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Unwanted Experiment is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game released by Dark Dome for Mobile Devices. It features thrilling gameplay and comes with a strange mystery that you have to solve to reach the end. The plot takes place in a Hidden Town where a scientist comes to know the reality behind the rumors of strange experiments. Some people of the town have claimed they saw a strange creature near the scientist’s laboratory. Click here to read our Ghost Case Walkthrough Guide to get all answers and solutions.

The game features a well-written storyline that keeps you engaged until it won’t end. Besides, there is no chapter and NPCs to interact with to find clues. You only have to navigate the rooms, search for hidden clues, and utilize them to reach the end. The difficulty level at the start is a bit low, but as you grow and learn how the game works, the difficulty starts to increase gradually. Furthermore, the game has three different speed settings, such as Fast, Normal, and Slow.

How to Play Unwanted Experiment?

Similar to other Hidden Object video games, it requires you to interact with objects by merely tapping them. The game is set in a house with different rooms; therefore, it features arrows that you can use to move inside the rooms. When playing the game, you have to search for hidden objects and add them to your inventory. After that, tap the item from the inventory when you need it to solve a mystery. Apart from that, some items can be combined to get a new item for the completion of puzzles.

Explore the Hidden Town

Unwanted Experiment starts with rumors that have been arisen among villagers because a newly reached scientist is doing something unsuspicious. People are worried about the scientist’s strange behavior, as well as some villagers have claimed to see silhouettes near the laboratory. It’s time to bring your detective coat out from the briefcase and equip yourself with cool gadgets, and embark on a journey to figure out what is happening there.

Who is Erik Dorian?

There’s a villager, named Erik Dorian, who was eager to know what is happening inside the doctor’s laboratory. He found a secret trapdoor and went through it to get into the house. He wasn’t so careful; so, the doctor caught him. Now, it’s on you to find a way to the house and save the boy before it’s too late.

Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough

Unwanted Experiment starts with a scene showing you the victim has been tied in ropes. You must find a way to save the boy and help him find clues and solve the mystery behind the scene. You can get help using our Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough to find what to find and how to solve puzzles. The game has four rooms; each one has a series of objects.

Note: You should keep in mind that puzzles can be different when you play the game, but the logic behind solving puzzles will remain the same.  

First Room

  • Firstly, tap the boy and untie him by clicking on the ropes. You only need to remove the rope from his hand, as he will get rid of himself from the rest of the ropes.
  • Later on, tap the box kept on the third section of the rack to get a DVD.

Second Room

Tap the right arrow to reach the second room where you will discover a window and a cupboard on the right side. After reaching there, you need to follow the given steps.

  • Tap the cupboard to get a brush and keep it in your inventory.

Fourth Room

  • After collecting a brush, tap the right arrow two times to reach the fourth room where you will discover a torchlight and a paper clue from the drawer available on the right side.

  • Before leaving the area, tap the images glued on the wall above the drawer and figure out small images that you need to open the locker.

  • Select the paper from the inventory, open the book in the first room, and keep the paper on it to discover shapes.

Third Room

After finding clues, you should move to the third room and head to a box kept on the table amidst the room, and try to unlock it.

  • Set the images as shown in the image given below to open the box and collect the following things, such as Key and Fuse.

Fourth Room

Go to the fourth room and head to the circuit box available on the left side. Select the fuse from the inventory and fix it over there. Tap the circuit to open its lid and discover a puzzle that you have to solve.

  • Go to the first room, head to the cupboard, and bring a red book out to discover a clue.
  • Change pages until you discover a page with black and white dots. Learn the pattern and go back to the fourth room to tap the buttons accordingly. Note: Keep your eyes on the light that blinks after tapping the button to get a code.

Third Room

  • After getting a code, head to the door available in the third room. Tap the locker and enter the code (V, IV, II, III) to see through the door.
  • You may discover a human turning into a vicious monster, but the man can be rescued using the antidote.

