Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough


You can experience a beautiful mix of Adventure, Puzzle, and Hidden Object components in Escape Game Home Town Adventure 2 video game released by BusColdApp. Get ready to take on the role of a photographer who falls in love with the girl named Annie at first sight. A well-written storyline will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Everything was going smooth, then suddenly something suspiciously happened and changed the lives of both characters who were planning to make the relationship. Escape Game 2 takes place in a thrilling castle where the game invites you to explore a completely unknown world to save your girlfriend who is in trouble and needs your help. You can complete all levels without any tension by merely using the Escape Game Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough.

Moreover, explore the castle and all of its room to unravel all secrets behind the scene. Interact with the environment and tap on the screen to automatically collect items that will add to your inventory. You’re tasked with finding hidden objects and connecting them to create tools and use them to complete further goals to proceed with the storyline. The love story can’t complete without an element of suspense that makes the fun doubled. Therefore, the story revolves around a female character named Annie, who, by chance, meets a handsome photographer. At first sight, both fell in love; however, something unexpected awaits both guys in an unforgettable castle.

Unforgettable Adventure awaits you.

You are welcome to a thrilling castle where nothing seems perfect. You are here to complete challenges for your girl who has lost her memory in a car accident; therefore, you should improve your detective skills and embark on a journey to find not only the girl but also complete all challenging puzzles to become the master. Search for clues and get rid of problems; meanwhile, searching for a way to escape and rescue the imprisoned girl who needs your help.

Daily Rewards

Before starting the walkthrough, we suggest you don’t forget to claim daily reward as it brings free coins to your wallet and lets you purchase free hints. Hints can be proved useful if you are stuck anywhere during the gameplay. At the start, you may have seven hints in your meter that depletes as you use to highlight the hidden object you aren’t able to find using your naked eyes. Apart from that, the game may reward you with hints instead of coins that also would be in your favor.


Get ready to help the photographer who embarks on a journey to rescue the girl. As the game starts, the protagonist finds himself in an unknown world where a thrilling castle will puzzle the player’s mind and play tricky games to prevent him from completing the puzzles. Therefore, we jump in to help you with our Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough that brings all possible solutions to each puzzle. In the beginning, the game will only show you how to find and fix objects to solve the puzzle; afterward, you have to complete the first level on your own. Follow the steps to complete the first level:

Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough – World 1

Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough – Level 1

It takes you to an ancient room where you find a board and other objects look-like similar to clocks. Your ultimate goal is to find hidden objects and start completing puzzles to reveal the secrets behind the scene. Tapping randomly on the screen won’t hurt you, though it may puzzle your mind. There’s no time pressure; therefore, take a deep breath and search out the environment deeply to find all hidden stuff and see how to use them to complete objectives.

  • Firstly, collect the first part of a screwdriver available on a circular board at the bottom of the screen.
  • Secondly, tap the box laid near the statue on the left side of the screen to pick up a screwdriver handle.
  • When you find both are added to your inventory, merge both items to develop an item that you can use to open the screws of the box available before the statue of the right side.
  • Once opened, you collect a piece of any board game.
  • Next to that, tap on the object next to the box wherefrom you gathered a screwdriver to find a mini-game.
  • Add the piece you collected to start playing a mini-game, in which your goal is to lead the blue piece to reach the end to open it.
  • Three hints can use to skip the game.
  • Open the box to collect a golden ball that you have to place on the very first circular board you interacted upon getting into the game. Hit the play button to see what will happen next.
  • It will open the door and take you to the next scene.

Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough – Level 2

You will be surprised to see the modern environment after coming out of an ancient place. A beautiful white-colored fountain is fully covered by a beautiful environment containing a mansion, a cart, and other items. To complete the 2nd level, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Click on the cart to collect a key and one out of three puzzle pieces.
  • Tap on the fountain to pick up the second piece of the puzzle.
  • Afterward, you must tap the bushes available at the bottom of the screen to collect the third piece.
  • Find a cartoonish character on the right side and tap on it to open a puzzle. Once done, add all three pieces and play a mini-game. This time, your ultimate goal is to reveal the boxes containing the same image first.
  • The secret box will open and reward you with a switch button that you must place on the box near the fountain to stop the water flow. Collect a box from there and add an item available inside the box to your inventory.
  • Tap on the statues the fountain contains and add the object you found beneath the fountain. Doing as I said will reveal a mechanical rat.
  • Visit your inventory to fix the key on the rat. After storing the power, release the mouse on the main door entrance where a snake is sitting ahead. The rat will distract the snake and provide you with a plate.
  • Use the plate to open the box in the cart and collect a bottle of acid that you can use to melt the lock and open the door.

Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough – Level 3

After breaking the lock, you are in a beautiful where you find beautiful plant pots on the right side, while on the left side, there are stylish chairs. Your goal is the same as the previous levels – find the hidden objects and discover a way to escape. Lots of beautiful stuff are available in the room featured to distract your attention and make the gameplay challenging. Indeed, the first thing that grabs your attention would be a set of the briefcase. You must learn their pattern and colors to solve a puzzle.

  • At the very start, you may find a box on the floor. Tap the box and hit each button to set the color according to the briefcase you found in a rack.
  • Once the box opens, it will provide you a music track disc.
  • Tap on the gramophone to collect a pot and a bottle opener
  • Insert the soundtrack disc to the gramophone to play music and collect an alarm watch.
  • Click on the front wall to find a mini-game containing clocks of different colors. Add the clock you found to start the game.
  • You can slide the clocks horizontally and vertically to match their colors with the colors of lines they are moving on.

Unlock the Left Room

  • Upon completing the mini-game, you will receive a duck dummy that you must use to open the door available on your left side.
  • Get into the room, keep the pot on the right wardrobe and collect a bottle from a drawer that will open automatically as you keep the bottle.
  • Use the opener to remove the bottle’s cap and collect a key from it.
  • You can use the key to open a small drawer of the dressing table and collect one of two items.
  • The 2nd item is available on the showpiece fixed on the right wall of the same room.

  • Place both items on the left drawer of the cupboard and adjust them so that both starts to glow simultaneously. As the cupboard opens, you must pick up a sparrow from there to add to your inventory.
  • Find scenery near the lamp available on the left side of the bed, add the bird and start playing a mini-game.
  • Your ultimate task is to collect all items available on the image using the bird you placed to start the game and reach the end to complete it and collect glasses.
  • Use glasses to see birds’ patterns drawn on the mirror that you can’t see using the naked eyes. Once done, head to the box available on the bed and adjust each section according to the birds you have seen in the mirror to open the box and collect it.
  • Back to the main room and use the goggles to reveal the fan’s colors, and then back again to the left room where you may discover a treasure box.
  • Tap the buttons of the treasure box to set them as Green, Blue, and Red. The treasure box holds a trowel and an ax.
  • Use the trowel to dig into the pot and discover a duck in the main room.
  • Visit the left room to add the duck on a box kept next to the dressing table to open it. It will give you the second duck.
  • You can use both ducks to open the 2nd door of the cupboard and collect a pigeon.
  • Click the pigeon and then tap on the left pillar of the bed to fix it over there.
  • Set the pigeons’ position on all pillars after watching the order of all four pigeons on the cupboard.

Unlock the Basement

  • Once all pigeons get set, the secret path will reveal from under the bed. You can follow the path to reach the basement.
  • Leave it for a while and make your approach to the fountain where you once discovered bushes. Use the ax you collected to cut bushes and reveal a box.
  • Collect all four dolls and add them to your inventory.
  • Now, you must visit the basement and tap on the drum available on the left side of the screen. It will display you a grid-based board where you have to place all dolls.
  • A red button will appear once you set all dolls. Hit the button to see what happens next.
  • It will provide you with a cover that you have to place on the pink-colored clock hanging with the main room’s front wall. It will leave you a paper having dummies performing different actions.
  • Visit the basement and tap on dummies in real-time. Adjust the positions of dummies following the images you found from the clock. Upon completing, you will receive a button.
  • Place the button to a box next to the painting in the basement having three small statues. It will give you a number plate that you can use to add to the wardrobe.
  • Get to play a mini-game wherein your goal is to set the years in ascending order to collect an item – a green hat.

Move to Main Room

After collecting the hat, you must move to the main room where you may have discovered a clock with 00 digits. Your goal is to find clues to adjust the time and open the cupboard.

