Among Us Impostor Guide – Best Strategies and Tips to win as Impostors


Among Us is a Multiplayer Party and Social Deduction video game developed and published by Innersloth for Multiple Platforms. Because of its unique gameplay and a strange cast of characters, the game was recorded as the most downloadable game in September during the Covid-19. Furthermore, Among Us takes place in the space-themed environment where the player can assume one of two roles: Crewmate and an Impostor.

Play as a Crewmate

Upon getting selected as a crewmate, your ultimate goal is to identify the black-sheep among other crewmates by merely keeping an eye on their movements. If you don’t follow the rules, the impostor will kill you soon. In short, whenever you are playing as a crewmate, you must identify the impostors timely, find clues to eliminate them, build the spaceship to complete the map. The crewmates may win when all impostors are eliminated, or all challenging tasks are accomplished.

Play as an Impostor

If you ask me which rule you need to choose when you come to play “Among Us,” I suggest you go with the impostor. The main reason for suggesting you is that the impostor has more advantages over crewmates. However, your ultimate job as an impostor is to sabotage and kill all crewmates one by one before they accomplish all assigned tasks. You can’t kill everyone at once; doing as I said may expose you ahead of others.

Moreover, if someone caught you killing a crewmate, he will instantly call a meeting where everyone together can kick you out from the spaceship. Therefore, you should get a little bit stealthy whenever decides to kill someone secretly. During the game, players suspected as an impostor may initiate by calling a meeting, as I said above. Impostors may win the game if the number of crewmates is equal to impostors or sabotage goes unresolved.


Among Us is a Multiplayer video game that pits four to ten players against each other. It isn’t like a Battle Royale game in which the last standing player wins the game. As the match starts, the game selects three random players for the impostors; each one for each round, and one round is set on one of three maps:

  • The Skeld
  • Mira HQ
  • Polus

The game isn’t only limited to three maps, as the fourth map is also available, known as “The Airship.” More maps are expected to be released in early 2021. As the game starts, crewmates embark on a journey to complete tasks assigned by the game in the form of mini-games, involving them to complete maintenance work across the map on vital systems, including downloading data and fixing wires.

The impostors are given a list of fake tasks to show off that they are crewmates, too. However, in reality, they are black sheep who are tasked with killing crewmates one by one to be the last to win the game. During the game, impostors can sabotage vital systems, travel through vents, and work with other impostors to kill suspects.

How to be a Ghost in “Among Us?”

There’s only one way to be a ghost in Among Us video game – death.  Whenever any player dies within the game, it becomes a ghost who obtains some special powers and loses some basic powers. Although the player as a ghost can pass through walls, chat with other ghosts, or spectate other players, he can’t know who is an impostor because he can find only communities with those guys who had died.

Impostor Guide – How to be a Smooth Criminal

In this guide, we share some sneaky tips you can use to deceive your friends in “Among Us.” Before starting, you should keep in mind that chances of becoming an impostor are usually lowered at least 25% than becoming a crewmate. If you are selected as an impostor, you are lucky and must do proper planning to take on other crewmates step by step. You can’t eat all food at once; you have to complete it in a few bites. Similarly, killing crewmates isn’t easy as you will be out of the ship if someone caught you red-handed. In a lobby of 10 players, the chances of becoming an impostor are only 10%. When playing as an impostor, you have two following abilities, such as:

  • Sabotage
  • Kill

Following these two abilities, you can distract the targeted crewmate by playing cheap tricks and lead him to death using the kill option. Whenever you kill anyone, you should wait for at least 10 seconds, depending on the situation. However, the cooldown time may increase to 1 minute. All these things may happen when you killed someone.

Whereas, Sabotage makes a temporary problem across the ship. As the impostor, you create temporary problems to grab crewmates’ attention and force them to move to a specific place to fix the problems. Upon reaching, it depends on the crewmate whether he fixes the problems or leaves them for other major tasks. brings you a helpful Impostor’s Guide to help you how to become a criminal.

Avoid Getting Suspicious by performing Fake Tasks.

Crewmates will start accusing you are an impostor after finding you falling into suspicious activities. Therefore, you should distract them by performing fake tasks.

Sabotage Everything

As you know that the game has several maps to explore; each one holds several things to sabotage. We’ve compiled a list of objects that you can sabotage:

Doors: Before starting, you should know that the door will lock for ten seconds if you sabotage it. No one can get into or get out of the room for a while. Remember that sabotaging doors across the map will slow down crewmates who are in a rush to complete tasks. Furthermore, you can buy more times before the dead bodies are found, or someone calls a meeting.

Lights: Turning off lights may halt the vision of crewmates for a specific circle. Therefore, time consider the best to sabotage or kill anyone. Taking advantage of a dark environment, you can split up crewmates in different groups to take on easily. The interesting thing is that you can kill anyone ahead of his friend or back to another teammate without being noticed when the lights are turned off.

Reactor: Reactor could assume a vital part in your victory. Upon activating, the reactor may start the countdown that may cause your victory upon reaching zero. Crewmates try to fix the meltdown, but they have to activate two different panels simultaneously.