  • Before leaving the area, you must note the gesture the monster is making using the finger.

Go to the Second Room

A box is kept on the table asking you to enter four different shapes to open it. Here, you have to set the shapes you found after watching the gestures made by the monster.

  • Enter the following shapes, such as Square, Curve, Triangle, and Circle. As the box opens, collect the following things, such as a key, Scissors, and Chewing Gum.

  • Go to the first room, head to the cabinet fixed above the basin, and open it using the key from the inventory to collect an item from the left side, while a cup from the right side.

Third Room

  • Go to the third room, select the key from the inventory and open the box available on the left side of the door to discover the handle.

  • Pull the handle to light up the area where the monster has been tied. Discover the squares drawn on the wall and keep the lines coming out of them in mind.

First Room

  • After keeping the lines in mind, you should move to the first room and tap the vault to hit the specific buttons (1843) to open it and collect a paper clue and a burger.

Use Bread – Third Room

  • Once you get your hand to the bread, go to the third room and head to the door on the right side.

  • Keep the bread near the bird and let it fly to get a feather that is far away from your approach. Select the candy from the inventory, hit the chew button, and connect it with the string available in your inventory to get the feather.

First Room

  • Now, go to the first room, head to the bookshelf, and open the blue book to see the flower on the paper. Select the scissors from the inventory and use them to cut the get the paper flower from the book.

Fourth Room

  • After collecting a paper flower, you must go back to the fourth room and head to the table lies between the circuit board and the table holding a microscope.
  • Insert all ingredients you collected from different places, including Apple and Paper Flower to get liquid.
  • Select the glass from the inventory and pour all liquids in it following a chart available in your inventory.

  • After that, keep the glass back in your inventory. Now, go to the first room, pull an arrow out from the wall, and take it to the third room. Aim and shoot the arrow at the monster and bring him back to his former condition.

Assume the role of the Victim

The boy used an arrow to bring the man to its former condition. Now, you assume the role of the man to explore the area behind the bars. Here, you are supposed to explore four new rooms to discover the hidden objects and utilize them to find out new clues to solve puzzles.

  • Explore another side of the house with the help of the second character who was a monster.

  • Head to the room where a music player is available above the cabinet. Open the doors to discover a robot and get its batteries from its back.

  • Head to the music player to insert the battery and leave the room after inserting the DVD.

  • Go to the third room fourth room where you may discover a pillow on the bed. Get the pillow aside to get a coin.

  • Now, go to the first room to collect an arrow kept near the skull.

Switch the Character

  • After collecting the arrow, tap on the character’s face available in the inventory to switch the scene. Head to the circuit board and pull the hand down to turn off the lights.
  • Switch the characters once again to go inside the prison and start finding clues. Head to the room where a fish pot is available. Select the torchlight from the inventory and use it on the wall to discover clues.

Select Erik Dorian

  • Switching the characters once again may give you access to the handle that you can use to turn on and off the lights of the prison. Pull the handle to turn on the lights and go inside the prison after switching the characters to play the music player.
  • After listening to all 10 tracks, you must switch the character and go out to open the drawers of the cupboard where books are available.
  • Set the following images (Smile, Frog, Bell, and Guitar) to open the drawer and get paint from there.

  • Head to your inventory, select the brush, and dip it into the paintbox.

Play as Victim

  • Find a room with dirty walls where you can also discover a cage and a bed as well. Select the paintbrush from the inventory and use it to clean the wall to get clues.

  • Keep all arrow signs in mind and leave the area to play as Erik Dorian.

Select Erik Dorian

  • After choosing the boy, you should discover a window covered with a sheet. The window is available between the table and a cupboard.
  • Head to the circuit connected with the windows and tap the button respectively (Up, Down 2x, Left, Right, Down, and OK) to open the window.

  • As the windows open, you have to play a mini-game where your objective is to complete the image of the bird by rotating pieces and get a paper bird from there.

Play as Man

  • After getting a paper bird, you should tap on the man’s image to change the scene and head to the cage to place the paper bird inside it.

