AE Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Introduction is back with AEM: Painted Worlds Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide. In the previous chapter, we help the protagonist find a portal and escape to the next chapter. Lots of secrets will unravel when as the player crosses the portal. The plot revolves around Celeste, who has been living inside her painting and her daughter for ten years. After a long time, the world has started to lose its color. Now, Ruby asks the protagonist named Gray to help her bring the painted worlds back to their glory. So, together both characters embark on a journey to a surreal world where fish fly and groundhogs talk. Their ultimate goal is to discover the Wise Moon for advice. If you are confused and searching for a guide to finding all solutions and answers, read our AE Mysteries: Painted Worlds Walkthrough.

AEM: Painted Worlds Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Usually, most Adventures have intermediate difficulty levels, but Painted Worlds comes with an Advanced Difficulty Level. It revolves around a character who has been trapped inside the painted worlds where the land is losing its glory. As prior, the game starts with a discussion between two characters.

  • Collect the blue, green, red, and orange paint drops; meanwhile, collect the beach ball and a tube.

  • Select the beach ball and drop it into the hole to bring a mole out. In exchange for an inflated tube, the mole gets ready to fix all damaged gears of the factory.

  • Upon tapping the tube, you may discover flying fish. Note their angles and numbers as well as directions. After that, tap the dome – a cloud factory.
  • In the next step, unlock the door by pressing the directional buttons as shown in the image below.

  • As the door opens, go inside the factory to discover more hidden items to solve tricky puzzles.

A Cloud Factory

  • After reaching the factory, you must discover the following items: an Air Hose, Dry Rag, Purple and Yellow Air Drops.

  • Before leaving the area, don’t forget to notice the uncompleted rain cloud recipe, numbers, and scratches.

  • Between two handles, the game features a set of buttons on the floor. Examine the numbers to figure out the secret code and try to unlock it for stairs.

  • Before climbing upstairs, you should pull the levers to move the clouds to the right side.

  • Now, select the paintbrush to do the purple color on the cloud. Select the empty jar and fill it with purple water using the tap fixed on the cloud and notice the marks on the pot.

  • Almost all scratch clues are available that you can utilize to get a hint of two roles of five columns.
  • Discover the massive kettle on the left side and tap the handles. Set all handles using the scratches to increase the temperature.

  • Search for a massive bowl on the right side and pour the purple solution into it.

  • To start the filtration process, you have to solve a tricky puzzle. Following the requirements, your goal is to place all filters accurately so each particle ends up in the correct jar.

  • Hit the arrow button fixed below the bowl, and you will get purified purple solution. Next to that, add the jar back to its initial place.

  • Are you ready to dispense the accurate amount of solution? Click on the jar to let it release a unit for you into the pipe.

  • Head to the raincloud recipe to discover how many color drops you need, and they are fifteen in number. Now, calculate to find the answers, such as Purple (6), Blue (4), Turquoise (3), and Green (2).

  • Now, head to the kettle and add the colors as shown in the image.
  • As you add drops, the watercolor in the kettle may turn purple. Soon, you will discover a leakage from a pipe.
  • Select the dry rag and use it to clean the oil to get the wet rag.

After getting a greasy rag, you should leave the factory, but before don’t forget to use it on the lever and pull it to the left to bring the clouds to the left side and make rain on the umbrella flower.

  • In the next step, you are supposed to ride into the sky using the umbrella flower you must pull from the sand.

  • When you are in the clouds, use the air tube with the air pump and inflate the deflated tube. Discover four sets of gems and collect them to play a mini-game.

  • Head to the puzzle board, add all collected gems there to fill the board, and place them so that each section and a column has a specific color.

  • A rainbow appears on the spot that you can use to reach the ground. Offer the inflated tube to the mole in exchange for gears and turn the key fixed on the ground to make nighttime.

Umbrella Flower

  • Bring the second umbrella flower from the sand and use it to go into the clouds to talk to the moon. Upon reaching there, you may come to know about three different ingredients:
    • Red Polka Dot Wine
    • Blue Sparkling
    • Glowing Green Goo

After that, solve a challenging puzzle to open up a portal and move on to the Painted Worlds Chapter 4.

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