Word Mansion Walkthrough


Word Mansion gives you a chance to learn new words, improve your English Vocabulary, and become an interior designer. Apprope releases the game with an exquisite blend of Word, Puzzle, and Home Decoration game elements. So, a new type of creative adventure awaits you in the word game, where you discover a beautiful mansion containing endless rooms and tons of challenges to complete. When playing, you will experience story-based gameplay that mixes the complexity of word puzzles with the creativity of home decoration and renovation.

It offers similar gameplay to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, in which the player requires to renovate the home while completing match-3 levels to earn stars. Similarly, the player expects to earn points to complete assigned tasks in the Word Mansion game by completing word puzzles instead of match-3 levels. Endless levels are there, and each one provides you with a set of letters to form words. Unlike other traditional Match-3 games, it doesn’t feature tough gameplay, but offers you a chance to learn new words to improve your English Vocabulary.


Playing word games won’t only help you boosting puzzle-solving skills, but improving vocabulary also. The game introduces intriguing characters and their fabulous storylines, letting you get lost in the narrative as the stories of beautiful characters unfold. The game provides you with a chance to show off your word puzzle skills to your friends and make them impressed while building your dream home.


The game features an emotional storyline that focuses on a female character who tells about her past when enjoying a perfect life with her wonderful boyfriend. As the story proceeds, you come to know that Anna’s boyfriend was mad at someone else. Nevertheless, the ideal life of Anna was suddenly turned into a memory. This isn’t ending because, after a few days of this incident, she got the news in the mail regarding her uncle, who had passed away. Surprisingly, Anna’s uncle left him once a beautiful mansion for her.

Furthermore, the protagonist packed her bags and embarked on a journey to reach the mansion many years later. Upon arrival, Anna discovers nothing fine and needs to work hard to restore the glory of the mansion. Therefore, she requests your help to drive all garbage out of the house and repair all damaged furniture and other stuff to make the mansion beautiful.

Welcome to Anna Uncle’s Mansion

The graphics are amazing and seem similar to two popular games, such as Gardenscapes and Homescapes. As the game starts, a female character named Anna welcomes you to her uncle’s mansion. You are invited by Anna to meet new people, navigate the rooms of the mansion and the post of Anna’s family while helping her in building a new life. Lots of riddles are there that will puzzle your mind by offering challenging tasks. Renovating a home isn’t a big deal, but playing crossword game bends your mind.

Improve Your Decoration Skills and Start Renovating Home

Polish your decoration skills whenever you try to jump into the game because the mansion is in ruin, and a female character needs your character to restore it to its former glory. The game introduces star as the main currency which you need to complete the task. You start renovating the house from the main door, and once done, then move inside to complete further tasks. Earning stars isn’t as easy as you are considering; you have to complete word puzzles to earn one level.

Moreover, a series of words are there that you haven’t heard before; therefore, we bring you to the best Word Mansion Walkthrough Guide, covering all challenging levels for you to proceed with the story.

World Mansion Walkthrough

Without any doubt, playing crossword games increases your knowledge and helps you improve your English skills. In short, it’s a fun-filled way to learn new words while completing puzzles. You might have had played crossword games in newspapers in real-time because new types of crossword games have been published in newspapers daily. Word Mansion Walkthrough Guide helps you complete beautifully crafted levels and other challenges to become the master.


Word Mansion features a user-friendly interface and comes with a series of features and buttons placed on-screen. The screen’s top section will display your gauge of stars, coins, setting, and more buttons. Tasks, Daily Puzzles, and Free Coins will be shown at the bottom of your screen. Whenever a task becomes available to complete, the number will display on the board; the same thing happens to a daily puzzle.

Word Mansion Walkthrough – Level (1 to 10)

The first task is to choose one of three different vases to place on the porch to make it beautiful. Once done, you find out that doors and floors need work, and you should use a doormat. From now, the completion of all tasks require stars that you can only earn by solving puzzles offered by word games.

