather 25 Dandelions) – Collect Honey

Collecting honey from the hive of the bee would be easy as you are considering, it may hurt you. You should need a star to perform that action; therefore, playing a match-3 level is vital here, so you have a star over here to use and collect honey.

Level 8 and 9 (Gather 33 Dandelions and Seed Bags) – Repair Beehive

Leave everything and start gathering 33 Dandelions at any cost because it helps you make a star required to repair the beehive, but you need two stars; therefore, playing the match-3 games two times is a must. This time, you have three rockets at your disposal to use while playing a match-3 game.

Level 10 (Collect 4 Seed Bags) – Start a New Day

The completion of level 10 leads you to the start of a new day, but first, you need to collect four seed bags by matching tiles. Further remaining tasks will be completed the next day.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 2

As so far, you come to know that each day contains up to 10 Levels to complete. Each completed level rewards you a star, which you have to use for the completion of the task.

Level 1 – Talk to Luke

Your second day will start with a fascinating conversation with Luke, but before you have to complete a level to have a star at your disposal. Once done, the conversation will start, in which Luke will offer you to have a cup of coffee with him, and your character gets so confused.

Level 2 – Remove Scrap Metal

Welcome your neighbor (Luke) and start cleaning your garden by removing scrap metal together. Once clean, help your neighbor in finding his dog hidden behind the flowers.

Level 3 – Dismantle Old Gazebo

You need two stars for the completion of that task, and you must play match-3 games two times to have 2 stars.

Level 4 and 5- Remove Pile O’ Gazebo Parts and Check Mailbox

This time, you have an opportunity to complete two tasks together, but for that, you need 2 stars. Start matching tiles your way through a series of two levels and grab a star from each one. Right after a few moments, you find your character having a cough, and it may be possible because of rust you inhale.

Once done, you find an old photo of your aunt and uncle’s marriage. The task will be ended up with dialogues of adding that one photo to the scrapbook. Your next challenge is to check your mailbox as there’s something for you. Upon reaching the letter, you come to know that your Uncle Larry is coming to visit you soon.

Level 6 – Remove Weeds 1/2

Search for some gardening tools to remove the seeds as it is your task for a star. You must clean the garden before the next visit to the lawyer. Getting into the house may reveal some gardening tools. In the storeroom, you find the third image of your aunty Mary, along with you, when you were a child.

Level 7 – Remove Weeds 2/2

After the completion of the first one, your character visits the main garden to remove the remaining weeds to restore the garden. Next to that, you find some empty spaces where your character is planning to plant some beautiful flowers.

Level 8 – Layout Flowerbeds

Get ready to make a selection between three different choices as you have to place flowerbeds across the circle to make it beautiful after completing the match-3 levels. Your every star is rare; therefore, you should use them wisely.

Level 9 – Destroy Weeds

The 2nd last task of the Day 2 requires you to smash weeds once again to clean the space for a bench to sit on it. On the way of collecting gardening tools, you encounter your neighbor again, and the discussion will start between both of you.

Level 10 – Build Benches

After adding a few benches, your garden becomes beautiful and amazing to see. Your character will sit down in the garden to have some rest and to think about what to do next.

Level 11 – Build Lights

For sure, the house isn’t completed until there are no lights on the front door. Therefore, you should add some lights on the garden by completing a level of the match-3 game to have a star you need to complete the task.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 3

The third day starts with the construction of the Gazebo Foundation right after placing the flowerbeds. Most of the game you play reading dialogues between characters, while the remaining part lets you take actions and proceed with the storyline to get advanced through the game. Similar to previous days, it contains up to 10 levels, and each one comes intending to complete. Match titles of different colors your way through a series of levels, and earn stars to clean the garden quickly.

Decorate Gazebo

After completing the construction of Gazebo, you must decorate it using a variety of objects and accessories you have available at your disposal. You can ask Luke for help or can do it alone without making any mess. Do it properly as it is your next task to complete.

Plant Flowerbeds around the corners

The corners of your garden are empty and need a bit of decoration; you should make the decision that what you can add over there to fill the empty spaces. Yes, it could be flowerbeds that you had placed many times during the gameplay in previous stages.

Meet Uncle Larry

According to the letter you received while completing the objective, revealing that your uncle Larry will visit you soon. Now, the moment has come, and your uncle approaches you to visit the garden. Together, both characters discuss the old memories and remember the female character (aunty).

