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After releasing Unwanted Experiment and Ghost Case Walkthroughs, we are back with a new game released by the same developers, Dark Dome. Nowhere House is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game that takes you to a thrilling world where your puzzle-solving skills matter. Like the Unwanted Experiment game, it takes place in a Hidden Town that was once a living place of an old witch. She threatened the villagers’ lives and tortured them using her magic spells. One day, villagers captured the witch, but the witch disappeared from the spot and was seen again on conviction.

Furthermore, the House where once the witch was lived is still available at the top of the Hill nowadays. Rumors are floating across the town that if anyone tries to go there will be trapped forever. Therefore, no one dares to go there. Do you have enough guts to go there for investigation and find the truth? If so, get ready and use our Nowhere House Walkthrough Guide to get all solutions and answers.

Three Friends and their Tale

After listening to the rumors, three friends decided to go into the house and see whether the legends were true or not. As all characters reach the House, something strange happens because only Brann and Lauriel see an empty house, but Adria can discover the house full of old things. As Adria sees back to tell her friends, they are gone.

Now, you must jump in to help the lonely girl who needs to investigate the storyline to bring the truth out and escape the house where she is trapped. Finding hidden objects could be a headache because the game doesn’t mention what to find and utilize. Therefore, you should work like a detective to figure out items, crack lockers, unlock cupboards, and more.

Nowhere House Walkthrough

You are here to discover hidden objects and use them to solve tricky puzzles. All hidden things will be added to the inventory placed at the bottom of your screen; furthermore, you can swap rooms using the arrow buttons available on both the right and left sides. Follow our Nowhere House Walkthrough Guide to find all Answers and Solutions.

  • Head to the cupboard and open its first drawer to get a photograph. Hit the back button, move forward to the next room, and stop when you discover a blue door.

Blue Door

  • Tap the blue door to open and go through it to reach a laboratory.

  • See the image from the inventory and set the bottles of the cupboard accordingly to open the cabinet.

  • As the cabinet opens, you can collect a key from inside and a radio phone from the other cabinet fixed above the basin; meanwhile, you will see how the witch broom flies and go away.

  • Leave the room to discover a massive clock, and on its left side, there may be a wooden door. Select the key from the inventory and open the said door to go through it.

Brown Door

  • Going through the door may help you discover another side of the House, holding candles, stairs, and more.

  • In the second room, you may discover a small wardrobe kept above the table. Open its drawer to collect batteries and put them into the radio phone already available to your inventory.

  • Now, discover the door and go through it to reach the fireplace. Place the music after setting the (04) on the Radio Phone to get a clue from the fireplace.

  • Go back to the room and head to the radio to keep the numbers in mind. Go through the door to reach the cupboard and tap on it to enter the following code (8277).

  • See the hint paper from the inventory and select the next digits to set them on the locker to open it.

  • As the cupboard opens, head to the box available in the second section and play a mini-game where you must connect buttons of the same number and avoid touching other lines.

  • Once the puzzle gets completed, you can collect an item from inside the box and add it to your inventory.

  • After that, go close to the fireplace and remove the white cover to discover a girl whom you had seen afternoon in the Square.

Wooden Door

  • Next, you should go through the wooden door and discover a rack to get a painting from there.

  • Select the gem from the inventory and add it to the painting to go inside the painting. Explore the rooms to discover a white wardrobe and open it to get a shovel and a ticket from drawers.

  • Discover the room in the painting world to reach the backyard, where you may discover a flower and a key on the ground after using the shovel from the inventory to dig the land near the door.

  • Go inside the house, find a room with two doors. Select and go through the second door to discover a cupboard and open its drawers to collect pot from inside it.

  • Head to another cupboard fixed above the basin to discover a Fish Can and a carrot.

  • Find a treasure box kept on the floor and open it using the key from the inventory to discover pieces of puzzles.

  • Tap the book and open it to discover the outline of paintings and set pieces of images there. Once you are done, the game displays you the following names: Juan Manuel, Alejandra, Camila, and Pablo. See each painting and keep the shapes drawn on them in mind.
  • Tap the painting to come out from the fantasy world and start your search to discover hidden objects.

Clock Room

Visit the clock room and go through the door to discover stairs and a small door below it. Tap the door and set the images to open the small doors and go through it to find a new room.


  • The door may lead you to a room on the second floor where you can discover a window and a few other objects.

Second Floor

  • Go to the second room, head to the cupboard, and collect the following things: Oil pot and cubes.

  • Head to the room where a painting is covered with a white cloth. Remove the cover to see who is behind it and are you familiar with the guy who may appear on the painting.

First Floor

Using the trapdoor, you can go to the first floor, where finding a wardrobe of silver is mandatory. Head to the closet and open the drawer to discover a skull.

Tap the Painting

  • Click on the painting available in your inventory to go inside it and place the skull under the clock to discover a vent.

  • Go to the room where the girl is standing next to the trunk, give her a set of dice to throw near the mirror, and see the outcome. Keep the numbers displayed on all dices in mind, and head to the vent that recently appeared from behind the clock. Set the dice accordingly and tap the “OK” button to get another gem.
  • Tap the painting once again to bring out yourself from the strange world.

