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Erasing something you have drawn mistakenly in your notebook couldn’t give you a fantastic experience. But if the same things happen within the game, it could give you a pleasant feeling. Following a similar formula, Funnii brings a brand-new game, Erase Story: Love the Girl, to experience with up to 150 levels. Erase Story: Love the Girl is a Puzzle and Single-player video game for Android and iOS. The game features relaxing music and over 100 challenging puzzles to solve.

Moreover, the story revolves around a couple who is in trouble and needs your help to come out. Each level puts the couple in unique trouble that can only be solved using your creative mind. Sometimes in the game, characters are stuck in a bathroom, and sometimes they got trapped on the traffic signal. Seriously, the game isn’t as easy as it seems. In short, it comes with easy to play but hard to master gameplay. When completing a puzzle, you require to save a couple and complete their love story. You live in an era of love, where you discover a stickman helping a girl save her.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Review

Playing puzzle games won’t only make your mind sharper but also teach you how to deal with riddles in different scenarios. Therefore, the developers have featured over 100 scenes; each one is unique and brings a unique problem to solve. In short, the game leaves you a chance to put your brain and thinking power to test while bringing you and buddies close for experiencing delicious moments. In the beginning, I realized what shit the game was – but after reaching a high level, it started to bend my mind by offering unique and challenging puzzles; therefore, I love playing the game.

Erase and Draw Your Way through 150 Levels

The best thing I like is its mechanics and pretty simple graphics. You don’t need to do anything except for erasing the required spot to remove the said item. Dragging your finger across the screen will remove the section below your finger and not restore it until you restart the level.

Moreover, it seems the game is using the background eraser feature that works the same way. I suggest you master the erasing and drawing skills before starting playing advanced levels in the game. There’s an opportunity for you to become a hero by saving a cute girl who awaits someone for help.

Try different Outfits

Having the same dress throughout the game may bring some boringness in your life. Nevertheless, the game features dozens of male and female stylish clothes to try. The main problem appears when you don’t have in-game coins to unlock any dress. You can’t propose the girl to be a part of your life without having good outfits. Therefore, complete challenging puzzles to earn in-game coins and use them to bring a colorful dress to your life. It would help if you kept your character stylish using outfits and brand-new hairstyles. Besides outfits, you can make up the girl and put in and out colorful items to make her beautiful.

Daily Bonus

You can’t run out of coins because it brings a daily reward system that regularly keeps you awarding from 30 to 150 coins. As you start the game to play, it will display you a pop-up asking to claim your reward in the form of coins. Hitting the claim button will add rewards to your wallet.

Smooth Controls

Controls aren’t problematic, as they give you a chance to tap anywhere on the screen to do customization. If you tap on the wall, the game starts to display your wall styles and colors to choose from; similarly, tapping one the floor, different designs will be on your screen.


As mentioned above, the game has up to 150 levels; each has a unique puzzle to solve and a small love story to experience. I agree, the starting levels are easier than your expectation, but as you move to the advanced stages, the difficulty level may increase many times – more than your expectation. Therefore, we bring Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Guide to help you overcome all upcoming challenges. The walkthrough spans all stages into fifteen different sections; each section comes with ten puzzles.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Safe and Sound (1 to 10)

The story starts with our hero sitting on a bench somewhere in the park in a bad mood. Suddenly, he becomes happy after receiving a message from his love and starts dreaming of reaching her as soon as possible. But as the game starts, he finds a riddle to solve between him and his girlfriend. You should help him to solve puzzles to make a happy ending.

Level 1

The first level is a tutorial to teach how everything works. There’s a delicious donut between you and your girlfriend, but something is missing – yeah, a hole. The donut doesn’t have any holes. You should remove a spot from its center to complete the first level. Erasing a specific area required to complete a puzzle may help you complete the level; otherwise, you need to restart the level if you go beyond the limits.

Level 2

In the 2nd scene, the girl is holding a painting of your hero who looks handsome, but he has a pimple on his head in reality. You should remove the pimple instantly to make your girlfriend happy; otherwise, she may say I’m done.

Level 3

It seems your character is on a romantic date, but bees may smash a beautiful evening you are planning to enjoy with your girl. Therefore, you should remove bees before it’s too late.

Level 4

In level 4th, both characters celebrate a party, but your character doesn’t know how to open up a bottle to enjoy. You must jump in to help the character open up the bottle’s cover to fill the glass with a drink and enjoy. To remove the cap, you drag your finger across the said area.

