Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories Walkthrough


Brain Test 2 is a fabulous Puzzle, Trivia, and Single-player video game, offering similar gameplay to Brain Out. It features more than 10 challenging adventures to complete; each one is offering a series of tasks to complete. Whether you love to play a puzzle game or trivia, Brain Test 2 brings almost everything for all ages. In short, you have a chance to hone your puzzle-solving skills while having fun with a beautiful cast of characters. Each adventure features a unique character to interact with and the completion of puzzles will reward you with in-game currency that you can use to unlock additional content. Keep in mind that you can’t jump to the next adventure without completing the existing one which is unlocked. Therefore, we introduce our Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories Walkthrough to help you unlock all adventures to play.

Nowadays, the craze of mobile gaming is increasing day by day and hundreds of new games release every month. The majority of players love to play Puzzles, Adventure, and Action games because they find games of the said genres entertaining. Brain Test 2 is offering almost similar gameplay to Brain Out: Can You Pass it a game, which comes with hundreds of fun-filled levels to complete. Similarly, you may find hundreds of levels divided into different adventures full of mind-blowing teasers that will trick you. Besides, finding their solutions could be a tricky task because the majority of players get trapped by the question and come out to Google the solution. If you are planning to play Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories, then you should be prepared for unexpected answers and a way you use to find their solutions.

Brain Test 2 – Over 10 Adventures

As mentioned above, the game has over 10 challenging adventures; each one comes with at least 20 levels to complete. Each level holds a tricky puzzle to solve and in return, it will leave you amazing prizes and in-game currency. Don’t be fooled by questions the game displays on your screen; therefore, always prefer going out of the box to search for an answer. Different riddles won’t only puzzle your mind, but also break your common sense. Test your brain with outside box solutions. When playing the game, you can compete against your amazing IQ Game.

Moreover, the game is specially designed for those players who love to play the following games: Word Search, Puzzle, Sudoku, Word Game, and other Jigsaw Puzzle games. It comes with intuitive controls and superb graphics that will improve your brain out of classic riddles. The game doesn’t need any Internet Connection to run, but if you are expecting some free hints then having a stable internet connection is mandatory. Jump into the endless fun and see how much far you can go in Brain Test 2 mobile game developed by Unico Studio. The available adventures are the following:

  1. Fitness with Cindy

  2. Prison Escape

  3. Agent Smith

  4. The McBrain Family

  5. Monster Hunter Joe

  6. Smith and Joe – Part 1

  7. Tom’s Adventure

  8. Emily’s Farm

  9. Bad Luck Betty

  10. Smith and Joe – Part 2

  11. Captain Mary

  12. Crazy High School

Brain Test 2 Adventure 1 Walkthrough – Fitness with Cindy

The first chapter of Brain Test 2 revolves around Cindy who needs a trainer to lose her weight. In short, Cindy is looking for a way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with perfect fitness and diet that a personal trainer can suggest; therefore, leave everything you are doing to avail an opportunity of being Cindy’s Personal Health Trainer.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 1

Cindy is hungry and wants to eat some chips, but she can’t do that because of her weight. In Brain Test 2 Level 1, you have to help out Cindy by merely finding a solution.

  • Solution: Use Cindy’s Scooty to hit the counter and get a chip.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 2

Surely, you would learn that Cindy loves Chips and can’t without them. Therefore, you should think by going out of the box to find a solution to how to make her run.

  • Solution: Drag the chips across the screen until Cindy gets tired.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 3

Brain Test 2 comes with a tricky question, tasking you to prevent Cindy from using an elevator. You must force Cindy to use stairs instead of the elevator. In this scene, the game features an Oldman, elevator, stairs, and Cindy. I think, bringing the old man near the elevator may work. Let’s see.

  • Solution: Hit the button to open the elevator and drag the old-man stick to cover the door and let Cindy use the stairs.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 4

Seriously, the game is becoming is gradually increasing its difficulty level as I making my approach to high levels. This time, the ultimate goal is to Help Cindy ascend the stairs in Brain Test 2 Level 4.

  • Solution: Drag every step up where Cindy is standing on.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 5

You may fall in shock after watching Cindy’s feet that became terrible after all that climbing in previous levels. Therefore, you should help her to feel comfortable.

  • Solution: Keep Cindy’s feet in a tub and fill it with water after opening a refrigerator and bringing a jug out.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 6

After reaching Brain Test 2 Level 6, you come to know that Cindy is looking for the easiest way to burn her calories. Is there any such way available? You should help her to burn calories in Brain Test 2 – Fitness with Cindy Level 6.

