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After solving all puzzles of Hotel, the game throws you into a school that contains six challenging levels set in different areas. You can use Case Hunter Walkthrough Guide to find all solutions and answers to all puzzles; however, the game features a hint system to help you figure out the truth and highlight the hidden objects, but it costs you in-game money. As the level completes, the game leaves you in-game coins; however, you can buy coins using gems. We’ve completed Case Hunter Hotel Chapter Walkthrough; if you haven’t finished it yet, hit the given link to learn how to solve puzzles.

Case Hunter Walkthrough Chapter 3 – School

As for Hotel, Chapter 3 comes with six challenging levels, and the requirements set for each one are different. It means you have to find other objects to solve various puzzles. The available levels are the following:

  • Faring Quietly
  • The Fall of a Star
  • Where’d My Roommate Go
  • Expel Zombie
  • Getting a Naughty Kid to Sleep
  • Three Naughty Kids

Level 11 – Farting Quietly

Level 11 centers on a character, Vivi, who ate something bad and now looking for a chance to fart. Therefore, you are here to offer him an opportunity to fart without anyone finding out.

  • Go to the last bencher and get a solution bottle from the boy’s hand.
  • Head to the teacher’s table and prepare a formula following the ingredients printed on a paper.

  • A blast happens as you mix all liquids, and Vivi gets a chance to fart without being noticed.

Level 12 – The Fall of a Star

Once again, Police Sergeant needs your help to solve a tricky case. He appears on the scene with unfortunate news about a star who has been fallen. To solve the puzzle, you have to answer the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • Of course, I won’t let my grief affect my reasoning.
  • The cut on the rope looks too clean.
  • One of them isn’t a staff member. It’s C.
  • Interrogate A from the pros team.
  • It’s B!

Level 13 – Where’d My Roommate Go

Coco finds Kevin missing; therefore, he calls you to find her out. Using detective skills, you are the only one who could discover Kevin to help Coco.

  • Head to the green table on the right side to get a pencil from its drawer.

  • Go to another table on the left side, drag your pencil on the book to find a clue and head to Coco.
  • Give the map to Coco after selecting it from your inventory.

Level 14 – Expel Zombie

Two people are trapped in a classroom because of a deadly zombie about to attack to fulfill the thirst for blood. You are invited to help them out by expelling the zombie.

  • You have to tap the yellow balloon and collect it to use later at the very start.
  • Next, head to the cupboard on the left side to discover a zombie mask.

  • Now, go close to the fan and turn it on; meanwhile, set its position toward the zombie by tapping the green button.
  • Click on the zombie and tie it with a yellow balloon.

  • Go close to the window and tap it multiple times to break the mirror to expel the zombie.

Level 15 – Getting a Naughty Kid to Sleep

Your ultimate goal is to get the naughty kid to sleep at the next level. During the gameplay, you might have to make several choices; however, making the wrong choices may lose the level. So, read Case Hunter Walkthrough to learn how to solve the puzzle.

  • Why do you want one?
  • But tigers are fierce. They will eat all the little animals around you.
  • What about a unicorn?

Level 16 – Three Naughty Kids

A teacher requests you to find three naughty kids continuously skipping the class. When making in-game coins and collecting gems, you are here to solve a funny case. Three boys are missing, and you have to explore the classroom and outside of its area to discover them.

  • Firstly, head to the first table to discover a key and open the door on the right side to find the first boy.

  • Secondly, click the cupboard on the left side to discover a collar and go out of the classroom.
  • Tap the hydrant and pick up the sewerage cover from nearby it.
  • Discover a statue on the left side, pick up the water pipe, and discover the second boy.
  • Go on the right side, drag the cover and drop it on the sewerage hole to save and discover the third boy; meanwhile, use the collar to tie the crocodile’s mouth.

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