Second Floor

Going to the second floor and searching for a painting of a man to place the gem is compulsory. As you add the gem there, you will go inside the picture to discover a new area of the House.

  • Start exploring the House to discover a ball from the wardrobe and interact with the man standing there.
  • Go down to the first floor using the trapdoor and tap the brick of different colors. Press the brick and go back to reality.

Go back to the Reality

After tapping the painting, the game takes you back to reality, where your goal is to search for a room with a closed window, a book rack, and a wardrobe. Next to the books, you may discover a box where you have to set four different images to open it.

  • Set the images to open the box for beams.

Tap the Painting

  • After collecting beams, you should get into the painting of the girl and go to the backyard. Sow the beams to the land where once you had discovered a key.
  • Tap the painting once again to go back into the house and search for a trunk to discover a key and wooden pieces from nearby the fireplace. Before leaving the spot, don’t forget to collect a candle from above the fireplace.

Clock Room

  • Go to the clock room and head to the rabbit. Offer a carrot to the rabbit and run him away. Go to the next room, open the door available on the left side and go through it to reach the toilet.


  • Open the wardrobe to collect the rope and get into reality.

Main Room

  • After collecting the room, you must go back to the first room, where you have started to play the game. Select the key from the inventory and use it to open the drawer of the cupboard to the following items: Card Deck and Antenna.
  • Tap the painting of the man and go close to the man standing on the second floor.
  • Select a deck of cards and offer it to the man. See the card numbers and go to the room where a box has been kept on the table. Your job is to set the digit and shape to open the box and get a lighter and a key.
  • Use the key to open the door available between the table and candles. Go through the door to discover a well. Tap the rabbit and chase him to get a photo clue.
  • Click on the left side of the door to obtain a frog and go inside the house to see your next target on TV after turning it on.
  • Chase the rabbit in the toilet when searching the world of Man’s painting and go to find the rabbit near the stairs upon clicking on the lady’s painting.
  • Go back to reality, head to the box kept near the fireplace, and enter the following shapes to open the box (4NJX) for a bucket.
  • Tap the woman’s painting and reach the laboratory where once you have discovered a basin. Fill the bucket with water from there and keep it back in your inventory.
  • Go out of the house and give the water to the seeds you have sown to the land and wait until a tree grows.

Climb the Tree to reach Second Floor

  • As the tree grows, you should climb it to reach the second floor, where you discover a new environment. Explore all of the rooms to discover a table.
  • Open the drawer to get a bottle opener and search for a brown book kept on the floor.
  • Leave the painting world for a while and head to the fireplace, where you must add wooden pieces and set the fire using the lighter.
  • Keep a pot on the fire and open the can of Tuna Fish using the bottle opener. Pour the fish into the pot to spread the smell across the nearby area. The smell attracts a cat, and you can get it from the second floor.
  • Get into the girl painting and search for a magic ball kept on the table and saw what happened with your buddies and why they left you lonely.
  • After watching the flashback, you must go to the lady to get a key and follow the lady to reach the room where the magic ball is available.
  • When a woman is performing a spell, you have to go out of the painting and burn all candles, except two available on the left side of the door using the lighter. Collect a hook from a box that may open as you burn particular candles properly.
  • Get into the woman painting world and visit the second floor to discover a cabinet to get a magician hat.
  • After that, leave the painting world of the girl and head to the painting world of the man. Offer a magician cap to the man and let him show you a few magic tricks.
  • Tap on the second cupboard to collect a hammer and a box from the magician. Now, use the hammer to break the mirror of the box containing a doll. Pull the string of the doll to get clues.
  • Leave the painting world and go outside near the well where you must select the hook and connect it with the lever hanging over the well, but first, you have to go close to the door fixed below the stairs and open it by entering the code 1030 to collect a key and the board.
  • Go to the second floor and add the missing part of the blocks available next to the trapdoor.
  • Enter the painting world of the woman and search for the trunk available on the first floor. Select the key from the inventory and use it to open the trunk for binoculars.
  • Leave the painting world, open the window of the same room and see through the binoculars to see the pattern drawn on trees.
  • Set the same pattern using the blocks available near the window to solve the puzzle and pull the lever.
  • Connect the hook with the lid and machine, go to the room and pull the handle up to lift the lid.
  • Find a room where three circular boards are hanging on the wall next to the vent. Select the board circular board from the inventory and place it there to solve a puzzle. Set the specific icons to open the box and get a statue.
  • Go close to the well, connect the bucket with rope and the statue, and throw it into the well to get a key in return.
  • There’s a book on the second floor kept on the table. Open the book using the key and tear the page.
  • Go to the main door, select the flower, frog, and candle from the inventory and keep it forth the door.
  • Select the lighter to burn the candle and read a page with a spell to clear the way to freedom. As everything seems perfect, the invisible wall becomes a hurdle and won’t let you go outside the house; meanwhile, you can watch your friends and a few cops standing outside the house investigating your friends.
  • Lastly, you have to select the hammer from the inventory and break the locket given by the lady, and you also saw it in the book.

Nowhere House Walkthrough was completed, and that’s the end.

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