Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough


Do you love playing puzzle games? If yes, then here’s a fun-filled Word video game (Wordington: Words and Design) for you to play and learn new words. The game doesn’t feature only puzzle gameplay but also gives you a way to decorate a mansion using your skills and abilities. Qiiwi Games AB brings a new way to improve your English Vocabulary by introducing hundreds of exciting levels; each one has a unique style and brings a unique set of words to make. In the game, you will deal with the following elements such as Renovate, Solve Crossword Puzzles, Follow the Storyline, Make Your Choices, Explore the Garden, and Unlock New Rooms. In short, the game gives you a chance to join Emma, and start following a memorable word storyline. Your goal is to help Emma to renovate the beautiful old mansion of her grandpa.

Moreover, you are supposed to design the interior and exterior of the mansion by merely fixing furniture and many other things by selecting objects and more. To advance through the plot, the game requires you to solve a series of crossword puzzles. All levels span different chapters, and the completion of objectives will unlock new rooms for you to renovate and reveal hidden mysteries left by the protagonist’s grandpa. At every corner of the mansion, a unique adventure awaits you, including a bit of romance. Furthermore, the game gives you a chance to design your house with the option of deciding how it will look like. There are fun characters available to meet, such as:

  • David
  • Handyman Bob
  • And more

The addition of a dog makes the game quite exquisite, and it lets you wait to see what adventure your pet brings to solve. The old mansion left by the grandpa of the protagonist needs a makeover, and Emma can’t do it alone; therefore, she is looking for someone for help. In the game, you are a master in decorating skills and have a good sense to make perfect choices.

Wordington: Words and Design Review

Firstly, I love playing word games as it comes with fun to play gameplay and something unique to learn. If you’re one of those players who want to improve their English Vocabulary, then it could be the best source to teach. Whether you love playing games or not, Wordington: Words and Design will make you crazy for a while, and for sure, bend your mind by displaying tricky puzzles to solve. The mix of story-driven gameplay and puzzle is appreciable, as it guarantees to give you endless hours of fun. In terms of the gameplay, it seems much similar to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, but releases with unique word twist, instead of match-3 elements.

Graphics and Sound Effects

For sure, you will love the graphics and the sound effects are great. It would help you release your stress and office tension whenever you start playing the game. Hundreds of fun-filled levels are there, and each one brings a crossword puzzle to solve. I guess you may have played crossword puzzle games in your childhood in newspapers. It offers a similar type of gameplay but brings all fun-filled features to your fingertips.


The story revolves around a female character named Emma who recently reaches her grandpa’s mansion. Upon reaching via bus, she finds that the mansion becomes a mess and she needs someone who could help him clean everything, from furniture to garden. During the game, the game introduces you to other beautiful casts of characters who will be visiting the mansion to help you.

Introduction of Hint System

Not for smarter, the game features a hint system for newbies who even don’t know how and where to start, although hardcore players can use the hint system in advanced levels when they don’t understand what word needs to be made using the available letters.

Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough – Level 1 to 10

It seems easy to play but hard to master. Solving the puzzle isn’t the only job, because the game is tasked with renovating the mansion and cleaning the garden. Before jumping into the game, you should learn how “Stars” in-game currency that you need to complete the tasks appear in your to-do-list. There’s no way to earn stars, but Puzzles. Start completing levels to earn stars, and use them to achieve tasks to make the mansion beautiful than ever. Similar to other games, the first level is a tutorial and set to teach you how it works. There are three different letters, such as T, N, and E. Using the given letters, you have to make a word.

  • Ten
  • Net

After making the first star, the game asks you to clean the stair. Cleaning the stairs may make the entrance of the mansion beautiful, but don’t forget to put a doormat in front of the door as it is your 2nd job to complete. For sure, you are out of stars, and as mentioned above there’s only one way to earn – complete puzzles. This time, the game features four letters, and you have to make up to four words to earn a star. The available letters are the following such as B, E, T, and I.

  • Bite
  • Bet
  • Bit

The completion of the stage will display you three doormats and asks to choose the one you love to add. Now, open the door to get access to all rooms, but the stupid key may not let you go inside.

