Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Walkthrough


Hone your Puzzle-solving and Hidden Object skills to master all challenging levels introduced by Wooga in Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object video game. It supports only a Single-player mode and takes place in a beautiful environment where finding hidden objects is your primary goal while building a beautiful city is your secondary.

Moreover, the game chooses a beautiful island that needs to be repaired. In the game, you will meet Iris – the resident mystic of the island. Dozens of challenging Hidden Object levels are there to complete by exploring legendary scenes to heal the island’s spirit. Keep in mind players with eagle-eyes can solve the puzzles.

Do you have sharp eyesight? Because many times the required item is lying ahead of players, but they can’t detect it. By default, only the first level is available to play, while others require the completion of objectives to be unlocked. Although the game doesn’t feature any time limit, it features tap limits. Once you fail to find the object after tapping the screen repeatedly, the game puts the screen on a halt to stop you from randomly tapping. In short, the game isn’t as easy as you are expecting.

Pearl’s Peril Review – Solve a Murder Case

Pearl’s Peril welcomes you to a beautiful world where thousands of levels are featured to solve. Unlike other Hidden Object games, it puts a screen lock of 5 seconds that will halt the screen upon detecting you are tapping the screen randomly. Somehow, the lock feature is great, but many players found it annoying. Besides the screen lock, the game doesn’t feature any time limit, which means you have infinite time to find items given within a list.

Beautiful Cast of Characters

Similar to other Hidden Object games, I found all characters exquisite; each one has a unique role and is there to help you out complete the challenging puzzle. There’s no single shortcut to complete all levels at once, except for Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Walkthrough. The game features a beautiful female protagonist who requests you to join her for an epic adventure that leads both of you once a beautiful island in ruins. The story is well-written and makes you feel like a true event happening around you.

Pearl Wallace awaits you

Pearl Wallace awaits you to join an exciting trip of the world to hunt for clues as she struggles to reveal the mystery of her father’s apparent suicide. The game features a set of territories, ranging from New York City to Africa. You have to follow the female character into deadly danger throughout the game as she intends to reveal the real killer and smash their villainous plans.

Renovate and Redecorate the Exotic Estate

The exotic estate of the Wallace Family is situated on the private island of Artemis. When playing the game, you are supposed to reveal a sinister plot that touches everyone’s life in Pearl. Pearl’s Peril has something dashing for those players who love playing Hidden Object games to navigate and reveal apart of challenging puzzles. During the game, you will explore hundreds of exquisite scenes in a beautifully hand-crafted environment, as well as in an exotic location. There’s a chance to meet and make fabulous new buddies and put your puzzle-solving skills against a massive international community to test while trying to be the best Adventurer.

Furthermore, you experience the whole environment from Iris’s perspective with the task of matching objects to their silhouettes and unlock island decorations. Before starting the game, you should know something about in-game items like currency and point system. So let’s get started.

Coin and Point System

Like other games, it features a beautiful point and coin system that leaves your rewards according to your performance. There are two main in-game currencies, such as Coins and Prestige.

Coin – The game rewards you with coins for completing scenes, and you can acquire a few from structures. You need coins to purchase upgraded structures and styles to get prestige.

Prestige – Although you can spend the prestige, it’s a 2nd essential in-game item you need to open new scenes and new structures.

Energy – Like other Hidden Object games, you need the energy to play scenes. Every scene intends to cost you one energy, and you can’t access the scene after having any more energy in its respective gauge. Certainly, many players are thinking about having a way to obtain energy for free; yes, there’s a way; firstly, the energy meter will get filled after every 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can request your Facebook Buddies to send you in-game energy.


Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game features badges to represent your in-game rank. It can be achieved by only playing scenes. Badges work like renown since they are merely collected and let you unlock buildings and other items.

Cash – Like a Real-world, you can use cash to do anything in the game using a shortcut. Using real-world cash, you become capable of purchasing Peril’s Peril. It’s quite tough to grab cash from completing tasks, but most of the time, the game doesn’t leave you anything except for a few coins.

Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Walkthrough – Chapter 1

With no doubt, many players all over the world are huge fans of Hidden Objects video games, and love to find hidden objects using their puzzle-solving skills. Although playing puzzle games are relatively easy than hardcore FPS games, it requires sharp eyesight, an active mind, and attention. Not all players are equal in skills similar to fingers; therefore, we have compiled a useful Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Walkthrough to help you complete all challenging levels. Whether you are a newbie or a hardcore player, we have covered everything for you in this Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Beginner’s Guide.

Tutorial Level

The game starts with a tutorial level, in which it will teach you how to find objects and solve the puzzle. The tutorial level contains a list of objects, such as Gloves, Scarf, Googles, and Envelope. Find the said objects to start playing the difficulty levels with beautiful scenes and exquisite sound effects. In this stage, you don’t need to find anything, because the game itself will help you find the said items. Although the completion of the level won’t reward you with anything, a letter will display that your father has passed away, inherited you a beautiful island in Artemis. Next to that, the phone rings, and upon tapping you will find out that person calling you is Iris.

Welcome to the Island

It takes place near the seashore where you find a variety of objects and your ultimate goal is to find the listed items to move to the next stage. At the first, the game features very familiar items and their names, but as you reach the advanced stages the name and the items become unfamiliar, and the difficulty level increases to its max. Therefore, you should hone your skills timely, and start building your island to restore the glory. The game spans different chapters, and each one contains 6 to 8 levels to complete. Each level comes with challenging hidden objects to find, and the completion of each stage will leave you amazing rewards.

The Beach

Level 1

Moreover, the 2nd puzzle includes the following items, such as Guitar, Parrot, Pot, Turtle, and more. Explore the environment deeply, interact with objects, and tap on the listed item to complete the level. You can’t move to the next stage until you complete the previous stages; therefore, try to solve all puzzles as soon as possible. Most of the time you spend finding hidden objects, while a few time reading the discussion between characters.

Level 2

Level 2 takes place at the same place where you are supposed to find the following objects such as Shovel, Seagull, Hammock, Parrot, Pot, Metal Buoy, Cobra, and more. Without having sharp eyesight and knowledge about different objects, you can’t complete the puzzle. All items you need to find are highlighted in the image given below.

Level 3

Here’s another level with the same scene but different objects to find. Although some objects may be similar, the majority of items are unfamiliar to the previous level, and you have to find to complete the object. The available objects are the following: Roses, Tortoise, Oil Lamp, Cobra, Sandcastle, Telescope, Number 4, Wooden work Tools, and more.

The final object you have to find is the “Bottle Message.” The game will unfold the storyline as you keep finding the hidden objects. Each completed level brings a unique fact and reveals a new twist to puzzle your mind.

Villa Entrance

A butler welcomes you upon reaching the home. Before getting into the house, you have to solve a puzzle by finding objects, such as Door Knocker, Jaguar, Lion, hand mirror, star, and many other objects that you can see in the image given below. Finding the items with fast speed may leave you with amazing rewards. Try to earn in-game points and unlock further stages to become the master.

  • You can see the star right below the moon in the background
  • Leopard is coming toward you from bushes from the left-hand side of the screen
  • The hanging mirror is kept within the briefcase lying in the middle of the environment
  • Tap on the teapot and many other objects to complete the level

After completing the stage, the game takes you to another side of the game where finding hidden objects isn’t your goal. Your task switches from solving puzzles to building a beautiful island. Dozens of options will be displayed on your screen by the game that you can use to start building the home. In the beginning, the game will teach you how to start by doing a few jobs itself.


To make your farm beautiful, you have to place a beautiful fountain at the place of your choice.  Unlock other buildings by earning in-game coins and prestige, and decorate it further to be the world’s best interior designer. Each building will cost you in-game coins to be unlocked.

The construction takes a few hours to be get completed; however, you can make use of in-game cash to happen it faster. The more prestige you make, the more levels you unlock. Upon collecting approximately 127 prestige, you will open a new scene, known as Villa Parlor.