  • As you place the bird, it gives you a yellow microscope slide. Collect the slide and leave the scene to play as a boy because a microscope is available on the other side of the laboratory.

Select Erik Dorian

  • Head to the room where a microscope machine is available. Select the slide and keep it there to examine the arrow signs, but drag the controller down to clear the image.

Switch the Character

  • Keeping the arrow signs in mind, you should change the character and head to the window available on the right side of the tape recorder.
  • Tap the arrows as shown in the image given below to open the shutter and it reveals a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Solve the jigsaw puzzle to get a paper fish from there.

  • Go to the room where a fish pot is available and insert the fish into it to get a valve.

Switch the Character

  • After getting a valve, go to the toilet when playing as a boy, tap the tile available between the towel and the basin to fix the valve there, and turn it on.

  • As the water starts to run, it flushes all the garbage to display you the code (8249) you need to open the locker.

Select the Man to Play

  • Explore the prisons to discover the bed. Above the bed, there’s a window and you must see through it to find a briefcase there, but be careful a monster is looking after it.
  • As the monster goes away, tap on the briefcase and open it by entering the code (8249), and collect a cutter and a key.

Play as Boy

  • Go out from the prison, head to the cupboard, and open its second drawer using the key you recently discovered from a briefcase for a second cup and a paper clue.
  • Head to the laboratory once again and click on the table where three different types of liquids are available.

  • Keep the empty cup on the table and fill it with solutions following the paper clue from the inventory. Once the solution gets ready, keep it in your inventory.

  • Go close to the cupboard wherefrom something strange is coming out. Select the purple solution from the inventory and use it on the targeted area to open the cupboard.

  • Explore the cupboard to collect a jar and a card from the coat.
  • Go to the laboratory, head to the drawer where liquids are available, and open the drawer using the card from the inventory.
  • As the drawer opens, collect a tweezer from there and add it to your inventory.

  • Find out ladders, tap the arrow key to climb it, select the jar and use it to catch a fly.

Play as Man

  • Switch the character to go into the prisoner. Find a vent and open all screws using the coin. Select a jar with a fly inside and keep it near the spider web to clean the area.

  • Head to the cabinet where you collected a battery from the robot, select the tweezers and use it to pick up a cube of sugar.

  • Go back to the spider web and place the sugar there to attract the fly. As the fly gets trapped, the spider starts moving toward it leaving the place. Collect the red microscope slide from there and take it to the microscope after switching the character.

Select the Boy

  • Now, you have to place the red microscope slide and see throw the lens to discover an insect. Select a cutter and use it to cut the insect to get a key.

  • Use the key to open the box available in the yellow slide using the tweezers and collect a beam.

  • Now, you should go to the basin, put the beam into the sink and run the water.

  • Soon, a red key comes out from the basin’s end that you can get by merely tapping on it.

  • Use the key to open the prison’s door and let the man come out.
  • There’s a locker next to the ladder where you must use the hand of the boy to open the trapdoor and try to escape the laboratory along with the man.

The scene gets a bit creepy as you were the last step away from freedom. The scientist appears on the spot and fends off both characters using the weapon. Afterward, he drinks a solution and turns into a vicious monster. After a few seconds, you find the boy trapped once again with a bed and the man has been turned into a monster by the scientist, who is going to inject a solution into your body.

Note: Before climbing the ladders, you have to select the dart and mix it with the antidote of green color. When you discover the scientist has been turned into a monster, quickly select and throw the dart toward him to bring the scientist back to its former condition and escape.


Unwanted Experiment was really fun to play as it introduces a blend of Horror, Survival, Puzzle, and Hidden Object elements. Using the point-and-click interface, you can move across rooms to interact with objects and discover clues. The story behind a mad scientist is well-written and kept us engaged until the game ends. Before jumping into the game, don’t forget to unleash your detective skills as they are the only weapon you can use against the scientist to save the man as well as the village.

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