  • Firstly visit the rack holding several briefcases where the code is 16.
  • Next to that, you must tap on the main door where you discover a plate holding a mini-game as well as the number “32.”
  • Click on the clock fixed in a cupboard and set the hours and minutes to open the door. It will give you a purple button to add to the plate where you unravel the digit of 32. Start playing a mini-game, and once done, you will be out of the room.

Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough – Level 4

The previous level is longer than others because it has three different rooms to explore and dozens of puzzles to solve. Similarly, if we say that level 4th may be a part of level 3 won’t be wrong. Because the button you collected in level 3 is still in your inventory. As you get into the room, a person is taking a nap on his bed because it seems the man is sick and the environment is clean and beautiful. Start collecting hidden objects without knowing their names which is in itself is a challenge to complete.

  • Click the person to collect items from nearby his hand. You also have to gather the same item 2nd
  • Tap on the shelf available above the bed on the right side to collect the 2nd item you are searching for. Don’t forget to pick up a stick from there.
  • There’s a dummy face on the front wall where you must add all collected objects to start a mini-game. The ultimate task is to set the color in the following order: Purple, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, and Maroon. Once all set, the game will leave you a coin that you should collect and add to your inventory.

Play Mini-Games

After that, visit the 2nd side of the main wall, where you find another mini-game holding many coins along with one missing piece. Add the coin you found by playing a mini-game and start playing the game. When playing the game, your objective is to reveal two boxes containing the same item. One wrong move may end up your game and take you to the beginning point.

  • Once you find all images, the game will leave you a doll.
  • Tap on the table to collect a cap and visit the shelf on the right side of the bed.
  • Keep the doll to the shelf and collect an injection.
  • Afterward, tap on the right wall where you may discover a cap stand forth the scenery. Keep both of your collected caps there to play a game.
  • Once you complete the game, collect a coin that you must take to the basement.

Solve Puzzles in Basement

Now, you are in a basement where your objective is to find a paper displaying you to set the dummies’ positions. Place the button to the box available on the right side of the screen and open its drawer to collect a paper.

Afterward, you have to tap the dummy standing forth the front wall and set all dummies’ hands. Once set, it will leave you a piece of the puzzle. All puzzles in the bedroom have been completed.

Move to the room where a man is sick.

  • Collect the puzzle piece and move to the next room where you found a sick man.
  • Forth the bed, there’s a box carrying a circular object. Tap on the box to reveal the item and add the piece of your puzzle you have available in your inventory.
  • Start playing a mini-game to complete an image and collect a key.
  • You can use the key to open the table’s drawer available on the left side of the screen.
  • The drawer has paper and a pen that you must collect and add to your inventory.

Move back to the Basement.

After having pens and paper, you should go back to the basement, and head to the blackboard fixed on the front wall.

  • Keep the paper on the board and use the pen/chalks you collected to draw the paper using the specific color. The completion of the puzzle will reward you with a syringe.
  • Bring the syringe to the sick person and fill it with the injection available in your inventory.
  • Give the injection to the patient’s hand, who will open his fingers holding a ball.
  • Once done, bring the ball to the basement, where you should keep it on the box wherefrom you collect paper.
  • Keeping the ball to its specific place will open up a secret drawer to reveal a paper.

Once again, the game engages you to set the dummies’ arms positions following the paper you recently found to collect a piece of the puzzle.

Move to the Main Room

  • Now, you should leave the basement and reach the main room, where you discover a mini-game placed on the left wall. Add the piece of the puzzle and start playing the game.
  • Upon completing the game, you will be reward with clock needles. Now, you must start your search to find the clock.
  • Two clocks are hanging on the right wall. Tap on the brown clock, add needles you collected, and set the time following a clock available behind it, 2:15.
  • Once the clock opens, it will reveal three hidden objects.

Visit the Fountain

Leave the house and back to the fountain, where you must tap a door next to the dummy. Add the piece of the puzzle and start playing a mini-game.

  • When playing the mini-game, rotate the circles to adjust them properly to complete the puzzle.

Once done, the door will open and take you back to the starting point where you discover you’ve completed the first world. Place the gem on the board to move to the next world.

Escape Game: Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough – World 2

The 2nd world provides you with a beautiful home containing several rooms; each room is beautifully furnished. Hone your puzzle-solving skills, and without improvement, you can’t survive long. As you enter the 2nd world, a beautiful 3D home welcomes and tasks you with solving challenging puzzles. I didn’t notice in any Hidden Object games that the player brings any object from the previous level to the next one to solve the mystery. What will happen if you forget to bring that item along with you? Surely, you have to visit the previous world once again to find what you missed. To complete the 2nd world, you have to follow the steps mentioned in Escape Game Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough.

