AE Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 4 Walkthrough


Undoubtedly, we live in the era of video games where Battle Royale titles are ruling over the industry. Not all players love to play fighting games, as a massive part of the player base loves to play puzzle games with relaxing soundtracks and gameplay. Adventure Escape Mysteries is a well-known game when it comes to Hidden Object video games. You aren’t supposed to find hidden objects only, as it introduces a story-driven gameplay offering twists and suspense full loaded with challenging puzzles. We already have covered the first three chapters of Painted Worlds and are back with its Fourth Chapter. Read our Painted Worlds Chapter 4 Walkthrough to get all answers and solutions.

AEM: Painted Worlds Chapter 4 Walkthrough

After escaping from Cloud Factory, the game takes you to a jungle where several mini-games await you. Explore the scene to discover hidden objects and utilize them to discover clues and find the way out.

  • Firstly, you should discover an orange paint drop from nearby stones and get a shovel from there.

  • Select the shovel and use it to dig the land for an unreachable shell at the beginning. After that, start searching the places mentioned in the image to get a yellow paint drop, two coins, and a key.
  • Follow the wooden boards to discover a secret door and discover a green drop from the left side. Select the key to unlock the door and get a blue color drop, a hammer, and a chisel from there.

  • The game features binoculars that you can’t use yet on the left side due to a lack of coins.
  • Leave the spot to reach the initial area and select the hammer and chisel to discover fruits near the rocks. Use the hammer and chisel once again to open the shell for a coin and a purple drop.

  • You have to use the hammer and chisel to collect glass shards after using them on the glass bottle.

  • Select the paintbrush to color the fruits to bring them to life. Select the glass shard to cut the fruits and wait until a few butterflies come here.

  • Tap the butterflies to collect them and use the paint on the elephant tree to unravel a symbol.

  • Go back to the location where you discovered binoculars and use the paintbrush to unravel a symbol on the railing.

  • Select all three coins and insert them into the binoculars to look through them and discover the whirlpool.
  • Discover a buoy and use the paintbrush to reveal the third symbol. Watch the duck discover the following passcode (6123).
  • Leave the scene and reach the beach, where you have to tap the blue board to play a mini-game by drawing three symbols you discovered from different spots.

The Terminal

As the waterfall stops, go into the cave to discover lots of new things and secrets. Soon, you will find a few chrysalises, and it seems they are dead.

  • Select the paintbrush to do color on them and then tap the chrysalises following the passcode 6123. Now, obtain all six butterflies from there and bring a shovel out of your inventory to dig up the candy.

The Cave

  • After getting butterflies, you should reach the initial spot (the beach) and head to the cave.

  • As you enter the cave, notice the time on the tree, butterfly nets, and a combination lock right behind the clock drawn on the tree.
  • During the investigation, you may discover pot creatures that seem hungry and waiting for insects to eat.

  • Please tap on the eyes of the pot creature and feed candies to fall asleep.
  • Solve a tricky puzzle using the vines and their directions to get the passcode (64253).
  • Head to the locker, enter the code 64253 to open it for another vine.

  • Pull the vine to release a huge butterfly and obtain it by merely tapping on it.

Main Scene

  • After collecting all butterflies, you should go back to the main scene and head to the ship. Place all ten butterflies there and solve a tricky puzzle.

  • Your ultimate job is to arrange all butterflies in a way that adjacent butterflies share one trait when it comes to Pattern, Shape, and Color.
  • Now, the boat reaches the whirlpool, and you must tilt your device to sail the ship through the sparkles without getting in contact with the whirlpool.

  • After that, you may discover water that offers you another puzzle to solve.
  • Solve the puzzle to open the portal.

AEM: Painted Worlds Chapter 4 was completed.

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