House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough


For sure, you may have played dozens of Hidden Object games, but the possibility of having three exciting modes at once is almost impossible. House of Secrets Hidden Object is one of the best Puzzle video games, offering you a lavish environment, different scenes, and three exciting game modes. Big Bear Entertainment brings over 30 fun-filled levels to you; each one holds a strange mystery.

Moreover, the game is tasked with finding hidden objects using your sharp eyesight, puzzle-solving skills, and strong concentration. It’s clear that finding objects from a bungle of things is almost impossible, only a man with detective-based skills can successfully find the given objects. Therefore, you should polish your skills and abilities before jumping into the game. The scenario becomes toughest when the developer adds a time limit. In short, you have only 2-minute to items mentioned in a list at the screen’s bottom. To help you find hidden objects from the hand-crafted levels, we have prepared a House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough Guide.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough Review

Seriously, the game is pretty simple to play, the problem begins when the timer starts. You have only 2-minute to complete the level, and you can’t jump into advanced level until you complete the unlocked ones. There’s a chance to hone your puzzle-solving skills and learn how to find hidden objects when playing the game. Each level holds a mystery for you to reveal and will puzzle your mind with gradually increasing elements. Over hundreds of challenging objects are spread across thirty-six levels, and each level takes place in a unique room full of furniture and objects.

Graphics and Controls

The game presents beautifully crafted hand-drawn levels and puzzles. The playfield holds a small bottom portion for objects to let you know what to find next. It plays smooth and relaxing music in the background to keep you engaged to enjoy endless hours of fun. The artwork was great, and I enjoyed the game, as well as all of its aspects. There’s a cool hint system that is made to help those guys who aren’t good at finding hidden objects.

Three Exciting Modes

Unlike other Hidden Object games, it brings three exciting game modes, such as Picture, Silhouette, and Word. I would recommend you to select Picture mode for each level, as it reveals the image you are searching for to complete the stage. As the name implies, there’s a huge difference between the three modes, though the game keeps the same.

  • Picture – When you select the Picture mode, the game will display proper images of the objects you are looking for at the bottom of the screen. It is considered the most helpful mode because upon figuring out the list, you better know what to find.
  • Silhouette – Instead of showing you colorful images, the game intends to display its shadowy image. Although it’s not clear the concept of the image, it helps a lot.
  • Word – It could be tough for those players, who aren’t master in English Vocabulary. Finding objects via their words isn’t a cup of cake; therefore, you should take advantage of the rest of the two modes.

How to Master All Levels?

House of Secrets Hidden Object comes with 35 challenging levels; each one is promising to introduce you to varied environments to explore and objects to find. Keep in mind that everything seems similar to other Hidden Object games, but there’s a time limit that forces you to push your puzzle-solving skills beyond the limit. Explore the environment your way, tap on the item you are searching for, and remove it from the scene to complete the list you have. Each level has over 10 items to find; each one is strategically hidden so without concentrating on the scene you can’t discover it. There is no problem other than the timer, which starts instantly as you hit the play button.

Apart from the level of difficulty, the game makes the room items rich so you can’t the targeted objects easily. Besides that, you can’t jump to the next scene without completing the current one. Therefore, the completion of levels is compulsory, and it can be only done when you find all objects. Once the time runs out, you have to replay the level to complete the objective. At the last moment, you can stop the timer until you can’t find all items. Nevertheless, pause the game when the time is about to end. Find the rest of the items and hit the play button to collect items and complete the stage. We will share some House of Secrets Hidden Object Tips and Tricks at the end of the article.


After having lots of information regarding the game, you are ready to go. Equip yourself with puzzle-solving skills and start complete levels one after one. Reach the end and if you need help check out the House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough to reveal all hidden objects. I’ve played all levels in “Picture Mode” and will make you understand step by step how to find hidden objects following the list.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 1

The first level takes you to a beautiful room where you find a set of sofa, a table, and a lot of stuff. The game gives you a list of objects to find within 2 minutes, and once the time runs out you are supposed to restart the level again for completion. More than a dozen objects available on the list, let’s find them together.

