Dragalia Lost Walkthrough


Dragalia Lost releases with an exquisite combination of Action and RPG genres, offering you quality gameplay on mobile devices by Nintendo Co., Ltd. The game is about the bonds shared between dragons and humans. It puts you in control of a hero who embarks on a journey to dominate enemies using a series of legendary attacks and individual moves. You would be happy to know that all legendary characters possess unique abilities that can turn them into a dragon. Get ready to unfold a tale of legends, heroes, and powerful allies. There are more than sixty voiced characters await you to help in challenging quests. The game is absolutely free to play, but some app-purchases are there to boost your gaming experience. 

It’s quite exciting how Nintendo brings new gaming titles for mobile platforms, focused on RPGs when it has a massive library of outstanding RPG franchises. Dragalia Lost pitches the player to assume the role of the protagonist, who is the 7th inline heir to the Alberian Kingdom’s throne. Before playing the game, you should know that you are from a royal bloodline who possesses unique abilities to form a pact with dragons. 


Set in the fantasy world, known as Alberia, full of dragons, where all royal members possess unique transformation ability. Using their exceptional skills, they can wield the power of dragons by forming a pact with dragons to borrow their skills in epic battles. As the story advances, an unusual occurrence starts to appear in the beautiful kingdom. Legendary people built a holy shard to defend the capital, which starts to lose its power. Innocent people are in trouble and looking for someone who could appear and save them from destruction. In the darkest age, the 7th Prince appears to help out people as he hasn’t made any pact with a dragon.

Dragalia Lost Walkthrough

Before starting the walkthrough, let me introduce all of the available characters and their relations. Till now, there are seven playable characters available, and their names are the following: 

  1. Dragonblood Prince (Main Character)
  2. Zethia (Sister)
  3. Notte (Sister)
  4. Elisanne
  5. Ranzal
  6. Cleo 
  7. Luca

Who is Dragonblood Prince? 

Dragonblood Prince is a primary playable character who possesses unique abilities, and his main element is fire. He is the seventh heir of the royal family who lived in Alberian. According to the plot, the prince lives with his twin sister named Notte and Zethia. He has an excellent blend of courage and full consideration of others. 


She is the twin sister of the seventh prince, serving as one of the few maidens of the Church. She is compassionate and starts crying like a child, and the story revolves that she became more stoic after the death of her mother. 


Notte is a mysterious faerie who met with twins when they were young. Together, they promised to overcome all hardships as a team and oath that Notte will take quite seriously. 


For sure, you wish you to be a knight if you discover lots of dragons ahead of you. Therefore, there’s a knight who obtained her skill, known as Paladyn. The story tells you that she has been branded a heretic and is being pursued. 


The second male character, serving as a skilled mercenary whose careless tongue and personality can make for a sour first impression. You will find him always acting with honor and conviction. 


She is a cute girl who once guarded the Halidom for ages, while it was locked in mist, and has strong powers to control her emotions. She is now helping out a new master of the Halidom, who is the prince, and known for her intense housework skills. 


A boy who lives in Woodhaven and loves his village. The character isn’t ready to compromise his honest nature and always ready to show quicker action than deliberation. 


The plot centers on a great dragon, who lives in a forest – and people are looking for him to obtain the pact-stone’s power. The game sets in Alberia – a kingdom where dragons are ruling over nature. A royal family is lived over there that possesses the power of shapeshifting. By making a pact with a dragon, the members of the royal family borrow the form of a dragon and wield its strength as well. 

Seventh Heir

When people are enjoying peace, one day, the beautiful kingdom is met with a mythical and troubling occurrence. As mentioned above, a Scared Shard was created to defend the city has started to weaken. The seventh heir of the Royal family, who isn’t pact bound yet with a dragon, is the last hope of people. He sets out on an epic journey, known as the Dragon Choosing.

Encounter Companions

While searching for a dragon to make a pact with, the main character tries to meet new companions, including a faerie girl from another dimension – and confront a sudden and inexplicable change in his father, the king. 


 In the fantasy world, you will discover five powerful dragons, and their names are the following:

  • Midgardsormr (Wind)
  • Brunhilda (Fire)
  • Mercury (Water)
  • Jupiter (Light)
  • Zodiark (Darkness)


The long resident of the Mistholt, serving as the first dragon, met Alberius personally, and he supported him with legendary knowledge. Throughout the game, he can manipulate dynamic weather, and he is the lord of storms. 