Level 5

The completion of each puzzle may leave you five in-game coins that you can use for hints. The game doesn’t feature high visual effects, though the game’s requirement is pretty simple graphics. The girl brings the stickman to an eye doctor to check his eyesight, and it seems your character hasn’t weak eyesight; therefore, you should remove the glasses to help him see everything ahead.

Note: After five levels, the game will reward you with a gift box containing something related to the outfit, furniture, and more.

Level 6

When playing the game, you have a chance to unlock premium stuff by watching ads. The girl is in danger because a wolf is standing ahead of her. You should find out a way to take on the wolf, which is the moon. Remove the moon to cut the power, and turn the wolf into its former condition.

Level 7

The girl is standing by holding a bucket full of water. It seems she is near to throw water at you, and you must erase the water before she drops. Sit with your girl on the bench to keep continuing sweet talks.

Level 8

In the next level, you find a bull in an angry mood, chasing both of you to kill. Find the reason why the bull is so angry and why he is cashing you. Is there any red-colored cloth? Yeah, the girl has a red cloth, and you have to remove it to save both of your lives.

Level 9

Do you know? You can experience ad-free gameplay for only $1.99. This time, the stickman is blind, and a cover of sewerage is open. Before the stickman falls into the hole, remove the black-colored glasses to bring his eyesight back to see what’s ahead of it.

Level 10

Both characters are in a classroom where the girl is sad because she got only 90 marks, while the stickman has obtained 100 marks. Your goal is to make the girl happy by decreasing the marks of the opposing party. Therefore, you should try to remove a zero from 100 to make it 10.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Chapter 2 – Be Safe (11 to 20)

After completing the first story, the game brings you to the 2nd chapter containing the next levels to explore. You can’t play the next stages without completing the previous ones. Therefore, I always prefer to complete stages instead of using the skip option.

Level 11

In this scene, a beautiful girl is sitting in a car while her leg is out of the door containing some hairs like men. It would help if you erased all hairs to make your character happy.

Level 12

The stickman is in trouble as his special suit has been stuck with the floor because of a nail. You should remove the nail to release your character and complete the level.

Level 13

Have you ever dream of becoming a musician? Of course not; the game gives you a chance to save your character from doing that. The girl didn’t love the sing your character has sung for it. Remove the guitar to make them both happy.

Level 14

It is night time when both characters come out to have fun and romance. They didn’t know that there could be something suspicious; therefore, they need your help to come out of danger. It would help if you erased the blood-thirsty eyes coming out from the dark to turn the night into the day.

Level 15

Both characters are standing below a shelter because outside, there’s rain. For sure, you better than me how to stop the rain. Erasing the dark cloud will automatically stop the rain.

Level 16

As level sixteen starts, you find both of your characters trapped within something strange. The scene has nothing but a window, and the object where both characters have badly trapped seems like dust. Therefore, you should erase the window to help your characters.

Level 17

It’s a hot day, and the temperature is almost 50 degrees Celsius. What should you do to bring the temperature back to save both characters? Indeed, you would try to remove the digits showing temperature to make both of your characters happy.

Level 18

Ops! Your character is in a wheelchair, and the girl is worried about it. What should you do to make her happy? Erase the bandage from his foot to complete the puzzle.

Level 19

The girl is finding the stickman, but he is on the tree. She could easily find him after watching the footprints; therefore, you should remove footprints as soon as possible.

Level 20

Both characters are in the library and as you are familiar with the rule that you don’t need to make noise. But the male character is talking on the phone, while the female is watching her in an angry mood. Therefore, either you have to remove the phone or the angry eyes of the female avatar. Removing the phone would be a great idea and may help you complete the puzzle.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Chapter 3 – Hide and Seek (21 to 30)

2nd storyline has been done; now, the game welcomes you to the third story/chapter (Hide and Seek). Like the previous two chapters, it contains 10 levels and each one comes with amazing experiments to conduct, and riddles to solve.

Level 21

As the level starts, you find both characters in a chemistry lab trying to experiment using two liquids. Either you have to stop them from doing so by removing the bottle or help them conduct a successful experiment. Because you don’t know what chemicals they are using, stopping them would be great. Erase the bottle of purple color to make both characters happy.

Level 22

A car is fully covered with snow or dust, while both characters are in a hurry to go somewhere else soon. You should clean the car using the magic of your finger. Drag your finger across the vehicle to make it clean, and complete the puzzle to earn 5 in-game coins.