  • A bottle is laid on a table, tap on it to collect from there
  • Both telephone and watermelon are available on the desk ahead of a table
  • You can collect a torchlight, ball, and a purse from a sofa
  • To find a baseball bat, you need to tap on the roof
  • If you are looking for a frog, then you should tap on a light purple-colored where the frog is setting
  • A horse statue is available at the left bottom corner of the screen
  • Nearby the bucket, there’s a bell that you can pick up to complete the puzzle
  • A leaf and apple are available on a cushion kept nearby the teddy bear
  • Don’t forget to collect a paper roll from the right side of the sofa
  • Now, visit the table kept at the right-hand side of the screen where you find the following items, such as Banana, Tomato, Perfume, Key, and the Globe Map are available.
  • A ship hook and an arrow are available at your right-hand side.
  • Pick up a sunflower available above the cushion from a plant pot.

After selecting all said items will lead you to the next scene, where further items are awaiting for you to being collected. For these items, you have only a 2-minute time limit.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 2

The next level takes place in a beautiful room where you find dozens of objects kept randomly. It seems any storm had taken place over there and spread a lot of mess. This is because, the room contains a spider, fruits, football, and many other things. The view from the room is beautiful, and it seems the room is built nearby the sea.

  • Tap on a table to collect the following objects such as a Torch Light, Pineapple, Pear, Shoes, and A Whistle.
  • Next to that, you must collect a scissor available on the sofa
  • Don’t forget to collect a set of bananas next to the scissor and a stack of books
  • Now move to the first sofa where you find a baseball glove and a football
  • To find a sparrow, you have to come out of the room
  • A music note is strategically fixed in the object with a bit of low opacity. In this room, you must watch the scenery hanging on the right wall carefully to discover a musical note
  • Don’t leave the wall, as there are many other objects like a Global Map and a Baseball Bat
  • A lady bag and a man cap are also available at the same side where you collect a music note
  • Did you forget to collect the lamp? It is available behind a ship laid on the floor
  • An ancient mirror need to be collected by you, as it is available a few steps before the ship
  • The game will ask you to search and collect an archery board available below the scenery
  • A lifesaver tube is hidden behind the white-colored curtains.
  • When the game asks you to find a lizard, don’t be puzzled as to the view or screen the game displays you isn’t completed. Drag the screen a bit down to view the room where you find a lizard.
  • Now, we have collected all items the game said. The scene may be a bit different when you start playing the game due to the addition of a few items.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 3

After finding dozens of items in beautiful rooms, the game takes you to a kitchen where you discover lots of items spread across the environment randomly. You have a chance to polish your puzzle-solving skills to find out the said items offered to you in a list. Slide the list to view the rest of the items and a total of it contains more than fifteen. After watching the pictures, set off to find all objects available in the kitchen.

  • Firstly, you should collect all objects kept on the marble fixed above the kitchen table.
  • Tap on the globe map, bananas, and a tomato from the table to minimize the size of the list you have of items.
  • Next to the globe map, there’s a flower buckeye whereupon a butterfly is sitting. Tap the butterfly if is available in your list.
  • Don’t forget to collect a candle available on the same table and a paper roll
  • A stack of bread and a hamburger can be discovered from the main table having a lot of drawers and cupboards.
  • There’s a chair near the table, having a lot of books. You can discover a bird sitting on it
  • Some fruits are available on a plate, and the game asks you to find a piece of strawberry
  • You can also collect a compass, cat, and candle from the main table available amidst the room.
  • Collect a triangle ruler from the cupboard fixed in the front wall nearby the windows.
  • A thermometer is fixed in the same wall wherefrom you will collect a triangle ruler.
  • Next to that thermometer, you can find a candle stand and a hangover below the said stand
  • Below the candle stand, you can pick up a loaf of bread and a few other objects at the same spot
  • Don’t forget to collect an alarm clock and a flower from inside the cupboard next to that door where a triangle ruler is fixed.

Almost we have collected all the said objects. The rest of the items the game introduces may be new or are from the rest of the objects.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 4

Once again, the game takes you to a beautiful room where you discover dozens of exciting things. As you enter the room, you discover a set of sofa, a round table, a few windows, and a mountain view out of the window. As prior, the game asks you to search, find, and discover hidden objects to complete the task. It provides you with a list of objects that you must search out from the scene to unlock the next level.