Mistress of crimson, serving as a flame that will assist your way throughout a journey. Rumors are speedily spread all over the world that eruptions of Mount Adolla are caused because of her mana that got overwhelmed. 


Mercury is a water-type dragon, who serves as a predator of Saint Lotier living in nearby waters since antiquity and taking care of its people. 


A beautiful dragon, also known as thunder sky, who is ruling over the skies and has guided numerous heroes. Lightening effects made by his body forced the people to dream of approaching the heavens.


An awful legend who lived in South Grastaea, and according to records, he has put many people to a dynasty. While suffering from fearful power, he got respect from humans. 

Start with Tutorial

The game will start with the seventh heir of the loyal family, who will learn how to battle against enemies and move across the world using the touch-screen. You will control your character using the swipe controls and can attack enemies merely tapping the screen. Enemies will appear your skills accordingly and will become powerful once you learn how to overcome them. As the game advances, taking over enemies will become difficult, relatively the beginning. So, try to learn each and everything to become a master while collecting gold coins to unlock your unique abilities. Navigation will be made from an isometric perspective, and the developer places a power button that will help you wipe out a bundle of enemies at once. While playing the game, remember just one thing that you are on a journey of making a pact with a dragon. The more you play, the more you learn. Starting section is full of tutorials, and at the end, a dialogue will appear that warn you the following: 

You’re doing something wrong, and your character will reply who’s said that

Enemies will appear randomly across the world and will leave you gold coins upon dying. After completing a tutorial mode, a scene will appear displaying your character being attacked by some enemies who throw a crystal ball toward your character to capture. With pain, the protagonist is asking someone to help out him, and at the same time, the sister of prince and faerie step into the game to help out their brother and crash the crystal ball thrown by the goblin-like creature. Additionally, they said: 

You should try to do this alone, let us help you. 

The discussion between faerie and the prince started, in which faerie is trying to convince the prince to let them help you in the dark world full of enemies, but continuously the prince refuses the proposal of getting himself assisted by them. 

Tutorial 2

After making a deal with faerie and his sister, the game sets out both characters on the same tutorial level, where the prince will fight against enemies first, and his sister will help him out by leaving herself behind him. During the level, dark circles will appear that you have to overcome; upon staying at that place will cause your death. If you are attacked by enemies, your sister will help you in filling your health bar. While fighting enemies, try to smash wooden boxes to grab some gold coins.  

The entry of Masked Girl

Upon reaching the middle of wood, a masked girl will appear who asks the reason for coming here. At the same time, Zethia warns her brother of staying alter as something about the masked girl isn’t right. The discussion will end up with dialogues said by Masked Girl: “I’ll fend off you from making a pact with a dragon, no matter the cost.” 

As she left, an enemy appeared and attacked the Princess, and next to that, his sister came to heal him. Once again, the masked girl appears and starts crying with words that don’t come to close her. Right after that, she opens a portal to release a giant monster to kill all of these legendary people. Finally, the protagonist makes a voice to the dragon for granting him a packstone if someone is hearing. Your screen will shine, and a message will appear, and your voice has been heard as a pact seeker with a task of proving his weak flesh by standing the supreme power of a dragon. A patch of blue crystals will appear, and the game displays the next button to take you toward the next scene. 

Transform into a Dragon 

The moment is there when the first time you will transform into a dragon. A button with the dragon image will appear at the left-bottom corner of the screen, and upon clicking that button, you are ready for a shapeshift. The game will transform you into a dragon and put you against an evil dragon. After the defeat of a dragon, the discussion with Masked Girl will start again, and this time, the Prince releases an attack over them, and her mask torn into two pieces one fell, but one remained over there.

The protagonist is supposed to reveal the identity of a masked girl by showing she is another Zethia, but in actuality, she wasn’t. The discussion between brother and sister will start, and the prince said. Finally, I achieved a packstone. The dragon-voice appears stating you aren’t yet, I gave it to you for just battling against enemies of another world. The pact you receive is temporary and can disappear at any time. The dragon tasked them to visit the world full of enemies to prove their seriousness regarding the packstone. So, to find the dragon, you should need to visit the Mishtholt

Next to that, you can input your name, and a dragon will call you with the name you added. Tutorial levels are ended and get ready for a real journey full of powerful enemies, excitement, and challenges to face off. Don’t forget to claim a daily bonus to add some individual items at your disposal. Teaming up with compelling characters will be beneficial for you as powerful enemies will stand along the journey to fend off you by completing your trip, but you have to complete it and make a pact with a dragon. 