Level 1

The first level is quite simple and requires you to find two words using three different letters. The available letters are the following: T, E, and N. They are displaying in a beautiful blue-colored circle, which seems quite attractive. We bring the best Word Mansion Walkthrough Guide for those guys, who stuck in some levels, and didn’t get help anywhere.

To find the word, you have to drag your finger across letters. The first level is an introduction and only to teaches you how to play. Therefore, the finger may work automatically to find words for you to see how it works.

  • Ten
  • Net

Level 2

Compared to the first level, the 2nd stage comes with increasing difficulty and challenges you to make up to 3 words using three letters. The hint system is featured for those players who find making words a difficult job. Available letters are the following: A, T, and E. Each completed level leaves you in-game coins to unlock different levels and other accessories to make the mansion beautiful.

  • ATE
  • EAT
  • TEA

Level 3

Similar to previous levels, it features three letters and challenges you to make words for the completion of the third stage. The available levels are the following: A, R, and E. It would help if you dragged your finger across the letters to make words.

  • ERA
  • EAR
  • ARE

Level 4

It starts with the introduction of “Hint System,” and reveals a way to use it, as well as what to do when you run out of moves. The game will let you use a hint system one time in exchange for 250 coins you earn by completing levels. The first hint is free, and the game will charge anything for it. The 4th level offers the pattern of completing the level because it has three different letters, and you have to make three words for the completion of the stage.

  • RAT
  • TAR
  • ART

Level 5

In case you’re willing to grab free hints, gems, and coins, then you are supposed to watch video ads. Each ad will add something from the said items to your account to use whenever you need it. Therefore, you should prefer watching ads, instead of using money to purchase some coins and gems, as well as hints. Like all previous levels, you have to make three different words using a combination of three letters.

  • Pot
  • Top
  • Opt

Level 6

There are three different letters, such as N, O, and W. Drag your finger across letters to make words and complete the blank places.

  • Now
  • Won
  • Own

Level 7

Don’t forget to fix up the mansion when you realize there are lots of points available at your disposal. Although the main goal is to earn points by completing challenges, decorating the house, on the other hand, is also your job to complete. Level 7 comes with only two words to make, and you have to use three letters to complete the assigned tasks. If you stuck anywhere while playing the game, ask us to jump in to help you by offering Word Mansion Walkthrough Guide.

Level 8

Make three different words using three letters given at the bottom of your screen. Polish your skills and start making as many words as possible to become the master. The game gradually increases the difficulty level, and believe me when you reach the advanced levels; the difficulty will be at its peak. The available letters are the following: A, L, and P.

Level 9

Make use of three letters to make three possible words. You can use hints whenever you stuck somewhere using in-game coins. What to do when you get run out of coins? Use real-world cash to purchase some for you, or go with ads to have coins for free. The words of level 9th are the following:

  • MAR
  • RAM
  • ARM

Level 10

The interface of the game is quite impressive, and the game features smooth touch controls. The first ten levels are approximately easy to play and complete to the fun. You may not find any difficulty when trying to achieve the said levels, because they all are essential, and doesn’t need any rocket science to complete.

  • TAP
  • PAT
  • APT

Word Mansion Walkthrough – Level (11 – 20)

Welcome to the 2nd part of the game, where you may complete levels ranging from 11 to 20. Now, the game isn’t as easy as it was in the first ten levels. The number of words you have to make has been increasing and the number of letters. Therefore, you should boost your skills to complete all types of puzzles timely, although the time limit isn’t featured.

Level 11

The first level of 2nd part comes with four letters, and the game tasks you with making six words. It seems quite challenging because of how anyone can make six words using four letters. Use your wit to form words, and upon getting failed to make words, try to figure out Word Mansion Playthrough Guide for help.

  • Pin
  • Paint
  • Pit
  • Tin
  • Tip
  • Nip

Level 12

From the start of the 11th to the end of the 20th level, you need to make six words using four or more letters. The difficulty level won’t remain the same in other stages, as it gradually increases to give you a tough time, unlike many other Word Games.