  • Zoom in to the round table and collect a bell
  • There are many sunflowers in a pot, pick up one of them following the list
  • Thirdly, you should pick up a shell available on the same table
  • If you’re searching for a boot, then visit the place under the table nearby the Santa Clause
  • Now, you can see a pillow before the table holding a few items. Collect a whistle and a leaf from there
  • On the left-hand side of the pillow, you discover a banana and a medal
  • Right above the medal, there’s a torchlight which also can be in your list of objects
  • After collecting the torchlight, you can easily discover a parrot sitting on the sofa, where a football is also available.
  • Right above the football, there’s a lamb with a kiss sign tap to collect it
  • Next to the lamp, the game keeps a start over there
  • After the start, you should collect the lady bag because it is also in your list available on the big sofa.
  • Nearby the blue-colored cushion, you can see a man hat, an animal, and a ball, as well as a clipper. Collect all the said items if they are available in your list to move in the forward direction.
  • If you are searching for a butterfly, then you should scroll down the image to find a butterfly above the tree
  • Perfume and a key are available nearby the Santa Clause – collect all objects from there
  • For sure, a camera will be on your list to find. Visit the red flower buckeye to pick a rose from there, and nearby you may discover a camera
  • Now for a baseball bat and a lock, you have to explore the sofa available on your right-hand side.
  • Don’t forget watermelon and a lollipop, although they are on the same side, the spots are different

Once you find all objects, the next scene will be unlocked. For sure, the upcoming levels are more challenging and difficult. At that time, you need to learn how to overcome all challenging levels.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 5

It seems we are in any girl’s room because the color chosen for the room is pink and all stuff is available in the color. In the room, you discover a bed and some stuff on it, a cupboard, and many other things nearby. Start searching stuff from the bed, and collect items to complete the list.

  • Firstly, you can easily discover glasses on the bed
  • A key is beautifully hidden below the bedsheet, and you can see it clearly
  • Now, you can find a flashlight and a box of the base on the bed
  • Move behind the first aid box, where you find a camera
  • Did you notice a jellyfish type object on the bed? Of course, you can find it easily. One more thing, there are two stars of different colors available.
  • A thermometer is available nearby the first aid box
  • There’s a shell right after the key at your right-hand side
  • A small table is kept a few steps before the bed, holding lots of stuff.
  • Firstly, collect a cub and then move to the lollipop
  • Men watch and jar may be in your list of objects to find
  • The toughest thing is a music note that is beautifully hidden that no one can find it easily. To find the said thing, you need to see it in the crown of the bed.
  • A leaf is also available behind the bed’s crown and a kiss sign nearby it below the windows at your right-hand side.
  • Back to the end side of the bed, where you discover a bucket next to the table holding a baseball bat
  • Investigate the floor to collect clips and a flower, as well as nail polish.
  • A classic telephone is kept on a small desk before the bucket
  • Now, explore a cupboard fixed on the wall of your right-hand side.
  • Collect a golden-colored star, a medal, and a wall from the cupboard
  • Don’t forget to tap on the umbrella and shoes
  • Sleep glasses and a lamp is available on your left-hand side where you discover a bell on the floor.
  • In the end, the only bug is left. You need to scroll down the image to find the bug.

The fifth level comes with a lot of stuff. You have an option to discover their names and start finding the objects, but for that, you have to select the word mode, instead of going with Picture.


House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 6

Once again after reaching the sixth level, you find yourself standing in a kitchen environment where searching the hidden objects is compulsory within 2 minutes. Follow the House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough to find all hidden objects within no time. Let’s start finding objects from the main table out of three.

  • Collect a burger from the first table and don’t forget to grab an ice cream
  • Now move a bit aside from the burger to collect a key supporting the cup
  • Thirdly, you should collect a lemon from a plate full of fruits
  • For sure, after analyzing the complete room you won’t find a spider because it is hidden carefully so no one can find it. The color of the spider is black, and it is available before the chair on the cupboard
  • A music note takes place at the backside of the chair. After finding complete the table and the chair, you should move to the main table where lots of stuff await you.
  • A set of chess pieces available on the main table before the crab. The crab is also on your list to find.
  • Collect a bell and a paper roll from the table ad move to the left-hand side where you discover banana, pineapple, and a rose
  • Visit the white-colored cupboard available at your left-hand side you can see a locker hanging with the door. Tap the lock to remove an item from your list.
  • A set of knives, a cattle, a bottle, and an object nearby the tap are available to collect.
  • Don’t forget to bring the arrow out of the cupboard available on your right-hand side.
  • There’s a bucket holding fruits and a butterfly, and a candle.
  • Searching for a clock, it is hanging on the wall.