  • Solution: Open the Drawer to discover a light and take it close to the Calories within the question.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 7

Finally, Cindy has decided to do exercise but she is a bit confused about how to start. In the 7th level, you may find yourself in a room full of mess. Find two hidden objects to help Cindy start her exercise.

  • Solution: Find an ID card and a Mobile Phone and then drag them to the hands of Cindy.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 8

Brain Test 2 – Fitness with Cindy level 8 comes with a treadmill. It is tasked with helping Cindy to exercise using a treadmill.

  • Solution: Firstly, you should tap the button to run the treadmill and wait for a while. Tap the button once again to increase the speed. Now, before tapping the button the third time, you must tie the laces of Cindy to complete the level.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 9

Now, Cindy laid down on a mat and asking you to stretch her body with Pilates. The task isn’t as easy as it seems; therefore, you should take your thinking capacity out of the box to find a solution.

  • Solution: Drag both hands and feet of Cindy to Pilates.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 10

Brain Test 2 – Cindy and Fitness Level 10 takes place in a kitchen where Cindy is planning to get rid of unhealthy food and she needs your help. At this level, you have to find unhealthy food and trash it.

  • Solution: Open the Fridge and trash the following things: Cupcake, Chocolate, Cold Drink, Cheese Burger, and Ice Cream, and don’t forget to search Cindy’s hands.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 11

After completing the first Brain Test 2 – Cindy and Fitness 10 levels, you are in a garden to help Cindy to have some outdoor exercise.

  • Solution: Give Cindy both Dumbbells.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 12

Cindy is walking slowly, you must help her run fast. Search for something that may help you complete the level.

  • Solution: Search out a key by dragging stones and open the lock to reveal a dog that barks on Cindy.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 13

Now, Cindy is in a Gym where lots of amazing people are so smart and performing some amazing tricks that may break the spirit of Cindy; therefore, you should help her by finding a solution.

  • Solution: Remove the hurdle and let the heavy ball move to disturb the balance of a girl. Add some more plates to the rod make it difficult for a girl with a green shirt to lift it.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 14

You are not only the trainer who comes to train Cindy, as there is another one. In Fitness with Cindy Level 14, your goal is to help her follow the instruction of a trainer. The trainer may do thumps up and down. You must help Cindy understand to learn how it works.

  • Solution: Thumbs up means raise Cindy’s hands and thumbs down means make Cindy Jump.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 15

It seems Cindy needs more encouragement after reaching Fitness with Cindy Level 15. You are here to help her enjoy a healthy lifestyle when having fun with friends and family members. Find a solution by taking your puzzle-solving skills out of the box.

  • Solution: keep tapping on Cindy’s Phone until her image come out. Next to that, keep tapping the heart to increase likes that encourage her.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 16

Cindy loses a lot of weight and now she is becoming slim and lightweight. In Fitness with Cindy Level 16, your goal is to help her make balance while doing exercise.

  • Solution: Tap Cindy’s hand whenever it reaches near the ground and tap her feet when they are close to touching the ground. In short, prevent both hands and feet from touching the ground by merely tapping on them.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 17

Start thinking out of the box to find a solution that keeps Cindy away from liking ice cream because after having an ice cream her mouth filled with water.

  • Solution: Drag the shopping bag of an Old man sitting on a bench. Next to that, you must drag a small ball to the ice cream and put it into it and make the ice cream taste worst for Cindy.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 18

Cindy is trying to sleep after having some exercise. As for her trainer, your goal is to prevent her from taking a nap. This time, the game takes place in her bedroom where Cindy is having a sweet sleep.

  • Solution: Keep turning on Lights until Cindy removes the bulb. Next to that, open the drawer and drag a new bulb to the holder and set it up.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 19

Now, Cindy seems quite fit. This time to help her build some muscles. Finding a solution to building her muscles isn’t a big problem.

  • Solution: Drag a rod upward to fill the meter of muscle with green color. Do it in three steps.

Fitness with Cindy – Level 20

Seriously, Cindy has worked hard and successfully established a healthy lifestyle. Now, it’s time for a reward.

  • Solution: Open the refrigerator and drag to put all fruits to the juicer machine. Add milk to the juicer and offer a powerful drink to Cindy.


Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories introduces a set of fun-filled adventures. Each one holds a variety of questions to answers and puzzles to solve. It features a quite impressive soundtrack and fabulous graphics that promise to offer you endless hours of fun. Unlike other games, it doesn’t introduce thousands of tricky levels, as there are over one hundred quality levels available, and a few more are expected to be released soon. Furthermore, the gameplay is really enjoyable and we will keep updating Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories Walkthrough regularly.

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