Can You Escape the 100 Room 10 Level 18 Walkthrough


The next level of Can You Escape the 100 Room 10 takes place outside the room where a car is parked and a few items are available surrounding it. You are called to investigate the scene to find the hidden items and use them to solve tricky puzzles. There are several mini-games available and each level offers you a set of unique puzzles to solve in the form of mini-games. The completion of puzzles isn’t easy; therefore, we jump in to help you with our Can You Escape the 100 Room 10 Level 19 Walkthrough.

Can You Escape the 100 Room 10 Walkthrough – Level 18

If you are new to the game and haven’t completed the earlier levels, then you can jump to the first levels to see how to complete them. Read the steps given below to learn how to solve puzzles of level 18 in Can You Escape the 100 Room.

  • Get a brick from the floor and a cutter from above the bench. Both items will be added to your inventory as you click on them.
  • Head to the phone booth and break its mirror using brick from the inventory to collect a briefcase.
  • Enter the code (D-66566) to open the briefcase and collect an item from it. Use the picked item to break the mirror of the car and collect a wheel from there. Before leaving the car, don’t forget to start it after tapping on the key.
  • Once it is done, open the car trunk to play a mini-game. Open the box to get a bolt opener and use it to open the bolts available behind the bench to get a wooden sheet. Put the sheet into the water and cross the hurdle to escape Level 18.

Note: Don’t forget to tap on a board and cut its wire using a cutter from the inventory. Hit the red button once the box gets opened and close the trunk to escape.

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