After finding all objects from the kitchen, the game takes you inside the cupboard where the stack of clothes, books, and other stuff is available.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 7

The 7th room will open the doors of the cupboard holding too much stuff where finding objects isn’t easy. The cupboard has different sections, and each one has different stuff like a locker, clothes, and more. Let’s start finding objects from the bottom and will end up at the top.

  • At the start, you can collect shoes, a paper roll, and a flashlight from the cupboard’s floor
  • Move to the first floor, where you discover a rose nearby the globe map from the right-hand side, pick up a lollipop, a book, and a pair of gloves.
  • Exploring the same floor will lead you to a locker
  • The 2nd floor will lead you to a camera at the left-hand side, and an arrow of blue color above the box having a blue-colored sheet
  • On the 2nd floor, you discover a man watches
  • Climb up to the next floor, where you find a ball, archery, a baseball bat, Santa Clause, and nail polish
  • Above the nail polish, you will discover a thermal meter
  • A black-colored spider is on a blue-colored paper at the top section where you discover an iron, compass, and a hat
  • To find the cat and other objects, you are required to scroll down the screen to reveal the screen’s upper part.

Note: Whenever you discover the time is near to end, pause the game to stop the timer and take a few minutes to find the objects you are looking for. Pausing the timer may turn your screen a bit dark, but you can see everything clearly.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 8

It seems you’re in a TV lounge, but not fully sure because it seems a mess. Everything is placed in the room, from bicycle to kitchen stuff. We don’t have any concerns about the setting, keep your focus on finding hidden objects using your detective skills. Whether you are a detective or not, finding hidden objects isn’t a big deal. Waking up inner detective skills is required when you have to solve a mystery, the game only intends to keep you engaged in finding hidden objects, and will promote you to the next level when it confirms you complete the given list.

  • Firstly, you should head to the table where different stuff is available such as noodles, burgers, cups, and more.
  • Start finding objects from a magnifying glass and move to the oranges and a key keeping on the same table.
  • There’s a flower pot where you can collect a bug and don’t forget to tap on the archery keep nearby the table.
  • Right above the archery, there’s a guitar and behind the bicycle, a mask is there to collect
  • Above the mask, you can find a clock and a weight machine
  • The game keeps a bottle on a stole and above the bug, there’s a footprint on the desk near the bucket having a waste of banana.
  • Nearby the cycle tier, you may discover a lip and above the lip, a red-colored arrow is available
  • Below the TV, there’s a compass that you can use to detect the direction
  • The scenery holds a lizard and a thermal meter nearby it.
  • A horse statue is also available below the scenery and the game features a lamp next to it
  • In case you are searching for a music note, then you should find it on the left-hand side of the scenery
  • Did you notice? A blowing piece is available on the right side of the TV

The 8th level has been completed. Once you are done, the game will unlock the next scene to find hidden objects.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 9

It takes place in a beautiful room where you are invited to investigate the scene and find hidden objects. Finding missing objects isn’t a play for kids, lots of attention and concentration are required to find the targeted objects from a mess. Therefore, you were invited to investigate the case and reveal the secrets.

  • Firstly, explore the bed to collect the following objects like hair catcher, glasses, an apple, and a watch.
  • Secondly, you should find the objects available before the bed on the floor like rose, keys in the parrot cage, and shoes.
  • Thirdly, you should keep in mind that the game can ask you to find a guitar and a classic telephone that are also there.
  • Don’t forget to collect showpieces from the front wall above the bed where you discover a bug shell.
  • The room has a cupboard on the right side, containing the following items like lollypop, cat, and bell
  • To find a Santa Clause and a musical note, you should explore the drawers available near the cupboard
  • A helmet and a shell is also available near the Santa Clause
  • Don’t forget to collect a perfume from above the drawer and a colorful plate available below the lamp on the drawer

As compared to other levels, it takes a few seconds to be get solved. You can find everything easily because it has limited items to figure out and a small space to maneuver.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 10

The game takes you to a hall where you find different chairs, a dining table, and lots of other things. Finding objects become quite a challenge when you find yourself in a fully furnished room. But you don’t need to worry, we will reveal places in the “House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough Guide” to collect the objects.