Pearl’s Peril Hidden Object Game Walkthrough – Artemis Island

The game displays you a dashboard wherefrom you can travel to all beautiful places, both new and old. You should keep in mind that visiting a location whether it’s new or old will cost you one energy. After completing the tutorial levels and solving a few challenging puzzles, the game unlocks two different places as follows:

  • Artemis Island
  • The Wallace Villa

Artemis Island is a beautiful place that keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun. Firstly, you should keep in mind that finding objects from the given scenes isn’t a cup of cake; therefore, you should try to hone your skills with the passage of levels. Also, there’s an opportunity to learn new words and come to know about amazing stuff like birds, animals, and objects you may have ever seen before. Artemis Island contains up to six exciting locations, such as:

  • The Beach
  • Villa Entrance
  • The Villa Parlor

You have completed the first level at the beginning, where you find a raven. Your next goal is to complete the rest of the levels to unlock further locations to be the master.

Villa Parlor

Villa Parlor is the third location on Artemis Island where you have to find a list of the following items, such as Drum, Pistol, Bell, Dream Catcher, Clock, Phonograph, and more.

The Cliff

To unlock The Cliff, you have to collect up to 137 prestige. The only way to earn prestige is to construct buildings, place fountains, and many other things to become the master. In this scene, you have to find the following items, such as Arrows, Windmill, Dagger, Tortoise, Ship, Coconut, and many other items that are all mentioned within the image given below.

Grandmother’s Tomb

Are you ready to reveal the spirit of the protagonist’s grandmother in a graveyard? As the scene opens, you find Pearl standing ahead of his grandmother, who reveals that her father was betrayed. She suggests Pearl not to use a gun, find clues by her grave to solve the mystery of her father’s murder case.

As the game starts, you find yourself standing in a tomb where the game displays you a series of objects. Some of them are just to make you fool, while some are beautifully hidden that you can’t find easily. Therefore, we jump in to help you offer Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Walkthrough Guide for beginners. In the scene, you have to find the following items:

  • Corn
  • Snake
  • Shoes
  • Lily
  • Puffin
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Turtle
  • And more

The last scene in Artemis Island is locked and requires you to complete scenes to be unlocked. Now, it’s on you what scene you find easy to complete. Each level lets you play the game four to five times to earn more points that you require to unlock the last scene.

Funeral Banquet

After completing the scene of Grandmother’s Tomb, the game takes you to a wedding ceremony where you are supposed to find the objects to solve the mystery. The game increases the difficulty level as you reach high stages.

  • Firstly, you have to find the camera pieces to take some photos
  • Secondly, you should grab some fruits from the table and a few pieces of ice cubes
  • Use a blender to make a shake by mixing fruits and ice cubes
  • Once done, put the shake to the third part of the puzzle
  • Next to that, you have to craft a knife to drop off some coconuts from the tree
  • Pick up a jar and coconut to fill the glass of the woman standing ahead of a priest
  • Upon filling the glass, you discover a third piece of the camera
  • Connect all pieces of the camera, put it on the stand, and take a photo

As you take a photo, from the shadow your grandpa appears putting you in shock. Coming back to the senses, the protagonist is amazing to know that her father died, but grandpa alive. The mystery grows deeper by the minute.

Pearl’s Peril Hidden Object Game Walkthrough – Chapter 2

Try not to waste the energy as it is limited in amount, and requires some time to get refilled. Therefore, you should try to complete the level as fast as possible, because it won’t only save your time, but rewards you with a bigger prize too. In case you can afford to purchase energy to complete the game soon, then it would be great. The first scene of the chapter is the Villa Kitchen. After getting into the kitchen, your ultimate goal is to find out the following items:

  • Cake
  • Break
  • Soup Ladle
  • Onion
  • Melon
  • Chef’s Hat
  • Notepad

The Study

As the next level starts, you find yourself in a study room where you require to find different stuff spread across the scene. The objects you intend to find are the following such as:

  • Plane
  • Magnet
  • Skull
  • Bowler Hat
  • Ladybug
  • Volumetric Flasks

Agne’s Room

After completing the Study and the Kitchen puzzles, the game takes you to Agne’s Room, where you have to find the following objects using your detective skills. The items are the following: Ceiling Fan, Car, Chess King, Scissors, Typewriter, Camera, and more.