The Game spans to Six Playable Chapters 

Throughout the gameplay, you will have to complete six different chapters, and each one comes with a different location to explore, enemies to battle, and rewards to claim. The dialogues will cover your screen when needed to guide you, and the game features a mini-map to let you know where you have to go and whether to attach. Six available chapters are the following: 

  • The Journey Begins – (Chapter 1)
  • The Waterwymrm’s Cradle – (Chapter 2)
  • The Flamewyrm’s Adobe – (Chapter 3)
  • The Lightwyrm’s Roost – (Chapter 4)
  • Bound – (Chapter 5)
  • The Halidom’s Crisis – (Chapter 6)

Here’s a complete walkthrough that will lead you through every step of Dragalia Lost from the first screen to the last one. In this article, you will discover the individual chapter pages for valuable tips on challenging bosses and what weapons and items you need to use for each area. 

Walkthrough Sections 

The game contains six different chapters, and each one requires the completion of specific tasks – each one set in a separate map full of powerful enemies. While playing the game, you will encounter a variety of characters, and some of them will join your team to help you in defeating enemies for points and claiming a pact of a dragon. In the first chapter, the game will let you choose by tapping on the map where exciting adventures await you. Tapping the screen will take you to reveal the story segments and take on challenging quests. The next screen will display you some icons at the bottom of the screen, such as Home, Upgrade, Teams, Castle, Summon, and more. 

The Journey Begins – Chapter 1

The first chapter will start with a story that takes you back several days earlier in the Kingdom of Alberia. The king named Aurelius is discussing with his daughter named Zethia and letting her know that the power of Shard is fading day by day. Shard is responsible for fending off enemies from pouring into the kingdom. 

The first chapter comprises the tutorial content. At the start, you are accompanied by Zethia, as told you above, who will provide you some powers by healing you and help you to complete challenging missions. The first chapter contains four different maps, and their names are the following: 

Mayleaf Trail (Bonus Element – Fire)

It is the first map present in the first chapter, containing one prologue and three quests to complete. The prologue advanced the story and didn’t require any Might and boss fight. Similar to the first one, you don’t have to fight against any boss in the second quest while trying to advance the story with no might. The type of the second stage is Battle and requires 500 Might and will pit you against Great Goblin. The third stage will advance the story like the first two stages and reward you no might, but gold coins. 

Revetelle (Bonus Element – Fire)

The second map contains three stages; the first one continues the story with no boss fight, the second one will put you into a battle, and in the end, you will face off a boss named Ranzel, and to defeat him, you require 1000 Might

Windwyrm’s Den (Bonus Element – Fire)

Four challenging stages are there, and the first one contains a fierce battle and pits you against a boss (Hefty Golem). Try to collect up to 1400 Might before facing the boss. The second part continues the story; third will put you in a battle where you face off a boss, named Midgardsormr. To defeat the boss, you required up to 1700 Might. The fourth stage will continue the story, and you won’t be faced with any boss over there. 

Considered as one of some powerful bosses, Midgarsormr is quite simple and will make significant, visible gestures before revealing his deadly melee attack. You should know that his special attacks are dangerous. Most attacks will hit the area surrounding you, and you aren’t supposed to strike from a specific side. The only thing you should do is that just keep an eye on his movements, whenever you see him swinging his body, instantly activate a skill to dodge the sweeping attacks. During a fight, he will create a tornado in the arena to damage you. 

The Mistholt (Bonus Element – Fire)

It is considered as the most extensive map of the first chapter as there are six playable stages and four of them you will face off challenging bosses, and their names are the following: 

  • Giant Wind Lizardman (Stage 1)
  • Hefty Arrow Raptor (Stage 2)
  • Jumbo Slime (Stage 4)
  • Giant Wind Lizardman (Stage 5)

To defeat the first boss, you require up to 1750 Might, the second boss will be defeated once you have over 1800 Might, 1850 for the third boss, and up to 1900 for the final boss in the first chapter. 