  • Pick up a baseball bat from the vacuum cleaner, as well a mirror and a cat continuously watching at you
  • Move to the table where you discover a whistle
  • You can discover both keys and two stars at your screen’s bottom
  • Collect shoes from under the brown-colored soda holding a lady bag and a guitar as well
  • Above the brown sofa, you can discover a white-colored shirt hanging with a hook of windows
  • At the right side of the shirt, there’s a classic telephone
  • Below the classic phone, you may find a lizard, glasses, and a scissor
  • Parrot and camera are placed on the roof above the light brown-colored sofa
  • The clock is hanging on the wall behind the dining table

Playing hidden object games is fun, but sometimes it becomes a headache when you are out of items or didn’t find objects mentioned in your list. But here, the situation is a bit different and you would love to play the game because once you learn how to discover objects, there’s no more difficulty for you.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 11

It welcomes you to a room where you discover a dining table first then other objects. Explore the environment to discover where the high detailed items are kept to pick up. We suggest you start picking items from the table.

  • Pick up a camera, an apple, and glasses from the table.
  • A parrot is sitting on a chair, and upon tapping it will remove from there.
  • Back to the table, and see under it to discover a wooden piece
  • Next to that, visit the window after the parrot to search for a baseball bat and a paper roll. Archery is also available above the window that you can collect whenever the game lists its name to your inventory.
  • Next to the windows, there’s a mask hanging on the wall and a step aside there’s a cap.
  • Now explore the left-hand side of the room where you discover a football in the plant pot and a bucket near it.
  • To collect a grasshopper you must search through the leaves
  • A bulb is available on the chair on the left-hand side, while a magnifying glass is kept under it.
  • Don’t forget to discover rope hidden behind the first chair on your right side.

I found the level pretty easy to complete compared to others.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 12

Once again, the game takes you to the kitchen to explore the refrigerator full of vegetables and fruits. The game provides you a list of objects at the bottom to search and complete the list to unlock other levels. We compiled a Walkthrough of the House of Secrets Hidden Object video game to let you know how to play and master all levels.

  • Start from the top of the fridge where you may find fish and carrots.
  • Further investigation will help you collect a lemon, lollipop, and peach on the top floor.
  • Take a step down to collect cherries, a leaf, chocolate, orange, spoon, a purple-colored fruit, a clip, a star, keys, and cookies.
  • At the bottom floor, you discover a bell and lips.
  • Interact with the refrigerator’s door to find a musical note, arrow, bug, rose, and lollipop.
  • Don’t forget to collect a locker below the watch and lemon above the rose.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 13

It seems the house has many refrigerators, and each one is full of stuff. Now, we are dealing with the level that takes place inside the fridge. Now, follow the instruction mentioned in the Walkthrough to master all levels.

  • Explore the fridge and discover a knife, feather, and a greencolored insect from the bottom of the fridge.
  • Move to the next floor where you discover a few small boxes, rope, paper roll, and perfume as well.
  • Now, on the next floor, you may find a tomato, a knife, and some fruits on the same floor.
  • There’s a watch, ant, and a spoon available on the top floor.
  • Interact with the door to discover a sunflower, a lighter, a magnet, mask, butterfly, dish, and the scissor at the same place.

Lots of other items are also available that the player requires to find to fulfill the stage. Other stages will not unlock without finding the previous levels uncompleted.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 14

Ops! The fifth level that I found set in the fridge offering dozens of objects to find. This time, the fridge is filled, and no more space available for further items. In that situation, finding hidden objects isn’t easy, and you must pay more attention to find hidden items. Completing each level is possible within 2 minutes if you come to know how to find objects. After reaching level 14, I didn’t see the list and started to tap the items randomly to find them. Seriously, I found all items without seeing the list at once.