  • Not
  • Tow
  • Town
  • Ton
  • Now
  • Tow

Keep in mind that making the other word the game doesn’t require will add extra rewards at your treasure box but won’t add to the empty boxes.

Level 13

The number of boxes is continuously increasing, as well as the difficulty. Therefore, you should never miss a chance to learn more words you have never heard before. This time, you have to make five words using four letters.

  • Pat
  • Trap
  • Part
  • Tarp
  • Tap

Level 14

To complete level 14, you have to make five different words using four letters, such as L, R, E, and A. Playing word games is a fun way to learn new words to improve your English Vocabulary. Swipe your finger across letters you consider will make a word together, and repeat the process to form other words.

  • Real
  • Earl
  • Ale
  • Era
  • Ear

Level 15

The fourteenth level’s completion will leave you a gem, extra coins, and a point to restore the mansion. During the gameplay, you may interact with a beautiful cast of characters who will help you decorate your mansion very well. Unlock extra stuff to replace broken items with new, and unlock other areas of the mansion using the points you earn by completing levels. You words you have to make in the level 15th are the following:

  • Nap
  • Nape
  • Pane
  • Pea
  • Pen
  • Ape

Level 16

Thousands of Word Games are available all over App Stores, but the numbers of games are fewer that offer story-driven gameplay. In those games, you’re not only supposed to make points by completing levels but participate in other fun-filled activities is also compulsory. Therefore, Word Mansion worth your time and give you a massive dose of fun. The words of level 16th are the following:

  • Palm
  • Lamp
  • Lap
  • Map
  • Pal

Level 17

Five words await you to be completed using four possible letters. Make use of your wit, navigate your vocabulary, and form words to be the master. The possible words are the following:

  • KALE
  • Ale
  • Lake
  • Elk
  • Leak

There’s nothing better than having a solution to all problems. We recommend you try it yourself first; if you can’t make words, figure out Word Mansion Walkthrough Guide. We will also share some tips and tricks for you at the end of the article.

Level 18

The words you will make after reaching level 18 are the following: Post, Top, Stop, Opt, and Pot. Now, the thing you have to do is connect the words using your finger or create a connection between them to make words. Different words that don’t exist in the game list will be considered the plus point for you and add to your treasure box.

Level 19

Anna awaits you to help her in restoring the mansion. You might know that her uncle has been passed away, leaving her a beautiful mansion of old times. Be an interior designer, decorator, or more. Different types of professions await you to be carried on; therefore, you must complete tasks assigned to you to earn in-game points and complete tasks. The available words are mentioned below:

  • Past
  • Pat
  • Spa
  • Sat

Level 20

I didn’t tell you about a feature known as “Shuffle.” When you find yourself stuck somewhere and can’t discover a word using the letters, you can use the said feature to rearrange the letters; maybe it works. Following the footsteps of previous levels, you have to find five words using four letters, and the letters are, such as G, L, O, and A.

  • LAG
  • GAL
  • GOAL
  • AGO
  • LOG

Word Mansion Walkthrough – Level (21 – 30)

During the game, the background doesn’t change; even the color will remain the same throughout the gameplay. The difficulty level gradually increases according to your skills. From now, you have to make 6 Words using 5 Letters. T, E, S, A, and E are available letters you are supposed to use for the creation of words.

Level 21

Using the words, you can make the following words given below:

  • Era
  • Rate
  • Ear
  • Stare
  • Tar
  • Rat

Indeed, making words using limited letters isn’t an easy task; therefore, the game brings you a golden opportunity to enhance your vocabulary using little words, and learn something new, unlike others.

Level 22

The problematic level has been increased; the number of letters is the same. You are supposed to make six different words with the use of four letters. Somehow, it seems quite challenging, but not impossible. The available letters are E, R, D, and A. And the words you make are the following:

  • Dare
  • Dear
  • Rad
  • Are
  • Red
  • Ear

How simple these words, and indeed you are familiar with those words too.