Uncle Larry need a glass of Water

Your uncle is asking for a glass of water, but you must play the match-3 game to give a glass of water to your uncle. After giving water, you take your uncle to show him the fountain you are working on it.

Repair Fountain

The completion of other objects leads you to the damaged fountain required a repair. However, using a single star, you can choose one of three fountains from available and place to make the remaining place beautiful.

Ops, Uncle Larry is in Trouble 

As Larry leaves you to visit the remaining places by himself, he gets lost; meanwhile, you listen to a voice of him asking for help. Now, you got another task to free Uncle Larry at any cost. As you struggle to make things accurate, something goes wrong, leaving you further jobs to complete.

Go to Luke’s

Upon visiting Luke to have a coffee, you come to know that he has to go urgently somewhere else; therefore, he can’t join you for now. He leaves you saying, please take care of his dog and think her name until he comes back. It means your other task is to feed the dog.

Use Smoker

To complete the task, you must make use of smokers to get advanced through the storyline and go to fill planters to help the bees. Different types of further stages will appear as you get advanced, and your only aim is to make the selection between three items and play match-3 games for stars.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 4

The process of cleaning all dirty areas has been done in the previous three days. Now, the fourth day will start with a call made to the carpenter, as it is your first task to complete. Till now, your ultimate tasks are the following:

  • Call Carpenter
  • Trim Shaped Bushes
  • Build Arches
  • Greet Blaine
  • Layout Gazebo Flowerbeds
  • Play with Dog
  • Help Blaine
  • Fix Rosebed
  • Confront Blaine
  • Meet Regina at the Balcony

Your character will start searching for a carpenter near her and use her phone to make a call to Regina Jones. Right after that, you find Blaine standing ahead of your door. Don’t forget to collect a photo you found near the fountain. Choose a flower planet portal to place in front of the central garden and add to welcome other characters. Grab another photo of your aunt and add it to the album. Some tasks need only one start to be get completed, while some require up to 2 stars.

Furthermore, you are allowed to play levels to earn as many stars as possible, but the condition of the level completion is essential. However, further power-ups and booster will be get unlocked as you approach the targeted stage. After greeting Blaine, your carpenter reaches to your door and waiting to be get received by someone.

Go and receive her before she leaves. Keep finding and adding photos to your newly created album, and it helps you take back in the past when you were a child and played with your aunt. Blaine will trap in bunches and asking for your help, go there and get rid of him out of bunches.

For sure, playing with a dog is great fun and would entertain you a lot. During the game, while you are playing with the dog, your neighbor will appear again to request you to look after him as he has to fix up a vintage car.

It seems Blaine is a psyche personality and featured in the game to distract you from completing the objectives. Therefore, you should say bye to Blaine as soon as possible to get rid of that problem; otherwise, you won’t restore the garden to its former condition within 30 days. At the last level of 4th day, a meeting is held between you and Regina on the balcony, where you discuss the work in regards to the house. Let’s start another day!

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 5

The fifth day will start with the discussion of Regina and your female protagonist standing in the balcony. On the fifth day, your prominent tasks are the following:

  • Clean the Pond
  • Call Regina
  • Build Bench
  • Clean Shoreline
  • Build Bridge
  • Pull Boat In
  • Rake Leaves
  • Repair Boat
  • Picnic Invitation
  • Restore Pier
  • Talk to Regina
  • Layout Water lilies

You are lucky that Regina is asking to help you in repairing the bridge, and your character accepts her help without wasting a single minute. Use your star to call Regina and invite her to fulfill the words she said yesterday (helping you in cleaning the pond and repairing the bridges). At the very start, your two ultimate goals are to build a bench and clean the shoreline. Once done, you will see how better your pond will see once the trash is gone. Still, it wouldn’t be a great place to swim and ride a boat; therefore, you should need someone to help to make it more beautiful.

Don’t forget to build a bridge as it is only the way to cross the pond to approach the 2nd side of the lake; otherwise, you have to swim or use a boat to reach there. After reaching the second bridge, the neighbor Luke will join you over there, and the fascinating discussion will start between three characters. Finish the scene using some decorations and raking up leaves to make it looks clean. You would be surprised to know that this time, the game requires you to use three stars for cleaning the pond.

