Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough


Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects, developed by Game Insight, is an Adventure, Hidden Object, Decoration, Match-3, and Puzzle video game available to play on Android and iOS platforms. The introduced mansion is beautiful and welcomes you there to investigate a series of uncompleted puzzles. It has a blend of Puzzle, Point-and-Click, Hidden Objects, and Puzzle game elements that bring you to experience fun-filled gameplay. It seems that the mansion is full of problems, and you are the only guy who has solutions to each problem. The enrich graphics and immersive gameplay promise to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun.

Find the owner of Mystery Manor

It features a well-written storyline revolving around Mister X, who has been disappeared from the scene by leaving no clues, but residents to solve various mysteries of the strange places. Therefore, you are supposed to jump in to help others resolve all puzzles and riddles by merely finding hidden objects and items. You control a detective who is a master in his work and possesses unique skills. Like other Hidden Object Games, the game lets you navigate the environment from a first-person viewpoint, investigate the area, and find the listed items to unlock further stages.

Besides the hall, the mansion contains many rooms; each one is full of hidden objects and dark secrets of the palace. Different floors are there, and each serves as a labyrinth of strange cases that intrigue the detective’s worth. Apart from the challenging gameplay, get ready to experience the rush of investigating crime scenes, interrogating suspects, and searching for clues in the unexpected locations you haven’t seen in your dream?

Exquisite Graphics and Immersive Storytelling Gameplay

Do you love playing puzzle games? If yes, then get ready to embark on a journey that takes you far away from reality and leaves you over a dream world where finding objects and other items are the ultimate goals while attempting to solve tricky puzzles. As the game starts, you are welcome by a cat, and it takes you to a massive mansion split into different areas. Only the main hall is unlocked by default, while others require you to complete a set of levels to be unlocked.

Moreover, the game mixes the Hidden Object gameplay mechanics with engaging storytelling elements and beautiful graphics. Aside from these elements, the game brings you a series of challenging puzzles to complete. There are different types of rooms available; each offers a unique story to unfold, which is intertwined with the rest of the narrative. During the game, as you advance through the plot, the feeling will gradually start to increase that there’s a darker hidden secret, and the game involves a series of characters.

Note: Being a detective, you should keep all the essential tools available to use whenever you need it.

Before starting the game, you should keep in mind that there’s only a way to solve a strange mystery. Therefore, you should always prefer to start your journey from Manor’s depth because it holds more secrets than the Big City. To succeed in the game, you have to prevent losing details while solving your cases.

Most Prominent Features

Dozens of challenging detective tasks are there, and each one wants to be a professional detective to complete their objectives. You aren’t only supposed to find items; searching for clues and keys are also a part of the game. Find artifacts to make your beautiful collection of rare items and showcase your friends to impress them. The game features different features; some of these are the following:

  • Words
  • Silhouettes
  • Phenomena
  • Zodiac
  • And more.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough

As the game starts, you are welcome by a cat, who introduces you to the Mystery Manor of Mr. X. He tells you about your job, as well as the reason why you are invited. Next to that, a cat introduces itself as Joshua, who instructed Mr. X to greet you in his absence. Right now, both Mr. X and his wife are away. As the story proceeds, you get your first task to complete from the boss.

Moreover, the cat takes you to a beautiful mansion torn into several rooms and other areas. Each area is locked initially, but after completing a few stages, you can unlock each one to navigate and solve a series of puzzles. The first puzzle sets in the hall, where the game requires you to find missing items using their shapes and names. Firstly, the game features a tutorial stage to help you learn how to start playing the game. Secondly, the difficulty level increases as you approach high stages.

Furthermore, the game isn’t limited to Hall because there are many other areas and rooms available; each has unique puzzles to complete and reveal objects mentioned in the game. Therefore, being a detective isn’t as easy as it seems. It would help if you had a lot of hard work, attention, sharp eyes, and confidence. The first playable mode is “ABC,” and the game charges you different amounts of “Energy” to start the completion level. It works similar to hearts found in Gardenscapes and Homescapes.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough – Level 1

Word Mode

Mystery Manor comes with a word mode, in which you need to find all given items from the list in the room. After that, the game takes you to a beautiful, fully furnished hall where you have to find the following items, such as:

  • Cello
  • Cat
  • Backpack

The completion of the stage will you different rewards like in-game coins, energy, and a note. To complete a complete section, you have to overcome a series of levels; each contains a series of challenging hidden object puzzles, while some come with match-3 game mechanics.

