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DOP 2 is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by SayGames for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. It is the sequel to DOP: Draw One Part, featuring a series of new levels and challenging puzzles to solve. To solve a puzzle, the player requires to remove one part. The game seems easy to play, but hard to master. Using the intuitive controls, you can drag your finger across the screen to erase a specific part of the drawing to see what lies behind it.

Similar to a detective’s magnifying glass, your eraser assumes a vital role to unravel the hidden mysteries behind the scene. In short, the game is full of surprises and no one knows what they are going to discover under the surface. Here’s is a DOP 2: Delete One Part Walkthrough Guide to help you complete all levels. Click on the following links to read our Erase Story, Brain Wash and Brain Up Walkthroughs.

Challenging Brain Teasers

As mentioned above, the game seems easy to play, but hard to master. You don’t need to do anything except for dragging your finger to delete a part. To find solutions of all DOP 2 levels, you have to take your thinking out of the box. There are hundreds of fun-filled levels and each one comes with a unique puzzle to solve. When playing the game, try to discover unexpected twits hidden behind every image.

DOP 2 Walkthrough Guide

Jump into the simple and fun-filled gameplay to swipe your finger across the screen to erase particular parts of the drawing and unravel what’s underneath. The game requires you to investigate hundreds of levels full of brain teasers and no one-two levels are the same. Each level is designed in a way to stimulate your brain to get rid of a problem in a new way. For the solution of the first 50 levels, read our DOP 2: Delete One Part Walkthrough Guide.

DOP 2 Level 1 Solution – Shave Me!

The first level revolves around a man with a huge beard. It is a tutorial level and the game itself will highlight the area you have to remove to complete it.

DOP 2 Level 2 Solution – Make the Flower Happy

In the second level of DOP 2, you can see the flower is dying and your job is to find a solution to make it happy. Removing the cloud may help you melt the ice and give the water to the flower.

DOP 2 Level 3 Solution – Where is the money?

Think out of the box to find out the answer to the question “Where is the money.” Drag your finger to remove the locker door of your left side to find lots of cash.

DOP 2 Level 4 Solution – Summon a Jinn

There is a dirty lamp and you need to remove the dust using your erasing power. It will also help you summon a jinn.

DOP 2 Level 5 Solution – What is he doing?

The game displays an image of an animal putting its hands in water and seems watching clothes. Drag your finger across the water to see what the animal is doing.

DOP 2 Level 6 Solution – Find a Rocker

As you reach level 6, the game displays you an image of a British Soldier but asks you to find a rocker (Rock star). Erase the uniform of the soldier to dig out another character.

DOP 2 Level 7 Solution – Use Your Imagination

In level 7, you can see a boy standing forth a mirror. Erase the mirror to see the boy’s imagination.

DOP 2 Level 8 Solution – Help to make a Selfie

A man from stone-age is trying to take a selfie, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have a camera. You should help him to take a selfie, but how? Erase the stone to unravel a mobile phone.

DOP 2 Level 9 Solution – What’s with the Biker

It seems a man is riding a bike on the backside of the wooden wall. You are invited to reveal the truth behind the wall. Drag your finger across the wall to see what the man is doing there.

DOP 2 Level 10 Solution – Who Stole a watermelon?

At this level, your goal is to be a cop and investigate the scene to capture a thief who has stolen watermelons. Drag your finger across the woman’s pink shirt to unravel the watermelons.

DOP 2 Level 11 Solution – Remove the lenses

A cute girl is standing ahead of you, asking for your help to remove her lenses. Surely, it can be done by dragging your finger across her eyes to erase the makeup.

DOP 2 Level 12 Solution – Prevent the Ejection

A boy is trying to take a pic of his friend, but the screen goes red. You must find a solution to prevent ejection. Drag your finger across the red screen to solve the puzzle.

DOP 2 Level 13 Solution – Make a Surgery

It’s time to be a doctor and do surgery as a bringer. The game features three different tools, but you have to use your erasing power to delete one part for the completion of the puzzle. Find a line amidst the bringer and delete that part to solve the puzzle.

DOP 2 Level 14 Solution – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A mirror is hidden with a cloth because of that a woman can’t see herself in the mirror. Erase the cloth to see how the woman looks like.

DOP 2 Level 15 Solution – Adjust the Focus

The game displays a camera in a boy’s hand with a blurred screen. Drag your finger across the blurred screen to make it clear.

DOP 2 Level 16 Solution – Find a Christmas tree

It doesn’t seem after looking that the game has featured any tree in the given scene, but removing the back of the beast may help you unravel trees.

DOP 2 Level 17 Solution – Amuse the Builder

A man is standing on the road trying to dig, but the game tasks you with finding a builder. Delete the machine to unravel a builder.

DOP 2 Level 18 Solution – Fulfill her Dream

A lady is washing clothes while reading a book. She seems upset and needs someone’s help to make her dreams true. Remove the washing machine’s cover to turn it into a flight mirror.

DOP 2 Level 19 Solution – Help the Bus to Drive Through

There is a tunnel and the game features a double-decker bus that can’t go through the tunnel. Remove the tunnel won’t bring any solution to your puzzle. Try to delete the second floor of the bus.

DOP 2 Level 20 Solution – Where is the Alien?

The next Level of DOP 2 takes place in the space environment where your goal is to find out an alien. Lots of planets and stars are floating behind the astronaut and you can complete the puzzle by removing the astronaut’s suit.

DOP 2 Level 21 Solution – Get Rid of the Smell

A snake is close to its death because of a smell coming out of a man’s socks. You must save the snake by getting rid of the smell. Delete the sock using your erasing power or dragging your finger across the socks.