The Waterwyrm’s Cradle – Chapter 2

It is the second chapter of this game, and serves as the first one that you play without Zethia; it means she won’t be longer there to support your party with free healing. Therefore, you need to be more active and pay your attention to elemental advantages and enemy attacks. You have to know that the primary element of this area is water that proves the wind unit will be more profitable to you than other items. Here’s the list of challenging levels found in Chapter 2: 

The second chapter consists of six playable stages, and their names are the following: 

  • Myriage Lake (Bonus Element – Wind)
  • Creekside (Bonus Element – Wind)
  • Woodhaven (Bonus Element – Wind)
  • Forest Refuge (Bonus Element – Wind)
  • Beyond the Forest (Bonus Element – Wind)
  • Lakeside Ravages (Bonus Element – Wind)

Myriage Lake (Bonus Element – Wind)

In the first map, you will have to complete three stages, and the last two stages will pit you against powerful bosses as their names are Hefty Sapphire Hound and Giant Lizardman. The completion of levels will reward you with Mana and Gems that you can use for various purposes like mana will help you in performing magic, while gems you can use to unlock additional weapons and items for your team to make them unbeatable. 

Creekside (Bonus Element – Wind)

The second map contains two stages, and the first one will continue the story, while the second one will put you in a challenging battle with 5 Stamina and required up to 1900 Might defeat the boss, named Great Drowned Basilisk. 

Woodhaven (Bonus Element – Wind)

Three stages are available, and the last two contain boss fight with Giant Lizardman and Hefty Sapphire Hound. The previous two stages suggested you have up to 2000 and 2100 Might if you want to take on bosses. 

Forest Refuge (Bonus Element – Wind)

Similar to the third stage, there are two stages in the fourth level and only one boss battle that suggests 2200 Might to advance. 

Beyond the Forest (Bonus Element – Wind)

The number of levels will increase a bit as the game puts you against a boss on the first stage, and the remaining two stages won’t let you face anyone’s boos and keep continuing the story. 

Lakeside Ravages (Bonus Element – Wind)

The last map of the second chapter contains only two stages to explore, and one of them will put you against Mercury (Boss) and suggest you have over 2800 Might. 

How to defeat Mercury? 

Mercury is considered as quite a straightforward boss who possesses a few deadly and annoying attacks. The basic attacks of Mercury are to swing his tail surrounding and dash forward to attack you from as many sides as possible. Though this will keep you fully secured from his special attack that he can fire ahead of himself. The more suspicious attacks are Aqua Spiral, Whirpool, and a massive AoE that maybe lingers for a few moments after releasing. Special attacks will remain for a specific time, and you can easily dodge them until you activate a skill, or show off quick reflexes. 

The Flamewyrm’s Abode – Chapter 3

The third chapter will get unlocked once you complete the first two chapters. The primary element of the third chapter is Fire, and it is good to have water units like Elisanne. Before going ahead, you should know that the area is full of deadly traps that deal with fire damage and burning. Here’s is a list of tricky levels found in Chapter 3, but first, discover their names that are the following: 

  1. Mount Adolla (Bonus Element – Water)
  2. Magma Mire (Bonus Element – Water)
  3. Volcanic Caverns (Bonus Element – Water)
  4. Crater (Bonus Element – Water)

Mount Adolla (Bonus Element – Water)

There are three stages in the first map, and the last two levels will let you battle against two bosses, such as Jumbo Crimson Rat and Hefty Black Hound

Magma Mire (Bonus Element – Water)

The second map contains three playable stages, and similar to the first map, it provides two boss levels where you will battle against Hefty Igneous Golem and Hefty Black Hound, and each stage requires 2550 and 2600 Might. 

Volcanic Caverns (Bonus Element – Water)

Deadly traps await you in six different stages, and you will fight three massive bosses after every stage, and the names of the bosses are the following: 

  • Hefty Igneous Golem (2650 Might)
  • Flare Gobmancer (2570 Might)
  • 3 Waves of Enemies (2800 Might)

Crater (Bonus Element – Water)

Four stages will put your fighting skills to test, and the first three will let you face off challenging bosses, and each one requires more than 2900 Might to be defeated. In the third stage, you will face off the most influential boss named Brunhilda

About Brunhilda and how to defeat him? 