Explore Hall

After a specific time, the displays you a note forcing you to navigate the hall to earn in-game points and power-ups. Different types of boosters are present in the game to complete the stages whenever you are stuck somewhere.

Hunting a Book

Your next goal is to find a book but before finding the required items is compulsory. Therefore, you should reveal all items hidden strategically in the scene to make you puzzle. This time, the game features five objects to find, and some of these are those you have found recently. Despite having the names, you can’t find the items quickly.

As mentioned above, the different game areas to explore, and each one comes with different settings and objectives to complete. Although there are different parts of the game apart from the Mansion, the mansion comes with several rooms to complete.

Find Secret Codebook

Your next objective to complete is here “Find Secret Codebook.” Tapping on the button will reveal a beautiful lady, who greets you, saying that she pleased to meet you, and her name is Katherine. She is the X family’s former assistance and suggests you work as an undercover detective over there. Now, you can disguise yourself with others and come up with a secret code name. In short, the game suggests you add your nickname to call you and select your character to start playing the mature levels, instead of tutorials.

Find Family Seal

Different rooms are there, and each one requires a key to be unlocked. After completing a few levels in the Hall section, the game requires you to unlock “Living Room” using a key and start finding objects and given items to complete the objectives. Let’s explore the Living room together.

The next scene unlocks new power-ups that help you find out the item you find challenging to locate. The scene comes with five items to find, and their names are the following:

  • Candelabrum
  • Binoculars
  • Mask
  • Hourglass
  • Tie

Above mentioned items are smartly hidden in a living room where you must show your detective skills to be the master. Although the given items are easy to find, you may feel difficult to complete the stage without having detective or hidden object skills. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed Mystery Manor: Hidden Object Walkthrough Guide to reveal all items within no time. The completion of stages will leave you a series of rewards you can use to unlock additional content and levels.

Moreover, the game represents your detective skills in levels. You start playing the game with level one, which gradually increases as you learn the basics and completes the target. The increasing level number will also increase the difficulty level and introduce you to the most challenging stages to complete.

Note: Avoid using power-ups and boosters for the completion of stages, rely on your detective skills, and unfold the storyline to solve the case of Mr. X.

As mentioned above, there are different locations available, and except the Hall, all locations are locked and need the completion of objectives to be unlocked. The available places are the following:

  1. Hall
  2. Secret Room
  3. Living Room
  4. Match-3
  5. Library
  6. Laboratory
  7. Bedroom
  8. Hunting Room
  9. Japanese Garden
  10. Dressing Room
  11. Bathroom
  12. Oceanic Room
  13. Sakura Room
  14. Room 51
  15. Elevator
  16. Fortune-telling Room

The mansion has over fifteen places to explore for finding hidden objects. Each place has a series of stages, and the player needs to complete each one to earn in-game rewards and other prizes in the form of coins.

Aside from the mansion, the game has many other places too for navigation. Similarly, each location brings a brand-new set of puzzles to complete. The game’s premise is to find hidden objects and attempt to solve the mystery before it’s too late. Other prominent locations are the following:

  • X’s Office
  • Card Table
  • Guild Castle
  • Dried-up Tree
  • Flying Saucer
  • Island
  • Pirate Brig
  • Dragon Rock
  • Mystical Arena

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough – Level 2

Find Detective’s Magnifying Glass

In the Manor Mystery: Hidden Objects Walkthrough, we bring you to a useful guide that won’t only help you complete challenging stages but also grabbing valuable rewards to unlock additional content. Your next objective is to find the magnifying glass of the detective. To complete the level, you have to unlock a new area, known as Match Three. To start the level, you have to invest up to 14 energy powers, and in return, you will in-game ten coins and five starfish.