Luke did arduous work to repair the boat and prove himself your best friend. Now, the next aim is to rake leaves from all over the pond to make it crystal clear. The process takes approximately 30 in-game minutes. Next to that, your next task is to repair the pier, and Luke will be your carpenter as it knows how to fix suck types objects.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 6 and Day 7

So far, the completion of day fifth, approximately half of your garden has been cleaned, and everything is shining like a crystal. The task will be completed automatically, the main challenge is to achieve the challenging match-3 levels that grow in difficulty level as you approach high stages, but thanks to unique boosters and power-ups, the completion of stages get accessible than your expectation.

The sixth level reveals both characters standing over a bridge, enjoying the beautiful moon scene. As the level sixth starts, it’s 6 o’clock, and your female character is sleeping as her goggle is laid on a book over the table.

When you open the door, Regina and the lawyer (Philip Jones) standing ahead, wishing you perfect morning. The lawyer has come to visit the garden as it was a condition written inheritance of your aunty to restore the garden to its former state. After that, the challenging tasks will be appearing to get completed, and the most prominent of them are the following:

  • Restore Tree Swing
  • Inspect Flower Garden
  • Trim Trees
  • Ask Philip About Photo
  • Clear Small Island
  • Restore Bird House
  • Dig for Worms

Soon, you will find another photo of your grandpa and great-aunt sitting on the bench. The conversation will start between characters in regards to your grandpa and aunt. Philip Jones will open up a few secrets regarding those guys.

Day 7

Similar to previous days, you have to do a lot of hard work in day seventh as you must tidy up the ground and call Regina to help you out in cleaning the garden. The prominent tasks are the following that you need to complete at any cost, before the end of the thirtieth day:

  • Tidy up Ground
  • Call Regina
  • Call Philip
  • Put back Lily’s Stuff
  • Clean up Painting Gear
  • Replace Flower Pots
  • Check Out Studio
  • Save Larry
  • Restore Studio
  • Layout Herb Garden
  • Save Roxy
  • Restore Pond
  • Unclog Pond Stream
  • Get DNA Test Results

At specific places, the completed level will reward you with in-game power-ups and boosters that you required to complete the match levels within no time. After that, you find Larry once again in trouble as it time he is invading by bees. Upon asking, Larry told you the reason why he was here. During the gameplay, you may conduct some test, and it lets you wait up to 5 minutes, to avoid waiting, you can use coins you earned by completing stages to end up time instantly to have a result in your hand within no time.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 8

The 8th day will start with a conversation between Lily and Luke ahead of your home. Your first ultimate goal is to talk to Luke using a star you earned by completing match-3 stages. Your next task would lead you to find a car battery, and other prominent jobs are the following:

  • Make Stone Art
  • Make a Painting
  • Finish the Statuette
  • Make Mosaic Stone Floor
  • Clear Hidden Entrance
  • Clean Secret Garden
  • Build Steel Foot Bridge
  • Layout Flowerbed
  • Plant Trees
  • Layout Statue Flower Bed
  • Build a Bench

The completion of days and levels would increase the number of stars, and from now, for some tasks, you need three stars instead of one or two. After completing a few tasks, your goal is to find and clear the hidden entrance to your garden with the help of Luke. As you have done this, a new part of the garden will reveal ahead of you. Announcing a new garden means a lot more work and trimming.

Next to that, you should start trimming and cleaning the yards before the lawyer once again approaches to check how you are working and will leave you bad feedback regarding your work. Start planting trees to increase the greenery and repair damaged objects to make it the most beautiful part of the garden.

You require to build a steel footbridge after cleaning the garden and include a layout of flowerbed to make it looks cool. For sure, there should be a bench in every garden to sit over there to enjoy the most pleasant moment along with someone special. Therefore, you should build a bench using a star you have by playing games. The game provides you with three different benches as prior, and your goal is to choose your favorite one, and it will be added over its proper place automatically. Once done, move to the next day.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 9

Similar to previous days, this one will start with a clock alarm set at six o’clock. After awakening, you hear the voice of mail, but first, you should need to earn a star to unlock the mailbox to read what it has for you on day 9. Lily makes a call of Philip Jones to discuss the letter she received early in the morning. All challenging tasks of day 9th are available below:

  • Check Mailbox
  • Call Philip
  • Clear Weeds
  • Trim hedges
  • Build Walkway 1/2
  • Ask Philip about the Place
  • Build Walkway 2/2
  • Replace Soil
  • Crow Berries
  • Ask Philip about the Box
  • Open the Box
  • Build Benches
  • Repair Compost Bin
  • Ask Philip about other Thing
  • Check out Lemon Trees
  • Plant Fruit Trees

Start completing tasks by merely checking your mailbox, making a call to Philip Jones asking about the letter, and back to your garden to clean the weeds. After that, you are supposed to trim hedges and build a walkway with the help of Luke. There is no bench over there, so you should create it first, and upon working, you find a diary of your grandpa. Ask Philip about that, and replacing soil as you have to complete the task within the time limit.