  • Interact with the door to find the following items: P, Star, Spoon, and Shell.
  • Did you notice? This time, the fridge has two doors. We have collected all items from the right door, and now you should move to the left door to find further objects, such as Rope, Handle, screwdriver, and egg mixer.
  • Investigate the drawer of the fridge where you discover a piece of chicken and a spoon.
  • Above the drawer, you discover a knife, and above the knife, there’s a pack of strawberries.
  • Corn, chips, and tomatoes are available above the strawberry.
  • Icecream and a rat are available above the top floor.
  • Don’t forget to collect a lollypop from the top floor of the fridge and complete your list to unlock the further stages.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 15

Once again, the fifteen level takes you to explore the Refrigerator holding lots of things, including bread, burgers, bottles, and more. You need to figure out the fridge deeply to bring out hidden objects for the completion of puzzles. Apart from that, there’s nothing to do. You aren’t supposed to collect and mix things to solve any mystery, because the game hasn’t featured any story and mystery. In this scene, the game reveals only two sections of a refrigerator. Let’s start finding objects from the lower section.

  • Tap on the bread and the footprints available on a white-colored box.
  • There’s a chain coming out of the same box where you found footprints.
  • Click on the rope available inside the box and don’t forget to collect a small knife available at the same location.
  • The neck-bolt tightener is beautifully hidden behind a piece of wood above the bottle.
  • A wooden rolling pin is available next to the octopus, which in itself is an object to collect.
  • Did you notice a key? I found it and it is laid near the bottle.
  • Now, let’s move to the first section where you have to discover a leaf glued on a bottle.
  • A burger is available on the left side of the leaf.
  • You can collect a watch from the right corner and can go above to discover more objects.
  • Once you collect all objects from the given list, you will be moved to the next scene.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 16

The game welcomes you to a beautiful garden where you find dozens of irrelevant objects to find according to the scene. Start finding the objects after selecting one of three modes and read our Walkthrough House of Secrets Hidden Object to pass all levels.

  • To find a spider, a guitar, and a snail, you have to visit the beach chair holding all the said stuff on it.
  • Nearby the beach chair, you can find a glass of juice and lemon.
  • Did you discover a pot hidden in bushes? Tap on the jar to collect it from there.
  • A hand fan is available nearby the pot, and a white-colored statue is placed nearby the hand fan.
  • Collect a football available above the bucket nearby the statue and don’t forget to tap on the bucket above the lemon.
  • Explore the stool holding a bottle of wine, a cup of ice cream, a thermometer, and a vehicle below it.
  • You can also collect a beautiful butterfly below the hand fan you collected on the left side.
  • There’s a red-colored chair holding a lady bag and flower.
  • Collect a donut from the right side of the table and start collecting items available on your right side.
  • Pick up a bowling pin and a boat from above the bushes.

Scroll your screen up to collect two or three hidden objects from there to complete the level and unlock the next one.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 17

As the seventeenth level starts, you find yourself in a washroom where you a lot of stuff is available. The game gives you a list of items to find from a mess, and it’s not an easy task. Following the steps mentioned in the House of Secrets Walkthrough Guide.

  • Visit the sofa to collect the following items, such as Lion, Necklace, and a Napkin.
  • Besides the sofa, you should visit the mirror to collect items like ice cream, pear, crown, parrot, cap, apple, and a ring.
  • Afterward, visit the main wall where you found a banana, a sword, a charismas tree, a glass of juice, and a wineglass.
  • Now, get ready to explore the tub where you may find a strawberry, a lollipop, a mask, a doll, and a grasshopper.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 18

For sure, you love the next scene the game will display you. It’s a beautiful room holding a piano, beautiful flowers, cute birds, a statue, and a dummy. You may fall in love with the room. It has a lot of things more than your expectation; therefore, the objective of finding hidden objects is a bit difficult. But you don’t need to worry, because we bring you a proper House of Secrets Guide.

  • On the piano, you can find a Music sign and a fish skeleton, as well as a guitar.
  • If you are looking for a butterfly, then you should see it at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • The rack has several shelves and each one contains items for you to discover.
  • Two pigeons are available above the piano and you can discover a perfume bottle on the last shelf of the rack.
  • There’s a cat under the piano, and the game features shoes too at the same place.
  • The crown is available on a small stool on the right side of the piano holding a pink color gem in it.
  • Your next item may be a rabbit, which is available on the left side of the frock. You can also grab two objects by figuring out the frock such as a belt and a necklace.
  • A photo frame is available near the grasshopper available next to the rabbit.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 19

The next scene takes place in a lush room where your ultimate goal is the same as the previous levels. Start finding hidden objects to keep unlocking new scenes. On the floor, you will discover a beautiful white-colored rug and a bridal suite. Follow the House of Secrete Hidden Object Guide step by step to complete the stage.