The game takes you to a fish tank where you are supposed to match three identical pieces by swapping items. Your ultimate goal is to detect the magnifying glass by collecting eighteen starfishes. Completing the level within thirty moves isn’t a task; therefore, you should match identical items carefully because you have to start from the beginning once you run out of moves.

Find Red Sealing Wax

A beautiful lady appears on your screen, asking about the magnifying glass at the previous level. She requires you to find the sealing wax from anywhere. Once again, the game takes you to a living room, after which tapping, the game takes you into the room and unlocks Silhouettes Mode. Upon getting into the room, you know that you have to find the objects using their images in the dark instead of names.

  • Find Rabbit and a Ship above the piano
  • Cat is kept on the sofa
  • The tie is hanging over the cupboard

Find the Letter from Mr. X

After completing a few stages, the time has come when you receive a letter left by Mr. X for you to share some information. Opening the letter will display you something written in an unknown language. Tapping on the letter will translate it for you into English. For the first time, the game leaves you five gems in the reward, along with other items. Now, you are at Level 3.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough – Level 3

The game reveals a new character for you to interact with for further information and complete objectives. The new character is a chef named Giovanni. Unlock the chef’s kitchen to cook something yummy and share some information that Mr. X asked him to do. Similar to the previous level, the game asks you to find the given items, such as:

  • Bell
  • Chef’s Hat
  • Kettlebell
  • Timer
  • Skimmer
  • Grater
  • Pie

For sure, you would be familiar with the items mentioned above. Your goal is to find each one speedily before the time runs out for massive rewards. The game adds some power-ups to help you catch some objects from the list to help you feel comfortable in the tense environment. The kitchen environment is quite beautiful, and the game features a cute penguin over there, who makes its appearance after a specific time.

Introduction of Compass

A new power-up will unlock over here that helps you finding objects upon getting moved across the screen. After exploring the kitchen, your next goal is to find Bird Milk. For that, you are supposed to play a Match-3 mini-game in the room of Match Tree. This time, you need to gather 24 turtles by matching the said items as many times as possible.

You have limited moves; therefore, avoid wasting moves without any reason. The majority of players love playing Match-3 games; meanwhile, find those games difficult too. But thanks to juicy powers, the completion of the challenging stages is possible.

Find Golden Apple

In the next scene, the chef reveals Mr. X’s taste, who loves to eat Strudels, Rolls, and Buns made up of apple. Now, the chef is worried about those apples and needs your help to prepare some dishes. Therefore, you must help the chef finding some apples by completing challenging puzzles.

Once again, the game takes place in a kitchen, where you need to find the following items to continue unfolding the storyline, such as:

  • Garlic
  • Candy Dish
  • Trash Can
  • Glass of Beer
  • Broom
  • Ruler
  • Mushroom

Note: Making too many mistakes will reduce the time of exploration; therefore, prevent yourself from tapping across the screen randomly to guess where the item is. Once you run out of time, the game charges up to 19 diamonds.

Shake off the Dust – Find Mandrake Flour

Katherine found a bag of flour in the living room. It seems weird because the chef never leaves food lying about. Find yourself standing in a living room, where you are supposed to find a list of objects within a time limit. The available items are the following:

  • Star
  • Umbrella
  • Tied-up Scroll
  • Woman’s Shoes
  • Candelabrum

All objects are hidden strategically and finding those items are stringent than your expectation. The game becomes tricky to play and may make you puzzle with time.

  • Shoes are hidden under the piano
  • Find an umbrella next to the sofa
  • The game features the lock on the cupboard on your right-hand side

Find Tyrannosaurus Fillet

Your next task takes place in the hall where you have to Tyrannosaurus Fillet to solve the mystery. Tapping on the show button will take you to the hall for the completion of the level. Similar to previous stages, you are supposed to find out a set of items available in the list to unlock additional rooms to advance the storyline.

  • Click on the guitar available next to the cupboard
  • Grab the ax right after the guitar
  • There’s a cat aside from a fountain
  • Don’t miss to pick up a book kept on a sofa
  • Did you see the knight holding a flag?
  • Next to the knight, there’s something glowing
  • On stairs, the game features a candles
  • Two bags are available next to each other

Find Magic Dish

The difficulty level increases as you advance through the game. This time, the game will reward you with eighty-five starfish and fifty gold coins. Once again, the game intends to take you into the kitchen, where a chef welcomes you and asks you to jump for help in finding something rare. Tapping on the object appears on your screen will complete the level and take you to the next one.