DOP 2 Level 22 Solution – Help them watch the Football

There is no TV, then how you help a man watch the football match. Delete the curtains to unravel a TV and let a man watch a football match.

DOP 2 Level 23 Solution – Why is it so heavy?

A man doesn’t know why the luggage is heavy. You must help him find out the reason behind the scene. Remove the green cloth to find what is available in the luggage.

DOP 2 Level 24 Solution – Make her Cry

A boy is purposing a girl holding a ring box, but your goal is to make the girl cry. Remove the box to unravel an onion.

DOP 2 Level 25 Solution – Who doesn’t need a cone?

The game asks you a question to answer who doesn’t need a cone. Remove the cone of the man to answer the question.

DOP 2 Level 26 Solution – Save the Bullfighter

A bull is in an angry mood and won’t leave the bullfighter alive if you don’t jump to help him. Delete the red cloth using rubber to save a fighter.

DOP 2 Level 27 Solution – Find his Shield

How a warrior could without his shield? Therefore, you must investigate the scene to find out a shield hidden anywhere. Drag your finger across the food plate to discover a shield.

DOP 2 Level 28 Solution – Help to turn on the game Console

Once again, a man from a stone age is available on your screen. This time, he needs your help to play a video game on the PS5 console. You must delete a stone carrying out by a man to turn it into a gaming controller.

DOP 2 Level 29 Solution – Help Listen to the Music

There is a woman who needs your help to listen to the music, but his headphones are almost damaged. Erase the wire to make it wireless air-pods.

DOP 2 Level 30 Solution – Find the Monster

On a plate, the game bread, and an egg. Delete a part to solve the puzzle and the part is a slice of meat below the egg.

DOP 2 Level 31 Solution – Who Built the Birdhouse?

DOP 2 Level 31 comes with a question about a birdhouse and it asks you to find out who built it. Erase the birdhouse to unravel a person who built it.

DOP 2 Level 32 Solution – Find the Werewolf

The game features two characters; one of them is a werewolf and your ultimate goal is to find out that person as soon as possible. There is a moon covered with clouds, remove the clouds to turn the man into a werewolf.

DOP 2 Level 33 Solution – Turn on the Console

A granny is trying to play a video game on a console, but the TV is turned off or its screen is out of order. Delete the screen to bring the TV to life and let the granny play a video game.

DOP 2 Level 34 Solution – Find a Globefish

Your goal is to find out a globefish using your power of deleting objects. Drag your finger across the green plant to reveal a globefish.

DOP 2 Level 35 Solution – Let the Balloons Go

A half-dead man is holding three balloons and your goal is to find a way to release the balloon. Erase the hand of the zombie to let the balloons go, along with the zombie’s hand.

DOP 2 Level 36 Solution – Eat the Honey

A man is wearing a bee helmet and holding a pot full of honey. Your goal is to help bees eat honey. To do so, you have to delete the bee helmet.

DOP 2 Level 37 Solution – The wife is hiding something

Level 37 revolves around a detective and his wife who is trying to hide something. The game features shoes behind the door to make you fool, but removing the rug may help you unravel a black catsuit.

DOP 2 Level 38 Solution – Frighten the Fox

The game displays you a fox hidden behind a small hut. You should find a way to frighten the wolf and drive it out from there. Bring your eraser close to the hut to delete it and reveal a dog.

DOP 2 Level 39 Solution – Scare the Girl

Although the game features a ghost in the air, it won’t scare the girl. You have to think about going out of the box and deal with a box kept upside down. Delete the box to let a joker come out suddenly to scare the girl.

DOP 2 Level 40 Solution – Modernize it

The woman is cleaning her home using the old vacuum cleaner machine. Your job is to help her modernize the machine. Therefore, remove the upper part of the machine, including the plug to make it modern.

DOP 2 Level 41 Solution – What is Lumberjack hiding?

Erase the man’s cloth to discover something unexpected to solve the puzzle of DOP 2 Level 41.

DOP 2 Level 42 Solution – What did the tattoo master draw?

Delete the soap foam to unravel a painting of a lion on the man’s arm.

DOP 2 Level 43 Solution – What is he hiding?

Read the question carefully to get the answer. Delete the bushes ahead of the old man to discover what he is hiding.

DOP 2 Level 44 Solution – What is she hiding?

Removing the vacuum cleaner drum may reveal that the woman is hiding popcorn in its tank.

DOP 2 Level 45 Solution – Find the Treasure

To lead the ship to its destination, you have to remove the path from stone to the ship using your eraser.

DOP 2 Level 46 Solution – Set them free

Remove the braces to set the teeth free.

DOP 2 Level 47 Solution – Create a Pretty Case

DOP 2 Level 47 tasks you to make a pretty case for a mobile phone. It can be only done by merely deleting the old case.

DOP 2 Level 48 Solution – Improve the Eyesight

There is an old lady whose eyesight is a bit weak. You must help to make her eyesight strong. Remove the dust from the glasses to clear her vision.

DOP 2 Level 49 Solution – Find a Skate Park for them

Three ants await you to help them by providing a skate park, but there is only a piece of watermelon. Remove the red part of the watermelon to turn it into a skate park.

DOP 2 Level 50 Solution – Have Breakfast in Bed

The fiftieth level of DOP 2 tasks you to enjoy a breakfast in bed, but how? Try to remove the half blanket of the boy’s side to solve the puzzle.


DOP 2: Delete One Part comes with fun-filled gameplay where deletion of one part is compulsory for the completion of a puzzle. Dozens of puzzles are featured and each one comes with a unique task, although the mechanics are the same. The game includes fabulous animations and a beautiful cast of characters. Dragging your finger across a particular object may remove it from the screen to display you what it hides behind it. The walkthrough of the First 50 DOP 2 Game has been completed and will keep updating our list regularly.

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