AE Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 2 Walkthrough


In AE Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 1, we have shown how to solve all tricky puzzles and escape to find the way out. If you missed and didn’t complete the first chapter, click on the given link to jump there and see all solutions. Now, is back with AE Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 2 Walkthrough, and here we will show you how to find hidden objects that aren’t listed anywhere and play mini-games to reach the end. Keep reading the article compiled in a few simple steps to make you understand.

AEM: Painted Worlds Chapter 2 Walkthrough

After exploring a house, Gary reaches a restaurant to investigate the location and know about the world. Upon reaching the café, Gary tries to order a sandwich, but the girl refuses because she’s closing up everything. So, Gary attempts to help her clear the remaining customers in return for a favor that she can do by offering him a sandwich. Read our AEM: Painted World Chapter 2 Walkthrough to find all answers and solutions.

  • First of all, you need to collect a menu card from the table of green color and obtain the red paint drop as well as an awning pole from near the empty table.
  • Discover the yellow paint drop and collect it using the pole you have recently collected.

  • Customers are waiting for their orders; therefore, you should go into the café and interact with the girl who will inform you that her mother can help you get back home.

  • Tap the windows to collect the green paint drop. Now, head to the fruit bucket to collect a knife and an orange paint drop. After that, head to the table for a key and pick up an empty cup from the cupboard.
  • Explore the room to get an Outdoor Seating Chart and examine it to discover a clue.

  • Select the empty cup from the inventory and place it under the coffee maker machine to fill it with liquid.

  • Now, use the key to unlock the cabinet below the fruit buckets and collect the magic food colors.

  • Search out colorless cake pieces, select the brush, and fill the colors following the outdoor seating chart, showing (Yellow-1, Pink-6, Red-2, Blue-3, Brown-4, and Green-5).

  • After filling the colors, head to the cake case and pick up the dark chocolate cake you have to serve outside to a customer.

  • Serve the cake to a couple sitting on a table of red color and give the slice of cake wherein you fill the colors, along with a cup of coffee to a lady sitting on the table of green color.
  • You can collect your tip as the lady leaves the table. In your tip, you may receive a purple paint drop.

  • Now, select the knife from your inventory and use it to cut the chocolate cake to make it seven pieces; each piece should have a flower on it.

  • Collect the purple paint drop from the table where you served the cake and complete your pain palette.
  • After that, select the paintbrush and use it to color the colorless scenes available on the left side. Once done, select the orange and red peppers from there.

  • Get into the café to color all cakes using your magical brush.
  • Tap the kitchen door to open it and go through it.


After reaching the kitchen, you may discover Celeste, who has been trapped and adopted the girl as her daughter. Here, your ultimate job is to make use of your brush to color the scene first.

  • Firstly, have a sandwich and collect the broccoli, along with an oven mitt, soup pot, and an empty bowl.
  • To bring a yellow squash out of the oven, you have to use an oven mitt. Discover the recipe kept above the basin and read the sticky notes to find clues.
  • Select the paintbrush and draw something on the notes to discover anything else.

  • After that, you should go back to the main area and count the following things, such as Spirals, Hearts, and Asterisks, to get the following code (352).

  • Now, go to the kitchen back and head to the freezer. Please enter the code to open it and collect the blue corn and purple eggplant from there.

  • Select the pot from the inventory and place it on the stove; meanwhile, add vegetables to make a delicious soup. Once it gets ready, offer it to Celeste in exchange for opening a portal on the wall to your world.

  • Before leaving the area, you have to solve a tricky puzzle by playing a mini-game like Sudoku.

  • Select the paintbrush to color the moon and allow Celeste to turn it into a portal. It would help if you went through the portal to reach the next chapter.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 2 was completed. Click here to read our Painted Worlds Chapter 3 Walkthrough.

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