Find Cooking Salt

To complete the given task, you have to complete level 3 of the match-3 game. This time, the game asks you to complete collect 60 Shells. Matching identical items isn’t an easy task; many players can’t reach the end as they run out of moves. Therefore, you should use boosters and power-ups to make a huge blast and splash all gems at once. Matching five or more identical items will reveal a bomb that destroys the surrounding items and help you complete the level within limited moves. Similarly, matching four identical items will leave you a rocket, who works in the same manner as the bomb and helps you destroy nearby items of the same type.

Next to that, the game reveals a rainbow booster that helps you destroying the same type of items across the screen; location doesn’t matter. After finding both the magic dish and the salt, your goal is to put some salt in the dish to make Bellissimo.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough – Level 4

The game reveals a new character named Elsa, who is a maid. After a brief introduction, you need to unlock the bedroom to complete new tricky puzzles. The bedroom will unlock if you have a key in your palm. Tapping on the area will unlock the bedroom and provides you a set of new puzzles to complete.

  • Click on the pillow to find the magazine
  • A camera is available on the left side of the bed
  • Both tray and hourglass are lying next to the bed on a couch
  • Piggybank is available under the table where fruits are in the bucket
  • The tie has covered the leg of the sofa chair
  • Tap on the green-colored sofa to find a dragonfly
  • Number 18 is available on the wall right above the mirror

Find Tooth Fairy

As the game starts, you find yourself standing in the kitchen with the task of finding a tooth fairy. In the kitchen, you have to find objects by watching the shapes. There are up to 11 objects that await you to be revealed. You have limited time; therefore, you have to reveal all items as soon as possible. Once the time runs out, you will lose the game and have to start from the beginning using energy. The level is quite challenging; therefore, we figured this would be a great time to offer you the best Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough Guide to complete all levels efficiently.

  • Brush and Chef’s cap is available on the top shelf of the kitchen
  • The game features a feather between the handle of the cupboard
  • Find grapes in the fruit bucket and a bowl next to that with a spoon
  • An ice-cream is kept nearby the table, as well as a glass of wine, is available next to the ice-cream
  • Pick up a bell kept before the fruit bucket on the ground and grabbed a box from inside the cupboard
  • Collect a bun from the stove

Place a Furniture Item from Statues in the Hall

The last level’s completion will make Katherine and Joshua appear together when Katherine confesses that her memories are coming back slowly. Next to that, a discussion starts between both characters, and it ends with a scene covered with curtains. Slide the curtains to see what there are and what your next objective to complete is. After a few times, you come to know that all statues are the guards of the manor. Nevertheless, your goal is to put one of the statues in the hall. Once again, both characters (Katherine and Joshua) make their appearance on the screen for a discussion.

Find Comfort Sofa

Welcome to the hall where you are supposed to find up to 8 objects using your detective skills. Finding items isn’t a tricky job if you are possessed good detective skills. All items are beautifully hidden and require you to find them as soon as possible to move to the next level.

  • Tap on the bag to find the gear and cello is available behind the sofa
  • An angel is taking a shower by merely sitting on a fountain
  • Click on the turtle lurking on the floor and tap on the plant containing a feather
  • A fishbowl is available nearby your right-hand side stairs, while the owl is fixed in the left-hand side stairs
  • A knight is standing between stairs holding a bucket you need to complete the puzzle

Place Sofa in the Hall

After finding the sofa, Katherine appears on your screen with the task of placing the sofa in the hall because she wants to sit over there. The game displays various sofas to choose from, and more than 201 items are remaining to be placed in the hall. Choosing the perfect sofa may make Katherine happy.

Find Poltergeist

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects takes you to a living room where it gives you a task to complete by finding Poltergeist. In the game, you are allowed to decorate any room using tons of furniture. All items aren’t available for free; you have to work hard and collect in-game coins because each item costs you coins unlocked.