O2: There’s another interesting thing that you can use to sabotage crewmates. Decreasing the level of oxygen may bring the crewmates to the edge of death. To fix the problem, they must enter decided “Pin Codes” at two separate locations.

Stay Calm and Confidence

Dozens of excuses are available at your palm you can throw to make you secured during your victimization. As you know, crewmates have the power to call an emergency meeting upon finding any clues against impostors. Although at the start no one knows regarding your background, you are also capable of calling a meeting on an agenda of finding impostors. But if you can’t prove someone guilty, it could be riskier for you.

1. How to confront accusers as an Impostor?

Upon getting caught, you must try to convince the group that you’re not guilty. For example, if someone accuses you of killing someone, you can keep yourself by saying that the system was hacked/sabotaged and guns are jammed.

2. What next if someone caught you next to the vent?

As an impostor, you should always in confidence to show you aren’t an impostor. If someone caught you next to the vent, you could say that you had noticed some suspicious activity and fishy movements around here and came to check it for impostors.

3. If someone suspects you are closing the door, then here’s your excuse?

Have you recently killed a crewmate, or some suspected you are closing the door? You don’t need to worry because the problem can get rid of by merely saying that you were preventing someone from closing the door and X member had closed it.

Make Your Escape Fully Secured

Killing any crewmate isn’t a problem; keeping yourself safe and finding a way to escape is a problem. You have stabbed someone – good, but don’t let anyone see you near the body. Therefore, before becoming an impostor, you should be familiar with Vent that offers you a quick and easy way to reach the new location within no time. In case you have killed someone above the vent, you have a choice to make a quick escape. The countdown will be stopped when you are in the vent.

What to do if there is no vent?

Although the vent’s unavailability may create problems, you don’t need to worry because you have two possible ways, either. The two available ways are the following:

Run as fast as possible – You should get out of the scene using your stubby legs and lock all doors behind you if possible to make yourself a bit more secured.

Sabotage O2 or Reactor – The 2nd method is to sabotage either the oxygen or reactor to lead several opposing directions.

Act as a Crewmate

I told you above that assuming the impostor role isn’t easy. Keep showing others you are working as a crewmate by performing specific tasks like others. If someone notices a drastic change in your behavior, he will surely pin you out and call an emergency meeting. Therefore, you should keep working with other crewmates to figure out who impostors and accuse others of diverting their attention from you.

Be a little bit Stealthy.

Indeed, you might be familiar with how to be stealthy. In short, you should plan first how to kill your target strategically and finding the best opportunity never miss a chance. You have to be stealthy when chasing crewmates silently.

Find an Alibi

Over the course, there should be someone to help you. During the worst condition, they help you come out from trouble; it doesn’t mean that you are totally free. In some cases, you require to convince other crewmates you didn’t kill anyone to get their trust. For example, if you are alone in the room with a crewmate and the countdown is up.

Moreover, you should consider it a golden chance to get a kill; if you are thinking in the following way, then you’re mistaken. Unless you aren’t close to getting a skill, you should stick with that guy to bring yourself to an alibi. Afterward, if someone finds a body, you should vouch for the crewmate to get the trust of that person in return.

Impostor Tips – 10 Ways to Win as Impostor

After giving you the Best Impostor Beginner’s Guide, we are here to offer 10 Best Tips to win as an impostor. Following the given methods may help you keep winning the game as many times as you play. Therefore, you should learn before getting into the game and find the best possible ways to escape after committing a crime. Prevent crewmates from completing their goals to win.

  • Perform Fake Tasks Properly
  • Set Your Radar to kill Smart Players First
  • Work like a Crewmate
  • Help other Teammates to show you are with them.
  • Kill Crewmates when they are in the crowd
  • Vent Kill
  • Keep All Cameras in Mind
  • Keep an eye on crewmate numbers.
  • Prevent to be Away from Keyboard
  • Coordinate with other Impostors
  • Report Bodies

Odd behaviors you should avoid when playing as Impostor

Without any reason, having the following behaviors may lead your crewmates to start alleging you. Therefore, you should avoid making any mistake from the following:

  • Never stand near vents.
  • You would be in the eyes of others upon standing in the corner without any reason.
  • You can be caught asking what task other crewmates are doing. Seriously, you would be in trouble if your answer would be wrong.
  • Complete your work timely to play safely. Your incomplete work may allow other crewmates to accuse you.
  • Long stay in specific rooms where you don’t have work anymore may reveal you are an impostor.


Among Us is one of the best social deduction video games that brings both impostors and crewmates to each other. Impostors are tasked with killing crewmates and bring their numbers equal to them; meanwhile, crewmates have to complete their tasks timely and point out the impostors before it’s too late. In my opinion, and many other players, being an impostor is more fun than assuming the job as a crewmate. Therefore, most people are out to search for the Best Impostor Tips to Win the game – it doesn’t mean people don’t want to be a crewmate.

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