Entry of David

You are trying to open the door, then suddenly a man appears and asks to help.

 Level 3

The third level requires you to form two words of four letters and three letters respectively. The available letters are W, A, E, and G. Using the given letters, you can make the following words:

  • Wage
  • Age

Level 4

Similar to the previous level, the game features four letters to make words, and the letters are the following, such as M, A, T, and E. Three words await you to be made, and you are familiar with all words you will make in level 4 for a star.

  • Team
  • Mate
  • Meat

Level 5

Show off your crossword puzzle solving skills by making words the game asks you using the given letters. G, L, O, and W letters are there that you can use to make three words.

  • Glow
  • Low
  • Owl

Level 6

Don’t leave Emma alone, as she needs your help to decorate the mansion and make it more beautiful than ever. You have four different letters available, such as A, L, P, and Y. The words that can be made using the letters are:

  • Play
  • Lap
  • Pay

Level 7

When start playing the game, you have two following options – play all levels first to collect stars to decorate the mansion and the second option is to keep progressing through the game by making stars and using them to decorate the mansion. The next level brings 5 letters, such as E, H, U, O, and S.

  • House
  • Hose
  • Use
  • Shoe

Level 8

Your next letters to form words are T, O, P, and N. And your goal is to make three words to complete the level. Each word comprises different letters; therefore, you should think, explore the dictionary, and back to form words. Using the above-mentioned letters, you can make the following words:

  • Top
  • Ton
  • Pont


Level 9

Following the footsteps of previous stages, the game intends to ask you questions related to words. Making extra words may help you grabbing more points that you can use to purchase a hint to use whenever you stuck anywhere and can’t find any words to make. Your next letters are the following: U, N, T, and R. Using the letters, you are supposed to make the following words:

  • Run
  • Nut
  • Turn

Level 10

Till level 10, you are experiencing pretty simple gameplay. Once you reach high stages, the difficulty level will be started to increase automatically, and the game brings long words to make using five to six letters. Your letters are there: Y, A, S, and T. Words you can make are the following:

  • Stay
  • Say
  • Sat

Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough – Level 11 to 20

Level 11

The difficulty level has started to increase, get ready to experience the challenging gameplay. In return, you will learn new words. Therefore, keep making words using letters, and use our Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough Guide whenever you find yourself in any difficulty. This time, the game features five letters on your screen and asks you to make up to three words. Words that you can make using the letters are the following:

  • Apple
  • Leap
  • Pale

Each complete stage will leave you in-game coins that you can use for different purposes like purchasing hints and more. There is a “Shuffle” button on your screen that is really helpful whenever you can’t make words. It shuffles the letters similar to cards and brings you to a new order of letters that may help you make words.

Level 12

Once again, the game features four letters to make three words. Hone your vocabulary skills and start making words. Use A, P, R, and T letters to make three words of 3, 4, and 4 letters respectively.

  • Part
  • Art
  • Trap

Did you know? The game gives you the option of making your rewards double by merely watching an ad. In the game, the ads aren’t annoying and can’t be displayed like other games. The game leaves it on you whether you want to watch ads or not. Upon watching, you will be rewarded with in-game coins.

Level 13

For sure, till the completion of level 13, you have learned a variety of new words. The perfect game that can be perfectly fit in the education genre. Make use of letters, such as C, P, A, and M, and form the following words:

  • Camp
  • Cap
  • Map

Level 14

It seems once the game increases the difficulty level and back to the former condition where you have to solve quite easy levels. This time, you have to make three words of 4, 3, and 3 letters respectively. Your letters are N, A, E, and M.

  • Name
  • Men
  • Man

Level 15

Watching the addition in the meter of stars may help you making words to reach the end. The game endless levels, and it has many secret places that are locked for a while, and has a requirement to be unlocked. The available letters are the following: H, A, S, and R.

  • Ash
  • Rash

Level 16

Welcome to a new era where you are supposed to make four words of 4, 4, 4, and 4 letters respectively. Five words are given to your screen, and connecting them with each other may help you make words.