Level 23

Another horrible scene is ready to scare both characters. The stickman has held a flashlight while the female is scaring. They are in a mansion that seems to have been forgotten for many years. Erasing moon, pumpkin, or torchlight won’t help you solve the puzzle. Discover a web nearby the pumpkin and erase it to move to the next scene.

Level 24

The stickman is standing nearby the zebra crossing on the traffic light. The traffic light turns green light and the vehicle near to start. But there is a cat ahead of it, and you should erase it as soon as possible before it’s too late. Erasing the cat from there will help you complete the puzzle, and the game will leave you 5 coins.

Level 25

Ops! It seems stickman is in a hurry because he needs to pee as soon as possible. But what, the toilet is out of order, and the girl standing near her is anxious for him. Remove the sign of “Out of Order” from the door to make a couple happy.

Note: After every five levels, the game leaves you 20 coins and gives you a chance to increase all coins four times by merely watching an ad.

Level 26

Both characters standing on the edge are thinking about how to cross the gap containing water. There’s only a tree, which is almost chopped. Should you tap on the tree to chop it completely or find an alternative way; indeed, you should remove a small part of the tree from where it is almost chopped.

Level 27

Something has gone wrong; therefore, both pedestrians and vehicles are standing against each other. All this scenario is happened because of a traffic light as it is displaying both green and red lights simultaneously. Either you have to remove the red light to continue the traffic flow or hit the green to stop the traffic, but traffic won’t stop as it is already on the zebra crossing. Therefore, turning off the red light would be great. Wrong, turn off the green light to let the vehicles move back.

Level 28

A new type of riddle is on your screen, displaying your sum of three colors is equal to orange. You should erase the screen color from the screen to complete the riddle.

Level 29

Both characters are enjoying the company of each other, and then someone has hit the beehive. Now, both characters are in trouble, because bees are furious and won’t leave them without attacking. Think about what you should do to calm down bees. For sure, you should prefer to remove the hive to make the couple happy.

Level 30

The sun is hidden behind the clouds, and the boyfriend of the female character is fully frozen. Find out a way that you can use to melt the ice and bring your boyfriend to his former condition. Erase the cloud to melt the ice using the heat and make both characters happy.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Chapter 4 – Home from Home (31 to 40)

Another story has been ended with the start of a new one. It is known as Home from Home and intends to bring the challenging puzzles following the footprints of previous stages. Therefore, you should be ready with your puzzle-solving skills to earn in-game points. If you find all levels challenging, then you can find solutions from Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Guide.

Level 31

It is a hot day because the sun is burning above both characters. Erase the sun from the scene to decrease the temperature and make the couple happy.

Level 32

The female character is taking a bath within a Pool Loungers. Suddenly a leakage happens, and the water starts to come out. You should stop the leakage; otherwise, the pool will be empty soon.

Level 33

A cat sitting within a bucket connected with gas balloons is going higher. The female character is crying because she loves the cat, and it’s your responsibility to bring the cat down by finding the best solution that won’t hurt the cat. Erasing the balloons would help you bring down the cat and make your girl happy.

Level 34

Both characters visit Jurassic Park to see something unfamiliar. Upon reaching, they discover a sight of no entry, which makes them angry. You don’t need to worry, because you have the power of removing everything from the scene. You need to remove the barrier to get into the park.

Level 35

Yikes! Both characters have parked their vehicle on the no parking sign. After shopping, they discover that the traffic warden has fined them and a paper awaits them on the car bonnet. Now, there are two possibilities, such as remove the “no parking sign” or pay a fine. Erasing the no parking sign would help you solve the problem and make both characters happy.

Level 36

Upon visiting a shop, the female character loses her heart on an expensive diamond ring. As her boyfriend, you have to purchase the ring for her, but what you will do if you don’t have enough cash in your pocket. Remove the price tag to get the ring for free.

Level 37

You discover a bucket as you open the door which is near to drop water on both characters. Before both characters get wet, you should remove the bucket using your erasing power.

Level 38

It’s raining outside, and the roof above your bed has been leaking water. You need to erase the spot to stop the water flow and make both characters happy once again.

Level 39

Both characters are on a journey to visit the lighthouse, but the light is covered with a cloud, and you can’t see in the dark where you have to go. The situation is becoming dangerous gradually, and you have to make the decision very soon either to move the lighthouse or cloud. For sure, erasing the cloud would help you remove the blockage and start the flow of light across the scene.