Level 23

Instead of featuring four letters, the game displays you five different letters and assigns you a task with making words using these letters. The featured letters are the following: A, T, S, E, and F. Surely, you make use of any English Dictionary to improve your vocabulary or read books, but these aren’t fun ways to learn something. Therefore, the majority of players prefer playing word games to improve their vocabulary. Although the game comes with tons of challenging levels, once think about how many new words you learn from each stage. The answers to the 23rd stage are the following:

  • Fast
  • Feast
  • Sea
  • Safe

 Level 24

Throughout the game, you find Anna surrounded by difficulties many times. The solution to her problem is available in your choices; therefore, keep telling her what to do next and help Anna in completing challenging tasks. Level twenty-four comes with four letters, whom you need to use and form five words. The available answers are the following, such as:

  • Ban
  • Bang
  • Nab
  • Bag
  • Nag

For sure, all said words are familiar to you. Similarly, keep guessing words to make as many in-game points as possible. Different types of features like a hint, shuffle, refresh, treasure box, etc. are available for you to use whenever you find yourself in trouble, and can’t able guess any word.

Level 25

The majority of players love playing word games, because they find the game worth their time, and offer them an entertaining source to learn new words they didn’t hear before. You’re not supposed only to guess words, but to restore the mansion too using your interior designing and decorating skills. The third part of the game comes with a bit difficulty levels that are hard to master; therefore, we compiled a Word Mansion Walkthrough Guide for you to reveal the secrets of each level. The five letters are the following, such as S, T, A, N, and D. Using the given letters, you can make the following words, such as:

  • Stand
  • Sand
  • And
  • Ant
  • Tan

Never give up, because the game features quite simple words to form in the early stages and increases the difficulty level gradually, depending on your skills. The mansion where you are looking for several ways to restore the glory along with Anna is beautiful and comes with thrilling levels to complete. Therefore, you should make your focus on improving your decorating skills. Most of the game parts are locked, but you have the power to unlock them by merely completing levels offering you word puzzles to solve.

Level 26

Undoubtedly, the game has featured many challenging words that are difficult to make. Many helping tools are also there to assist you in forming the words within no time. Whenever you feel difficulty in making any word, go, and use a hint system with a cost of 225 coins to reveal the word. Sometimes shuffling the words can help you get lots of ideas. Extra words reward you lots of points and add to your treasure box. Try to form four different words using four letters, such as A, R, E, and F.

  • Fare
  • Fear
  • Are
  • Ear

Level 27

I like the interface and smooth gaming controls, making your grip more potent over the game. You won’t get bored after enjoying the game dozens of hours. Hundreds of challenging levels are there, and each one brings different word puzzles for you to complete. Keep your concentration on letters, and keep trying to make different words required to fill the empty spaces. The game has split a word in other letters accordingly and lets you draw your finger across the screen to connect letters to form words. The available letters are the following: S, A, L, T, and B.

  • Tab
  • Blast
  • Salt
  • Lab
  • Slat
  • Slab

Level 28

Without having proper knowledge about words, you can’t survive long because the game doesn’t feature endless hints to use during the gameplay. You only have limited suggestions to use, and once they get empty, you have to purchase using coins you earn by completing challenges. On the other hand, you are supposed to decorate the mansion step by step to make it beautiful. The game doesn’t unlock all the mansion at once; it releases different areas one by one. Therefore, you should complete the unlocked part first before moving to the next one. The available letters are the following, such as T, N, E, and D.

  • Dent
  • Ten
  • Net
  • End
  • Den

 Level 29

This time, you don’t need to make six words, because the game increases the difficulty level a bit and forces you to make seven words having varied letters. It features five letters, such as S, L, A, H, and E. During the game, you can make use of many letters, as well as other features like a hint, shuffle, and more.

  • She
  • Has
  • Ash
  • Sale
  • Heal
  • Shale
  • Sea

Level 30

After completing the challenging level, the game features an easier one for you to complete. You have four letters and have to form four words, such as:

  • Tale
  • Tea
  • Late
  • Eat

Word Mansion Walkthrough – Level (31 to 40)

Till the completion of the thirty levels, the mansion seems exceptionally beautiful and attract others to visit it. The majority of rooms have been unlocked to renovate, and many new decoration items are added to your inventory to use whenever you need it. The option of choosing one of three possible items are quite impressive, and it gives you a chance to renovate the mansion your way to reveal your sense of fashion. Similar to the first thirty stages, the game doesn’t increase the letter count, and displays you five letters.

