Case Hunter Chapter 4 Walkthrough


Case Hunter: Brain Funny Cases Chapter 4 has seven challenging levels. The plot starts with the detective who found the professor has the worst temper, and he has searched almost every place but needs to go back to his hometown where the detective was born. The game keeps changing the level titles and dialogues within levels; however, the environment and hidden objects are the same. Search for hidden clues in the next levels to solve mysteries, and if you fail to find anything, go through Case Hunter Walkthrough Guide to find all solutions. Furthermore, the available levels are as follows:

Case Hunter Walkthrough Chapter 4 – Daily Life

  • A Dog’s Worries
  • Pizza Thief
  • Where did the Ring Go?
  • The Last Super
  • Naughty Niece
  • Significance of Traveling
  • Time Machine

Level 17 – A Dog’s Worries

A dog named Vivi has discovered a mysterious box when searching for a bone. As a detective, you have to examine the box to discover the truth.

  • Tap the bench to pick up a shovel and head to the letterbox to discover a clue printed on paper.
  • Go close to the dog and use the shovel to dig the place the dog is pointing to bring a treasure box out.
  • See the paper to discover clues and use it to unlock the box. The box contains a bottle.

Level 18 – Pizza Thief

You have to investigate a case to find who has stolen the pizza in the next level. It is a text-based level where the game doesn’t feature any visuals. You have to make choices correctly to reach the end.

  • What were you doing just now?
  • What’s wrong with your dog?
  • What did the doctor say?
  • Something difficult to digest?

Level 19 – Where did the Ring Go?

A man needs a ring to propose his love, but he loses it. Therefore, they called a detective to investigate the case and find where the ring has gone. You should use your wit to examine the scene, search for hidden objects, and find out where the ring is to make their relationship awesome.

  • Click the bench to move your character there and pick up the fishing rod and a bucket.
  • Head to the pond, catch the fish, and put it into the yellow bucket.
  • Tap the left side bench to discover a cat, feed it a fish, and chase to reach the sand. Select the bucket and pour the water on its poo to find a diamond ring.

Level 20 – The Last Super

Level 20 revolves around the old man who is home alone on his 50th birthday. You are called to discover the way to help the old man. You aren’t only a detective, but also a helper who can offer help to anyone.

  • First of all, head to the bucket near the wardrobe to discover glue and get the second half image from the old man.

  • Head to the wardrobe, add the second piece to the frame and glue it to open the door.
  • Go through the door to reach the kitchen.
  • Tap the fridge to collect a chicken, head to the oven, and place it inside after opening the door.
  • Search out the dustbin to find a button, head to the basin, and run the water to collect the second button. Place both buttons on the oven to turn it on. Wait for a while until the chicken gets cooked.

  • Take the chicken out from the oven and ask the female standing on the left side to take and offer it to the old man sitting on the sofa to make him happy.

Level 21 – Naughty Niece

The choice-matter level is here, where you have to select one of two choices to go through the story and solve the puzzle. This time, your objective is to convince the girl to give the phone to her mom.

  • What are you doing, kiddo?
  • This is Agent 007 reporting.
  • I will buy you some.
  • Who’s that?

Level 22 – Significance of Traveling

A girl needs your help to improve her confidence while performing in a violin competition. The environment is almost the same as the first level; however, the game has featured different puzzles to solve. Firstly, you need to discover hidden objects and utilize them to unlock the cupboard to get the girl a coat.

  • Tap the pink box to discover scissors and use it to open the cotton kept next to the bucket to find a small box protected with a four-digit code.
  • Click on the television to discover the code and add it to the small box. The code you need to unlock is 1112.
  • As the box opens, you can pick up a key from there and use it to unlock the cupboard on the left side.

  • Go behind the girl out of the home and notice the music notes. To solve the puzzle, you have to go to the pink bird first, the green bird second, and the bluebird on the bench third.

Note: When you go close to birds, don’t forget to tap on them to play the music.  

Level 23 – Time Machine

Level 23 revolves around a scientist named Dr. Watson, who has invented the time machine and placed it in the park. He wants you to be the first to try it.

  • Firstly, you have to reach the pond to collect a net and catch the fish.

  • Secondly, head to the telephone booth and hit the green button to reach the new area where you pick up the chicken piece.

  • Head to the man and offer him a fish to get a plant. Go back to the telephone booth again and hit the Light Green Button.

  • As you hit the light green button, the game takes you to the Scientist’s childhood. Select the chicken piece from the inventory and drag it to the dog to escape it from the scene and obtain a shovel from the kid.
  • Click on the sand near the bench and put the plant into it. Head to the telephone booth once again, and you are done.

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