Level 40

Once again, you and your friend find themselves within a boat on the sea. Another trouble awaits you right after getting a solution to the lighthouse. This time the problem isn’t easy to deal with, because a massive pirate ship is there, and maybe contained some vicious creatures. Therefore, you should deal with the scene strategically and save both characters to write their love story. Remove the pirate sign to turn their vicious ship into an ordinary boat.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Chapter 5 – Love on Shipboard

(41 to 50)

The 4th story is completed, and the game leads you to the next chapter containing ten challenging levels to complete. All the next ten levels are available in the Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Guide.

Level 41

In the next scene, you discover the stickman wearing a pirate hat with a pigeon sitting on it. You need to remove the glasses to bring the character entirely in the pirate get up.

Level 42

The stickman is trying to take a shower but can’t because the water is freezing then your expectation. Therefore, the game is displaying two buttons such as hot and cold. For sure, you prefer to hit the hot button to supply the water to calm down the character. Right answer!

Level 43

Have you ever thought that the game may ask you a mathematical question? Not, I do not suppose a mathematical question with no mathematical signs. Therefore, you should remove a line from the equality sign to turn it in minus and answer the question.

Level 44

Once again, it seems the game brings a repetitive question. But it isn’t, because the answer and object you have to remove are different. Instead of removing the green circle you did in the same type level, you have to remove the red one to solve the riddle.

Level 45

Both characters are on a boat having a motor to help characters move fast. There’s something went wrong, because the boat isn’t moving. Find the problem and get rid of it to complete the puzzle. You should erase the seaweeds from the boat’s propeller.

Level 46

Once again, the traffic light is ready to make you confused. Both red and green lights are on simultaneously, and erasing one of them is compulsory, but which one. For sure, you can’t stop anywhere, especially when you are doing on the date. Therefore, remove the red light to go.

Level 47

The kitty of your girlfriend has gone missing, and she requests you to help her find it. Explore the park to see where it is, and use your erasing power to remove bushes to see behind them. Remove the green-colored area between both characters by dragging your finger horizontally will help you find the kitty.

Level 48

Level 48 brings you close to the entry gate of a disco club where a hot party is going on. Upon heading to the door, you come to know that the entrance of the stickman character is strictly prohibited. Remove the signboard containing the image of your character would create an opportunity for your entrance.

Level 49

Both characters are hungry and searching for a restaurant. Upon reaching a restaurant, both get disappointed after reaching the hotel is closed. Erase the sign where closed is written to open the restaurant and have fun.

Level 50

There’s a cage holding a bird within it, and the girl is crying and praying for the bird. As her boy, you need to make her happy by removing the lock to bring the bird out of the cage.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Chapter 6 – Sweet Memories

(51 to 60)

After the completion of five stories, the next two stories await you to be completed. The developer has titled the next chapter Sweet Memories, and it brings 10 exciting levels to complete.

Level 51

In this scene, both characters are standing around a clock, and are confused because the clock has four needles instead of three. Removing the needle which is on number six may help you complete the puzzle and will leave you 5 coins as the reward.

Level 52

Its night time and both characters are sitting on the bed where a bulb is disturbing them. Erase the bulb to bring the couple close to each other.

Level 53

A time bomb is almost ready to blast, and it may hurt both characters. You need to save the girl before the bomb blast, and the level ends. Use your wit to either cut the wire or stop the timer. Removing the wire won’t work, as you have to stop the clock by erasing the timer.

Level 54

Another mathematical question is there, and the game requires you to solve the problem to unlock the next stages. The game brings a question keeping your erasing power in mind; therefore, you have to remove one digit from the answer to make it correct, and the digit you need to remove is 6.

Level 55

Once again, the game takes you to head to a colorful question where your goal is to remove one color out of four to solve the riddle. Second last time you remove the green, last time you remove the red, and this time, you have to pink color from the board to answer and solve the riddle to unlock the next stage.

Level 56

Where is the stickman? Only a female character is standing nearby the cupboard, but the stickman is missing. This time, the girl needs to find the character who is helping her since the first level. Remove the damaged door of the cupboard to reveal the character.

Level 57

The stickman is trying to impress the girl by lifting dumbbells. But the balance gets disturbed when a butterfly comes and sits on it. The girl needs to erase the butterfly as soon as possible to save her boyfriend.