Level 31

You don’t find any change after reaching level 31, where you discover five letters await you to form five challenging words. The letters are the following, such as D, L, A, U, and O. Using the letters, you can form the words, such as:

  • Duo
  • Dual
  • Aloud
  • Old
  • Load

Level 32

Make seven words using five letters. You can easily guess the word by merely counting the boxes available to form a word. For example: if you have three letters (C, T, and A) and you have to form a word, then the answer would be CAT. Similarly, the game features five letters (Z, E, R, A, and G) and challenge you to make seven words, which are the following:

  • Gear
  • Age
  • Graze
  • Rage
  • Gaze
  • Ear
  • Era

Level 33

Using real-world cash, you can purchase in-game coins for buying hints and other tools to have help while playing the game. You have two different ways to grab coins: the first one is free but requires a bit of hard work, while the second one costs you real bucks. The game features five letters, such as O, S, P, T, and U. The words you have to make are the following:

  • Post
  • Spout
  • Pout
  • Stop
  • Top
  • Out

Level 34

Furthermore, the game doesn’t feature any time limit to make the game challenging. Finding the required words are compulsory, words other than the game aren’t acceptable, and won’t add to the needed place; they will directly move to your treasure box. The game features five letters, such as H, E, C, P, and A. You should make seven words using the said letters.

  • Heap
  • Each
  • Peach
  • Cheap
  • Ape
  • Ace
  • Ache

Level 35

Similar to the 34th level, the game features five letters, and ask you to form six words according to the boxes. The words are the following: M, L, O, I, and B. The words you have to form using the letters are:

  • Limbo
  • Mob
  • Limbo
  • Boil
  • Lob
  • Limb

As mentioned above, the completion of each level rewards you with points that you need to renovate the mansion by completing tasks the game asks.

Level 36

There are some possibilities of having similar letters in a few stages, but it doesn’t mean the words would be the same. You should keep trying by connecting letters with each other to form words. Whenever you try to connect letters, don’t break the connection between letters by lifting your finger. The letters are the following, such as T, U, F, R, and I.

  • Turf
  • Rift
  • Fruit
  • Fur
  • Rut
  • Fit

Level 37

Following the footsteps of previous stages, you are supposed to make five words using five different letters, such as Y, A, B, E, and M. The words you have to make are the following:

  • Maybe
  • May
  • Bye
  • Bay
  • Beam

Level 38

Try to make six words using five letters (R, Y, I, D, and A). Making in-game points isn’t easy to earn; for that, you have to form words.

  • Raid
  • Ray
  • Diary
  • Dry
  • Dairy
  • Arid

Level 39

Newly types of words are getting introduced to you as you approach high levels. At this level, you have to find familiar words on behalf of five letters, such as C, A, S, R, and H.

  • Crash
  • Arch
  • Car
  • Char
  • Rash

Level 40

Drag your finger across the screen to form words with the help of letters scattered across a blue-colored area. The game represents the letters using the white color, and it assigns you a task to make words. Your letters are the following: P, R, E, P, and A, and the answers are:

  • Are
  • Rap
  • Pea
  • Pare
  • Paper
  • Reap

Word Mansion Walkthrough – Level (41 to 50)

Completion of tasks isn’t possible without using points. There’s only one way to make points, which is word puzzles. If you’re a master in making words using letters, then there will be no difficulty for you.

 Level 41

In case you find playing word puzzle games difficult, you should use a Word Mansion Beginner’s Guide to help Anna restoring the mansion of her uncle, who has been passed away.