You have up to 21 days remaining for the completion of the condition assigned you. While playing the game, you see how your character will work, as she participates in different fun-filled activities. The match-3 game has become tough to complete, as it’s not easy to clear the field without using power-ups and boosters. Therefore, trying to add more and more power-ups at your disposal to use when you need it.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 10

For sure, the 10th day will prove the toughest day of Lily’s life, as she has to start the day with challenging tasks like checking out the greenhouse, building vegetable beds, and building fences. They wouldn’t be easy tasks as they required over five stars, and you know the completion of the match-3 level will only provide you with a star. So you should play the game five times.

  • Call Luke
  • Build Vegetable beds 1/3
  • Plant Some Berries three times
  • Call Regina
  • Build Lay Out Flower Beds
  • Talk to Regina
  • Build Vegetable beds 2/3
  • Spy Novel
  • Build Berry Beds
  • Water Crops
  • Build Green House
  • Call Blaine
  • Build Vegetable beds 3/3
  • Talk to Luke
  • Catch Squirrel Again

Firstly, Lily visit her farm she built in her garden and sow vegetable and fruit seeds to grow. It looks beautiful, but some places are left empty to decide later what kind of vegetable you have to build. The completion of the stage will reward you with prizes in the form of power-ups and boosters.

Next to that, you need to call Regina to discuss something special on the construction of Green House. After that, you must give water to crops and build berry beds on the remaining empty land to make it beautiful. Soon, all of your planted seeds will turn into plants and start giving you crops. You should harvest them timely; otherwise, they will begin to rot.

As you make a call to Blaine to discuss the situation you trapped, he rejected the request within a few seconds, saying he is busy and would call of you later. Back to your two sincere friends, you get a lot of help, and they try their best to get solved your problem.

Lily’s Garden Walkthrough Day 11

In case you are new to the game and don’t have an idea about a limited heart system, then let me confirm you regarding this. The game features a meter showing your remaining turns, as you are allowed to play the match-3 games only five times upon getting failed. The meter will refill after a specific time, and you become able to start playing again. Therefore, you should try not to lose a single heart to keep progressing; otherwise, you have to wait for some hours until the meter gets refilled again.

The most exciting tasks of the 11th day lead you to Luke’s place. As you reach over there, you find a boy named Karen, who is the son of Luke. After discussing withy Karen, you make a call of Luke, because Karen didn’t get agreed upon telling you related his dad. Upon calling, there’s no answer. You leave Karen along with his phone, saying goodbye and your kind words, and his dad will be back soon. The prominent tasks are the following:

  • Remove Nettles
  • Call Luke
  • Trim Trees
  • Clean up Porch
  • Find Karen
  • Talk to Luke
  • Plant Flowerbeds
  • Tidy up Workshop
  • Fix Roof three times
  • Talk to Luke
  • Call Regina

Start your 11th day at your great-aunt’s garden by talking Karen playing with his phone on Luke’s home. Upon reaching there, you find Luke absent, and leave the place hoping he will be back soon. Make your concentration on completing the objectives as the visit of lawyer Philip Jones is approaching rapidly. Therefore, try your best to restore the garden to its former glory, including all the hidden places. Keep in mind that you have only thirty days to complete all over the work.


Lily’s Garden brings a beautiful mix of Romance, Puzzle, Gardening, and Adventure game elements, letting you control a female protagonist who is responsible for restoring the garden to its former condition. In short, the storyline was fabulous, but a bit long as most of your time will spend in reading the conversation between characters. I like the blend of Match-3 genre with Puzzle and Adventure as it provides you with challenging gameplay, and keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun while gathering stars for the completion of tasks.

The soundtrack was amazing, and the graphics are lovely. It makes me feel like I’m playing Gardenscapes, but with a female character instead of a male character. Developers did a great you on graphics, mechanics, and storyline. To complete the storyline, I suggest you polish your match-3 skills as it is your only weapon to complete all tasks for the completion of the storyline.

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