  • Firstly, you should collect orange kept on the sofa available on your left side.
  • Find a beautiful dog holding a ball for you to collect and below the dog, you can find a bow tie.
  • Move to the next sofa behind the dog to collect bananas, headphones, and a fairy.
  • Sword and umbrella are available near the books below the bed where the dog is sitting.
  • Collect a crown available near the bridal dress and find out a statute holding a star on his head. The statue is available below the headphone.
  • Move to the right where you discover a pirate ship and a bug on it.
  • Above the ship, a parrot is sitting on the couch, and on the left side before the bridal dress, you can find a paper roll.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 20

I found the scene beautiful as it holds a set of chairs and a table covered with plants and many other amazing items. As the game advances, the difficulty level increases gradually to take your gaming experience to the next level. All objectives are hidden smartly, and you can’t discover them easily. Therefore, we bring you a House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough revealing the way how to complete level 20. Let’s start finding objects:


  • On the stairs, you find a cup of ice cream and a snail.
  • A beautiful crown is available on the left side of the screen near the snail you found.
  • Above the crown, you may discover a green-colored lizard.
  • Now, you should move to the first chair where you can collect the following objects like a Lady Purse, Necklace, Ball, Parrot, Pinball, and a bow tie. Don’t forget to collect a chameleon sitting on the chair’s hand.
  • Above the chair, you can find a hat hidden in the bushes. Visit the table to collect a spoon, flowers, a watch, a bottle, a tomato, and a table sheet.
  • To find a ribbon, bell, and a butterfly, you should search out a chair available on the right side. In case the game asks you to find pieces of bread, you should visit the table once again.
  • Behind the lion, you can find a besom, although the lion itself is an object to find.
  • Near the besom, the game features a plant of mushrooms.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 21

Welcome to a lush office, where you got a chance to show off your hidden object abilities. Never miss a chance as it lets you hone your skills while exploring the room to fulfill your objectives. We start finding hidden objects from the left side.

  • Visit the sofa available on the left side to collect a butterfly and a woman bag.
  • Near the woman bag, you can collect a bird and below the bird, there’s a dustbin.
  • Don’t leave the left side as there are other items available like a cup of tea and a statue nearby it.
  • You can find a rope above the cupboard and a golden cup behind the office chair.
  • Visit the office chair to find a cat as shown in the image.
  • Collect a wallet from the table and shoes. Nearby the shoes on the right side, you can collect an apple and a bottle along with a stand. Click on the belt available on the books to remove it from the list given below.
  • A bird is sitting on the monitor and you can tap it to collect.
  • If you searching for a bell, then you should visit a section of the rack above the chair. For a feather, you should scroll up your screen to visit the upper section of your screen holding hidden objects.

House of Secrets Hidden Object Walkthrough – Level 22

The game leaves you to a kitchen to find hidden objects. The list of items won’t be the same when come revisit the level. It may include a few chances in items; therefore, you should always rely on your skills instead of Walkthroughs and Guides. We tried to cover all possible objects the game can ask you to find, so don’t worry and start finding objects.

  • House of Secrets Hidden Objects features a Christmas tree that holds a red rose and green-colored goggles.
  • There’s a gift pack on the right side of the Christmas tree that you can collect to remove it from the list. Furthermore, you can grab a hamburger, chicken pieces, and bananas.
  • On the kitchen shelf, you can find several carrots and an American Football.
  • Move to the table where you find a kettle, strawberries, fruits, a spoon, and a chameleon.
  • A pie and an octopus are available on the chair below the strawberries.
  • The game hides the shoes beautifully below the table and between the chairs.
  • Another Christmas tree is available on the right side of the screen where you find a bird sitting on it.
  • Looking for the rainbow? If yes, then you should see outside the windows after scrolling up your screen.

Note: We will keep updating the list weekly.


House of Secrets Hidden Object brings fabulous gameplay for those players who love playing Puzzle games. The graphics and music are great, and the developers did a great job in introducing impressive art-work. They promise to keep updating the game regularly by introducing new levels. Unlike many other games, it features a time limit that may slow down your speed of completing stages. Pausing the game may stop the timer, and gives you infinite time to find hidden objects. House of Secrets Hidden Object is an addictive game to play.

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