Can You Escape the 100 Room 10 Level 17 Walkthrough


In the previous level, we have displayed you how to escape the basement. This time, the game takes you to a new room where you find lots of interesting things, including telescopes, computers, and more. It seems the room belongs to any scientist or a teacher. However, you are here to find hidden objects and you must solve tricky puzzles; meanwhile playing challenging mini-games to become the master. Without having detective skills, searching missing items could be a tough job because tapping randomly on the screen isn’t helpful and you don’t have enough hints that you use to find all objects; therefore, you need a proper walkthrough guide.

Can You Escape the 100 Room 10 Walkthrough – Level 17

Its day time and you find yourself in a beautiful room fully loaded with furniture and many other items. Unravel your puzzle-solving skills and struggle to escape the room timely with the help of our Can You Escape the 100 Room 10 Level 147 Walkthrough.

  • Drag the chair to the front wall and collect a screwdriver from above a small TV.
  • Discover a drawing on the blackboard and keep all shapes in mind.
  • Click on TVs and draw the same shape that you have seen on the blackboard.

  • Setting the buttons of all four TVs may help you reveal geometric shapes on their screens.
  • Below the TVs, there is a drawer protected with a four-digit locker.
  • Enter the following (0473) to not only open it but also collect a cutter and a magnifying glass.
  • Click on the cat’s painting hanging on the front wall and use the magnifying glass to see a specific pattern that you may need to complete a puzzle.
  • On the right side, there is another device where you must draw the same pattern you have seen using the glass.
  • The wardrobe opens to let you collect one of two puzzle pieces. Above the wardrobe, a plant pot is available that you must cut using a cutter to reveal a door handle and use a screwdriver to open a box nearby it.

  • As you open up all screws, a locker with three buttons will appear to challenge you to solve the puzzle. Discover the screen to reveal the images and draw the same on the buttons to open the box.
  • Once done, it gives you the second piece of the puzzle.

  • Head to the cupboard available on the left side of the room and add both number pieces there to play a mini-game. If you are good in mathematics, the completion of a puzzle won’t be a big deal for you, if you aren’t then it could be a headache; however, the completion of a puzzle gives you a lens.

  • Add the lens to the telescope and watch through it to see different images that you need to draw on the door’s locker to open it.
  • Head to the door, place the handle, and set the images to open it.

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