  • Coin
  • Lion
  • Loin
  • Icon

Level 17

Get ready to make two words of four and five letters, and your letters are the following, such as K, A, N, B, and L. The outcome of the level is the following:

  • Blank
  • Bank

Level 18

Three words need to be made using four letters. Although making words isn’t a tough job at the beginning, it becomes difficult as you reach high levels. The words you make using the letters are:

  • Best
  • Bet
  • Set

Level 19

Try to make FAT, Cat, and Fact using four letters to complete the level.

Level 20

Use your wit to make three words of 5, 4, and 4 letters respectively. The available letters are the following: OORBT, and you have to make the words, such as:

  • Robot
  • Root
  • Boot

Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough – Level 21 to 30

Level 21

As the player reaches level 21, the game unlocks a new feature to reveal the letters on the boxes. You can use that useful feature by merely tapping a sun having an eye within it. You just need to tap the sun and drag it across the empty square boxes to reveal what letter will be there. This time, the game brings four letters to your screen, such as T, R, A, and C, and you have to make three words.

  • Cart
  • Rat
  • Car

Level 22

Welcome to level 22, where you have to make words following the footsteps of the previous stages. Although the difficulty level isn’t increased yet, it will reach to max soon in advance levels; therefore, instead of taking the help of extra features, you should make words on your own using your wit if you want to improve your English Vocabulary.

  • Coat
  • Cat
  • Actor

Level 23

The available letters are the following: A, C, I, M, and L, and you have to make four words of 3, 4, 5, and 3 letters.

  • Cam
  • Mail
  • Aim
  • Claim

 Level 24

For the first time, the game introduces a lengthy level wherein you have to make u to seven words using six letters. As mentioned above, the difficulty level increases as you reach high stages. Those players who aren’t familiar with too many words and have no in-game coins to purchase hints can use our created Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough to find solutions.

  • Gel
  • Egg
  • Leg
  • Wig
  • Gig
  • Lie
  • Wiggle

Level 25

The next scene is almost similar to the previous level in terms of layout. The game features five letters and ask you to make seven words using the given letters, such as A, T, E, D, and L.

  • Date
  • Eat
  • Deal
  • Dealt
  • Lead
  • Tea
  • Delta

Level 26

The game displays you four letters and asks you to form three different words of 3, 4, and 3 letters respectively.

  • Turn
  • Run
  • Nut

Level 27

Once again, get ready to make six different words using six letters. Making long words is pretty difficult compared to small words. In short, the game gives you a chance to put your Vocabulary skills to test, and learn amazing new words to show off and impress your friends. The letters are the following: V, N, D, A, A, and L.

  • Land
  • Lava
  • And
  • Naval
  • Van
  • Vandal
  • Lad

Level 28

You’re not supposed to decorate only the mansion, as there are many other places too, including the garden, entrance, and lots of secret rooms. Star is the primary in-game currency that helps you complete the tasks that take place in the to-do-list. The game displays you three items of the same type and lets you choose your favorite one to decorate the mansion according to your style. Once the decoration of the mansion gets completed, the game lets you take a photo to send to your friend to show them your creativity and skills. You have to make three words of 5 letters respectively, and the letters are the following: T, I, R, U, and C.

  • Cut
  • Tic
  • Rut

Level 29

Level 29 comes with five letters, and lets you make seven words. Your letters are N, H, T, T, and E. Using the letters, you can make the following words:

  • Hen
  • Ten
  • Net
  • The
  • Then
  • Tenth
  • Tent

Level 30

Ops! The difficulty level continuously increases, and it also increases the word limits. You have started the game by making three words using three or four letters, but now, you have to make nine words using five letters. The real challenge has just started; therefore, get ready to solve each puzzle to keep decorating the mansion by helping Emma whose last hope only relies on you. The available letters are the following: T, A, M, L, and E.

  • Mate
  • Tame
  • Mat
  • Meat
  • Team
  • Male
  • Meal
  • Metal
  • Lea

Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough – Level 31 to 40

Level 31

Five letters are there, and you have to make three words to earn in-game coins. The letters are the following: N, H, E, P, and O.

  • Nope
  • Phone
  • One

Level 32

The game doesn’t change the background, as it seems perfect for each one. The layout of each level has changed according to the words you need to make. There are six letters available, such as B, B, E, O, W, and L, and you need to make six different words.