  • Click on the sofa to collect the clock needle and tap the door on the left side to reveal what’s the time.
  • Head to the clock, add the needle you collected, and set the time, 4:30, to collect two items.
  • Find a door on the right side and add a circular wooden-colored piece to the door to play a mini-game.
  • Collect the lines of the door to make a connection between them to open the door.

Room on the Right-side

Once you complete the mini-game, you will be in the room upon tapping the door. A beautiful kid is watching you behind the table. Till now, you have two items in your inventory that you have to use to complete tasks. Therefore, you should search to reveal further items and keep updating your inventory.

  • Tap on the table to collect a tea kettle and put it on the stove available on the left side of the room.
  • Remove the cover of a pot available next to the stove to collect butter and a piece of the puzzle.

 Back to the Main Room

After collecting items, you should back to the main room and tap on the flowers’ frame to play a mini-game. But don’t forget to add a piece you the puzzle you found from the room on your right side.

  • Play the mini-game to distinguish between two colors of flowers and bring them to their specific side.
  • Once done, it will leave you a water bottle that you must put into the kettle and turn the button to burn fire.
  • Collect the kettle once the water starts to boil.
  • You need a cup to offer the hot water to the kid, but first, you’re supposed to solve a puzzle.
  • Head to the cupboard available on your left side and tap on the particular section available on the cupboard’s door to set the blocks according to the pattern you can find on the cupboard available on your right side.
  • Once the cupboard opens the door, you will collect a lemon and an apple, as well as a teaspoon from inside. Apart from items, you must remember the pattern the plates are displaying you.
  • Click on the right cupboard forth the front wall and tap on the particular section above the cups to set the images you discovered on the plates and open the door to collect a honey bottle.
  • Keep the lemon on the tray next to a knife and cut it into two pieces.
  • Repeat the process with the apple too, and keep them back in your inventory.
  • Use the spoon to bring some material out of the pot by putting it into the white color’s empty pot. After a while, a piece of the puzzle will be revealed that you must collect to add it to your inventory.
  • Afterward, you have to the cup from the right cupboard, bring it out from your inventory, put some honey to the cup, and water – both are available in your inventory. Next to that, you must add both lemon and apple.
  • Offer the cup to the baby, who is continuously demanding it to make her happy.

Back to the Main Room

After offering the cup, you should back to the main room, where you must tap on the left door to open a mini-game to play. Add two pieces to let the game start and solve the puzzle, which can be done only following the pattern drawn on the clock.

Room on the Left-side

A door will open after completing the mini-game to a new beautiful room. You will discover beautiful cushions, a set of sofas, and other furniture. We offer you a proper Guide on Escape Game Home Town Adventure 2 Walkthrough that helps you overcome all hurdles and show you how to get rid of all problems.

  • Tap on the left sofa to collect a cola glass and click teddy bears on the floor to collect an ancient coin and a torchlight.
  • Click on the piano and fix the ancient coin over there to get a key.
  • Use the key to open the door to the balcony.

Explore the Balcony

Interact with the girl and tap on the teddy bear sitting with the girl on the chair. For sure, you wouldn’t forget to bring a knife from the previous room. Bring out the knife to cut the sack available forth the front wall.

  • Cutting the sack will reveal a piece of an ornament.
  • Next to that, you must interact with the bicycle to collect a hook and a piece of the puzzle.
  • Tap on the table and fix the piece you collected below the kid cycle and start playing a mini-game wherein you need to find the same images on two different blocks and keep continuing until it gets completed.
  • Once done, the box will grant you a battery for a torchlight available in your inventory.

Back to Main Room

After collecting a battery, you must go back to the main room, where you may find a dark area below the stairs. Turn on the flashlight to see what is hidden over there.

Go to the Room on the Right Side

Visit the room available on the right side and tap on the rope available near the right wall. Connect the hook with the end of the rope and hit the button to lift the box. The box offers you a hammer that you need to smash the flask, but first, you need to visit the balcony.