  • The car is available next to the hairbrush at the right-hand side of the screen
  • A piece of chess is kept right below the sofa nearby a black-colored cat
  • Tap on the ceiling, and you better know where it should be
  • Click on scissor available next to the classic telephone aside from the cat
  • Perfume and gloves are kept on the table right above the car
  • Don’t forget to click on the ladybug available on the red-colored curtains

Sila’s Room

It takes you to a beautiful room which contains a variety of objects. Using your detective skills, you have to find out a few listed items to earn in-game points. Keep in mind that you have a few limited energy at your disposal, and each level charges you one energy. It means, there will be no one to use after 10 to 20 tries. Next to that, you have to wait a few hours until the meter gets filled. In this level, the items you have to find are the following:

  • Bowler Hat
  • Tennis Racket
  • Saxophone
  • Alarm Clock
  • Mirror
  • Wooden Train
  • Coat
  • Balloon

Once you find all the items, the game leads you to the next stage where you are supposed to complete a list of other items. Don’t forget to collect the master item at the end of the level to find and analyze clues to reveal the mystery of the protagonist’s father’s murder.

The Church

This time, the level takes place in a Church full of hidden objects. Reveal your puzzle-solving skills, and start finding objects to gather clues and reveal the secret behind the mystery. You should keep in mind that you can’t play further levels without completing the requirements of each one, including gathering prestige and required scenes.

  • The first item to find is Cuckoo Clock
  • Find the number 6 available right below the clock
  • Explore the shelf at the right side of the screen to discover the conch shell
  • If you are searching for a newspaper, then visit the table it maybe there
  • Besides the conch shell, a fan is also available on the right-hand side of the screen
  • After gathering all items, search and find the envelope to complete the level

Father’s Room

The last scene of Chapter 2, and brings a new style of the puzzle to complete. In this level, you’re only supposed to find hidden objects but also merge and use them to solve the mystery of the room. In the game, your first goal is to find a key.

  • Your ultimate goal is to find a key hidden somewhere else in the room
  • Firstly, you have to craft a key by collecting three of its parts spread across the room
  • Pick up the first part kept on a table nearby the bed and add to your inventory
  • A parrot is holding the next part of the key, and you must offer him something delicious to obtain the 2nd part
  • Secondly, pick some grapes from the chessboard, strawberry from the bed, and a piece of chess from below the bed
  • Now, you have to find a bowl available on a table next to the chessboard and make a delicious dish for the parrot to grab the second part of the key and the 2nd piece of chess
  • Thirdly, drag both pieces of chess near the board to open a secret drawer and collect the third piece of the key
  • Bring the key near the locker to open it to find a card, also known as a decoder
  • Finally, you come to know that someone was ordered to kill your father in the game

Pearl’s Peril Hidden Object Game Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 includes six beautiful places to explore and each one different scene and objects to find. Before jumping into the scene, you should hone your hidden object skills, because the puzzles aren’t as easy as you discovered in the previous two chapters. Nevertheless, become the world’s best detective, and start finding the said object, collecting clues, and revealing the secrets. The available locations are the following:

  • Villa Garden
  • Leon’s Cottage
  • Boat Launch
  • Seaplane Dock
  • Pride’s Cockpit
  • Wallace Mausoleum

Villa Garden

In Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Walkthrough Guide, we are just helping you complete all hidden object levels. It doesn’t mean, the 2nd part related to building an island isn’t compulsory – it is, and the only source to earn prestige. Therefore, keep your focus on building an island and unlocking new locations too. The first location of Chapter 3 is “Villa Garden” which seems like a lake where a bridge is available, along with a hut containing a beautiful bench and a guitar over it.