  • Blow
  • Blew
  • Bowl
  • Below
  • Wobble
  • Elbow

Level 33

Surely, you are feeling some improvement in your skills. Now, you don’t need to think twice before making connections between letters. It can be easily done within a few seconds. What to do when you get run out of coins? Watch video ads to earn in-game points. The game also features a dictionary to let you know the meaning of the words. Therefore, if you stuck anywhere use a built-in dictionary and hint system to overcome the trouble.

  • Fill
  • Life
  • File

Level 34

Wordington: Words and Design bring thousands of challenging levels that span different days. In short, the game retains similar features to Homescapes and Gardenscapes but includes word elements instead of riddles and match-3 levels. Each day has a variety of levels, and the next day starts after taking a sweet nap by the protagonist, who is a female character named Emma. At the start, you need only one star to perform an action and complete the task, but as the game reaches the high stages, the demands of one-star increase to two or sometimes three stars.

  • Move
  • Love
  • Volume
  • Mule

Level 35

The game features five different letters and gives you the task of making words to earn in-game coins. Don’t forget to make use of dragon eye whenever you find yourself in any difficulty, because it will help you reveal letters one by one for a specific time.

  • Men
  • Women

Level 36

Drag your finger across letters to connect them with each other to make words. Level 36 requires you to make up to three words of 4, 4, and 3 letters respectively. The game displays your letter at the bottom of the screen, such as H, N, I, and T.

Moreover, the words you make using the letters are the following:

  • Thing
  • Hint
  • Tin

Level 37

Seven words need to be made using five different letters. E, S, V, H, and A are letters you have to use to make new words the game requires for the completion of the said level. Keep in mind, extra words outside the game won’t be considered to fill the empty spaces; however, it leaves you a few junks of points. The words you make following the letters are the following:

  • Shave
  • Vase
  • Haves
  • She
  • Have
  • Sea

Level 38

Wordington: Words & Design Walkthrough is helpful for those players who are new to word games or just want to enjoy the story by decorating the mansion. The control is intuitive and gives you full control over the gameplay. Break the connection of your finger with the screen upon connecting the wrong letters with each other. The game doesn’t display annoying ads; therefore, it’s a plus point for you to play the game without any disturbance. Leave everything on your skills, and start making words to become the master.

  • Flee
  • Feel
  • Fee

 Level 39

Making nine different words using the same six letters isn’t an easy task. To do that, you need a better grip over English Vocabulary. The letters are the following such as K, N, I, T, T, and E.

  • Kite
  • Tint
  • Knit
  • Tent
  • Tine
  • Kitten
  • Ink
  • Tin
  • Net

Level 40

Now, it seems the difficulty level is gradually increasing. The game starts to task you with making ten words using the six letters. Although it’s quite an easy task, making ten words using the same letters will bend your mind. The available letters are P, O, L, U, C, and E.

  • Pole
  • Couple
  • Clue
  • Cope
  • Coup
  • Lope
  • Coupe
  • Lope
  • Loupe
  • Cup
  • Cole

Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough – Level 41 to 50

Level 41

Are you ready to jump into the 40th level? There are five different letters, and the game assigns you a task to make three words:

  • Gap
  • Rap
  • Graph

Level 42

Each level brings a new set of words to learn in a fun way that you will never forget. Connect letters to make words of your choices to fill the empty spaces by merely dragging your finger across the screen. The game leaves you a star and a few coins for each completed level.

  • Acne
  • Nice
  • Nine
  • Cane
  • Inane
  • Canine

Level 43

This time, the letters available on your screen are the following: A, E, C, R, and B.

  • Bear
  • Care
  • Brace
  • Cab
  • Arc

Level 44

Reveal your crossword puzzle-solving skills to make new words using letters. The game displays you an interconnecting layout, and you have to make words you the letter which is already connected with other words. Following the given rules will help you make a lot of in-game coins and stars that you need to unlock stuff and secret areas of the game. Make use of letters, such as BYODEM to form words:

  • Bode
  • Mode
  • Dome
  • Embody
  • Body
  • Obey

Level 45

I’m really sure, you found many words you aren’t familiar with or forgot for a while when you need it to make. Therefore, we have created the best Wordington: Words & Design Playthrough to help you overcome all challenging levels without on hassle.

