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Alice’s Restaurant – Fun and Relaxing Word Game is a Puzzle and Single-player Crossword video game that emphasis on decoration, word game, and puzzle elements. The game promises to offer you stunning and relaxing word game that comes with a unique plot revolving around a female protagonist named Alice and her friends and family members. Furthermore, the story unfolds that Alice was enjoying a peaceful life until she had heard the news regarding the restaurant of her parents that would be closed soon. Now, she needs your help to prevent the hotel from closing. Are you ready to boost your renovation skills and learn how to decorate a hotel? If you are a bit confused, Alice’s Restaurant Walkthrough would help you sought out all things.

Alice’s Restaurant involves you collecting rare ingredients and recipes for making yummy dishes; meanwhile, collecting furniture and decoration to take your restaurant to the next level. Together, you and Alice would make new friends when experiencing awesome stories as a teammate. The addition of the “Camera” feature lets you capture memorable moments and save them in your album. Apart from that, the game revolves around the Word Search gaming concept where you are supposed to form words using letters in thousands of letters. There are dozens of rewards available that worth collecting and dozens of boosters are ready to help you out complete challenging puzzles.

How to Play Alice’s Restaurant?

Without any doubt, the game features intuitive controls and smooth graphics to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Although the completion of thousands of levels at once is almost impossible, the game is designed in a way that no one keeps themselves away from playing it. The game features a green button with a level number on the bottom-right corner of the screen that upon tapping may take you to a new site where playing word games is your ultimate goal. The completion of each level rewards you with in-game coins that you need to unlock decorations and furniture.

To play the game, you have to swipe your finger from one letter to another to line up words on the board either vertically or horizontally. When playing the game, you have an option of using boosters, including the following: Bulb, Rocket, Lightning, and Shuffle. Alice’s Restaurant is offering the same gameplay experience as the Wordscapes. There are tons of new levels and each one comes with unique hidden Extra Words. Therefore, you should keep your focus on finding extra hidden words to get paid more coins for unlocking new stuff.

Alice’s Restaurant: Fun and Relaxing Word Game Walkthrough

The game has dozens of colorful themes and each one will get unlocked as you achieve a milestone. Unlock new characters to interact with and proceed with the storyline to see what happens next. The game displays all tasks in a clipboard that upon tapping will let you know what to do next. Each job will cost you a star and for stars, you have to complete Word Puzzle Levels. Therefore, keep making words by swiping your finger across letters and earning stars to complete tasks.

Alice’s Restaurant Walkthrough Level 1 – 50

Besides completing word puzzles, your ultimate goal is to decorate the restaurant and bring it to glory. The user interface is friendly and the game features several features to make your grip stronger on all gaming aspects. Alice’s Restaurant spans different days and each new day starts with a variety of tasks that you have to complete. The home screen of the game contains several options as follows:

  • Diary – You can add recipes of yummy dishes to your diary.
  • Clipboard – Every new task will be added to your clipboard with the requirements of stars that you need to complete.
  • Burger Icon – In case you are intending to edit “Your Profile,” then tap on the Burger Icon available at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Green Button – It helps you play word levels to earn stars that you need to complete tasks.

Moreover, don’t forget to claim daily free rewards that bring lots of gems to your vault. Whenever you update the game, it rewards you with more gems.

How to change selected items in Alice’s Restaurant?

You don’t need to do anything, except for holding the object long you are willing to change and choose its substitute to place. Besides, the game has +1000 Levels; each one with different words to form. If you are new to the word game then you don’t need to panic, keep swiping your finger from one word to another following the pattern that comes in your mind. Extra words you make will be added to a treasure box that leaves you extra in-game points. Enjoy relaxing music when finding a solution to solving Word Puzzle Levels. If you fail to find any answers, read our Alice’s Restaurant Walkthrough – All Levels Solved to see the answers.