Level 58

The boy is hiding behind the massive stone because of a kiss sign on his cheeks. The girl is in an angry mood and may kill the boy upon not answering her questions. Therefore, you should remove the sign from the stickman’s cheeks to bring both characters closer to each other.

Level 59

Both characters are standing around a block. The male character has armed with a hammer, while the female character has nothing. Your goal is to cut the stone in a way that it becomes similar to the image given above the block.

Level 60

The last level of the 6th chapter takes place in a room where the air conditioner is throwing chilled air, and the female character is crying; don’t know why. It seems both characters are feeling cold, and need some normal temperature. Removing the air won’t help you complete the level; therefore, you should erase the air condition to solve the riddle and unlock the next chapter.

Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough Chapter 7 – A Placed Called Home

(61 to 70)

After the completion of the sixth chapter, the game welcomes you to a new level where you discover the same cast of characters, along with familiar gameplay. Polish your puzzle-solving skills to start completing levels to reach the end. The game increases the difficulty level gradually and gives you proper time to learn how the aspects of the game work. Erase Story: Love the Girl Walkthrough brings all possible solutions of all levels.

Level 61

At the start, you find the stickman carrying several blocks and feeling challenging to maintain balance. While on the other side, the female character is worried about the stickman. Following the footsteps of previous stages, you have to help both characters to achieve victory. Use your power to erase anything; you need to remove the first two blocks from the top to solve the puzzle.

Level 62

Are you feeling hungry? The game brings a delicious pizza to level 62 and introduces both characters around it. Firstly, no one could guess what to do, but investigating it confirms that you need to split the pizza into two pieces. Drag your finger vertically between the pizza to divide it into two pieces, and bring the couple close to each other.

Level 63

The game features a board having something drawn, along with the result that the guy who belongs to the paper has been failed. Instead of drawing a circle, the stickman has drawn a square; therefore, the result comes with an F mark. You should turn the square into a circle by dragging your finger across the purple-colored area and complete the level.

Level 64

It is similar to Level 59, where you had turned a block into the given shape. Following the same rule, you need to shape the block to the said shape similar to the pyramid to make your girl happy.

Level 65

This time, both characters are standing around a tree, and the boy holds a saw to cut the tree. You must help him to impress the girl he loves and cut the tree using your powers. Slide your finger on the saw to cut down the tree in half and unlock additional levels.

Level 66

The stickman is trying to be the samurai in level 66, and he needs your help to fulfill the task, which leads him ahead of a massive rock where he attempts to bring out a sword. Your goal is to erase the rock to bring out the sword and help the character to impress his love.

Level 67

After completing a lot of levels in the previous six chapters, I hope you understand the mechanics and ways you can use them to complete the puzzle. The game doesn’t feature a complex system that is hard to understand; you move your finger across the screen to remove the object you want. In this scene, a football has been stuck on a tree, and your girl is asking to bring it out at any cost. Find a solution using your wit to bring it back. Use your erasing power to remove the bushes where football has trapped, and complete the puzzle to win.

Level 68

The scene introduces both characters standing with each other, but something is new that are you missing to discover. The stickman has worn new shoes with open laces. Your goal is to close the laces to let your character run with the love in the park.

Level 69

A bird is sitting on a delicious ice-cream, and you just erase the bird to give the ice-cream to the female character to make her happy. As you erase the bird, the ice-cream will be moved to the character’s hand automatically.

Level 70

The stickman is sleeping behind the book, while the female character considers he is reading the book. The game tasks you with erasing the book to reveal the character ahead of you, the teacher.  The teacher will shout at the stickman for playing a cheap trick within the classroom. The game will unlock further challenging levels as you complete chapter seven. As mentioned above the game has over 10 chapters to play; each one is offering ten levels to complete.


Players appreciate the new concept of playing puzzle games. Although the developers didn’t bring high-quality graphics, according to the gameplay – the graphics are good, and the developers did a great job in offering superb gameplay and 150 levels full of unique puzzles. Throughout the game, you must help a couple to solve a series of riddles, and in each level, the scenarios may be different, as well as their solutions.

When playing the game, you should reply on your erasing skills that you can use to remove only the targeted thing the game asks to complete the level. Besides that, the game brings a relaxing sound that keeps you engaged for dozens of fun-filled hours. The game has both free and premium versions available, and it brings a variety of furniture, outfits, and customization option to decorate the house and the character as well.

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