  • Tap on the red-colored sofa to find a tie
  • Figure out the chessboard which contains a lock
  • An umbrella is hanging nearby the mirror
  • There’s a musical instrument behind the cochin
  • Pick up a sandal from below the piano and an hourglass from above
  • A pot is hidden behind the piano in a cupboard

Find Brownie

Get ready to play the 4th level of the match-3 game to collect up to 22 crates by smashing identical items. Start making matches right above the crates to make them smash. You don’t need to start matching identical items from the top, always destroying similar items from the down.

Find Monster under the Bed

To complete the puzzle, you have to visit the bedroom. Upon clicking on the bedroom, you discover the level works under silhouettes mode and will display only the objects’ black shapes instead of their names. Finding the objects using their shadow is relatively easy than finding the objects using their names. Because many times the game features a name you aren’t familiar with, although it’s good to know new words, it also increases the difficulty.

The game provides you with a list of eight objects you have to find at any cost within a time limit of 3 minutes. Finding all given items aren’t easy to find, especially for those who are new to the game; therefore, we bring you a helpful Mystery Manor: Hidden Object Beginner’s Guide with all possible solutions.

  • Firstly, you have to find a piece of chess kept in an open briefcase
  • A flower is available on the dress of the doll on the bed
  • Don’t forget to grab a hand-made fan, which is laying on the sofa
  • Piggybank is available above the burning candles
  • There’s a car nearby the bed, as well as a camera below the clock
  • A cattle is available on a green-colored sofa

Find Fear of the Dark

A monster is lurking in the mansion, and you need to catch him to banish and earn in-game rewards. After banishing and collecting rewards, you find yourself standing in front of the maid who says thank you for finding her favorite lamp.

Find Lamp Kerosene

In the hall, lots of stuff are there, and the game tasks you with finding a set of objects, such as sandal, candles, feather, cap, flower, and more. Up to 11 objects are there, and each one has hidden amazingly that you can’t find within a limited time. Therefore, you should play any Hidden Object games after improving your detective skills.

  • Find a bell nearby the passenger bag
  • A candle set and a shoe piece are available near the fountain
  • Pick up a cap from the stairs and pull out the feather from the plant
  • Collect a pot nearby the plant and add it to your inventory

The completion of the level will leave you a kerosene oil that you must take to the maid and give it a bit to the lamp to light up.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects Walkthrough – Level 5

At the beginning of level 5, the maid will appear to welcome you to the game. She informs you about Ze Shadows, who won’t go anywhere but growing in size gradually. Upon tapping the “Watch” button, the game displays you the “Spirit of Knight,” who reveals the identity as the guardian of the manor.

Note: Don’t forget to claim daily rewards.

Find Sharp Sword

The next puzzle takes place in the kitchen to find a set of objects within a time limit. After completing a few stages, the game will start to display you a global leaderboard displaying the ranking of top positioned players and yours.

  • Explore the refrigerator for a pineapple
  • The mixer machine is available on the floor near the table
  • Chef’s cap is available on the table next to the bucket of fruits
  • Click on the cupboard above the stove to collect a feather
  • Scroll up the screen to find the electric fan placed on the roof
  • Find grapes in the bucket
  • Your chef is boiling the octopus
  • A closed book is available above the cupboard next to the fan

Find Reliable Shield

The game unlocks a new move in the previous level, known as Counterparts Mode, and each level will charge you over 20 energy powers to unlock and give you access to the scene. The counterparts mode requires you to find two of each item on the list.

The newly unlocked mode is fun to play, as it increases the difficulty level many times and intends to bend your mind by offering challenging puzzles. Before start playing the game, don’t forget to hone your hidden object skills. The game supposed to match two similar items at once and move ahead to unlock additional stages to complete the level.

  • The first car is available in the briefcase while the second car is hidden under the grapes
  • Click on the iron hidden below the table nearby the pink-colored sofa and tap the 2nd iron available above the burning candles
  • The first water tank is available near the statue, while the 2nd water cane is available in the mirror

Completing the level unlocks new achievements and grants you gems and in-game power-ups to help you complete the level. The game introduces a ship that is currently locked, requiring you to achieve 38 levels after completing hundreds of challenging levels to become the master. For those players who are new to Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects, here a brief Mystery Manor: Hidden Object Beginner’s Guide to learn some best tips and tricks.