  • Tap on the signboard available at the top of the screen
  • Click on the guitar and the record player available at the hut
  • Don’t forget to grab the sunflower and ruins
  • Pick up the swan and watermelon from under the bridge
  • Lastly, click on the lighthouse

Leon’s Cottage

As you get into the room, the game displays you some ancient items along with lots of exciting stuff. Finding the said items from a massive mess is quite difficult; therefore, we bring you a fabulous Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Walkthrough to complete all challenging levels within no time. Although playing all levels at once is impossible, because the game charges you energy for each level, and it will deplete to zero after playing 10 or more stages. Next to that, you have limited options to have energy back at your disposal, and the most prominent is to ask your friends to help or go with real-world cash to purchase some for you. Another way includes the make use of in-game currency.

  • As the level starts, collect a coat, mouse cheese, and grapes from the right-hand side of the screen
  • Tripod, a small train, and a green parrot are available on the left-hand side of your screen
  • Don’t forget to gran flowers from the pot and yellow-colored balloon

Boat Launch

At this level, you’re supposed to find out mouse, food platter, lobster, flowers, and other items. It seems you are standing at the seashore with the intention of finding hidden objects at any cost.

  • The mouse is lurking in the environment above the lantern
  • Pick up flowers from the pot
  • The game featured a golden-colored cannon at the top of the screen near the boat
  • Pick up bread from the 2nd board, and the globe from the first boat
  • A pack of dry fruits is kept on stairs
  • Explore the bottom stairs to find a pen
  • An oxygen cylinder is available right below the lantern where you got a mouse

Seaplane Dock

It takes you to a new environment where you have to find out dynamite and other challenging hidden objects to earn in-game points. The completion of objectives will leave you only in-game coins, and help you unlocking new scenes to explore. To complete the Seaplane Dock level, follow the steps given in Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Walkthrough Guide.

  • First of all, you have to select a wheel laid on the plane’s wing
  • Pick up the aviator helmet from the floor
  • Goggles are kept on the front part of the plane where you also find a helmet, as well as a saving tube
  • Red mask is available in a wooden box and a teddy bear next to the ladies purse
  • Finally, you should find and collect dynamite to complete the level

Pride’s Cockpit

The game welcomes you inside the board where you discover steering, along with a few controls. Your goal is to find clues by revealing the objects mentioned below the list and take the next step toward the person who has killed the protagonist’s father.

  • At the very start, the game asks you to find a banana, lipstick, and a hat
  • After that, you have to find a camera which is available next to the steering
  • Discover a bag from behind the steering, and a queen from a deck of cards.

Wallace Mausoleum

The game challenges you to open the globe to shed light on the hidden treasure. It takes you to a place where a few items are available, and may they can help you achieve the task within no time. Follow the given steps to complete the level.

  • Open the bag to pick up a lighter
  • Tap on the globe map nearby a statue and collect a wooden stick
  • Leave the statue, and back to a golden circle seems like a sun below the 2nd statue
  • Collect the top of the hammer, and connect it with the wooden stick you collected recently
  • Drag the hammer to the 2nd pillar of the structure and collect the necklets you need to open the box
  • Bring the newly created item to the global map and fix it over there to let it emit rays on the 2nd object

Pearl’s Peril Hidden Object Game Walkthrough – Chapter 4

Similar to previous chapters, the next chapter comes with six beautiful landscapes to explore. Each scene has different hidden objects to find, and each one will reward you differently, depending on your performance. The game features a hint system to use whenever you find yourself in any difficulty, though the hint system needs some time to restore itself after the first use. The available locations are the following such as:

  • Paris Café
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Gare d’Orsay
  • Express Train
  • Village Station
  • French Cottage

Paris Café

Get ready to take a trip to Paris where the game tasks you with finding hidden objects. With no doubt, everyone loves puzzle-solving games – doesn’t matter whether it relates to word, match-3, and hidden object sub-genres.