Alice’s Restaurant Level 1 – Letters: C, A, T

  • Act
  • Cat

Alice’s Restaurant Level 2 – Letters: D, D, A

  • Dad
  • Add

Alice’s Restaurant Level 3 – Letters: P, O, T

  • Opt
  • Pot
  • Top

Alice’s Restaurant Level 4 – Letters: R, A, E

  • Era
  • Ear
  • Are

Alice’s Restaurant Level 5 – Letters: L, L, A, W

  • Law
  • All
  • Wall

Alice’s Restaurant Level 6 – Letters: R, A, I, F

  • Fair
  • Air
  • Fir
  • Far

Alice’s Restaurant Level 7 – Letters: T, E, N, D

  • Dent
  • Den
  • End
  • Ten
  • Tend
  • Net

Alice’s Restaurant Level 8 – Letters: K, A, R, P

  • Park
  • Ark
  • Par
  • Rap

Alice’s Restaurant Level 9 – Letters: E, Y, E, S

  • Yes
  • See
  • Eye
  • Eyes

Alice’s Restaurant Level 10 – Letters: G, O, L, D

  • Gold
  • Log
  • God
  • Old
  • Dog

Alice’s Restaurant Level 11 – Letters: T, A, B, E

  • Beta
  • Ate
  • Bat
  • Bet
  • Eat
  • Tab
  • Tea
  • Beat

Alice’s Restaurant Level 12 – Letters: A, E, S, T

  • East
  • Eat
  • Seat
  • Sea
  • Set
  • Tea
  • Sate

Alice’s Restaurant Level 13 – Letters: Y, P, L, A

  • Pay
  • Pal
  • Lay
  • Lap
  • Play

Alice’s Restaurant Level 14 – Letters: L, W, O, H

  • How
  • Low
  • Owl
  • Who
  • Howl

Alice’s Restaurant Level 15 – Letters: F, I, S, T

  • Fit
  • Its
  • Sit
  • Fist
  • Sift

Alice’s Restaurant Level 16 – Letters: T, C, A, R, T

  • Tract
  • Art
  • Car
  • Rat
  • Tar
  • Cart
  • Cat

Alice’s Restaurant Level 17 – Letters: F, O ,L ,W

  • Low
  • Owl
  • Flow
  • Fowl
  • Wolf

Alice’s Restaurant Level 18 – Letters: B, L, N, A, D

  • Band
  • Bad
  • Nab
  • Land
  • Bland
  • Bald
  • Ban
  • Lab

Alice’s Restaurant Level 19 – Letters: F, O, O, L, D

  • Flood
  • Food
  • Old
  • Fold

Alice’s Restaurant Level 20 – Letters: B, U, I, L, T

  • Bit
  • But
  • Lit
  • Tub
  • Built

Alice’s Restaurant Level 21 – Letters: E, Q, U, I, T

  • Tie
  • Quit
  • Quiet
  • Quite

Alice’s Restaurant Level 22 – Letters: N, S, E, V, E

  • Eve
  • See
  • Even
  • Seen
  • Seven

Alice’s Restaurant Level 23 – Letters: U, O, Y, T, H

  • Hot
  • Hut
  • Out
  • Toy
  • You
  • Youth

Alice’s Restaurant Level 24 – Letters: M, O, S, U, E

  • Sue
  • Sum
  • Use
  • Muse
  • Some
  • Mouse

Alice’s Restaurant Level 25 – Letters: H, O, S, G, T

  • Hog
  • Hot
  • Host
  • Shot
  • Ghost

Alice’s Restaurant Level 26 – Letters: T, H, N, I, N

  • Inn
  • Hint
  • Hit
  • Ninth
  • Thin

Alice’s Restaurant Level 27 – Letters: G, U, D, I, E

  • Die
  • Dug
  • Dig
  • Guide
  • Due

Alice’s Restaurant Level 28 – Letters: S, O, U, D, N

  • Sun
  • Sound
  • Son
  • Dun
  • Undo
  • Nod

Alice’s Restaurant Level 29 – Letters: C, A, T, C, H

  • Cat
  • Act
  • Chat
  • Hat
  • Catch

Alice’s Restaurant Level 30 – Letters: A, L, L, O, Y

  • Lay
  • All
  • Alloy