You should know that Brunhilda can execute many of similar attacks to previous dragon bosses, but speedily. You are advised to attack from the side because of her claws and quick dash abilities that help her in lashing out at random, so try to dodge away whenever you find them approaching you. 

During the fight, she is capable of breathing a cone of fire onto the particular area ahead of himself or can easily split a fireball into the air that becomes a cause of fireball via air onto the arena. You would be happy to know that both attacks are quite slow; therefore, you could easily avoid them. 

You know that the most special attack is known as X-Muspelheim that she can use to fly into the air over the battlefield and can spray a massive fiery “X” on the land that will linger for a specific time and do damage a lot when you step in it. Fortunately, the corners of the arena are not fully covered so that you can take yourself over there. You are advised to maintain your dragon form until she releases the special attacks. 

The final special attack you see her performing is Crimson Inferno, a massive tackle that will hit an AoE in front of herself. 

The Lightwyrm’s Roost (Chapter 4)

The fourth chapter in Dragalia Lost video game, and it comes with light as its primary element. Having shadow units are quite useful for you in this chapter, like Cleo. The map contains challenging traps that will cause paralyze; therefore, you should have to tread carefully. We’ve compiled a list of levels chapter 4 contains: 

  • Zamshire Pass (Bonus Element – Shadow)
  • Kleifheim (Bonus Element – Shadow)
  • Dornith Crossing (Bonus Element – Shadow)
  • Sandscald Cliffs (Bonus Element – Shadow)
  • Dornish Summit (Bonus Element – Shadow)

Zamshire Pass (Bonus Element – Shadow)

Every map contains a specific number of stages, and each stage either continues the story or puts you against a powerful boss. In this map, you have to complete four challenging levels, and each level will let you select, summon, and attack your favorite heroes against enemies for points, gems, and mana. During the game, you can transform into a dragon to clean up waves of monsters, goblins, and other creatures to advance the story. In this map, you will confront up to three bosses, and their names are the following: 

  • Hefty Spark Hound – 3000 Might
  • Bright Greateye – 3050 Might
  • Hefty Spark Hound – 3100 Might

Kleifheim (Bonus Element – Shadow)

Up to four levels are there: the first one will continue the story, the second level lets you partake in battle with 3200 Might and defeat Great Bearded Bison to move to the next one. 

Dornith Crossing (Bonus Element – Shadow)

Five Challenging levels are there, and each required completion of particular tasks to get advanced through the gameplay. The first level will continue the story, and there is no battle, second will let you confront a boss with 3400 Might defeat Jumbo Shock Rat, third will continue the story. In contrast, the remaining two stages will allow you to participate in battles and the names of bosses like Giant Tawny Lizardman and Jumbo Shock Rat. 

Sandscald Cliffs (Bonus Element – Shadow)

The fourth map lets you complete three challenging stages, and in the first two stages, you will encounter two challenging bosses after defeating waves of enemies, such as the Great Bearded Bison and Hefty Spark Hound. 

Dornish Summit (Bonus Element – Shadow)

Giant Tawny Lizardman and Jupiter await you in first and second challenging levels in Chapter 4. You require up to 4400 Might, and 4200 Might defeat the bosses. In the third and fourth stages, you won’t fight against anyone as the game prefers to continue the story to approach the end. 

Who is Jupiter, and how to defeat him? 

Jupiter is considered as one of the best dragons, and his movement is somehow similar to the previous dragons mentioned in this article. The basic attacks include a forward dash and a striking peck. By attacking from sides and back, you will remain safe, relatively attacking from the front. The more powerful dash attack of the dragon will hit the battlefield as he tries to take off. The special attacks are the following: 

  • Lightning Rod
  • Primal Thunder

Both offenses have long AoE lightning strikes. You should know that the lightning rod will hit around him, whereas the Primal Thunder will spread on specific small circles all over the map. Whenever a dragon releases a Primal Thunder, the best thing to keep yourself safe is to dodge the Purple AoE indicators until the effects of the attack are entirely gone. 

Bound – Chapter 5

Similar to the 4th Chapter, the primary element is Shadow, and the useful units are Light like Luca. Lots of spike traps are there that deal with damage and foes that inflict poison. After approaching chapter 5, you should need to be careful as there are dozens of hazards around you. The chapter contains four playable maps, and each one has different stages of completing. 