  • Fuel
  • Flu
  • Lurk
  • Rule
  • Flue
  • Lure
  • Fluke
  • Elk
  • Elf

Level 46

It’s a quite simple level that comes with only five letters and assigns you a task with making three different words of 5, 3, and 3 letters. The available letters are the following: A, C, W, R, and L, and you have to make the words, such as:

  • Crawl
  • War
  • Law

Level 47

Are you to make long-tail words using six letters? Keep an eye on your surroundings, maybe the game is asking about objects nearby you. During the game, the features you can use are the following: Shuffle, Dragon Eye, Hint, Ads, and more. All letters appear on your screen randomly, they aren’t in a sequence; therefore, it is quite easy to form words using random letters. The available letters are the following: O, E, V, E, R, and K.

  • Veer
  • Rove
  • Revoke
  • Reek
  • Ever
  • Evoke
  • Evoker
  • Over

Level 48

You don’t believe that we are currently playing on day 2, and the game has dozens of days; each one contains dozens of challenging levels to complete. A cute girl is continuously requesting your help to renovate her grandpa’s mansion and other areas. During the game, your character can navigate the land from an isometric viewpoint, interact with objects, and make a selection to decorate the house. Different characters will appear across the screen after an interval of time and may ask you to help. There are six different letters available on your screen and require you to form six words.

  • Tire
  • Rite
  • True
  • Tier
  • Virtual
  • Rivet

Level 49

Reveal your decoration skills and become the world’s best renovator. Make your grandpa happy who is no longer alive, and look after his mansion by making repairs, polishing furniture, and solving a series of puzzles. Ask David to help you in cleaning all the mess spread all over the mansion, and cut the spear bushes of trees to make it pretty. The game features five letters to make words, such as D, L, U, G, and E. Connecting the letters each other may help you making words like:

  • Due
  • Dug
  • Glue
  • Lug
  • Glued
  • Led
  • Duel

Level 50

Thousands of decoration pieces are featured in the game, ranging from doormat to piano and furniture. The game presents you with three types of the same object to choose from, and as you select your favorite one, it will be added to the decided place. You can change the object anytime, even during the gameplay to make it a bit more beautiful. The available letters to make the words are the following: L, C, O, R, E, and I.

There’s a twist, and the game takes the difficulty level a step ahead from the normal. Now, you are limited to make the said words using the letters. Somehow, the newly introduced feature is helpful for those players who have a better grip on the dictionary, because the game has started to reveal a few letters within the empty spaces itself to make it quite easier or difficult.

  • Recoil
  • Roil
  • Relic
  • Core
  • Rice
  • Coil
  • Lice

Wordington: Words and Design Walkthrough – Level 51 to 60

Level 51

After taking a tough trip to the crossword puzzle, the game offers a simple level to complete. This time, four letters are featured, and you have to make three words. Drag your finger across the letters to connect them and make words. The letters are the following such as M, R, A, and H.

  • Ham
  • Arm
  • Harm

Level 52

Reveal your skills to make words using five letters, such as R, O, C, F, and E. Did you notice a feature that lets you chat with buddies to ask for help? If not, then let us reveal it as it is available right below the shuffle button.

  • For
  • Core
  • Fore
  • Force
  • Foe

Level 53

Currently, you are playing on Day 3, and the game intends you to reveal challenging puzzles to complete. Without completing any crossword puzzle, you can proceed with the gameplay and unlock further content. Nevertheless, you have to open the treasure of your vocabulary and invest your time to teach new words in a fun way, while helping out Emma in restoring the mansion to its former condition.

  • Fire
  • Fried
  • Ride

Level 54

Clean the garbage to make the perfect amount of space for the new stuff you recently purchased for the mansion. The game won’t open up all areas to decorate, as they will get unlocked in a few steps. Whenever you complete the milestones, a related area will be visible to your screen for exploration.

Further, the game has increased the letters from six to seven and retains the blocks for nine different words. Keep connecting the letters to make words and earn points and in-game stars. The available letters are the following: B, K, R, T, A, E, and C.