A Quick Guide to Start

First of all, you don’t need to connect the Facebook account to start playing the game. Before starting the game, you should take a brief tutorial of how to start playing and maneuvering around the environment while dealing with basic hidden object scenes. The game features a well-written storyline and displays your discussion using dialogues between characters, along with a button to close. You can use that close button to end the discussion if you aren’t interested in the storyline.

Two Types of Game Currencies

There are two different types of currencies available, such as Gold Coins and Diamonds. Gold Coins are the primary currency and will reward you upon finding items, completing quests, and banishing monsters. Keep in mind that diamonds are premium currency and grants you the ability to purchase high-end items and meals to restore energy.

How to Find Hidden Objects?

The most trending questions asked by those users who aren’t interested in hidden object games. The same things happen to Mystery Manor, offering you a series of locations to explore and maneuver objects to fill your inventory with the said objects.

By default, the Hall is available to explore where you find tutorial levels and learn different ways to earn in-game rewards. Next to that, the game starts revealing messages containing a storyline to explain what items you have to find in the particular room. During the game, you can use a series of tools, including the following:

  • Compass Tool
  • Flashlight
  • Time Freeze
  • Enhanced Time Snail
  • Gold Bomb
  • The Flare
  • Pointer

Mystery Manor Guide – Best Tips and Tricks to solve all Mysteries

Mystery Manor puts you in the shoes of a young detective hired by a cat named Joshua to investigate the thrilling scenes happening across the manor. The game features challenging gameplay that brings complicated puzzles to complete. Lots of players are searching for the best Mystery Manor Tips and Tricks to solve all mysteries; therefore, we compiled a list of Best Mystery Manor Tips to help you out.

  • Follow the Storyline

Keep in mind that the game isn’t strict enough when it comes to the storyline. You are free to play any puzzles, except that the story forces you to complete the next scene to proceed with the plot.

  • Achieve Higher Levels

Try to achieve a high level as soon as possible for great rewards. The game ranks your level up as you complete the milestones.

  • Claim Daily Rewards

Similar to other games, the game brings a daily reward system with the intention of rewarding you with in-game currency and other items.

  • Learn about Game Modes

Mystery Manor has different modes, such as Word, Anagram, Abracadabra, Silhouette, Counterparts Mode, and more.

  • How to Change Modes?

Tap on the icon at the left corner of your screen to change the mode.

  • Think Outside the Box

The game introduces challenging puzzles to complete, and each one has a single solution. Upon getting failed, the game brings a new set of items to find; sometimes, you find different objects to find in the same level on your 2nd try.

  • Complete Your Collection of Rewards

When you solve mysteries, the game rewards you with a bunch of items. Complete your collection of rewards to get some more.

  • Banish Monsters

Monsters are lurking the manor randomly, and banishing them will reward you with in-game items and currency as well.

  • Claim Rewards after unlocking Achievements

There’s a separate area apart from the mansion, known as achievements. Whenever you complete the targets, the achievement will unlock and leave you amazing rewards to claim.

  • Refill Your Energy for Free

Find an icon on the right side of your screen to watch ads in exchange for 20 energy. One of the easiest ways to earn Energy for Free.

  • Decorate the Rooms using Furniture

The game isn’t only limited to finding hidden objects and decorating the rooms, and making a collection of rewards.


Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects comes with thousands of challenging levels; each has something unique to discover. The game is fully loaded with exciting game types, and each one intends to give you a unique gaming experience. Whether you love finding items using their names or their shadowy images, the game covers all things for you and bring them in a single pack to enjoy, with stunning music effects.

Explore the mansion to discover the beautiful and hidden locations, interact with a beautiful cast of characters, as well as deadly monsters who are lurking across the manor to stop you from completing the tasks. Overall, Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects is a fun-to-play video game that comes with beautiful art-work and thrilling sound effects, thanks to Game Insight.

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