Visit the Balcony

After smashing the flask, you may receive a letter to keep in your inventory and heat to the ornament holding mini-game to play. Solve the puzzle to collect the item available inside the box.

  • Did you notice the first item you collected from under the stairs? The item you grabbed from the ornament seems like the teddy bear arms you have taken from the girl.
  • Now, visit your inventory, tap on the teddy bear, as well as two arms to make them connect using the yarn available already in your inventory.
  • Offer the teddy to the girl to make her happy and take a few steps back to the room where you saw a piano.
  • Tap on the right corner of the front wall to reveal a mini-game. Add two pieces from your inventory to the game start playing to complete the puzzle. The game looks like chess, wherein you have to complete a kitty to eat up all moving fishes to earn the highest points.
  • Once the game completes, it reveals a key that you can use to open a box holding a fire extinguisher.
  • Use the fire extinguisher to blow up the fire set on the stairs.

A New Area is Unlocked

As you blow up the fire, a new area will unlock that you can explore to complete puzzles. Till now, many items are available in your inventory that you use to solve challenging puzzles. This time, the game takes you to a colorful land where you discover many toys and paintings.

  • Click the doll on the left side to collect a heart and a doll.
  • Visit the rat house near a teddy bear. Select the cheese from your inventory and offer it to the rat. Once the rat moves, collect a doll and a piece of the puzzle.
  • Tap the main door to play a mini-game after adding a heart piece over there.
  • When playing the game, your goal is to make a way to reach the center, and once done; the game will open a new room for you to explore.

Explore the Bedroom

Now, you are in a bedroom after crossing the yellow-colored door. The game is clean and fully furnished; therefore, finding hidden objects may be easier for everyone.

  • Next to that, you should move to the piano room, where you discover a table amidst the area holding a box loaded with jewels. Put two pieces you collected from different places to open it to collect a puzzle.
  • Get into the kitchen, tap on the cupboard and add the piece to play the mini-game. Once the cupboard opens, it will give you other pieces of puzzles.
  • You should move back to the newly unlocked bedroom, where you have to tap on the end of the end to play a mini-game, but before adding the puzzle pieces to complete the requirements.
  • The completion of the game will reward you with a paper showing a cartoonish character.
  • Move to the piano room, where you must visit the table to collect a piece of paper and throw a chemical on the paper to reveal the image.
  • Get into the toy room, where you must use a hammer to break the wall to reveal a mini-game that you can play to unravel further clues.
  • The mini-game looks like a puzzle block game, and upon completion, it will reward you with two dolls.

  • Afterward, you must tap the table available forth the right wall to collect a doll.
  • Get into the kitchen and hit the rack fixed on the front wall. Keep all the dolls over there and set them according to the color.
  • The game’s completion will reward you with the in-game coin that you can use to play another mini-game. You have to match the buttons in the game by drawing your finger across the screen following a specific path.
  • Upon completing the game, you will receive a scissor.
  • Use the scissor to cut the flower from the toy room and add it to your inventory.
  • Get into the bedroom a few steps ahead of the toy room. Put the red flower in the flask on the right side of the bed and open the drawer to collect feet of toys.
  • See the paper you have in your inventory and set the hands and feet of the toy accordingly. Soon, the box will open and give you a clock.
  • Visit the piano room to discover clocks on the left wall and add the new one you collected recently from a box.
  • Set the time as the follows (Blue – 04:30, Purple – 04:50, Brown – 05:15, and Silver – 12:00)
  • You will receive a toothed gear after setting up the time.
  • Use the gear to open the treasure box near the piano and collect a purple gem.
  • Put the gem to the main machine and unlock the new world to explore.


Escape Game Home Town Adventure 2 is one of the best Hidden Object games because of not introducing tough gameplay and 3D graphics and immersive sound effects. It has several worlds, and each one is interconnected with the other. Each world has multiple levels; each level has several mini-games to play. Without having detective skills, you hardly complete the game.

Therefore, keep your focus on honing your puzzle-solving skills and navigate the environment carefully because you have limited hints, and each hint costs you money once you run out of coins. Furthermore, the beautiful artwork of each level will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun and take your puzzle-solving gameplay experience to the next level. Besides that, a well-written storyline will never let you give up because your girl is on the edge of destruction and will die you fail to complete levels in an unknown world. The game is full of a love story, romance, suspense, and mysteries.

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