  • Ally
  • Loyal

Alice’s Restaurant Level 31 – Letters: T, S, I, A, W

  • Sit
  • Its
  • Wit
  • Wait
  • Saw
  • Waist

Alice’s Restaurant Level 32 – Letters: B, U, L, R, Y

  • Burly
  • Buy
  • Bury
  • Rub
  • Ruby
  • Blur

Alice’s Restaurant Level 33 – Letters: H, U, M, I, D

  • Dim
  • Humid
  • Him
  • Mud
  • Hum
  • Mid

Alice’s Restaurant Level 34 – Letters: V, E, M, O, N

  • Oven
  • Move
  • Omen
  • One
  • Venom

Alice’s Restaurant Level 35 – Letters: H, O, L, T, Y

  • Hot
  • Hotly
  • Lot
  • Holy
  • Toy

Alice’s Restaurant Level 36 – Letters: R, I ,G ,I ,D

  • Rid
  • Dig
  • Grid
  • Rig
  • Rigid

Alice’s Restaurant Level 37 – Letters: V, O, I, C, E

  • Ice
  • Vie
  • Cove
  • Vice
  • Voice

Alice’s Restaurant Level 38 – Letters: R, O, U, H, G

  • Rough
  • Hug
  • Rug
  • Hog
  • Our
  • Hour

Alice’s Restaurant Level 39 – Letters: B, L, U, S, H

  • Sub
  • Bus
  • Hub
  • Lush
  • Bush
  • Blush

Alice’s Restaurant Level 40 – Letters: A, B, U, S, E

  • Sea
  • Bus
  • Sub
  • Use
  • Base
  • Sue
  • Abuse

Alice’s Restaurant Level 41 – Letters:  G, O, L, D, Y

  • Old
  • Dog
  • Log
  • God
  • Gold
  • Godly

Alice’s Restaurant Level 42 – Letters: I, N, D, E, X

  • End
  • Den
  • Din
  • Die
  • Dine
  • Index

Alice’s Restaurant Level 43 – Letters: S, H, O, V, E

  • Shove
  • Hoe
  • Shoe
  • Hose
  • She

Alice’s Restaurant Level 44 – Letters: C, R, U,S, T

  • Crust
  • Cut
  • Rust
  • Rut
  • Curt

Alice’s Restaurant Level 45 – Letters: S, W, E, L, L

  • Sew
  • Sell
  • Slew
  • Well
  • Swell

Alice’s Restaurant Level 46 – Letters: A, B, B, E, Y

  • Ebb
  • Babe
  • Bay
  • Bye
  • Baby
  • Abbey

Alice’s Restaurant Level 47 – Letters: S, K, I, L, L

  • Ilk
  • Ski
  • Kill
  • Silk
  • Sill
  • Skill

Alice’s Restaurant Level 48 – Letters: Z, E, B, R, A

  • Bar
  • Are
  • Ear
  • Bear
  • Era
  • Bare
  • Zebra

Alice’s Restaurant Level 49 – Letters: W, E, D, G, E

  • Wed
  • Dew
  • Weed
  • Ewe
  • Edge
  • Wedge

Alice’s Restaurant Level 50 – Letters: F, L, O, U, T

  • Lot
  • Flu
  • Flout
  • Out
  • Loft
  • Tofu

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Alice’s Restaurant – Fun and Relaxing Word Game features thousands of challenging levels to play. It introduces a relaxing soundtrack that promises to offer you stress-free gameplay. A beautiful cast of characters will entertain you a lot till the end of the game. Besides, there is a beautiful restaurant whose most of the areas are locked. Furthermore, the game has decided a career of a designer for you to pursue. Learn how to renovate old structures and turn them into masterpieces. Lots of options are available and you can unlock premium stuff using real-world money.

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