Case Hunter Chapter 2 Walkthrough


After solving all four cases of Prologue, the game unlocks the hotel where a chef is worried and needs your help to solve six different cases. Unlike the first chapter, Case Hunter Chapter 2 comes with more challenging levels and puzzles to solve. Therefore, we jump in to help you with Case Hunter Walkthrough Guide Chapter 2 (Hotel).

As mentioned above, there are six different levels to complete, and each is set in a different location to explore and complete puzzles.

  • Working in a Restaurant
  • Rescue the Cow
  • Greetings from an Old Friend
  • Working in a Café
  • Picky Customer
  • Helping a Police Sergeant

Case Hunter Walkthrough Chapter 2 – Helping the Chef

Six different levels come with six different puzzles to solve. Be the world’s best detective and help clients catch culprits to prevent destruction. The game increases the difficulty level as you touch high levels; therefore, we suggest you keep honing your skills to master all levels.

Level 5 – Working in a Restaurant

Level 5 starts with bad news of the sick chief and has left all responsibility to your shoulders. You have to take care of the hotel until the chief recovers. You start your adventure in a hotel where a hungry customer awaits you.

  • Tap the customer and take the order of Kebab. Next, head to the cooking table and collect the ingredients you need to prepare kebab.

  • Drag the stick to collect the ingredients in the given sequence: Green Chili, Mushroom, and Meat. Before leaving the table, don’t forget to plug the barbie stove wire into the socket.
  • Once again, click on the stove to pick up the grilled kebab and serve it to the customer.

Level 6 – Rescue the Cow

A cow needs your help as the fire has burnt surrounding it. Finding the solution won’t be a problem if you know how to complete pipe games.

  • Run and collect a pipe piece from the ground and connect it with the tank and the pipe with the valve.
  • Head to the valve and rotate it to run the water.

Level 7 – Greetings from an Old Friend

While the chef is sick, you have to greet an old friend. You will start playing the level with a conversation wherein the old friend asks you about him. Your answers should be the following to complete the puzzle.

  • You’re Dr. Watson?
  • What can I do for you?
  • Just the meat and nothing else?
  • Are there any signs of damage in the house?
  • Are there footprints by the windows?
  • Take a picture of the footprints.
  • The thief is a stray dog.

Level 8 – Working in a Café

This time, you are hired to work in a café because the chef isn’t recovered yet. As you reach the café, a customer is already there awaiting you to order a coffee.

  • Tap the customer to take the order and keep the requirements in mind.
  • Head to the table and prepare a coffee by putting one spoon of sugar and three scoops of coffee into the cup.
  • Click on an electric kettle and put it on the stove to get the warm water. Please pick up the kettle and head to the cup, and put the boiling water into it. The coffee is ready to serve the customer.
  • Don’t forget to receive a tip in the form of a gem.

Level 9 – Picky Customer

Customers are getting angry as the chef has taken the day off. Many new challenges are standing ahead of you. Try your best to satisfy the customers by completing their demands on time. This time, you have an option to visit the farm to get some fresh ingredients. Going through the door on the left side may help you reach the farm.

  • Firstly, you have to pick up a bucket from the table and go to the farm through the door on the left side.

  • Once you reach the farm, pick up a carrot and a tomato. Next, use the bucket to collect the milk from the cow.

  • Go back and head to the table to prepare food by adding tomato and carrot. Once the solution gets ready, pour it into the nearby bowl and add it to your inventory.
  • Head to the customer, serve the food, and pour the milk into the glass on the table.

Level 10 – Helping a Police Sergeant

As you unlock level 10, a Police Sergeant comes to request your help. Firstly, you have to fall in conversation with the Police Sergeant and ask about the clues they have collected. Next, explore the scene to discover hidden objects and use them to solve tricky puzzles. When talking Police Sergeant, your answers should be the following:

  • Has the cause of death been determined?
  • The wet towel.
  • The murderer drugged her to render her unconscious.
  • Check the doctor’s coat.

We’ve not added answers with only one choice. The game promotes you to the next chapter as the mystery gets solved.

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