  • Task
  • Stake
  • Steak
  • Skate
  • East
  • Sat

Level 42

Only five words you need to make using five letters and all words are familiar to you. LIOPS are available letters, and the words you have to make are the following:

  • Lisp
  • Spoil
  • Soil
  • Oil
  • Slip

Level 43

Keep making connections between words for the completion of levels. In case you stop, the game ends, although your progress is timely getting saved on your device. The game doesn’t need any Wi-Fi connection to run. As prior, here are your five letters, such as S, T, P, E, and E.

  • Step
  • Steep
  • Tee
  • Pest
  • See
  • Set

Level 44

Don’t waste your hard-earned coins purchasing hints when you can complete the level using a simple Word Mansion Beginner’s Guide prepared by Walkthrough.net for those who didn’t perform well in word games. Using the letters, you make the following words:

  • Steam
  • Tame
  • Mast
  • Team
  • Mate
  • Tea

Level 45

The game isn’t limited to the word game section only, as there’s another part of the game, which in actuality, is the primary. There’s a female character named Anna, who is seeking your help in renovating the mansion, which is left by her late uncle. There are five characters, such as CEART, and you need to form seven words, such as:

  • Ace
  • Cat
  • Crate
  • Cater
  • Acre
  • Rate
  • Tear

Level 46

After learning lots of new words, you have an opportunity to show off your strong English vocabulary to your friends and impress them all. Another two points await you to be added to your wallet. Complete blank spaces using five letters, such as D, I, E, V, and R, and complete the puzzle.

  • Diver
  • Drive
  • Vie
  • Red
  • Ride

Level 47

By mixing five characters, you can form dozens of words. In level 47, your characters are the following: T, L, O, F, and A. Using the said characters, try to form six different words.

  • Fat
  • Float
  • Loaf
  • Flat
  • Alto
  • Loft

Level 48

Put all of your word-forming skills to test to see how many numbers you will obtain after completing a few levels. Don’t forget to decorate home with Anna, who needs your help hardly. The game features a beautiful cast of characters ready to help you along the journey to renovate the mansion. E, R, O, F, and G are five characters, and you have to make eight words.

  • Frog
  • Forge
  • For
  • Fore
  • Ego
  • Ore
  • Foe
  • Fog

Level 49

Word Mansion rewards you with one point for completing each level that you can use to renovate the mansion by completing the task available at your disposal. The game features five characters at the bottom of your screen, such as E, L, P, A, and C. Try to make seven words using the given characters.

  • Place
  • Lace
  • Clap
  • Ace
  • Lap
  • Leap
  • Plea

Level 50

The fiftieth level of the game brings five characters, along with making five words by arranging the letters correctly. The available letters are: P, O, O, S, and L. Draw your finger across the blue-colored area to connect letters and make words. Lifting your finger before completing the word may break the connection; therefore, you should be careful whenever you try to join letters.

  • Spool
  • Slop
  • Loop
  • Lop
  • Polo

Word Mansion Beginner’s Guide

The game itself isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t feature a luxury mansion found in Gardenscapes and Homescapes. It features a simple rule: earn points to complete tasks. When you start playing the game, you realize that available tasks are ranging from cleaning to repairing. Therefore, your priority should be focused on making as many points as possible to complete tasks. Without points, you can do anything. We suggest you have to use the hint system and shuffle whenever you find yourself stuck in any difficulty. Using a hint system will reveal or highlight the words you are puzzle about. While playing the game, you can participate in fun-filled activities, such as:

  • Renovate the Mansion
  • Meet new Characters
  • Solve Crossword Puzzles
  • Design Rooms
  • Choose Your Path
  • Design Your Dream Home
  • And more


Word Mansion isn’t only about crossword puzzles; it brings a well-written storyline along with sleek art-design and hundreds of fun-filled levels. The story follows a female protagonist named Anna, who recently received bad news regarding her uncle, who has been password away when she was upset because of a breakup. At most levels, you find repetitive words, but they are fewer in number. The game graphics are similar to any Hidden Object games, with no character movement and interaction. Selecting the choice will directly impact the outcome; therefore, you should make choices carefully to bring your character to be fair and joyful days. Apart from the story and graphics, the music and the cast of characters are impressive.

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