  • Backer
  • Bracket
  • Beck
  • Brace
  • Trace
  • Race
  • Track
  • Art
  • Rake
  • Tracker

Although a few words are repetitive, still they work and help you complete the level. Don’t forget to upgrade the mansion as it is only the way to reveal the secrets behind the scene and secret areas.

Level 55

Everyone knows that play word games will increase your knowledge and add some exquisite words in your inventory to use whenever you are talking with buddies to impress them. It is a way that helps you improve the quality and learn synonyms of different words to become the master. Your next task is to make five words using six letters, such as T, T, R, E, A, and H.

  • Tear
  • Heart
  • Threat
  • Heat
  • Hat

 Level 56

The game brings another task for you to complete. This time, there are seven letters, and the game forces you to make four words of 7, 4, 4, and 5 letters respectively. All words are connected with each other somehow and will help you earn stars to unlock additional stuff to use in the mansion.

  • Carts
  • Crystal
  • Clay
  • Cart

Level 57

Welcome to the 57th level, where you have only five letters with the aim of making four words. Drag your finger at the bottom of the screen to form words. During the game, making use of the hint system may help you overcome all complicated puzzles.

  • Stake
  • East
  • Task

Level 58

Emma awaits you for more stars, and as you know the only way to make stars is to solve crossword puzzles. Updating stuff and the mansion aren’t pretty simple, as you have to proceed with the story, solve challenging puzzles, and reveal what happened with your grandpa. The available letters are the following: R, E, E, Y, and V.

  • Every
  • Very
  • Eye

Level 59

Six different letters are available, such as U, T, O, M, N, and A. Keep in mind that you can use the shuffle feature to change the positions of letters to have a new form of letters, and may it help you revealing new words to complete the puzzle.

  • Amount
  • Mount
  • Tuna
  • Unto
  • Aunt
  • Moan

Level 60

Over four coins are embedded to the level to add you to your inventory. Completing the required word will release the coins, and may help you complete the puzzle. The letters you can use to make words are the following: P, A, E, C, and E.

  • Pace
  • Peace
  • Cape

Wordington: Words and Design Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

Wordington: Words and Design come with a blend of decoration and puzzle game elements. It takes you to a ruined mansion, and task you with renovating it using your skills. We know playing crossword puzzle games isn’t an easy job as we all are considering, but it’s not tough too. When you are playing the game, it secretly helps you to improve your English Vocabulary. Each time, the game brings you a unique set of objectives to complete, and in return, it will leave you stars and in-game coins.

Make Words using Letters

The ultimate goal of the game is to make as many words as possible in thousands of levels. The game comes with endless levels that span into days. Your task is to help the female protagonist named Emma in restoring the glory of the mansion while cleaning the mess with the help of other NPCs. Further tasks, instead of crossword puzzles will be done automatically as they just need you to make a selection from one of three items.

Moreover, the most difficult is word puzzles that may puzzle your brain for a few seconds. At the very start, the game introduces pretty simple levels, but as you start to grow the difficulty level will gradually increase accordingly. Therefore, improve your skill is compulsory to proceed with the gameplay; otherwise, there’s no option to reveal letters and complete puzzles, but a hint system.

Make use of Hint, Shuffle, and Dragon Eye

Whenever you find yourself in any difficulty, the game has featured three different items to help you, such as Shuffle, Dragon Eye, and Hint. Each one is unique and works according to the set rule.

  • Shuffle – Using the shuffle feature, the game changes the positions of letters
  • Dragon Eye – It helps you reveal a letter in the box one by one for a while
  • Hint – You can use it as many times as you have coins in your wallet


Wordington: Words and Design don’t feature too many characters to interact with, but the characters it featured are useful. The majority of the gameplay will run by the game itself, while the rest of the game asks you to make a selection of furniture. You can’t proceed with the story without stars, and making stars isn’t an easy task, because it leads you to a new world where you have to make words using given letters without having the tension of time limit. Besides the crossword puzzles, Wordington: Words and Design features beautiful artwork, relaxing sound effects, and a beautiful cast of characters.

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