Case Hunter: Brain Funny Cases Walkthrough – All Levels Solutions


Case Hunter is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by Focus Apps for Mobile Devices. The game is designed for players who love becoming a detective and solving tricky cases to make their name. The plot centers on a city threatened by vicious enemies, evil, and criminals. People imagine a hero who could save them from destruction. To help people, you have to reveal the truth behind the scenes and bring peace back to life. Your ultimate objectives are to find Hidden Truth, Find Hidden Clues, and Solve Mysteries.

It serves as the highly-interactive video game that brings you close to the way detectives from all over the world used to solve their cases. There are different levels; each is set in a unique environment and offers a series of hidden objects to discover. When playing the game, you have to find items and use your analytical skills to detect the suspect. If you love playing mind games, brain games, or other games where you can assume the role of the detective, then Case Hunter is an excellent challenge for you.

Game Modes

The introduction of three modes is pretty satisfying and developed, keeping players of all skills in mind. The main modes are Normal Mode, Murder Case, and more. Several crime scenes are available in different locations, such as hotels, restaurants, and more. Improve your puzzle-solving skills by finding hidden objects, guess reasoning, and clue analysis.

Case Hunter: Brain Funny Cases Walkthrough

There are 12 different chapters available; each promises to put you ahead of new challenges. The world where the game has set is in chaos and needs your help to catch criminals and drive them out of the land. The peace can’t be restored until you catch the culprits. The available chapters are the following:

Each chapter releases a set of levels that you must complete to prove yourself as the world’s best detective. The game features relaxing music and a great environment wherein you can see your character moving either from a side-scroll or top-down perspective.

Case Hunter Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Prologue

The first chapter contains four levels, and their names are the following: Find the Violin, Locate the Mistress, Saving the Food, and The Fox’s Rose.

Level 1 – Find the Violin

Furthermore, the first level is pretty interested where you have been called to discover the damaged Violin parts and find the way to fix them. You are in a room with a character who awaits your order to obey. The character moves to the location where you tap and search for hidden objects.

  • The first Violin piece is hidden under the blanket. Tap the bed to search and discover an object that will be added to your inventory featured at the bottom of your screen.
  • Next, the second Violin piece is available on the Sofa; so, tap the sofa to obtain the second violin piece.

  • Afterward, head to the violin case and put both pieces into it after dragging them from your inventory to the case.

Level 2 – Locate the Mistress

You just have received another case with the instruction of finding a husband cheating on her wife. Therefore, the objective to complete is “Locate the Mistress.” Before moving on to complete more levels, you should know about the hint system designed to help you whenever you find an object challenging to discover.

  • Firstly, head to the cupboard to collect some cheese and put it on the plate next to the hole.
  • Obtain the mouse from the spot and tap the bed where a man is sitting worried.

  • Drag the mouse from your inventory and drop it near the bed to find evidence.

Level 3 – Saving the Food

The third level takes place on a farm where a mole destroys all crops, and a chef is worried about it; therefore, he called you to stop the destruction. You are a detective and can use Case Hunter Walkthrough Guide to help how to prevent all the mess.

  • You should go close to the damaged farm on the right hand and play a mini-game.
  • Pick up a hammer and start hitting the mole appearing on different holes after some time.
  • You have to hit the mole five times without being missed by anyone.

Level 4 – The Fox Rose

The game displays you as a fox worried because of its withered rose. As a detective and a good person, it’s your responsibility to help it get a new rose. To solve the puzzle, you have to interact with two mirrors and find a seed.

  • Head to the piano and set the mirror to the right side.
  • Go to the table and set the mirror to the upside.
  • Afterward, head to the right side’s head to get a seed and sow into the plant pot to get a flower.


All levels are pretty fabulous to play. Each chapter is designed beautifully and holds funny cases to solve. There’s no list of objects that highlights what to find; however, some levels are pretty easy to solve as you have to select one of two possible choices to advance the plot. Before finding the hidden objects, read the instruction/plot carefully, as it may leave you an idea about puzzles. Furthermore, it was a fantastic game to play and enjoy.

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