  1. Binding Ruins (Bonus Element – Light)
  2. Binding Ruins: Interior (Bonus Element – Light)
  3. Binding Ruins: Recesses (Bonus Element – Light)
  4. Binding Ruins: Terminus (Bonus Element – Light)

Binding Ruins (Bonus Element – Light)

The first map comes with three playable stages, and the last two stages will pit you and powerful dragons against each other. Both stages required 4000 and 41000 Might defeat the bosses, whereas the first stage will continue the story. 

Binding Ruins: Interior (Bonus Element – Light)

There are five playable stages, and each one will reward you with gems, mana, and power-ups that you can use to improve your character statistics. The second and fourth stages will let you confront Hefty Nightmare Golem and Giant Ghoul and defeat them to lead yourself to victory. 

Binding Ruins- Recesses (Bonus Element – Light)

In the third map, three powerful dragons await you, and their names are the following: Jumbo Vile Rat, Hefty Nightmare Golem, and Dark Gobmancer. The game advised you to increase the number of Might to 4600 to defeat all of the mentioned bosses. 

Binding Ruins: Terminus (Bonus Element – Light)

The 4th map contains four challenging maps, and as you know, light units are beneficial for you to use in these maps to boost your powers. The first level will continue the story, and the second level will pit you against waves of enemies and at night against a dragon. Similarly, in previous levels, you will be confronted with a dragon, and the story will remain to continue at level 4. 

How to take on Zodiark? 

As the game advances, the bosses become more potent than your expectation; therefore, in chapter 5, you will confront a boss named Zodiark, who is undoubtedly challenging and deadly thanks to its Chaos Cage. The dragon will attack by dashing across the arena and keep its tail swinging as it requires you to wait for the attack from the sides and avoid it timely. Instantly take shelter behind it whenever you find it preparing a massive significant cone-shaped breath attack, but start attaching from sides to take on it. 

The Halidom’s Crisis – Chapter 6

The last chapter in Dragalia Lost, where you find wind as its primary element. During navigation, you will discover a considerable number of light enemies populating the stages. In the end, you will also discover bosses with the light elements, so assure you to have both Shadow and Fire adventures in your team for elemental coverage to take on the chapter. Upon exploring the world, you come to know that the maps are full of traps and elemental enemies; therefore, you should stay away from enemies and the surrounding environment. There are four maps available, and their names are the following: 

  • Sanctuary Environs (Bonus Element – Shadow)
  • Road to Conflict (Bonus Element – Shadow
  • Enemy Camp (Bonus Element – Shadow
  • The Windway (Bonus Element – Shadow)

Sanctuary Environs (Bonus Element – Shadow)

Sanctuary Environs come with six stages to navigate, and each one offers different waves of enemies and challenging bosses to defeat. Throughout the map, you will confront Jumbo Green Shroom, Great Basilisk, Great Nimble Bison, and Giant Wind Lizardman. In the final chapter, you required more Might as compared to other chapters. 

Road to Conflict (Bonus Element – Shadow

Similar to the first map, it contains playable levels, and four of them will introduce bosses like Great Basilisk, Jumbo Meadow Rat, Green Greateye, and Great Nimble Bison for battle against you. 

Enemy Camp (Bonus Element – Shadow

When you approach the third map, you will discover five stages, and two of them will continue the story, and the remaining will pit you against three dragons to end up the story. At level 4, you will confront a new dragon named Valyx, and it proves tough to defeat. 

How to defeat Valyx? 

It is a challenging boss that comes with powerful AoE attacks. The boss is accompanied by a small army of knights that will disturb you if you don’t defeat them. The game advised you to start navigating the map with a dragon transformation and start clearing the minions as fast as possible. Valyx has two dangerous moves, such as a giant Earthquake and an Axe Combo. Both attacks can be performed ahead of himself, and you can easily dodge them to stay alive. 

The Windway (Bonus Element – Shadow)

The final map comprises four exciting stages, and the first three stages will put you ahead of giant dragons, such as Giant Forest Ghoul, Great Basilisk, and Valyx for points. Once again Valyx is back for the last fight, but with a few new moves. Throughout the fight, he is joined by some goons and forces you to activate your dragon form to wipe out all waves. 

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