  • Pick up the blanket from the chair
  • Click on the doormat to eliminate the welcome mat from the list
  • Tap on the joker to take the given list toward its end
  • In the background, a motorcycle is standing
  • A cartwheel is available near the entrance
  • Don’t forget to find a rabbit from under the chair
  • Butterfly net is laying near the chair and the scooty is available right behind the chair
  • Lastly, you have to collect a newspaper

The Eiffel Tower

Now, you are at the Eiffel Tower where the game tasks you find six different objects that are secretly hidden across the scene, and can’t be discovered with the naked eye.

  • Firstly, you should tap on the hot air balloon in the background
  • Click on a beautiful rainbow appearing from the background similar to the hot air balloon
  • A dog is taking nap next to the bench, tap to collect it
  • You can find the horns on the stairs
  • Don’t forget to pick up the luggage available next to the painting
  • There’s something inside the painting, tapping on the targeted place will help you collect the required item

Gare d’Orsay

Before starting the scene, the game displays a conversation between two friends. Next to that, the level takes you to a hall-type environment where lots of stuff are available, and the game challenges you to find the said ones.

  • Start finding the object by tapping your finger at the flower pot available before the entrance
  • Tap on the guitar to add it to your inventory
  • The game features a kitty sitting on the 2nd bench of your right-hand side
  • A pineapple is lying within the trolley
  • Don’t forget to tap on the briefcase a few distances after the place where you got a guitar
  • A red-colored balloon is there, tap to collect it

Express Train

Do you love enjoying the journey on the train? For sure, this time you will love to take a ride whenever you find an opportunity to travel somewhere using a train. The game introduces a beautiful scene, unlike others, containing thousands of stuff to discover hidden objects.

  • There’s a first table that contains a piece of cake and you must tap on it to collect
  • The next target should be focused on finding a black-colored umbrella available behind the sofa aside from the cake
  • Thirdly, pick up a teddy bear from the same sofa where you gather both an umbrella and a cake
  • Pick up a guitar from the next table
  • Lipstick is available at the very first comfortable chair
  • The briefcase is stuck between the first and the 2nd

Similarly, many other items you can easily find following Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide.

Village Station

The static scene takes you to a beautiful street in Paris, where you find all the beautiful items in one place. Making in-game currency is your aim, and finding objects at high speed is your need. Improve your speed to become the master – the faster you find the clues, the faster you solve the case to capture the murderer of your father. Following the footsteps of previous chapters and their levels, the game features a list of items such as Boot, Cactus, Next, Bell, Watering Can, Pumpkin, and more. For sure, the first item you collect will be a pumpkin, because it is only the one item which is showing prominently.

  • The pumpkin is on the table asking you to pick it up
  • Next to the cat, there’s a black-colored shoe
  • Watering can and cactus are near the stairs before the entrance of the house
  • There is a first house where you can easily see a nest of the birds
  • Pitchfork and bell are also in the same building of the nest
  • Pick up the sack from nearby the cat

French Cottage

In this stage, you should have to investigate the room behind the door. When you come to open the door, you find it is locked. Therefore, need a special key to open it as soon as possible, before it’s too late. Without wasting a single minute, set on a mission to find a key by merely finding stuff from the drawer and other sides.

  • Click on the drawer which is already opened to pick up the stuff for a lighter
  • The 2nd part of the lighter is lying next to the stairs
  • Next to that, you should drag the lighter and drop the oil over a painting to clean a stuff
  • Pick up a clip, and search the ladders for its handle
  • Once found, join them together to take a sample of the clay
  • Use the clay sample to complete the key and open the door to see what in it.


Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Object Game is one of the best Puzzle video games available to play on Mobile Devices and the Social Platform Facebook. The majority of players are diehard fans of its puzzles because they aren’t easy to complete. The game isn’t limited to finding hidden objects, it adds a new twist that engages you to construct an island of your dream by gathering in-game coins. Most parts of the islands are locked by default and requires you to complete the requirement to be unlocked. The thing I didn’t like regarding the game is that you have to solve the same scene many times to unlock the new locations. Otherwise, the graphics, puzzles, mechanics, and controls are awesome.




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